Liverpool, England

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StatusOpen ?
Date of Founding~1988
Primary SpeciesDogs, wolves
Luperci DominantYes


1.  Description

Liverpool was a busy port in the time of humans, but it has fallen to pieces now -- there are very few structures within the city limits still able to be used by Luperci for anything; most have fallen into complete disrepair. Nonetheless, the strategic location of the city makes for a rather common stop-off for Luperci wishing to travel to London or elsewhere off the European mainland end up here, though they usually don't stay very long.

2.  Culture

Liverpool is surrounded by many suburban areas, sparsely populated with a few patches of Luperci. These canines are generally dogs; various subspecies of wolves make up the majority of Liverpool's transient population. The dogs are generally wary and avoid wolves, though as some wolfish features have shown in the dogs, interbreeding has not been completely prevented.

The dogs of this area are smaller, weighing in at around 35 pounds, surviving mostly on rats, rabbits, and other smaller animals, some of them also formerly domesticated. The farther away from the city and more into the wilderness, the larger the dog. However, most dogs are brownish to reddish in coloration, most with splashes of white or cream in their fur somewhere. As with many other areas, these dogs are the leftovers of humanity, descended from the pets left behind when the human population died off. Most of these dogs have adopted a semi-human lifestyle, living and hunting in their Optime forms for ease, as their smaller Lupus forms don't afford them much advantage where larger prey is concerned.

3.  Significe

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4.  More Reference

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