Elias Blueridge

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by San

Elias Blueridge was born into a family of proficient falconers and learned early in his life how to train falcons and hawks. He had a relatively uneventful childhood and cherished the opportunity to help raise and educate his sisters after they were born.

He joined the Austringer Cartel in their endeavors against Krokar in March 2016. He was a reluctant member, having only joined their number for the sole purpose of ensuring his sisters’ safety after they were employed by their cousin, Marcella Fauks. Despite their flaws, Elias adored his sisters and was devastated by their loss. After the Cartel's defeat, Elias surrendered to Krokar. Unwilling to face the disappointment and anguish from his parents, he remained in the pack to prove himself useful, responsible, and above all, trustworthy. After spending over six months as a Flotsam, Elias was promoted to Greenhorn in October 2016, following a significant amount of hard work and dedication.

Eventually, he made his way up to an Outrigger in the Foundation tier. Though he secretly yearned to belong, his shy and quiet nature, as well as his personal doubts and demons, caused him to keep his peers at a reluctant distance. Regardless, he pulled his weight, even if only quietly so, and honed his skills in falconry and fishing.

When Krokar found itself involved in the Familia Sugit Conflict in the early winter of 2017, Elias helped defend his home. However, the loss of one of his few friends, Nikolas McCreery, put him into a state of depression that lasted until mid-spring, when Ailie Morgan helped him begin the process of moving on. Later that year, Elias played a largely minor role n the long, drawn out mystery of the Breadcrumb Drug Cartel Conflict that took place from late summer to late winter of 2017, Elias played a largely minor role, however, was able to help find clues that led to finding Krokar and Sapient’s missing packmates.

Despite his best efforts to assimilate and be part of the pack he had pledged his allegiance to, Elias still struggled to feel like he belonged amongst his peers. So, when his best friend, Ailie, decided to return to her homeland in August of 2018, Elias eagerly jumped to accompany her for the journey.

Currently, Elias lives in Eilean Cù, (Isle of Islay), Scotland, where he lives a simple life and makes a living as an avid falconer and chicken farmer, and in the company of his mate, Ailie.







  • Date of Birth: 28 Sep 2013
  • Gender: Male
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Mate: Ailie Morgan
  • Residence: Eilean Cù (Isle of Islay, Scotland)
  • Nickname: None
  • Pronunciation: e-LEE-ahs
  • Name Meaning:
    • First Name: cognate of Elijah (German)
    • Surname: derived from the Blue Ridge Mountains (Eastern USA)

Pack Information

OOC Assumptions!

  • Pack: None
  • Rank: Loner
  • Previous Packs: Show
  • Krokar (25 Mar 2016 – 08 Aug 2018)
  • Outrigger – Foundation (Nov 2016 –Aug 2018)
  • Greenhorn (Oct 2016)
  • Flotsam (Mar 2016)
    • Additional Ranks:
      • Falconer
      • Wrangler
  • NONE – Contact Songbird if you wish to make assumptions regarding this character.

1.  Basics

1.1  Appearance


  • Species: Obviously a high-dog content hybrid. He has a piebald coat and clear, pale eyes reminiscent of a Catahoula Cur while his floppy, rose-shaped ears come from his pit bull heritage. One of his ears occasionally stands up strait when he's alert. His tail is thick and an equal-mix hunting dog-coyote
  • Fur: Sleek, short, and harsh
    • Optime Hair: Kept messy and short
  • Facial Features: Thick, powerful jowls thanks to his pit bull ancestry, however, his snout itself is more like a hunting hound’s than the bully breed’s
  • Build and Size: Sturdy, solid, and athletic in his four-legged forms. In Optime, Elias looks rather average, boasting neither a skinny build or an overly muscular one.
    • Lupus: 27 in (68.5 cm) ↔ 82 lbs (37 kg)
    • Secui: 43 in (109 cm) ↔ 130 lbs (59 kg)
    • Optime: 6ft 2in (74 in) (188 cm) ↔ 212 lbs (96 kg)
  • Humanization: Average humanization. Regularly wears clothing and works with his hands, and tends to remain in his Optime form in the colder seasons. He will use his lesser forms for travel, hunting, and, occasionally, scouting.


  • Fur:
    • Primarily Early Dawn(#fff7e4)
  • Markings:
    • Large patches of Antique Brass (#c68e63) found throughout his body, particularly his flanks, face, and ears.
    • Smaller, darker spots of Coral Tree (#a86c5d), Congo Brown (#6a3a40), and Cocoa Bean (#441c24)% are scattered at random upon these lighter patches.
  • Eyes: Manatee (#878DA7)
  • Optime Hair: Early Dawn(#fff7e4)
  • Nose and Paw Pads: Au Chico (#8e5f5d)
  • Scars: Dusty Gray (#a09190)



Early Dawn (#fff7e4)
Antique Brass (#c68e63)
Coral Tree (#a86c5d)
Congo Brown (#6a3a40)
Cocoa Bean (#441c24)


Manatee (#878DA7)

Nose/Pawpads, Claws, Scars

Au Chico (#8e5f5d)
Dusty Gray (#a09190)


  • Single slash across his chest just below his throat; received from a spear handled by Storm Cormier [1]


  • Speech: Often monotone, dry, with the occasional, snarky remark if he’s comfortable with someone
  • Scent: Pine, wood, smoked fish, chickens, salt, river water
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.: Tends to scratch the back of his neck and/or use filler words/sounds when nervous
  • General Posture and Body Language: Though not submissive, limbs are generally kept tucked close to his body and well within his own personal bubble, often giving off the appearance of him being reluctant to interact with others

Clothing & Accessories

  • Leather tunic lined with rabbit fur
  • Dark pants
  • Wraps to go around his hands and ankles in the winter months
  • Hunting knife
  • Gutting knife
  • Scavenged, tin lunchbox to hold his fishhooks and line


1.2  Personality


Elias has never been a man much known for his words. He’s a quiet fellow, and often keeps very much to himself. When approached with something or someone new, he usually takes a step back to observe than someone else who might dive right in. He’s level-headed and shows to have a near boundless amount of patience. While his shy nature tends to make him keep others at a distance, to those that he has opened up to, Elias can be very talkative and, surprisingly, has quite a bit of wit to him. He is a very loyal individual, and his actions have proven that he will not readily renounce his loyalty even if that individual falls from grace. Elias is someone who shows he cares through his actions, and often tries to be subtle about it.

While he doesn’t like bullies or those that hurt innocent Luperci, Elias was willing to put his personal feelings aside when it meant keeping his two younger sisters safe when they joined the Austringer Cartel. As an Austringer, he was by far the kindest in the Cartel, but did whatever he had to do in order to keep his sisters safe from harm.

He does not like violence or fighting, but will readily fight tooth and claw to defend those that he cares about or is loyal to.


  • Outlook: Pessimistic
  • Sociability: Introverted, Submissive
  • Expression: Neutral
  • Alignment: True neutral
  • Motivations: Friends and loved ones, standing up for others
  • Fears: Losing someone close to him, being a burden to others, being a disappointment, failing


  • Likes: Falconry, birds, fishing, warmth, smoked fish, relaxing, being useful/helpful
  • Dislikes: Cold, slavers, abusers, being the center of attention, being useless, fighting


  • Packs: Krokar is the most forgiving and accepting of all packs
  • Species: Prefers the company of dog/dog-dominate hybrids
  • Non-Luperci: Most end up as slaves or worse
  • Gender: Women are fickle in their moods, and their ire should be avoided at all costs
  • Color: None
  • Sexuality: None
  • Age: Older siblings should help raise and protect their younger siblings, children in general should strive to pull their own weight in the family


Elias is strictly heterosexual, with a strong preference for dog/dog-dominate females. He’s not someone to dive into a relationship headfirst, often having to build off of a friendship before ever considering a woman in a romantic light. More often than not, however, Elias finds himself devoid of romantic pulls of the heart altogether, and, even if he were to see a woman differently, would likely be too shy to act on his feelings. He’s someone who values friendships more than he does seek romance, and has the potential to be utterly dense when it comes to acknowledging that a friendship has changed to something more. Elias is likely to show his affections through actions than he is to speak his feelings aloud.

Spirituality & Substances

None. Elias has entertained the idea of a higher being, and has occasionally pondered how things came to be the way they are, however, he is not someone that could be said to be religious in the slightest. He is respectful towards others’ faiths and beliefs, but, he himself is too skeptical to adopt any religion over another.

Of substances, Elias has partaken in a few. He doesn’t particularly care for the smell of tobacco, but, more so fears the wracking cough, gravely voice, and shortness of breath that is often associated with heavy users. He’s a social drinker when it comes to alcohol, but, even then, rarely indulges in more than a glass or three.

2.  Relationships

2.1  Family

  • Extended: Blueridge, Antebellum?
    • Cousins: Marcella Fauks, Korbinian Fauks, Cecelia Antebellum, Liesl Antebellum
    • Aunt/Uncles: Anika Antebellum-Fauks (aunt), Bertram Fauks (uncle)
  • Mate: Ailie Morgan
  • Children: None

2.2  Other Relations

Key Relations

  • Ailie Morgan was the first person to, truly, show Elias kindness when he was still a dishonorable Flotsam in Krokar. She defended him when he was attacked by Walker Dupree, and Elias has never forgotten her act of heroism. Ailie eventually became one of the few friends Elias had, and he found himself wanting to support her and protect her—even though Ailie was never someone who needed protecting. When she expressed the desire to leave Krokar for her homeland, Elias readily expressed the desire to accompany her. He kept his love for her a secret for quite some time, not wanting to risk losing her companionship, but, he eventually found the courage to tell her his feelings, and they became mates some time afterwards.
  • Marcella Fauks was his cousin, akin to a monster, and someone Elias hated with a passion. He saw the evil in her, but, Marcella was cunning and manipulative, and Elias was unable to convince Adelaide and Charlotte to stay away from her. He joined the Cartel reluctantly as a result, and though he allowed himself to resist and rebel against his cousin in the small ways that he could, Elias was ultimately too afraid of what she might do to his sisters to truly act out against Marcella. When she turned his sisters against him, Elias was devastated, and his hatred for Marcella only deepened.
  • Nikolas McCreery was an old dog that became fast friends with Elias. He was quite knowledgeable and had a great many stories of his younger years to share, much to Elias’ amusement. He helped Elias come out of his shell a bit more, however, his untimely death amidst the Familia Sugit Conflict undid it all, and Elias found himself in a crippling state of depression for months afterwards.

Notable Relations

  • Oscar Morelli is something of a pain in Elias’ rear. The son of the Captains was like any typical youth; naïve, rash, and full of energy and poor decisions. Despite their very different personalities, Oscar grew on Elias. There’s never a dull moment with Oscar, and though Elias would never admit it, he generally enjoys the young man’s company and crazy antics and things that Oscar gets him into.
  • Milos Parhelion is someone Elias highly respects, not only for his skills and work ethic, but, for his strength of character. He’s a man anyone would aspire to be half as much of. He brought Elias the news of Nikolas’ death, and comforted and supported him in the immediate aftermath of it. Elias is grateful for that bit of kindness he showed him.
  • Thiago Vela was Elias’ troublesome neighbor that seemed to have a knack for showing up at inconvenient times. Thiago greatly annoyed Elias, but, even so, Elias reluctantly took care of the younger man.
  • Iroquois was a packmate that Elias respected and felt somewhat intimidated by. She was a very skilled woman, and tolerated his nervousness in her presence. They sparred, and she helped him with tasks, and he, her.
  • Eliza Cormier is Milos’ wife and a fierce woman that Elias is secretly terrified of.

Minor Relations

3.  Skills

Key: Dabbler --> Apprentice --> Journeyman --> Master

  • Falconry & Raptor Low Speech (Master): Part of his family’s heritage, Elias was taught the ins and outs of working with birds from a small child. He mastered his first raptor at a year old, and has trained and worked with other birds ever since. He can speak coherent Low Speech and knows the general care required with most hawks, falcons, and owls, and has a plethora of techniques in working the birds. He has lesser knowledge with vultures or eagles, but, given time, can generally have them just as trained and partnered.
  • Smoking & Salting Meat (Master): As he loves smoked fish and meat in general, Elias first acquired the skill from a cook on the plantation, and he has only done his best to perfect it ever since so that he can continue to enjoy his favored food. Elias also has knowledge in salting meat and making jerky from it as well.
  • Chicken Care (Journeyman): Taking care and visiting Krokar’s chickens was yet another way for Elias to pull his weight in his new home. It was the closest thing he could get to working with raptors, and he found an affection for the rotund birds that he’d previously only ever considered as food. He acquired his own birds later on, and his affection for them rivaled his love for raptors.
  • Fishing (Journeyman): To fit in with the water-dwellers that were the Krokarans and to help bide his time as a lowly Flotsam, Elias took up fishing. He excels more at line fishing and netting, but, has a decent amount of skill in spear fishing too.
  • Scouting & Hunting (Jouerneyman): Due to his work as a falconer, Elias was often fit into a scouting-like role, and he only continued this as he became a member of Krokar. His hunting dog ancestry gave him a good nose, and he can follow tracks and has a good sense of environmental awareness. Generally, he hunts with his raptors, but, can hunt just as well with his own teeth.
  • Handyman (Journeyman): In general, Elias is pretty good with his hands, and often has a tendency to try to fix or build things on his own rather than ask for help. This self-reliant talent grew during his early days in Krokar, and only continued with his hermit-like lifestyle.
  • Close Combat (Journeyman): Elias can fight decently well, and this, combined with his falconry and scouting talents, was likely one of the few reasons why Marcella didn’t try to get him “accidentally” killed off during their Austringer days. He doesn’t particularly care for fighting though, and, as a result, doesn’t practice very much anymore.
  • Polearms (Apprentice): Of weaponry, Elias can use a spear or something of similar size and weight decently enough. He is by no means someone that should be considered skilled, however, he can wield one and not hurt himself in a time of need.

4.  Residence

  • None, currently. Lives in Eilean Cù (Isle of Islay), Scotland.

Previous Residences:

  • The Log Cabin
A small, two-story log cabin. It has a covered porch on the front, and was built upon a surprisingly sturdy foundation. The bottom floor consists of a sitting area that doubles as a makeshift kitchen/dinning area, and an adjacent guest room. The second floor is a loft that acts as the master bedroom, accessed via stairs along one wall. Clean, neat, and sparsely decorated with a few furs and other items, the house looks lived in, but it's obvious that its owner does not entertain company a lot. Most of the bottom floor windows have had their panes broken and are boarded up, and there are signs that the house has been repaired. Vines crawl up the stone chimney, and a few sturdy trees around the house protect it from violent weather tantrums.

5.  NPCs



  • Current: ---
  • Previous: ---




Petra (Northern Goshawk)

  • Size:
    • Length: 23 in (58 cm)
    • Wingspan: 43 in (109 cm)
    • Weight: 2.3 lbs (37 oz; 1 kg)
  • Key Features: Pale eyebrow stripe; orange eyes
  • Coloration: Dark grey with lighter barred feathering; orange eyes
  • See Krokar raptors
  • Was partnered with Elias upon his joining of Marcella Fauks’s Austringer Cartel group
  • Upon surrendering to Krokar, Petra and Elias’s partnership dissolved
  • Petra and Elias remained on friendly terms up until Elias left the pack



Can be Referenced...

Paprika (Chicken)

raptor bird
  • Size:
    • Weight: 5 lbs (80 oz; 2.3 kg)
  • Key Features: Bright orange and black; small comb; thin leather anklet on left foot
  • Coloration: Gold-laced
  • None; not active onboard
  • More Information »

Skills & Abilities

  • Recognizes her name
  • The resident Guard Chicken, Paprika is relatively quiet, and is not afraid to attack something she deems a “threat” to her “yard”
  • She is an excellent search and destroyer of bugs and other vermin (snakes, rats, etc.)
  • Very observant and has fast reflexes
  • Moderate egg production


For being the smallest and one of the youngest hens in Elias’ flock, Paprika has the most spunk and attitude of them all. Courageous, brave, and bold, she’s often the first hen on the scene when there’s something new to be found and one of the first to attack a perceived threat, no matter the size. She’s a highly intelligent hen, and the fastest and most aggressive of Elias’ flock.


She was born and raised on a free-range chicken farm in Portland, Maine. She was traded to Elias in late March when he went down to visit the Old Ironsides Depot and gain some more un-related chickens to be used for eggs and meat for the pack’s raptors. Of the five he brought back to the homestead, Elias ended up keeping Paprika, June Bug, and Biskit after growing fond of them.
Currently, the hens are distinguished apart from the others by their thin, leather anklets that have Elias’ first name carved into them.

June Bug (Chicken)

  • Size:
    • Weight: 7 lbs (112 oz; 3 kg)
  • Key Features: Big-breasted, large comb; thin leather anklet on left foot
  • Coloration: Black barred
  • None; not active onboard
  • More Information »

Skills & Abilities

  • Recognizes her name
  • She is built for cold-weather
  • Heavy egg production


Despite being the biggest hen, June Bug is the most skittish of the group. She is easily spooked by sudden and fast movements, and is the most cautious when met with something (or someone) new. Her constant, wide-eyed stare, in turn, is often her most humorous trait. June Bug tends to follow the others’ lead more than she acts independently, trusting their judgment. Rare is it that she is found very far from Paprika or Biskit. Once she comes to trust a Luperci and perceive them as nonthreatening, June Bug can be quite sweet. She’s a very vocal bird and likes to talk to the other hens or her Luperci companion constantly.


She was born and raised on a free-range chicken farm in Portland, Maine. She was traded to Elias in late March when he went down to visit the Old Ironsides Depot and gain some more un-related chickens to be used for eggs and meat for the pack’s raptors. Of the five he brought back to the homestead, Elias ended up keeping Paprika, June Bug, and Biskit after growing fond of them.
Currently, the hens are distinguished apart from the others by their thin, leather anklets that have Elias’ first name carved into them.

Biskit (Chicken)

chicken in a biskit
  • Size:
    • Weight: 6 lbs (96 oz; 2.7 kg)
  • Key Features: Heavily feathered to the point of looking “fat”; thin leather anklet on left foot
  • Coloration: Silver-penciled
  • None; not active onboard
  • More Information »

Skills & Abilities

  • Recognizes her name
  • Biskit is very curious and alert, and is usually the first to let out a warning call
  • Avid climber for as fat as she looks, and can often be found perched in weird spots
  • She is built for cold-weather
  • Heavy egg production


Being older seems to have made Biskit a bit more reserved than the others in the flock. She often demonstrates a sense of intelligence, and seems to hold the informal title of “leader” amongst the others, even with Paprika’s bold personality. Biskit may often be seen leading the group’s foraging, and is the one that often keeps an eye out for the flock itself. Towards Luperci, she’s very lovable, and the easiest to handle and pet. She likes to be talked to, has a fondness for perching in weird places, and loves to show off her eggs.


She was born and raised on a free-range chicken farm in Portland, Maine. She was traded to Elias in late March when he went down to visit the Old Ironsides Depot and gain some more un-related chickens to be used for eggs and meat for the pack’s raptors. Of the five he brought back to the homestead, Elias ended up keeping Paprika, June Bug, and Biskit after growing fond of them.
Currently, the hens are distinguished apart from the others by their thin, leather anklets that have Elias’ first name carved into them.

6.  History

Downward Spiral (Pre-‘Souls; off-board)

Antebellum Plantation?


September 2013 – Mid-2015

Elias was the firstborn son of talented falconer, Sabine Antebellum, and her husband, Günther Blueridge. He grew up surrounded by extended family on the Antebellum Plantation? in West Virginia. He was a rather quiet child, more concerned with watching others than actively going out of his way to socialize with new Luperci. He helped out around the plantation and had a few friends—though, most were just cousins or other relatives—growing up, but, overall, lived a rather uneventful childhood. Following his mother’s family’s talents in falconry, Elias was introduced and worked around the raptors on a daily basis. When he finally grew of shifting age, he took a greater role in the family trade, and took on his first raptor, an American Kestrel. He worked with the bird tirelessly, and, at a year old, he could proudly call himself a successful falconer. He continued his talents in falconry and branched out into other birds as his experience and knowledge in the field continued to grow and expand.
His sisters, Adelaide and Charlotte Antebellum, were born when Elias a year and a half old, and Elias’ daily duties were split between his falconry work, chores around the plantation, and helping raise his little sisters. He adored his younger siblings, and the three of them grew quite attached to one another. However, as the girls grew older and more independent of him and their parents, Adelaide came to idolize their cousin, Marcella Fauks, and, where Adelaide went, Charlotte was never far behind. In the early days, Elias was wary of the enamored gleam in his sister’s eye for their older cousin, particularly since Elias and Marcella did not see eye-to-eye. This initial wariness grew into jealousy when Adelaide expressed the desire to learn from Marcella, not him. Adelaide—and, of course, Charlotte’s—continued company with their dark cousin did not sit well with Elias. He tried to deter his sisters from their cousin’s influence, and—to this day—Elias believes that this only further drove his sisters into Marcella’s claws.
Eventually, Marcella tantalized Adelaide with her desire to do mercenary work with a job that would take them northeast. Charlotte went where Adelaide went, and when Elias caught wind of the plans, he was decidedly unhappy about it. He tried to persuade them from joining Marcella’s cartel group, but, unfortunately, was unsuccessful. So, unable to convince them, Elias forcibly joined Marcella’s cartel group, much to their cousin’s dislike. If he couldn’t stop his sisters, he would join them and ensure that they did not get hurt, or, worse, killed.

On the Hunt (Pre-‘Souls; off-board)

Austringer Cartel


Mid-2015 – March 2016



Elias and his sisters became members of the Austringer Cartel, where Elias was given a northern goshawk companion, Petra, to work with. Together, they work with leader Kazimir Drachev, leader Marcella Fauks, and mercenary Bastian Montgomery.
The Cartel’s marks were runaway slave and rebellion leader, Milos Parhelion, and runaways Sorcha Logan and Chousensha “Sen” Parhelion, and resources lead the Cartel to the feral pack, Viburnum, located in Trillium Hollow. While Marcella did a bit of undercover work, Elias helped scout out the area for signs of their targets. The Cartel eventually left the pack empty-handed, however, had been able to glean an important lead that led them to a pack called Arconimbus located nearby. Supposedly, Sen had taken refuge there. With use of the raptors, the Cartel was able to confirm their lead, and they went to work to extract their target from her new home. Following multiple attacks on members and fear tactics, the Cartel harassed the pack into submission, and Sen was brought forward. In exchange for her childrens’ lives, Sen provides where Milos and Sorcha have gone, and the Cartel depart.
News gets back to Viburnum’s leader, Milos’ sister, Ayrin, of Sen’s betrayal, and she and a packmate try to get to Milos before the Cartel can. The attempt at a warning is thwarted though when the Cartel run into Ayrin and severely injure her. With the threat to their mission temporarily halted, the Cartel make haste to their destination. Along the way, they add Ilse Verhoeven to their party as an unwitting slave to their cause. As well, as luck would have it, in route, they manage to come across ex-Krokaran, Peony, who has knowledge about the area their targets supposedly reside in. Closer to their destination, they find a heartbroken Beatrice Tindall, and take her captive too. After torturing Beatrice, Marcella is able to find out more about where Milos and Sorcha have fled to.
The whole idea of slavery, hostages, and tracking down escapees did not sit well with Elias, however, his desire to keep his sisters safe was stronger than his desire to help the unfortunate victims of the Cartel. Elias did his best to not be unreasonably harsh or mean to those pitted against the Cartel, however, with the reminder that Marcella had a strong hold on his sisters, if push came to shove, Elias would have readily killed or injured someone if necessary.
The Cartel continues their hunt with vigor, their sights set on a pack that is called Krokar.

The Austringer Hostility (On-Board)

Loner (Austringer Cartel)


10 – 25 March 2016



With their information taken from the broken Beatrice, the Cartel’s first attack on Krokar is on their trade depot, which was left manned by the sole Krokaran, Taseko. The Cartel attacks with full force, and easily overwhelm the caribou shepherd. Leaving him to die, they set the depot aflame and leave destruction in their wake. They eventually find where the pack of Krokar resides, and the Cartel sets up base camp in the Miramichi Watershed as they sort out how to best go about retrieving the rebel, runaway slaves.
In their first engagement with the runaways, Marcella sends her hawk into Krokar territory to find Milos and to give him a chilling message in order to make him comply quietly. Elias, Adelaide, and Charlotte are instructed to remain with one of the Cartel’s captives, Beatrice. Unaware of the failed meeting between the Cartel leaders and Milos, the trio are taken by surprise when they are discovered by a Krokaran scouting party. A fight breaks out, resulting in the death of Adelaide’s gyrfalcon. With Elias’ goshawk, Petra, injured, as well as his sister, Charlotte, Elias makes the decision to barter with the Krokarans, giving them their packmate in exchange for letting the siblings escape. This act is not taken well by Marcella, as the Cartel is down a useful hostage because of Elias’ selfish desire to protect his sisters over protecting a valuable asset. Marcella turns Elias’ sisters against him after this, having them keep tabs and report on their own brother to ensure that he does not become a liability to the Cartel’s overall mission.
Elias is furious and feels betrayed by his sisters for doing Marcella’s bidding, but, even so, still does his best to look out for their wellbeing. While Marcella and the other Cartel members of their group try to engage in a negotiation with Krokar, Elias is left on guard duty of the camp while being watched for signs of treason or otherwise by his own sisters. On the day that Krokar is supposed to give their answer to the Cartel, one of the group’s hawks warns them of a setup. Elias is strategically separated from his sisters, and paired with Bastian to guard the ex-Krokaran, Peony, who is still in their care. The pair are overrun by the Krokaran rescue group, who are—unbeknownst to Elias and Bastian—helped by one of the Cartel’s other captives, Ilse.
Furious to have lost all leverage with the Krokarans, the Cartel leaders decide to go on the offensive. They harass Krokar with their raptors, attack its members, and attempt scare tactics. Krokar proves much more difficult to get the upper hand over than Viburnum and Arconimbus though. Because of two of their valuable captives having been lost under his watch, Elias is put on less-important duties and largely kept behind the scenes to ensure the Cartel suffers no more heavy setbacks on his account.
On the fourth day of their attacks though, he noticed his sister, Charlotte, leave without the company of another Cartel member. Elias abandoned his post to follow after her, confronting her after discovering she’d wanted to do something “right” after the sisters’ previously failed attempts to hurt Krokar. After a brief argument, she allowed him to accompany her to Krokar’s borders, where they found a lone Krokaran named Storm Cormier. Charlotte expresses the desire to attack the wolf and get the Cartel a new hostage, and Elias reluctantly complies. Storm manages to cut Elias with his spear before Charlotte knocks the Krokaran unconscious. As Elias drags the man away, the pair are taken by surprise by Rhiannon Driscoll. Elias manages to fight her off, however, he is unable to stop her from calling for help. He tries to get his sister to retreat, however, Charlotte decides to do the opposite and attack the quickly amassing Krokarans. In the fight that ensues, Charlotte is dealt a killing blow, much to Elias’ horror. Any attempts to fight the Krokarans are abandoned in favor of retrieving his sister’s body and fleeing the area.
Elias brings Charlotte’s body back to camp, and with the aide of Adelaide, they bury her. Adelaide verbally attacks him in her anger afterwards, and Elias quietly accepts it all in silent guilt. The death of their sister puts the horrible monster of vengeance in Adelaide’s heart and makes her spit hateful things to Elias in her own grief. The following day is spent in silence for Elias as communication between the siblings dissolves entirely. The following night, Elias will never forget.
The Cartel is attacked in the middle of the night by an organized attack by Krokar. Despite their recent fight, Elias continues to fight by Adelaide’s side, wanting to protect his remaining sister. In the end though, he loses Adelaide too. With Drachev and Bastian killed, and Marcella no where to be found, Elias finds himself surrendering to the Krokarans, his soul too broken to continue fighting after the double blow of losing both of his sisters in a span of two days.
Elias’ surrender marks the end of the Austringer Hostility and Krokar’s victory against its assailants.




25 March 2016 – 08 August 2018


Outrigger (Foundation) (Nov 2016 –Aug 2018)

  • Greenhorn (Oct 2016)
  • Flotsam (Mar 2016)


  • Falconer
  • Wrangler
Surprisingly, Krokar showed mercy on Elias, accepting his surrender despite a handful of their members having fought against him in the weeks prior. Elias and Isle were made Flotsams, a rank reserved for dishonorable members and the lowest rank a member of the pack could be. Elias spent his initial days in quarantine, which he minded little. His soul was too numb from the loss of his sisters to care, much less eat or resist the Krokarans in any way. After it was proven that he would not be a threat to the pack, he was allowed more and more freedoms as time drew on. As a Flotsam, Elias kept as much to himself as he could, seeking merely to survive while he fought the internal battle of what to do with his life. He had failed his sisters, and he eventually came to the conclusion that he could not return home without them. He feared what his family might think of him, and of everything they had done as members of the Austringer Cartel. His cousin had already been largely estranged by her family, and Elias couldn’t bear the thought of returning home to not only see the disappointment and sorrow in his parents’ eyes, but to be disowned for his deeds as a Cartel member.
After deciding that his only option was to make what he could out of living amongst the Krokarans, Elias started to do more around the pack, helping out where he could, but still very much keeping them all at a distance. He was aware that quite a few held a distrust in him because of his previous allegiance to the Cartel, and often tried to avoid situations that would rouse suspicion or earn him the wrath of a vengeful packmate. This, unfortunately, did not keep him completely safe from the ridicule of his rank, nor the fury in some’s hearts. In one instance, while minding his own business, Elias was attacked by Walker Dupree. Walker threatened him, holding him accountable for past actions made while the Cartel had been active. However, Elias was spared a beating thanks to a passerby named Ailie Morgan. Though she barely knew Elias, she defended him, and Elias took her selfless act to heart.
As spring drew into summer, Elias’ work ethic around the pack and attempts at socializing grew, and, by early fall, his actions were rewarded and Elias was promoted out of the Flotsam rank and into that of 'Greenhorn. He continued to help out around the pack and prove his worth through fishing, hunting, patrolling, tending to the chickens, and working with the pack’s raptors, some of which had been taken from the Cartel.
In his first winter in Krokar, an old dog named Nikolas McCreery joined the pack. Having met the man at the borders and having witness his entrance interview, Elias felt it only polite to help show the new Riparian around. This resulted in Nikolas becoming his temporary roommate until he could settle on better accommodations. Elias kept Nikolas at a distance at first, however, the dog’s warm, friendly, and wise ways eventually grew on him, and he found himself considering Nikolas one of his few friends.
The Familia Sugit Conflict began in mid-winter of 2017 when newest Krokarans, Sinner and Ohja, tried to persuade the pack’s Captains into working with them to attack a member harbored by Krokar’s ally, Sapient. When denied, the two fled, rallying a group of Loners that had also been wronged by Sapient. Elias and Nikolas both joined the rest of the Krokarans in scouting the lands between Krokar and Sapient in search of the deserted troublemakers and their newfound allies. During the final stretch of the conflict, however, when Krokar sent some of its members to help defend Sapient from attacks, Elias elected to remain within Krokar for its own defense. Nikolas went to help defend Sapient and died defending one of its members. It wasn’t until the Krokarans returned home that Elias was informed of the loss of his friend.
For the remaining winter season through early spring, Elias reverted inward, wracked by grief, guilt, and depression. He was pulled out of this seemingly endless loop by his friend, Ailie. When the spring rains of April came, Elias managed to avoid contacting the Spring Sickness that came with it, and he returned to his usual duties after it passed. He made a conscious effort to be more social with his packmates through the summer of his second year, and tried to continue moving forward even with Ailie mysteriously disappeared from the pack towards the end of summer.
Elias was unwittingly drawn into the drama of the Breadcrumb Drug Cartel Conflict that began in August 2017 and lasted through December. Not a man to overindulge in alcohol, he managed to dodge becoming addicted to the drug-laced drinks, and, later, the kidnapping of those members. When Krokarans and Sapeiens alike were discovered missing, Elias helped the search parties scour the neutral territories for their missing members. His group helped pinpoint the location of the kidnapped packmates; a cave system in the Serpentine Mountains that had been taken over by a drug cartel group. When Krokar asked its members for volunteer fighters to rescue their packmates, Elias, once again, elected to stay behind to defend Krokar should danger come to the pack while their best fighters were away.
With their packmates safely returned, life returned to relative normalcy once more. In April 2018, however, a familiar figure came back into Elias’ life; Ailie had found her way back to Krokar. He avoided her after first, both shy and not wanting to overwhelm her when she had family and other, closer, friends to welcome her back. On a day in late spring though, he finally found the courage to formally speak with Ailie again. They rekindled their friendship after a heavy conversation regarding her nearly year-long disappearance.
In the months afterwards, Elias spent most of his time with those he considered to be close friends and being more social with his packmates. During this time, Ailie began to talk more about her old home, and, eventually, her longing for a new start. When she made her decision to return to Eilean Cù, Elias found himself wanting to go with her. His spoken reasoning had been that he had few connections to keep him within Krokar, and, after what had happened the last time she left the pack, he wanted to keep her safe. Kept close to his heart though, Elias couldn’t bear the thought of Krokar without her in it.
After the pack’s annual Celebration of Achievements, Elias and Ailie departed for Eilean Cù. He brought his hens with him.

Eilean Cù (Off-Board)

Eilean Cù


August 2018 – Present

Upon arriving in Eilean Cù, Elias settled into an easy life as an avid falconer, and began work as a chicken farmer. He helps out with the community of Ailie’s clan, and does his best to grasp the Scottish accents and language.



MARCH – OCTOBER 2016 (Non-Player Character)
Following under Marcella Fauks’ lead, the Austringer Cartel make their first moves on Krokar, where their mark, Milos Parhelion, is said to reside. The Cartel take hostages and harass the pack for a few weeks before they are eventually defeated, their leader fleeing. With his sisters dead, Elias numbly surrenders to Krokar. He is taken in and given the dishonorable rank, Flotsam. In the months afterwards, Elias does his best to figure out what to do with himself, and eventually decides that returning home is not an option. He tries to assimilate to Krokar and its ways and prove to his packmates that he is someone that is trustworthy despite having once been the enemy. By October, he is promoted out of the Flotsam rank and into that of Greenhorn.

  1. tNPC The lost are found (16 Mar)
    Northern Tides with Tandy McClain, Laevisa Arena, and Sylven Firebringer.
    Krokaran scouts locate a wounded and unconscious Beatrice with Elias, Adelaide, and Charlotte, who were charged with watching her. A fight breaks out and after Humbert the gryfalcon is killed in the brawl and Petra the goshawk and Charlotte both wounded, Elias offers to hand Bee over if they are allowed to flee.
  2. tNPC Tracing back a friend, wouldn't that save you? (19 Mar)
    Miramichi Watershed with Eliza Cormier, Aindrea Donovan, and Aphrodite Donovan.
    A group of Krokarans is sent to rescue Peony from the Austringer Cartel and while Ilse surreptitiously helps to make their efforts successful, Elias is tasked with assisting Bastian fight them off.
  3. tNPC The ultimate warrior (24 Mar)
    Border of Krokar with Storm Cormier, Rhiannon Driscoll, and Aindrea Donovan.
    After one Krokaran is attacked just outside the border, two others come to their rescue and fight with Charlotte and Elias. Charlotte is killed before Elias can get her to safety. Elias flees.
  4. tNPC Come hell or high water (25 Mar)
    Miramichi Watershed with Sylven Firebringer, Rhiannon Driscoll, and August Cormier.
    After Krokar takes the fight to the Austringer Cartel's camp in the dead of night, rendering their raptors useless, Elias is forced to fight against them in order to protect his remaining sister. Tragically, she dies in battle and Elia surrenders to Krokar.
  1. pNPC She was chasing the thrills (12 Jul)
    River of Fire (Ruins of Tog) with Ailie Morgan, Walker Dupree, cNPC Malcolm.
    Elias is attacked by Walker, but is saved by passerby Ailie.
  2. pNPC I'll be there for you tonight (18 Jul)
    Fiskebyn (Sister Lake) with Krokar.
    Elias works in the background of the pack's Celebration of Achievements event.
  3. pNPC Gone Fisshing (02 Sept)
    Krokar with Storm Cormier and Slave.
    Elias and Slave learn how to fish with the help of Storm.
  4. pNPC Bless them with your patience (24 Sept)
    River of Fire (Western Watchtower) with Ailie Morgan and Storm Cormier.
    Elias shows Ailie and Storm how he works with the birds of prey.
  5. The Price of a Life (23 Oct)
    Fiskebyn, with Krokar.
    A commotion in the middle of towns raises alarm, and past secrets of one Walker Dupree are brought to light.

Elias’ hard work and dedication gets him promoted to an Outrigger of the Foundation tier. He meets his newest neighbor, Thiago, who doesn’t seem to understand what personal boundaries are. Elias continues to keep quietly to himself with his tasks around the pack.

  1. Just want to fit in (25 Nov)
    Krokar (Aster’s Field), with Thiago Vela.
    While feeding the chickens, Elias meets his newest neighbor.

Elias learns more about what happened to his cousin, Marcella, and is able to find a small amount of peace knowing that she is dead and unable to corrupt any other innocent Luperci to her cause like she had his sisters.

  1. Waiting just around the riverbend (03 Dec)
    Miramichi River, with Sylven Firebringer.
    While fishing, Elias is accosted by Sylven, who reveals to have helped kill off Elias’ cousin, Marcella.
  2. There's nothing getting in my way (08 Dec)
    Krokar, with Iroquois.
    Elias decides to ask if Iroquois would help him train the pack’s hawks.


Elias finds himself reluctantly taking on a new roommate, Riparian Nikolas McCreery, but discovers an unexpected and quick friendship in the old dog. Trouble hits Krokar when it is discovered that two of their newest members, Sinner and Ohja, are on a revenge plot against the pack’s ally, Sapient. When the two are cast out, Krokar works to defend their allies from a band of vengeful Loners. Nikolas ends up as a casualty of the final fight, and Elias is sent into a serious state of depression at the news.

  1. The Morning Report (01 Jan)
    Fiskebyn, with Lucille.
    After a patrol with Petra the goshawk, Elias reports in to the Captain.
  2. My dreams will match up with my pay (02 Jan)
    Krokar (Ail Po Farm), with Ailie Morgan.
    Abbott the cat gives Ailie trouble, and Elias barters with him on her behalf.
  3. Breakaway (07 Jan)
    Krokar, with Sinner.
    Elias decides to try to converse with the newest Krokarans, and tries to ignore the suspicious feeling he has of them.
  4. And all that Followed Fell like Mercury to Hell (12 Jan)
    Krokar (Sister Lake), with Krokar.
    Familia Sugit [3]
    The Captains call a meeting after discovering Sinner and Ohja’s true intentions with joining Krokar.
  1. [M] Cause we headin' to our flesh and bone (17 Jan)
    Fiskebyn, with Thiago Vela.
    Familia Sugit [4]
    Elias returns to his house to find Thiago, who has been stabbed and is bleeding all over Elias’ bed.
  2. One fish, two fish (19 Jan)
    Miramichi Valley, with Ailie Morgan, cNPCs Nikolas McCreery, Malcolm, and tNPCs Sergei Borne and Hex Volnur.
    Familia Sugit [5]
    A Krokaran patrol confronts a pair of shady looking individuals found between Krokar and Sapient, and a fight breaks out.
  3. And when white moths were on the wing (28 Jan)
    Fiskebyn, with Milos Parhelion.
    In the aftermath of the final battle of the Familia Sugit Conflict, Milos breaks the news to Elias’s that his roommate and friend, Nikolas, won’t be returning home.

MARCH 2017
Still struggling with the loss of Nikolas, Elias starts to come around after a pleasant chat with his friend, Ailie.

  1. Just a little blue (12 Mar)
    Krokar (Piren), with Ailie Morgan.
    Ailie finds Elias during one of his depressive moods, and inadvertently cheers him up a little.

APRIL 2017
Rains come and go, but the land remains hot and constantly wet. When a sudden sickness begins to take over the pack and their livestock, Elias does his best to steer clear while also helping out his packmates.

  1. Drink up, me hearties, yo ho! (13 Apr)
    Krokar (Firelight Hollow), with Samual Dean Menue.
    Spring Sickness [6]
  2. Speak with your fists (17 Apr)
    Fiskebyn, with Iroquois.
    Spring Sickness [7]
    Iroquois engages in a friendly spar with Elias, only for her fever to catch up with her.

MAY 2017
Nothing notable happens this month.

  1. sinks with all we love below (22 May)
    Krokar (Sister Lake), with Myrkr Stormbringer and pNPC Taseko.
    Elias stumbles upon Taseko who is trying to get Myrkr to learn how to use a canoe, and is unwittingly volunteered into getting into the boat with the nervous Krokaran.

JUNE 2017
Nothing notable happens this month.

  1. Do you see what I see? (20 Jun)
    Krokar (Aster’s Fields), with Elva Kai.
    When Elias discovers Elva out in the pumpkin patch, he suggests that they catch fireflies to help her see in the darkness.
  2. high above the mucky-muck (30 Jun)
    Krokar (The Murkwood), with August Cormier and yNPC Nellie Cormier.
    While out harvesting berries, Nellie finds herself in trouble when she falls into chest-deep bog-water.

JULY 2017
Nothing notable happens this month.

  1. Getting back to normal (05 Jul)
    Krokar (Aster’s Field), with Eliza Cormier.
    Elias helps Eliza cover the caribou in mud to help thwart off pestering bugs.
  2. I'm marching along, I got confidence (10 Jul)
    Krokar (Aster’s Field), with Xylia Napier.

To thank Krokar for helping them out in the year’s early, winter months, Sapient decides to hold a grand celebration, complete with a few competitions to promote co-pack cohesiveness and a huge feast at the end of the summer season. Elias is his typical wallflower self, and is more involved with the clean up effort than he is with anything else.

  1. All I hear is that thumpin' sound (08 Aug)
    Fiskebyn, with Samual Dean Menue.
    Elias and Samual spar.
  2. One Fish, Two Fish (27 Aug)
    Sapient, with Krokar and Sapient.
    Breadcrumb Drug Cartel Conflict [8]
    During the co-pack celebration, Elias shows up to see the results of the fishing competition.
  3. [M] One track minded age (30 Aug)
    Sapient, with Krokar and Sapient.
    Breadcrumb Drug Cartel Conflict [9]
    On the final night of the co-pack celebration, Sapient hosts a beach party.
  4. Did you bring your Thanksgiving pants? (31 Aug)
    Sapient, with Oscar Morelli.
    Breadcrumb Drug Cartel Conflict [10]
    Oscar challenges Elias to a food-eating contest and they both regret it.

Nothing notable happens this month.

  1. there will be some fish for you and some for me (04 Sep)
    Fiskebyn, with Krokar.
    Breadcrumb Drug Cartel Conflict [11]
    A meeting is called to help get rid of the extra food left over from the co-pack celebration.
  2. Make it grow (10 Sep)
    Krokar (Aster’s Fields), with Elva Kai.
    Elias helps Elva fertilize the Briar Patch.
  3. Shout it out (11 Sep)
    Krokar, with Sebastien Stone.
    Elias and Sebastien spar.

Nothing notable happens this month.

  1. Nature's Fiercest, Most Apex Predator (05 Oct)
    Krokar, with Oscar Morelli.
    Elias stumbles across Oscar trying to spear fish, he tries to offer him some advice, but things quickly devolve into a competition.
  2. They say I gotta lot of water in my brain (25 Oct)
    Krokar, with Lilith Fairbreeze.
    Lilith finds Elias while he’s working with Petra the goshawk, and asks about falconry.
  3. But in the end we all go the same (30 Oct)
    Fiskebyn, with Krokar.
    Breadcrumb Drug Cartel Conflict [12]
    Milos calls an emergency meeting when one of Sapient’s members is discovered dead on Krokar’s borders.

Tensions are high in the aftermath of the obvious warning sign left by an unknown source. Elias patrols more often, and does his best to not leave the pack’s territory if he doesn’t need to.

  1. You're dedicated, you took the time (02 Nov)
    Fiskebyn, with Iroquois and yNPCs Tintri Soulbringer, Yuka Soulbringer.
    Elias is raking leaves around his home when his work is interrupted by two puppies.

When packmates from both Krokar and Sapient are discovered missing, investigations are had. Elias continues his patrols, and helps out later on when it is revealed that some traded goods might have something to do with their missing members. He is partnered with Sapien, Shaamah, and Krokaran, Elle, when patrolling neutral land, and they discover evidence that helps them figure out where their packmates have been taken; a drug cartel group located in the Serpentine Mountains. Elias remains behind to provide home defense when a large handful of members from both packs raid the cartel’s home base.

  1. Seems everybody's buggin' me (Dec)
    Fiskebyn, with ---.
    Elias smokes some of the fish from a recent haul.
  2. It is Not the Mountain that We Conquer, but Ourselves (8-15 Dec)
    Mount Oromocto, with Shaamah, Elle Cormier.
    Breadcrumb Drug Cartel Conflict [13]
    In search of missing Krokar and Sapient members, a scouting party finds a group of suspicious individuals that might give them the information they need.


Nothing notable happens this month.

  1. To tame a wild heart means landing in the dirt sometimes (02 Jan)
    Krokar (Aster’s Fields), with Oscar Morelli.
    Oscar tries to saddle train his newest horse, and Elias helps out.

Nothing notable happens this month.

  1. We won't hear a word they say (03 Feb)
    Krokar (Tuktu Lodge & Moosehead Lake), with Oscar Morelli.
    When the pack’s goats break out, Elias and Oscar team up to help find where the troublesome critters have gone off to.

MARCH 2018
Wanting to get new blood for the pack’s chicken stock and to also help up the availability of easy food to feed the pack’s raptors, Elias takes a brief trading trip down to Portland at the end of the month.

  1. The best luck of all is the luck you make for yourself (11 Mar)
    Krokar (Sister Lake), with Krokar.
    The Festival of Luck kicks off with a bonfire and important announcements.

APRIL 2018
Upon returning to the pack with new chickens in tow, Elias makes sure that the new additions to the flock mesh well with the already existing members. Three of the new hens appear more keen to remain with each other than to join the flock though, and Elias finds himself eventually smitten with them. He decides to take them on as his own, and lets them roost and frequent around his own home instead of staying in the coop in Aster’s Fields.

  1. Cluck cluck buhgok! (18 Apr)
    Krokar (Aster’s Fields), with Norah Morelli.
    Elias tries to make sure the newest additions to Krokar’s chicken population assimilate nicely.

MAY 2018
In the later months of spring, Ailie returns to the pack after a terribly long absence. Elias is elated to see her, but, is too shy to approach his old friend in her immediate return. He finds her later, and they rekindle their friendship after she reveals what kept her away for so long. Elias continues to do his usual duties and tending to his new chickens.

  1. [M] Tell me why we're who we are (04 May)
    Krokar (Black Lake), with Ailie Morgan.
    Ailie has returned to Krokar, but, something’s off about her, and Elias tries to comfort her.

JUNE 2018
Nothing notable happens this month.

  1. Get the Ball! (11 Jun)
    Krokar, with Krokar.
    A friendly competition of “Ball” is held, and Elias decides to participate.

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