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  • Species: Dog, Wolf
  • Family Origin: Airgid Gleann
  • Surname: Season of Ice
  • Archetype (Group): Wiccan, Pagan, Elfish | Traders/Merchants | Noble-blood
  • Archetypes (Individuals): Witch-women, quiet travellers, humble pagans, healers
  • Icon: The White Stag of Macha (Information)

Family Tree by Lorraine

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  2.   2.  Family
  3.   3.  Influence and Influences
  4.   4.  Defining Features
    1.   4.1  Eyes
    2.   4.2  Size and Build
    3.   4.3  Fur
  5.   5.  Family Culture
    1.   5.1  Macha Tribe
    2.   5.2  

by Alaine

The White Stag of Macha

1.  Introduction

In a small pocket of the world, where verdant hills of emerald splendor stretch from shy groves to a misty shoreline cut jagged by cliffs and bluffs, the first sons and daughters of Macha took up their trades; And the names that would be their vestige of immortality, bloodlines that would run as straight and pure as the land itself.

Among these early pious congregants was a wise man with vivid blue eyes. He took the calling Winters; For the frost and the quiet, for the time of eternal contemplation and eventual renewal. After the great tribe-wars, this ancestor had only one living child, and that child only one living child; And so eventually the Lost Son Niall was born alone into the world, with only he to carry on the old name Winters.

Thankfully, Niall was a prolific and warm sort of man. He grew with great love in his heart, and brought back to life a bloodline long thought dead by others of the Silver Valley. With joy, the Winters line again began to prosper, forming the stronghold and the beating heart of the Macha Tribe as is their duty and destiny.

In recent ages, the Winters line has been further strengthened by the union between Macha daughter Alaine Winters and her chosen beloved, Chief Gabriel de le Poer. Many strong children have come from them; But with their father's own cursed blood they have also been driven to wander, as very few from the Winters line had been inclined to before. Once isolated to Airgid Gleann, the favored name of Macha has spread with grace to many lands abroad.

A token of the old world lives still within the veins of those blue-blooded descendants of the first Winters; Manifesting itself most prominently in the women of such heredity is a curse and a blessing known as "The Sight". In dreams, sleeping or waking, these few chosen might think they see snippets of a truth in future or past. The Sight can often be vague and disconcerting, and is not easily managed or translated.

It is also said that any of the line can call upon the great ghost of Macha, the White Stag/Blue-moon Stag, in an hour of great need. This ghostly emanation has been called to power only once in recent times, when Alaine lay a heavy curse upon the life and following kin of Ezekiel de le Poer, that they may be haunted and hunted by the stag in vengeance for the murder of her first son, Caillen Winters, dealt by the hand of Gabriel's son himself.

For now, the ancient bloodline of the white stag can be found in Salsola, where the royal children of Queen Salvia Eternity and her Isle-born consort Stannis de le Poer were brought into the world with white throats, blue eyes, lean collie bones or elfish collie faces. Their lineage is old and regal on both sides, and their children's children will be born with rich dream-memories of a land of green rolling hills and a winding silver river; And a guardian presence that will follow them through their spectacular lives, scarcely seen but always felt, like the shadow of great antlers cast by the light of a full moon.

2.  Family

PLEASE NOTE: The parent that contributes the Winters genes is bolded.

- Niall and Elenore were both, selectively, 100% Canis Lupus Familiaris (assumed collie, probably mixed blood).

First Generation

  • Elenore Harper x Niall Winters

Second Generation

Third Generation

Fourth Generation


3.  Influence and Influences


- Alaine birthed two pups to Gabriel, former Aquila of Inferni, bringing de le Poer and Lykoi blood into the family tree. Alaine and Gabriel are now mated, although the bond between Alaine and his other offspring is frail.
- Alaine was kidnapped by Banja Romano, and later (non-consentually) gave birth to his son, Caillen Winters.
- Talitha de le Poer birthed one child to Caillen, who died before the babe was born. Cern grew up in Airgid Gleann with his extended family. Note: Lykoi and de le Poer bloodlines are mixed from both breedings, and those conceived from one will likely have the other.
  • Cuchulainn
- Nemain blood was added to the Winters family when the deceased Bran took Eimhear as his wife.
- Osrath gave Lokr Revlis, the Lord Commander of Salsola, two daughters, though only one is truly of his get.


- Currently, Stannis de le Poer is the mate of Salvia Eternity, who is the Boss and Queen of Salsola. Together they have three children, who are all heirs in the Thistle Kingdom.
- Less than two years later Osrath Eternity bore Salsola's Lord Commander two daughters — Elphaba Revlis and Indra Revlis — though the latter possesses far more Winters blood than her darker sister, courtesy of her father, who is Salsola's second heir, Dullahan Eternity.
- The matriarch and founder of the Winters family in Souls, Alaine Winters, remained a member of CdM for her entire time in Nova Scotia. She was the Apothecary there, and most members (Including the previous King, Vigilante Haskel) would recognize and respect the family surname.
- Due to numerous painful coincidences and the eventual murder of one family member (Caillen Winters), Inferni has been a harmful force against the Winters family. However, Infernian blood runs strongly in the later generations, due to breeding through the de le Poer and Lykoi lines.
  • Nemain (Tribe)
- Prior to his death, Bran Winters took a wife from the Bear tribe. Eimhear remains living with her three now-adult daughters within the Macha Tribe, but her blood means that the two girls are partially Nemain in association.

4.  Defining Features

Please keep in mind that the information regarding physical attributes for Winters-blooded individuals is not strict - Variations beyond the below-mentioned similarities are common and welcome.

4.1  Eyes

Blue and emerald eyes seem to occur with regular frequency within the Winters family, usually deep or smoky in color without much vividness. Very rarely, there will be yellow pigment in the eyes should the individual be of Gabriel's (de le Poer) lineage - Rarer still (but not unheard of) will there be a manifest of heterochromia, also from the influence of that bloodline.

  • Blue: Steel Blue (#4682B4) to Light Sky Blue (#87CEFA) are COMMON
Vivid Blue (#00BFFF) is UNCOMMON
  • Green: Forest Green (#228B22) to Medium Sea-Green (#3CB371) are COMMON
  • Yellow: Gold (#FFD700) to Khaki (#F0E68C) are UNCOMMON
  • Other: Any Purple (#9370DB), Red (#DC143C) or etc is EXTREMELY RARE**

** These eye colors are only seen if the parent of non-Winters descent has a remarkably dominant eye-color trait.

4.2  Size and Build

  • Depending on the genetic mix of the individual, the doggish influence of Winters blood is generally recessive to wolf genes in terms of overall size and height. As such, many members of the Winters family who are of partial wolf parentage retain the height of that ancestor.
  • In spite of this, the collie-esque lines often show in other ways - Longer hair, particularly around the haunches, elbows and cheeks, is very common.
  • Folded or soft ears are also prevalent in much of the family line, along with collie-style 'manes' (silky hair that flows about the throat).
  • Dominant genetics tend toward the presence of an elegant elfish build, usually with a high tapered waist and sometimes with narrow-set shoulders.
  • More rarely seen is the dog-influenced 'curling' tail, often accompanied by long silky hair such that it looks 'flag-like'.

4.3  Fur

  • Collie-style (or generic dog) markings are extremely common in this lineage. Colors range dramatically due to the influence of hybrid vigor.
    • Dark tones: Zeus (#221E19), Mondo (#463b2f), Cafe Royal (#683b0b), Dim Gray (#696969)
    • Mid tones: Slate Gray (#778899), Shadow (#8a6b4b), Irish Coffee (#5f4528), Driftwood (#ad8244).
    • Highlights: Gainsboro (#DCDCDC), Laser (#c8a574), Cameo (#dcc4a2), Linen (#F8EDD8).
  • Pale throats, stockings or singular pale markings (i.e white star on chest, white muzzle) are also a commonly inherited trait.
    • Brindle/marking hues: Cloud (#c2bfba), Ivory (#FFFAF0), White Smoke (#F5F5F5).

5.  Family Culture

5.1  Macha Tribe

The Macha tribe is recognised as being the oldest, and wisest, of the tribes of Airgid Gleann. Its defining characteristics are wisdom and an elfish, exotic beauty. Often seen as the 'Neutral' tribe, for its past tendencies to be involved in conflict (with the Badb tribe in particular) but to generally refrain from most interaction with those outside the tribe, Macha people are rarest to find in the Silver Valley. At one point, it was believed that they had been totally eliminated through warring with the Badb and through raids from foreigners, but after the re-surface of the lost son Niall, the Winters family remains the only surviving blood-line of the tribe. Originally, the tribe was 100% Canis Lupus Familiaris (assumed collie), but that has since diluted.
For more information on the tribes, please see Airgid Gleann.

5.2  The White Stag of Macha

Throughout the history of the Silver Valley, and in turn the passing lives of those with Winters blood, there has been a constant presence - A quiet guardian, believed to be the old spirit of one of the three first children of Morrigan. This ancestor took the honored and sacred form of his tribe upon death, and has surpassed any mortal history to live on as a legend. The White Stag, a heraldic sigil of the Winters line and the mythological form of Macha (the first son), lives on in the culture and fables of the Winters family.
Resurgences of this legendary figure have arisen all throughout the recorded ancestry of this family line, most commonly linked to the birth, life, and death of one blessed by the Sight. The guardian of the Macha Tribe has been known to haunt those accursed by the sons and daughters of Macha, and hunt them through their existence and the existence of their children and kin. S/He is also often present in the most dire times of need, appearing as a specter to the true-blooded when called.
  • The White Stag icon can be obtained as a custom icon by any character of direct Winters blood, regardless of their connection to the family, Salsola, Airgid Gleann etc. The icon is not available to characters who do not not fit the stated criteria.
  • You must purchase your icon via game points, Word of the Day, the 'Souls Store, a contest, or similar.
  • The icon must not be altered from its original state. Changing the colors, shape, etc. of the icon is forbidden.
  • You may choose to have any hover-text you wish, though please refrain from rude or offensive language as this reflects back on the Winters information.

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