Austringer Hostility

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    3.   3.3  Bastian Montgomery
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Austringer Hostility

Date10 March 2016 — 25 March 2016
LocationKrokar, Miramichi Watershed
ResultAustringer Cartel is destroyed


Austringer Cartel


Marcella Fauks
Kazimir Drachev

August Cormier


Seven (six NPCs)

Nineteen (six NPCs)


Four killed

One killed

The Austringer Hostility was a series threats and assaults on Krokar by a band of mercenaries called the Austringer Cartel, which was hired to retake possession of former slaves Milos Parhelion and Sorcha Logan.

1.  Summary

Note: See the Timeline for specific events.

After nearly two months of careful reconnaissance and planning, the Austringer Cartel makes their move and attacks Krokar's trade depot in Berwick on March 10th. The battery of assaults easily overwhelms Taseko, leaving him wounded and unable to defend his post. The Cartel sets fire to the farmstead, effectively destroying the Depot and forcing Taseko to flee, before heading north to Krokar to complete their mission.

Quickly establishing themselves in the Miramichi Watershed, the Austringer Cartel wastes no time moving forward with their plans.

2.  Backstory

In November 2013, after over a year of oppression and abuse, a group of slaves lead by Milos Parhelion stage a uprising against their master, Ulick Barnes, and his overseers. The uprising, known as the Barnes Rebellion, is powerful and violent, resulting in Ulick's death and freedom for most of the slaves.

Returning from a job that took months to complete, Marcella "Zella" Fauks learns of the Barnes Rebellion from the lone surviving overseer of the plantation: a massive Russian dog named Kazimir Drachev. Much to her intrigue and excitement, the slave who spearheaded the rebellion was someone intimately familiar to her and she takes an instant interest Drachev's plans.

In his pursuit for revenge, Drachev has slowly been tracking down the escaped slaves and bringing them to justice. However, three continue to evade him and he eventually negotiates a deal with Zel to aide his objective. She spends several more months cherry-picking a team with the necessary skills and drive required to ensure a successful job, which she later calls the Austringer Cartel.

Over two years since the Barnes Rebellion, the Cartel finally finds their footing and slowly begins to make their way north.

In the Green Mountains of Vermont, the Austringer Cartel comes upon feral pack Viburnum, lead by Milos' sister Ayrin, and its close ally, Arconimbus. Bastian and Elias scout the area while Zel makes subtle inquiries about the rebels under the pretense she, too, was a slave. Ayrin is mistrustful of the woman but offers her a safe place to rest in the pack until morning.

Zel is not given free reign of the territory and Ayrin’s persistent watchfulness prevents her from garnering all of the information she desires. She is, however, able to ascertain that none of the three rebels are in the pack. Milos and Sorcha left over a year previous and Sen has defected to Arconimbus.

She leaves Viburnum the following morning and regroups with the Cartel. With Sen so near, the obvious next step is to apprehend her before continuing to track the remaining two rebels. They send out the two red-tailed hawks, Seraphim and Gunda, on a reconnaissance mission and are rewarded with confirmation Sen is in the pack and has recently given birth.

Arconimbus is buffeted by a series of strategic attacks on pack members, using their raptors to create disorder and fear from within while the Cartel assaults those outside the territory. Their efforts pay off when the golden eagle, Sidonia, manages to attack and injure one of Sen’s puppies.

Kael, leader of the pack, attempts to negotiate a truce with Marcella. She demands that Sen be turned over to them but ultimately agrees to leave in peace without her if she is provided with the whereabouts of the other two rebels. Though the idea of betrayal is agonizing, Sen’s need to protect her puppies outweighs the hope of protecting her friends and she provides Zel with the requested information.

Though Drachev is unhappy with the decision, Zel leads the Cartel out of the territory and continues north. After learning of Sen’s betrayal, Ayrin is determined to find Milos before the Cartel does and warn him of their intentions. Leaving her mate, Riev, in charge, Ayrin and Moongate head north but are set upon by the Cartel. Ayrin is severely wounded and her injuries set them back, resulting in their inability to warn Krokar.

3.  Austringer Cartel

A specialized team of mercenaries hand-picked by Marcella Fauks to ensure a successful mission. Most members of the Austringer Cartel belong to a family from the southern United States who are known for their proficiency in avian low speech and their skills in falconry. Raptors are therefore a valuable asset to the Cartel and are regularly relied upon for a variety of uses including, but not limited to, communicating messages, hunting, spying, and aerial assaults.

3.1  Marcella Fauks

Cruel, calculating, and cold, Marcella "Zella" Fauks is driven by her desire for knowledge, power, and success. She is the creator and primary commander of the Austringer Cartel and has a long history as a mercenary in the southern United States. She was employed by Kazimir Drachev to help him track down the slaves responsible for the Barnes Rebellion but only under one condition: she would be allowed to do as she pleased with the slave who spearheaded the rebellion. She does not care about Ulick’s murder or the plantation’s destruction, she simply wants to find Milos to fulfill her own goals.



Zel is solid and strong, despite her tall, slim frame, and holds herself with confidence and power. She has a mottled merle pelt with brindled points and seemingly innocuous blue eyes, making her look innocent and sweet. Because of her short fur, she is always seen in a thick wolverine fur cloak as she does not tolerate the cold well. Marcella often holds eye contact for extended periods of time, usually when in thought, and keeps a wry smile on her lips.


Marcella is a confident woman and prides herself in her ability to speak intelligently and think critically. Notorious for her ruthless tactics and her prowess as a falconer, she is relentless in her pursuit of others unless it is in her best interest to give up. Well-spoken, intelligent, and beautiful, Zella regularly uses seduction, torture, and lies to achieve her goals and has little value for the lives of others.


3.2  Kazimir Drachev

Kazimir Drachev, often known simply by his surname, is a massive Russian dog once employed by Ulick Barnes as a overseer in the southern United States. Following the Barnes Rebellion, in which a group of slaves within Ulick Barnes' plantation staged an uprising, killed their master and the majority of his overseers, and escaped to freedom, Drachev devoted his life to hunting down the rebels in order to hold them accountable for their actions. He employed the help of Marcella Fauks and her Austringer Cartel and is on the hunt for Milos Parhelion and Sorcha Logan. He is a commander in the Austringer Hostility against Krokar. After a series of haphazard meetings and inconsistent conversations, Drachev negotiated a deal with Zel and acquired her aide in his pursuit of the slaves who spearheaded the Barnes Rebellion.


  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 6 years old
  • Species: 100% Dog


Huge and hulking with a coat as dark as an abyss and eyes the color of ice with a heart just as cold. Drachev easily towers over most canines and he regularly uses his size to his advantage. He has a deep, emotionless voice that rumbles in his throat whenever he talks, which isn't terribly often. Much to his annoyance, Drachev is frequently mistaken for a wolf because of his upright ears, solid build, and thick pelt.


Entirely remorseless and vindictive, Drachev wants nothing more than to hold those responsible for the Barnes Rebellion accountable in order to avenge his friend and employer, Ulick Barnes. As an overseer at the Barnes estate, he enjoyed the power he held over the slaves and often went above and beyond in his duties. He is dead set on doing the very same in his pursuit for retribution.


  • Name: Sidonia
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 4 years old
  • Species: Golden eagle

3.3  Bastian Montgomery

Bastian's father was an old friend of the Fauks family and in the early days, before most of Marcella's family effectively disowned her, the pair found that they shared a lot of the same interests and beliefs as one another. As a result, she and Bastian remained close throughout the years and regularly completed jobs together. He was only too eager to join the Austringer Cartel as her tactician, bringing with him his own trained raptor. Quiet and watchful, Bastian frequently picks up on things missed by others.



With an earthy agouti pelt and a unremarkable frame that provides him with ample camouflage, Bastian blends in easily with his surroundings. He has the narrow, pointed face and tall ears of a coyote but the stout frame of a dog. He has soft brown eyes that glimmer with curiosity and intelligence.


Though his interests and beliefs mirror that of Marcella's, Bastian is less likely to act on them. He prefers to fly below the radar, watching from the shadows and analyzing the situation before relying on someone else to act for him. He speaks only when he has something of importance to say and enjoys solving complicated problems.


3.4  Adelaide Antebellum

One of Zel’s cousins and sister to Charlotte and Elias, Adelaide is devoted to her cousin and holds her in high esteem. She is excited about the opportunity to hone her tracking and falconry skills under Marcella's guidance, wanting nothing more than to prove her worth and be as renowned a mercenary as her cousin. Manipulative and crafty, Addy has found that using others can go a long way in getting what she wants and will use these tactics regularly in her work.



Addy is slim and small with a red coat that is reminiscent of a Carolina dog. She has upright ears and a pelt that, while short, is thicker than that of her siblings'. Her eyes are the color of cocoa and she keeps her mane trimmed short at chin-length. Though she can tolerate the cold better than her siblings, Addy wears a leather, rabbit-fur lined cloak


Chipper and bright, Adelaide has an almost childlike cheer that remains chillingly intact whenever she engages in the cruel necessities of her job. She thinks life is something of a game and does not believe any harm will come to her or those she loves.


  • Name: Humbert
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 2 years old
  • Species: Gyrfalcon

3.5  Charlotte Antebellum

Charlotte is Adelaide's littermate, Elias' younger sister, and another one of Zella's cousins. Because she is pliable and easy to manipulate, Addy regularly takes advantage of her and doesn't have the insight -- or perhaps simply doesn't want to believe -- to recognize what's being done to her. Though neither cruel nor insensitive, she wants nothing more than to impress her sister. Lacking the falconry skills everyone else has, Charli joined the Cartel primarily to care for the Austringers’ horses.



Tall and lanky, Charlotte sports a rich red coat with dark brown patches scattered throughout. She keeps her straight hair long, with bangs that hang over her forehead and obstruct her steel grey eyes. She has the same short pelt as her sister and cousin and wears a deer fur cloak for warmth.


Charli is by far the most innocent and naive in the Cartel. She is impressionable and eager to please, which makes her hard working and willing to take risks. She isn't particularly intelligent and has the tendency to make poor choices, but she is genuine and kind despite her flawed beliefs.


  • None! Charli has more interest in horses than raptors.

3.6  Elias Blueridge

Elias is the older brother to Adelaide and Charlotte and also one of Zella's cousins. After unsuccessfully attempting to persuade his sisters against joining the Cartel, he agreed to join Marcella alongside them in order to help ensure their safety. Elias is untrusting of his cousin, finding her unsavory and coercive, and is deeply concerned about his sisters. He will do everything possible to keep Addy and Charli safe, including going against Marcella if necessary.



Elias is sturdy and solid with a piebald coat and clear, pale eyes. He has an ivory mane that he keeps messy and short. His ears are rose-shaped and floppy, though one occasional stands up straight when he's alert. Elias wears a leather tunic and rabbit-skin lining that helps to keep him warm.


Grounded and responsible, Elias adores his sisters despite their flaws and is deeply concerned by the control Marcella has over them. He is by far the kindest of the Austringers but he will do whatever he needs to do to keep his sisters safe from harm.


4.  Captives

Beatrice Tindall
  • Ilse Verhoeven: A skillful young Dutchwoman with knowledge in blacksmithing, Ilse is Drachev's personal slave and unwilling mistress. She provides the Cartel with their weapons, using her own traveling forge pulled by her ox, Pim. A seemingly broken woman, there is significant strength and cunning in Ilse and she is wise to keep them hidden from her captors.
  • Peony: Former Krokaran and Eliza Cormier's friend, Peony was captured along with some other canines some time ago by the Cartel with the intention of trafficking them in exchange for other goods. When it was discovered she was from the territories they sought out, they kept her and traded the rest.
  • Beatrice Tindall: Following Milos' rejection, Bee decided to wander around outside of Krokar for a while in order to collect her thoughts and consider her priorities. She met Marcella in the southern territories and, after inadvertently disclosing her ties to Milos, is held hostage by the Cartel.

5.  Horses

Dapple grey tobiano mare

Roan gelding

Appaloosa mare

Paint filly

  • Age: 10 years old
  • Breed: Grade horse
  • Personality: Insufferably affectionate but a hard worker after she's been properly adored.
  • Age: 3.5 years old
  • Breed: Grade horse
  • Personality: Extremely playful and uncharacteristically curious about the caribou. Loves a good ear scratching.
  • Age: 5 years old
  • Breed: Grade horse
  • Personality: Responds to a stern handler but has a secret sweet tooth for dried apples. Has a tendency to bite. Surprisingly, she does better when being sung to.
  • Age: 2 years old
  • Breed: Grade horse
  • Personality: Young and quiet. Her personality hasn't yet shone through.

6.  Timeline

  • 10 March 2016: Having heard about the Depot and its lack of protection from Beatrice, the Austringer Cartel starts the hostility by attacking the farmstead, resulting in injury to Taseko and severe damage to the building. Leaving Taseko for dead, the Cartel sets fire to the Depot and heads north. Marcella reflects on these recent events near the edge of Krokar's territory.
  • March 16th: Marcella sets her plans in motion by sending her hawk, Seraphim, to locate Milos and deliver him a message. The resulting action sets off a cascade of events, catapulting Krokar into conflict with the Austringer Cartel.
    • Thread one: While tending to the goats in Aster's Field, Milos spies a red-tailed hawk with a familiar teal eye patch held firmly between the talons of one leg. Releasing the eye patch, the raptor lands upon a fence and utters a single-worded message before taking flight again: "Alone."
    • [M] Thread two: Milos follows the hawk north, looking nervous and uncharacteristically quiet, and is set upon by Marcella and Drachev once outside of Krokar. Thankfully, a couple of pack mates have noticed his unusual behavior and follow him, resulting in his rescue. Marcella and Drachev flee but not before severely injuring Milos.
    • Thread three: Scouts immediately begin scouring the territory around Krokar. A wounded and unconscious Beatrice is found with Elias, Adelaide, and Charlotte, who were charged with watching her. A fight breaks out and after Humbert the gryfalcon is killed in the brawl and Petra the goshawk and Charlotte both wounded, Elias offers to hand Bee over if they are allowed to flee.
  • [M] March 17th: Marcella, Drachev, and Bastian come to the border to discuss their terms: release Milos and Sorcha in exchange for Peony and their horses or they will be forced to use violence. Leadership requests time to discuss these terms. Marcella allows them two days.
  • March 18th: A pack meeting is called to inform everyone of the threat. Milos and Sorcha provide information about the Cartel and Bee tells the pack about Peony, the Depot, and where the Cartel’s camp is. Members are allowed to express their opinions on the Cartel’s conditions and discuss how to proceed.
    • Participants: Non-mandatory pack thread; participation assumed
  • March 19th: Two days pass and while leadership meets again with Marcella and Drachev, a group of Krokarans is sent to take advantage of the situation and see if they can rescue Peony. Skirmishes break out between the Krokarans and the Austringers, who had advanced warning from Gunda the red-tailed hawk of their approach. With the surreptitious help of another captive named Ilse Verhoeven, Peony is successfully rescued but not without bloodshed. Ilse stays behind in the Austringer's camp, hoping her assistance went unnoticed.
  • March 20th-24th: Another day passes before the attacks begin. The remaining raptors begin terrorizing Krokar and additional skirmishes between Austringers and Krokarans break out at the borders, resulting in injuries and eventually the death of one Austringer.
  • March 25th: Fed up with the scare tactics and concerned about the attacks, leadership ascertains that the Cartel will need to be neutralized by violent means. Krokar prepares for battle and takes the fight to their camp in the dead of night, rendering their hawks unable to warn them ahead of time. After a bloody fight, in which Ilse uses the opportunity to further aid Krokar, Sorcha kills Drachev but is mortally wounded in the process. Bastian and Adelaide are also killed in battle and Elias surrenders while Marcella manages to flee.
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