Dublin, Ireland

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    1.   2.1  Luperci & Shifting
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StatusOpen ?
Date of Founding~1988
Primary SpeciesDog
Luperci DominantYes


1.  Description

Dublin is a port city on the Irish coast, providing an important link between Liverpool, Lisbon, and Santander. The city center is not coastal; it is located on the mouth of the River Liffey, which provides a link to the Dublin Bay and the Irish Sea.

Most canines do not actually live within the ruins of the city; rather, they populate the surrounding countryside. Though only about 10% of the country was forested prior to the demise of humanity[1], the agricultural production of the country -- i.e., domesticated animals -- allowed for resulting canines to sustain themselves. Feral pigs, goat, sheep, and so forth still roam many parts of the country.

2.  Culture

The city of Dublin is heavily divided as it was in the times of the humans; the Northside is generally poorer and working class, while the Southside is generally better-off and upper-class. Dublin has a large young population, with many numbers of young Luperci and a vibrant, hard-drinking nightlife to accompany them. Most canines of Dublin are Dogs, though wolf blood has become slightly more common within the city as imports from the surrounding areas slowly make their way to the relatively pristine countryside of Ireland.

2.1  Luperci & Shifting

Although Optime form is preferred for face to face communication, Dublin does not outright shun feral lifestyles. The culture here thinks of keeping in touch with your roots as cathartic, so Lupus and Secui forms are not a rare sight.

2.2  Religion

There is a division that follows the Southside and Northside of those who participate in Celtic Polytheism and those who follow other religions. Northside residents are more likely to have their own unique beliefs while Southside residents typically convert to their paganism roots. Brigid is a popular deity to pay tribute to, and this is likely due to the large amount of evidence of her existence that survived the fall of humanity. She is also one of the only deities that appeals to the Northsiders, being related to domesticated animals attracts farmers of the countryside to worship her.

Among the most wealthy of the city lies the Cult of Cernunnos, the mighty Horned One. Rituals involving this cult are not obvious to outsiders. They might involve (for one example) drinking and dancing, in no specific manner. One could assume this to be an innocent side-effect of the parties the wealthy throw from time to time. This secrecy and inconspicuousness of their rituals is important to the Cult: the Stag should be able to blend into the forest, after all.

3.  Significance

4.  More Reference

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