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By Nina!

Ailie Morgan was born on August 11th, 2014 into the Cuaileanach clan of Eilean Cù, Scotland. The events surrounding her birth were tragic and unpleasant, resulting in her mother's death and driving the clan's matriarch to demand that Ailie be culled. Elionoira Morgan, her aunt, quickly took over her care and eventually fled the island in order to save her life. They traveled by ship to North America where they joined Cour des Miracles in February of 2015. They remained in the pack only briefly before Nelle took Ailie out of the area again in search of a smaller, quieter community. But after moving around for several weeks without success, Elionoira decided to risk traveling back home to reunite with their family.

They embarked from Freetown at the end of May 2015, returning to Barbados where they set out by ship for home. Before they finally arrived home, where their family accepted them back without contention, their vessel docked for a short time in Cap-Vert to deliver a shipment. Ailie found the sights and sounds of Africa awe-inspiring and exciting and, though brief, the stop ignited her curiosity for the culture and the ecology. She was disappointed that they weren't able to stay longer and vowed to return one day to explore the foreign land and meet its unique people.

In late fall of 2015 Ailie left Eilean Cù again to travel, making Cap-Vert her first stop. She remained in the coastal city until the middle of February 2016, making friends and learning about Africa. While there, she met a young, nameless boy she later called Malcolm who had been forced to fend for himself after escaping from a slave ship. After satisfying her curiosity and itching for travel, she and Malcolm boarded a ship headed for Barbados with the intention of returning to 'Souls.

Though she has come from a past steeped in grief and superstition, Ailie has known only the love, gentleness, and hope that her aunt bestowed upon her. Either because of this or because of some innate maternal instinct, she is very affectionate toward, and protective of, all matters of neonates, youngsters, and disabled animals.

Ailie and Malcolm joined Krokar in April 2016 and, for a time, things seemed good. She welcomed two children into the pack on January 12th, 2017 (Elise Morgan and Fionnlagh Cormier), fathered by Finlay Cormier, and worked hard to rise through the ranks. She disappeared in the summer of 2017 while on a trading trip with Bramble Parhelion after being abducted by a former lover-turned-stalker, Marty. She was held against her will for nearly 9 months, finally breaking free in March 2018 and returning home to Krokar in April 2018.

After failing to settle back into the pack, and being unsuccessful in repairing her relationship with her children, Ailie decides to return to Eilean Cù with her best friend and greatest confidant, Elias Blueridge, at her side.





Trade Info

OOC Info

  • Date of Birth: 11 Aug 2014
  • Gender: Female
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Residence: Eilean Cù
  • Mate: —
  • Etymology:
    • Forename: Gaelic derivative of Alice (Scottish)
    • Surname: great kingdom (Welsh)
  • Pronunciation: Eye-lee, MOR-gan
  • Epithet: Cù Sìth, Othermother
  • Offering: Jewelry, creels, various types of basket, small nets, rope and twine, hooks, fish, mussels.
  • Accepting: Shells, bone, stones, seaweed, wood, feathers, any other raw materials.

1.  Appearance

1.1  Essentials


By most accounts, Ailie looks like a water dog, with tight curls covering her body in a single-layered coat, and has very few features to suggest she has any wolf in her blood. She has the lean, lanky body of a sighthound and the long nose of a collie. She wears her shoulder-length hair in dreads and in part due to this, she is exclusively seen in Optime form. She wears a tattered sheepskin skirt and a faded blue bandana in various styles around her head, neck, or upper arms.

  • Species: Despite being partially wolf, Ailie looks exclusively like a dog. She has a half-pricked ears, long legs, and a tapered nose with a sloping stop.
  • Fur: Thick and curly with oily, water-repellent hairs common in water dogs. Her coat is single-layered and grows continuously, requiring it to be trimmed on a regular basis.
    • Optime Hair: Ailie's hair is shoulder-length and styled in dreadlocks. She usually has it tied back but sometimes only pulls the top half back.
  • Facial Features: Ailie has the long, narrow nose and sloping stop of a collie. Her eyes are large and expressive and her eyelashes are long and elegant.
  • Build and Size: Typical of her breeds, Ailie has a tall, willowy figure with lean upper body strength and obvious definition in her calves and thighs.
    • Lupus: 28 in (71 cm) — 69 lb (31 kg)
    • Secui: 40 in (101.6 cm) — 135 lbs (60.7 kg)
    • Optime 5ft 9in (70.8 in) (179.8 cm) — 165 lbs (74.8 kg)
  • Humanization: Moderate to high. Ailie will wear clothing and fight or hunt with weapons and tools but does not do so exclusively.


Gray Suit (#D7D5D8)
Potters Clay (#93643E)
Sepia Skin (#A26A3A)
Abbey (#4D4D54)
Santas Gray (#9C9CA7)
Sunflower (#E3C01E)
Black (#000000)

Color Distribution

  • Pelt:
    • Background color is Gray Suit (#D7D5D8).
    • Solid shades of Potters Clay (#93643E) and Sepia Skin (#A26A3A) cover her head and speckles of the same shades tick all four legs and saddle her body.
    • Abbey (#4D4D54) and Santas Gray (#9C9CA7) tick her tail and join with the tan colors in her saddle.
    • Markings of Gray Suit (#D7D5D8) adorn her forehead and muzzle respectively.
  • Optime Hair: Potters Clay (#93643E) and Sepia Skin (#A26A3A) with a streak of Gray Suit (#D7D5D8)
  • Eyes: Sunflower (#E3C01E)
  • Nose and Pawpads: Black (#000000)


2.  Wardrobe and Armory

2.1  Accessories

2.2  Weaponry

2.3  Clothing

  • Auger shell: Worn on a cord around her neck. She found this shell as a puppy and her aunt make it into a necklace for her. She believes the shell is a horn from an aon-adharcach-mara — a sea unicorn.
  • Trident: Gifted to her by Elionoira Morgan. She uses her trident primarily for fishing but can handle it proficiently for defense as well.
  • Leather skirt: Made from sheepskin and traded for while in her homeland, Ailie can typically be found wearing this knee-length skirt, usually without a top. It is comfortable and allows for ease of motion but isn't particularly pretty.
  • Faded blue bandana: Found during her travels. Ailie wears this in various styles on her head, around her neck, and sometimes as an armband.

3.  Personality

Genki Girl, Beware The Nice Ones, Friend To All Children, Tsundere, Ethical Slut

Ailie is a maternal, protective, and benevolent woman, eager to defend those who she feels are being treated unfairly and taking in others who could use nurturing. Curious and free-spirited, Ailie lives to travel and yearns to see the world. She uses trade to fulfill this itch to wander, interacting with all sorts and types of Luperci.

Silly and sometimes excitable, Ailie can occasionally be a bit much for some, particularly when she lets her superstitions get the better of her, but she always means well and tries to leave good in the world.

Since her abduction, and the months of torment that she endured, Ailie has become considerably more cautious, quiet, and subdued. Sometimes, though, that old passion burns through and those who knew her before can catch a glimpse of the woman she used to be.

3.1  Interaction

  • Speech: Light and pleasant with a noticeable Scottish accent.
  • General Posture and Body Language: Confident and proud, Ailie has straight, open posture.
  • Scent: Fresh air, sea salt, and wet sand; Krokar.
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.: Has a bubbly, contagious laugh and wags her tail a lot.

3.2  Ideals


Freedom and independence are as important to life and happiness.
Will not tread on others to get her own way.
Values flexible relationships with romantic partners.
Will not take action that could unnecessarily jeopardize the lives of others.
Believes everyone should be treated fairly and kindly.
Will seek to right any wrongdoings she may commit.


  • Nursing: Taking care of others, particularly those unable to help themselves, is one of the biggest motivations in Ailie's life. This is not restricted to treating physical ailments, which she knows the bare minimum about, but encompasses alleviating psychological discomforts as well.
  • Exploration and discovery: The world is vast and there is a plethora of mysteries and treasures waiting to to be discovered! It's exciting knowing that there is still plenty ground to cover and places to explore.
  • Malcolm: Knowing how he had been dragged through hell very early in his youth, Ailie will do anything to give Mal a fighting chance at a normal, loving, and peaceful life. She makes very few decisions without considering how they will affect him.


  • Immobility: The idea of having her independence and freedom stripped from her by becoming physically crippled is absolutely terrifying.
  • Drowning: As much as she loves water and swimming, Ailie fears drowning.
  • Aging: Ailie has met plenty of old curmudgeons on her travels and has seen what time turns people into. She would rather die young than old and useless.
  • Strange horses: More or less distrustful rather than fearful. In the old stories, kelpies often take the shape of a horse.


  • Species: Socially, Ailie doesn't have a bias against any particular species. Romantically, she finds dogs and dog-heavy hybrids more desirable.
  • Non-Luperci: Thinks that non-Luperci are missing out on a lot of the benefits that make being Luperci useful and fun.
  • Age: Children and youngsters are the future and are a lot of fun to be around! Thinks elders are smelly but appreciates their wisdom and knowledge.


  • Sexual orientation: Bisexual (Kinsey 2) — predominantly heterosexual, but more than incidentally homosexual. Ailie likes to keep her options open in most aspects of her life and her sexuality is no exception.
  • Species: Compared to other species of canine, dogs and dog-heavy hybrids are the most attractive to Ailie. Though she may enjoy meaningless flings and casual sex with wolves and coyotes, she is unlikely to develop a long-term relationship with one.
  • Casual: Ailie is in no hurry to settle down and commit herself to a lifetime partner. She likes the freedom of being single and exploring different types of relationships, both sexual and platonic in nature.


Ailie is a social drinker and will gladly share a bottle with someone, so long as she's confident that the location is safe and she's in the company of friends. She will not drink enough to get drunk, but likes the feeling of being buzzed. Prefers whisky to most other liquor. She has no experience with any other substances.


Ailie fondly believes in the religion of her heritage, which resembles that of traditional Gaelic paganism. She is polytheistic, animistic, and also quite superstitious. Many of the myths and folktales originating from her homeland were passed down to her from her aunt, Nelle, and she is happy to recite them to anyone who will listen.


  • Likes: Puppies, water, swimming, fishing, exploring, traveling, talking, rain.
  • Dislikes: Pretentiousness, bullies, cruelty, wintertime, being bored, intimidation, rules.

4.  Relationships

Key Family Relationships

  • Elionoira Morgan: Ailie's antaidh and guardian for most of her life. If not for Nelle, Ailie would likely have been culled and buried along with her mother and unborn siblings. Though grouchy and stern, Elionoira has always been patient and loving toward her niece and, despite the distance, their relationship has remained strong.
  • Glenna Morgan: Ailie's maternal grandmother and matriarch of Cuaileanach. After the tragedy surrounding Ailie's birth, Glenna deemed her a bad omen and demanded that she be culled. Though she later welcomed both Nelle and Ailie back, Glenna has a strained and uneasy relationship with her granddaughter.
  • Malcolm: Ailie's young ward. She found him when she traveled back to Cap-Vert, Senegal and all but forced her nurturing affection upon him until he gave in. She wants only love and peace for Mal and is fiercely protective of him. When Ailie was abducted, Mal left Krokar to look for her but never returned. His whereabouts are unknown.
  • Elle Cormier: Ailie's daughter. She was named "Elise Morgan" at birth and though the mother-daughter pair had a good relationship prior to Ailie's abduction, there was always something a little wild about the girl. Ailie disappeared from Elise's life when she and her brother were only 5 months old and she missed a good portion of their formative months. Her daughter renamed herself to distance herself from her mother, something that deeply hurt Ailie. Their relationship is poor at best and unlikely to improve.
  • Fionnlagh Cormier: Ailie's son. Fionny had always been her sweet, quiet son and Ailie felt a closer connection to him than she did her daughter. Ailie disappeared from Fionnlagh's life when he and his sister were only 5 months old and she missed a good portion of their formative months. When she returned, Ailie found that her sweet boy had grown angry and cynical in – or perhaps because – of her absence, and she no longer has much of a relationship with him (much to her immense sadness).

Key Relationships

Family Tree: Morgan

Nieces & Nephews: —
Cousins: Gabhran Morgan, Ewan Morgan, Aileas Morgan, Niall Morgan, and Oighrig Morgan
Aunts & Uncles: Elionoira Morgan, Iomhair Rhona-Morgan, Fionnlagh Kendrick-Morgan
Maternal: Glenna Morgan & Muirfinn Nairn-Morgan
Paternal: Unknown

Italics indicates an unknown relationship; they may be offboard or the relation is merely uncertain.
* indicates character does not know this person by name.

  • Elias Blueridge: Elias was a member of the Austringer Hostility, a conflict that took place within Krokar before Ailie joined the pack. Perhaps because of her lack of bias against him, or because of her propensity for caring for those cast aside, Ailie befriended (and defended) Elias quickly. She became perhaps one of his first friends and, in the end, also one of his last from Krokar. When she told him of her decision to leave the pack for her homeland, Elias expressed desire to join her and, together, the pair left Nova Scotia in July 2018.
  • Finlay Cormier: A Brawler with the body to show it, Finlay was one of Ailie's many sexual partners during her time in Krokar. Though unintentional, he also ended up fathering a single litter with her, tying the two of them together forever. With neither of them desiring the commitment of mateship to one another, the pair agreed to co-parent their two children and remained in a good relationship up until Ailie was abducted.
  • Sylven Firebringer: Sylven was another Krokaran man who Ailie found sexually desirable. When Ailie became pregnant in mid-November 2016, it was Sylven who she suspected was the father. He pampered her and prepared for the birth of their children for weeks until, when she finally whelped, it was revealed that the children were actually Finlay's. Devastated, Sylven withdrew from her and their relationship never fully recovered.
  • Eliza Cormier: The first Krokaran that Ailie met, both when she initially joined Krokar and when she returned after her abduction. She likes Liz's spunk and appreciates her devotion to family and pack.
  • Tybalt Cormier: A traveling merchant with family ties to Krokar. Ailie became his traveling companion and was the driving force that prompted her to eventually join Krokar.
  • Martha: A woman who Ailie fell in – and then out of – love with in her early months of 2017. Though Ailie broke things off with her, Marty refused to accept that their relationship had come to an end and began to stalk her. When Ailie left on a trading trip in the summer of 2017, setting off into neutral territories far away from Krokar, Marty used the opportunity to stage an abduction. After enduring months of confinement, physical and psychological torture, and sexual assault, Ailie finally found a chance to fight back. She murdered her abductor in March 2018, ending their relationship for good (though the psychological scars will forever remain).

5.  History

Birth and Exile

Eilean Cù

DurationAugust 2014

After a hard and lengthy labor, Aileen delivers a single puppy: a girl. Unable to deliver the other puppies, she dies in childbirth along with her remaining brood. Having lost her own children to illness just days before, Elionoira adopts her niece and immediately begins to care for the child.

Enraged by the entire situation and the fact that the birth of one living puppy lead to Aileen's untimely death, Glenna, the matriarch of the Morgan family, demands that the newborn be culled. With a great deal of effort, Elionoira is able to fight this ruling, though tensions only continue grow within Saobhaid-Onn. Driven to keep her niece safe, Nelle fears that she may have to make the difficult decision to leave her clan until the tempers cool.

The following day, with her mate, Iomhair's, support, the pair flee from Cuaileanach with the pup at Nelle's breast. They arrive in the mainland with stashes of sheepskin, fishcakes, and dried waterfowl meat. After locating a suitable place to stay until the pup is old enough to safely travel, the small family hunkers down.

The Dangerous Journey


DurationAugust 2014 - February 2015

Roughly two weeks after the child's birth, Nelle finally names the girl "Ailie," after the pup's mother, and Nelle's sister, Aileen. The girl continues to thrive. Feeling hopeful, Iomhair tries to convince his mate to return back home but Nelle refuses, afraid that her clan hasn't had enough time to cool down. Unbeknownst to her mate, Nelle feels that time away from the clan will help soothe the grief of losing her young sons.

So the pair devote the next two months to making useful items they can use to trade away for passage across the sea to a place they've heard mention of on more than one occasion: Nova Scotia. They find a ship that will take them to Barbados and depart aboard this ship in mid-October, arriving in Barbados about a month later.

Once in Barbados, the little family finds passage aboard a smaller vessel to carry them north toward Nova Scotia. As part of their bargain agreement, Elionoira and Iomhair must assist the crew during the journey, which they agree to with little hesitation.

Approximately two weeks after their vessel set sail, tragedy befalls them when they hit rough seas. During his efforts to help the crew, Nelle's mate, Iomhair, goes overboard and is lost to the wind and waves, leaving Nelle a widow and now a single parent to young Ailie. Grief grips her once more and her hard grows hard from all the recent loss, though she remains a dutiful and loving parent to her niece.

Beaten and worn, their vessel arrives in Freetown toward the end of December. Still grieving the loss of her mate, Nelle lies low in Freetown with Ailie for a month before the pair continue their trek North by foot.

Cour des Miracles

Cour des Miracles

DurationFebruary 2015 - April 2015
RankPrincess (14 February 2015)

After many months of travel, Nelle and Ailie finally reach their destination. They decide to join Cour des Miracles and are accepted into the ranks by Linden Aatte and King Silvano Sadira. They aren't allowed much time to settle in before spring floods ravage the area. Though the two waterdogs are comfortable in such weather, the rains cause problems within the Court. After Linden is injured after a tree falls on his house, Elionoira, with Ailie watching on, helps him get his horse to safety so that he can care for his injuries.

Nelle tries to make connections and friends within the Court, but finds the pack too busy and has difficulty with their customs. Less than two months after joining, Elionoira and Ailie decide to leave Cour des Miracles and try to find a smaller, quieter place to call home.

Going Home


DurationApril 2015 - August 2015

Nelle and Ailie spend weeks after leaving the Court looking for a place to fit in but are largely unsuccessful. Feeling worn down and tired, Nelle accepts that she misses home and decides to return to Freetown with the intention of returning to Cuaileanach with her Niece. Their ship docks briefly at Cap-Vert on the coast of West Africa before setting sail again to Dublin, Ireland. Cap-Vert ignites excitement and curiosity in Ailie and she dreams of returning to this place some day.

At the beginning of August, their ship successfully reaches Dublin and the pair set out toward Scotland, making it to Eilean Cù near the end of the month. Much to Elionoira's relief, her clan accepts both of them back without malice, though Ailie is regarded with caution and uncertainty.

Eilean Cù

Eilean Cù

DurationAugust 2015 - October 2015

While Ailie grows accustomed to life in her birth pack, her aunt develops a brief, but passionate, courship and quickly claims another mate: Fionnlagh Kendrick. Surrounded by family she doesn't know, and who seem to regard her with superstition, Ailie begins to grow restless. To occupy her mind, she reminisces about the places that she's been and daydreams about the places that she'll go. As the days turn to weeks, her desire to explore becomes too much to bear.

Over a year old now, and with all the life skills her aunt taught her about survival, Ailie decides to depart from the clan to start her own journey around the world. With Elionoira's blessing, she leaves Eilean Cù and eventually sets sail for Cap-Vert.

From Cap-Vert to Nova Scotia


DurationOctober 2015 - April 2016

Near the end of December, Ailie finally makes it back to Cap-Vert. She is quick to soak in the unique culture and curious animals that made the West African territory so fascinating to her. She meets many locals, and makes many friends, all the while learning about this place in Africa. During her time bustling little port town, she meets a young and nameless urchin who escaped a slave ship some time earlier and was now fending for himself. The boy is mistrusting and skittish and Ailie immediately vows to make him her friend.

After a great deal of patience and persistence, Ailie finally gains his trust and, after realizing he has no name, names him Malcolm. She promises to take care of Mal and continues to explore West Africa with him in tow. After nearly two months of exploration and education of Cap-Vert and the surrounding lands, Ailie's curiosity is satisfied and she decides to move on with her sights on Nova Scotia. She and Mal board a ship to Barbados and return to Nova Scotia toward in mid-April.



DurationApril 2016 - August 2018
ResidenceFiskebyn cottage #10
RankGreenhorn (22 Apr 2018)
 Wayfarer (27 Feb 2017)
 Outrigger (9 Jan 2017)
 Greenhorn (14 Apr 2016)
Co-RanksMerchant, Weaver

Shortly after arriving in Nova Scotia, Ailie and Malcolm meet a merchant named Tybalt Cormier and join him on his travels. He talks of a pack that his family had formed, named Krokar, that lived by the rivers and lakes further north. Intrigued by this, Ailie expresses desire to see Krokar and Tybalt agrees to take her there. After many more days of travel, the trio arrive on the borders of Krokar and join the pack in mid-April of 2016.

Ailie spends the next several months in Krokar meeting her pack mates and settling into a more stationary lifestyle. She becomes fast friends with Elias Blueridge, defending him against those within the pack who have looked down on him for his part in the Austringer Hostility. She also develops intimate relations with several Luperci – both within and without Krokar – most notably with Sylven Firebringer and Finlay Cormier. When she becomes pregnant in November 2016, Ailie suspects that Sylven is the father and tells him as much, drawing the two of them closer together.

During the Familia Sugit conflict in January 2017, Ailie can only play a very minor role before giving birth to her children in the middle of this altercation. With Sylven at her side, she brings Elise Morgan and Fionnlagh Cormier into the world... and discovers who their true father actually is: Finlay Cormier. The realization that Sylven would not be a father, and that it is actually Finlay who holds that title, drives a wedge between them that never completely improves.

But Ailie raises her children with Finlay's help and life seems well for a time. She starts a relationship with a loner woman named Marty a couple of months later. Passionate though it is, there are things about Marty that concern Ailie – such as her controlling nature and arrogance – that ultimately leads to her break things off with the loner. Marty refuses to accept that their relationship is over but seemingly vanishes. Unbeknownst to Ailie, however, Marty is beginning to stalk the woman.

When Ailie leaves on a trading trip in the summer of 2017, bringing the young Bramble Parhelion with her, Marty uses the opportunity to stage an abduction. Knocking Bramble unconscious, Marty subdues Ailie and abducts her, taking her off into the Halcyon Mountains where she keeps her tied up and confined for months. After enduring physical and psychological torment and sexual assault throughout these long months, Ailie fights back when the opportunity presents itself, murdering Marty in March 2018 and ending their relationship for good.

Fleeing the mountains, Ailie finds herself in Biff's Bar where she is care for, cleaned up, and given refuge. She remains there for a little over a month, regaining her strength and tending to her physical and psychological wounds, and finally returns home to Krokar near the end of April 2018.

Sadly, her disappearance has torn a rift in her little family. She learns that Malcolm had departed from Krokar in search of her, his whereabouts painfully unknown. Her daughter – now named Elle Cormier in an attempt to distance herself from her mother – has grown belligerent and callous while her son – her sweet, little Fionny – is now angry and distant. Though she tries to reconnect with her children, Elle and Fionnlagh ended up leaving the pack for Mistfell Vale a short time after her return, their actions speaking louder than their words ever could.

With her children moved away and Mal gone, Ailie finds herself feeling a distinct loss of belonging in Krokar. She yearns for the affection, camaraderie, and familiarity that she had before she was abducted. She thinks more and more of Eilean Cù, and of the aunt who raised her, and begins to imagine a fresh start – away from her failures and her woes.

Elias has remained her closest friend, and she talks of this place across the sea often and with longing. It never used to be a place she felt that she belonged, but when she thinks of it now it is only with fondness and hope. Eventually, it becomes less like a dream and more like a necessity. Elias is the first person Ailie tells when she decides she will be leaving, returning back to the Scottish isles. With little else left for himself in Krokar, and intent on keeping her safe (or is there something more?), Elias asks to join her.

They leave after Krokar's annual Celebration of Achievements, the desire for a fresh start, away from judgment, worry, and shame, beating in chorus within their hearts.

5.1  Threads



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  2. Boy, you've got to see what tomorrow brings (22 Feb)
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    cNPC to Elionoira Morgan. Cour des Miracles with Linden Aatte. Embracing the rainfall, Elionoira and her niece hang out around Chien Hotel and find a spooked and injured Linden, who's house was just crushed by a tree fallen in the spring floods.

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