Sorcha Logan

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Sorcha Logan was a member of Krokar, joining their ranks in September 2014 alongside her companion Milos Parhelion. She had taken an interest in fishing and spent most of her time in or along the many waterways around the pack. Because of her thick Geordie accent, Sorcha could be difficult to understand and often required someone familiar with her speech to translate for her. Though she was not a mean-spirited woman, she was amused how baffled many people were by her accent and intentionally offered little to no assistance in making herself better understood.

In her fight against Drachev, who she managed to kill in the final battle of the Austringer Hostility, Sorcha was dealt a fatal blow and died as a result of her wounds.




NPC Info

OOC Assumptions

  • Date of Birth: 30th June 2010
  • Gender: Female
  • Species: Eurasian wolf
  • Pronunciation: sur-ih-cah
  • Meaning: radiant
  • Origin: Gaelic

Krokar members may assume and reference the following without discussion/asking:

  • Seeing Sorcha fishing around Krokar.
  • Overhearing her confusing the heck out of others with her accent.
  • Trading clothing and fish for more cloth/leather/other materials

1.  Appearance

Large and curvy, Sorcha's coat is light with accents of silver and terracotta. She often is seen wearing clothing, usually in forms of leather, and is a skilled tailor and animal caretaker. Since joining Krokar with Milos, she's discarded her knack for animal husbandry and has taken up a love for fishing. She still, however, enjoys tailoring and items of clothing can be taken to her for repair or work-up. Sorcha speaks in a thick Geordie accent.

1.1  Palette


  • Pearl Bush (#E3DBCA)
  • Napa (#AEA89C)
  • Dune (#373530)
  • Millbrook 1 (#4D392A)


  • Millbrook 2 (#6B4F3B)

2.  Personality

Brash and opinionated, Sorcha is often the first to pip up about something though few can really understand what it is she is saying. Milos often acts as a translator for her, though he has a tendency to alter the translation if she says something offensive or uncaring.

3.  Skills

  • Tailoring (Master)
  • Animal husbandry (Journeyman)
  • Fishing (Novice)

4.  History

See Milos Parhelion's detailed history.

4.1  Threads


  1. I miss the taste of a sweet life (09 Jul)
    Near Amherst with Lyris Stryder. On their first day in 'Souls, Milos and Sorcha come across Lyris who has just had an mentally traumatizing experience.
  2. Not all who wander are lost (11 Jul)
    [OOC Ending] Arachnea's Revenge with Lola. Having made their way from New Brunswick and now into Nova Scotia, the pair rest in Arachnea's Revenge where they meet Lola.
  3. The hunt's on (14 Jul)
    [Incomplete] Ethereal Eclipse with Lief Rionach. After hunting to replenish their stores, Milos admits he doesn't like life as a loner. Lief comes across the pair while they chat.
  4. [M] Kill your prayers for love and peace (15 Jul)
    The Dampwoods with Messiah de le Poer. While out foraging/hunting, Milos comes across Messiah and faces his first real danger in 'Souls.
  5. White blank page (16 Jul-27 Jul)
    [Read Only] Recovering from the injuries sustained in his fight with Messiah, Milos finds an injured goat on an old farmhouse in Greater Halifax and is determined to help it recover.
  6. If you only listen with your ears I can't get in (26 Aug)
    [Incomplete] Miramichi Watershed with Semini. Back-tracking up to the Northern territories, Amara the goat gets away from Milos and Sorcha and ends up in a snare belonging to the Krokaran Semini.
  7. To another shoreline in another life (01 Sep)
    [Incomplete] Saint Croix Highlands with Aisling Galaxy. While searching around the Northern territories, Milos and Sorcha become turned around and nearly head out of 'Souls. While resting to get their bearings, Milos meets Aisling during a particularly awkward moment.
  8. I was just busy watching everyone go by (2 Sep)
    [Incomplete] Bathurst with Octavius Poer de Angelo. Up in Bathurst now, the pair make plans to settle for the evening and meet the Krokaran Octavius.
  9. Holding out for a hero (16 Sep)
    [Incomplete] Near Amherst with Esperanza?. Coming back from a foraging trip to Amherst, Milos hears a canine in distress and rescues Esperanza from drowning in a river.
  10. Is this a place to call home? (17 Sept)
    [Joining Thread] Krokar with Lucille and August Cormier. Finally deciding on Krokar as the pack to settle down in, Milos and Sorcha meet Lucille and Gus, who accept them into the pack.
  11. Winter turns all the summer's love to grey (04 Dec)
    [December Thread Prompt] [OOC ending] Fiskebyn with Octavius Poer de Angelo. Milos and Sorcha help Octavius and Atalanta decorate Fiskebyn.


  1. Winter celebrations (01 Jan)
    [Optional Pack Thread] Fiskebyn. Lucille and Gus announce Krokar's first annual ice fishing competition.
  2. Tonight, we feast! (10 Feb)
    [Mandatory Pack Thread] Fiskebyn. Milos and Sorcha joins his packmates as they congratulate Theon on winning the ice fishing competition with good company and good food.
  3. Feline Rescue Squad Alpha (06 Mar)
    [ Flood Plot ] Ail Po Farms with August Cormier, Sortio, and Nvda Eclipse. After Meerclar and Sorcha inform him that Ail Po Barn has flooded, Milos lends
  4. Now we've got something to prove (29 Mar)
    [Read Only] Fiskebyn with Gavin. While Gavin and Sorcha create an opening in their cabin door for the cat, Meerclar, Milos makes a flap out of leather to situate in the opening.
  5. Do you want to go to the seaside (6 Jun)
    Wabanaki Coast with Calypso Katra. With Sorcha in tow, Milos travels towards the Outpost to see about trading and stumbles upon Calypso.
  6. This place is on a mission (23 Sep)
    Miramichi Valley with Leela Amarok and Hazel. While out on their second annual foraging excursion Milos, Hazel, and Sorcha are confronted by Leela, who asks them for help in coaching her daughter to shift for he first time.
  7. White winter hymnal (9 Dec)
    Fiskebyn with Tandy McClain, Eliza Cormier, and Semini. Milos and Sorcha start a snowball fight between themselves that quickly turns into a village-wide battle involving Tandy, Mason, Liz, and Semini. After Pepper yells at them for throwing snowballs in the village, they take their fight to Aster's Fields.


  1. Joining of two hearts (6 Feb)
    Krokar with Eliza Cormier, Lucille, and August Cormier. Milos and Liz come together in the official Krokar mateship ceremony, surrounded by their Captains and a small gathering of their closest family and friends.
  2. Knowledge is power (18 Mar)
    [Optional Pack Thread] Fiskebyn. Leadership calls a pack meeting to discuss recent events involving the Austringer Hostility. Milos tells the pack what he knows of the mercenaries while Sorcha fumes next to him.
  3. Come hell or high water (25 Mar)
    Miramichi Watershed with Ciara, Aphrodite Donovan, Marcella Fauks, and Kazimir Drachev. Ciara, Aphrodite, and Sorcha engage Marcella and Drachev in battle. Though she manages to kill Drachev in battle, Sorcha is mortally wounded in the process and dies as a result of her injuries.