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Ayrin is the daughter of Sybin and Moongate, a non-Luperci couple living in the mountain ranges of Vermont. She currently leads the feral wolf pack Viburnum after the death of her aunt, Kantou. Ayrin coerced her estranged brother, Milos Parhelion, to infect her with the virus during his stay in Viburnum, believing that being able to shift into different forms would allow her to better protect her pack.

Brusque, staunch, and manipulative, Ayrin is a strong woman who values loyalty, power, and defense above almost anything else.





Pack Info

OOC Info

  • Date of Birth: 02 May 2012
  • Gender: Female
  • Luperci: Verto
  • Pronunciation: "Eye-rihn"
  • Mate: Riev
  • Territory: Trillium Hollow
  • Pack: Viburnum (11 May 2012)
  • Rank: Leader (28 Apr 2014)
  • Player: —
  • Creator: Mandi

1.  Appearance

With her broad muzzle and large frame, Ayrin takes after her father's wolf-dominant genetics more than that of her mother's, though she has pointier ears than a pure wolf. Her fur is straight and coarse with a thickness that makes her appear stocky and thick. When in Optime form, Ayrin prefers to keep her mane chin-length in a short, clean cut with a part down the middle.

Ayrin does not wear clothing but she may hunt or fight with weapons on occasion.

1.1  Palette


  • Hemlock (#645E44)
  • Pale Oyster (#9C8E6C)
  • Spring Wood (#F4F3E8)

Eyes and Nose

  • Mint Julep (#F2EFC1)
  • Cod Gray (#111111)

2.  Personality

Controlling, manipulative, loyal, fierce, skeptical, unapologetic, confident, passionate, ambitious.

3.  Relationships

Main Family Relationships

  • Riev: Mate and co-leader of Viburnum. Though the two rarely practice public displays of affection, it's obvious that they care very deeply for one another and, together, they make quire a force to be reckoned with. Riev's more calm, steady personality helps to ground Ayrin's fiery passion. With Ayrin unwilling to carry another litter, she coupled with Nishan in order for the pair to raise children together.
  • Nishan: Ayrin's half-brother through her father. When a young woman stopped by her pack in search of her friend, she had Nishan along with her. When she left, he decided to settle into the pack and live out the rest of his days with what family he had left. He is the sperm donor for Riev and Ayrin's children.
  • Reblin and Torrin: Abominations conceived through a period of non-consensual interactions with Kazimir Drachev. Ayrin has never acknowledged the boys as her own children and, if it hadn't been for her mother, likely would have abandoned them altogether. That said, she has a very small modicum of something resembling respect for Torrin but only because he took his life into his own hands and left her pack to lead his own life. She despises Reblin, on the other hand, and continues to refuse him any evidence of acceptance.
  • Milos Parhelion: Ayrin's brother. Though he was unaware of her existence until recent years, she knew of him from what their mother had told her. Ayrin finds Milos to be moronic, weak, and disloyal but still accepts him as family and therefore holds no animosity towards him.

Family Tree: Parhelion

  • Mate: Riev
  • Children:
Riev x Nishan: Roevin, Svarin, and Malin
Biological: Reblin and Torrin
  • Grandchildren:
Torrin x SnjeĹžana: Vannin and Newtin
  • Mother: Moongate
  • Father: Sybin
  • Siblings:
Littermates: Milos Parhelion
Half-Siblings: Nishan and Sela
Adoptive: Chousensha Parhelion and Chaska Parhelion
  • Extended Family:
Aunts & Uncles: Kantou

Italics indicates an unknown relationship; they may be offboard or the relation is merely uncertain.
* indicates character does not know this person by name.

Former Family Relationships

  • Chousensha "Sen" Parhelion: Sen was a member of Ayrin's pack before she defected to Arconimbus. She came to the pack with Milos and Sorcha and opted to stay in Viburnum when the other two decided to move on. The hard-earned trust Sen eventually won from Ayrin dissolved following her defection and, later, her betrayal.
  • Moongate: Mother and adviser. Having quite different personalities, their relationship is complex though Moongate loves her daughter deeply and holds a great deal of respect for her. Ayrin often finds herself annoyed with her mother but she also respects her advice and critique.
  • Kantou: Aunt and former leader of Viburnum. Kantou greatly influenced Ayrin's leadership skills as well as her interests in strategy and defense. Unable to conceive pups of her own, Kantou treated Ayrin like a daughter and groomed her personally to take over Viburnum after her death.

4.  History

Ayrin was born alongside four siblings to a loner mother who had had a brief fling with the leader of a well-respected pack. Alone and packless, Moongate was unable to ensure the survival of her pups and only two of the five survived their first two days of life. In a last-ditch effort to keep her remaining pups alive, Moongate gave Ayrin's brother, Milos — then known as "Tolbin" — to their father, Sybin, and carried Ayrin the distance to her sister's pack in Viburnum.

Once in Viburnum, Ayrin thrived. She was doted on by her aunt, Kantou, and taught the necessities of survival as well as the importance of leadership and defense. She quickly grew into a confident, passionate, and loyal woman but was not without faults. Manipulative and hot-headed, her fellow Viburnians learned quickly to avoid her whenever they sensed a drop in her mood.

When she was little more than four months old, her father's pack, Sanguine River, was decimated by their neighbors, Arconimbus. Members from Sanguine River fought, fled, and were ultimately killed, making it logical to assume that the same fate had befallen both her father, Sybin, and her brother, Tolbin. While her mother never lost hope, leaving the pack daily to search what remained of Sanguine River, Ayrin quickly moved on and looked toward the future.

Then one day, over a year later, Moongate brought home three strangers — one of which was said to be the brother she long thought to have died. But Ayrin had little time or patience for any of them, no matter their relationship. Kantou had fallen ill months prior and was quickly growing thin and frail. Five months later, her beloved aunt took her final breath and Ayrin assumed over control of Viburnum. Believing it would give her an advantage over Arconimbus and any other threats in the area, Ayrin pleaded with her brother to infect her with the virus. He was hesitant and she was patient, until she could be patient no more and finally offered him an ultimatum: either he infect her or she use Sen, who had decided to remain in Viburnum. At long last, Milos agreed and she was gifted the ability to shift.

Milos and his other companion, Sorcha, left not long afterwards, traveling north to a place called Nova Scotia, and Ayrin continued to lead her pack with her newfound abilities.

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