Lisbon, Portugal

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StatusOpen ?
Date of Founding~1988
Primary SpeciesIberian wolf
Luperci DominantYes


1.  Description

Lisbon is on the very edge of the European continent, and thus it is often a prominent spot for European canines to have passed through before making their way to 'Souls. It is connected to Algiers, Barcelona, Santander, and Dublin and various other places by sea route; Lisbon is arguably the most sea-worthy city, with its residents showing a particular propensity for sailing.

Lisbon is a traveler's city; one will find numerous venues in which to meet ship captains here. Many buildings are dilapidated beyond repair; Luperci occupy the few that have not been mangled by the elements through their years of neglect. Much of the old human debris and relics are slowly being cleared away as Luperci recycle it into their various projects or otherwise dispose of it. Lisbon is a very active city with a large transient population, with many canines in the process of traveling to some exciting new place.

2.  Culture

The Iberian wolf Iberian wolf makes up most of the population here. These wolves are generally the most skilled sailors, many deciding to take to a life of sailing the Mediterranean for trade or fishing opportunities. This is considerably more common than those who choose to sail across to the North American continent or any of the Caribbean islands, as it is far less dangerous to sail the Mediterranean than it is to cross an ocean.

Even so, these canines are very much into boats, and though canines of Amsterdam first introduced the idea to the Luperci world, the Iberian wolves of Lisbon were the ones to perfect this technology to the point that it could be used to sail across the ocean. Lisbon is the primary port for any canines wishing to make their way to 'Souls, and there is often talk among canines of this area of exciting new places being discovered.

2.1  Significance

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2.2  More Reference

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