Trillium Hollow

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Trillium Hollow

  • Location: Green Mountains, Vermont
  • Languages Spoken: English, Slovenian
  • Collective Demonym: Trillians
  • Archetype (Group): Traditionalists, hunters, warriors, family-oriented
  • Archetypes (Individuals): Avaricious, loyal, manipulative, passionate, driven
  • Foundation: c. 1998
  • Population: ~48
    • <30% Luperci
  • Species:
    • 85% Wolf 1
    • 5% Coyote 2
    • ~10% Wolfdog 3
  • Viburnum:
    • Leaders: Ayrin & Riev
    • Demonym: Viburnians
  • Arconimbus:
    • Leader: Kael
    • Demonym: Nimbi
  • Darkholt:
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  1.   1.  Geography
  2.   2.  Culture
    1.   2.1  Language
  3.   3.  Theism
    1.   3.1  Deities
    2.   3.2  Animism
    3.   3.3  Reincarnation
  4.   4.  Packs and Structure
    1.   4.1  Viburnum
    2.   4.2  Arconimbus
    3.   4.3  Darkholt
  5.   5.  Significant Families
    1.   5.1  Parhelion
  6.   6.  OOC Information

Set in the Green Mountains of Vermont, Trillium Hollow went undetected by man or Luperci for many long, peaceful years. As a result, with few exceptions, its populace has largely been spared from the Luperci virus and the two remaining packs in the region prefer to carry on in the ancient traditions of their ancestors. In most recent years, with the return of Milos Parhelion and his adoptive family, the Luperci virus has been acquired by a small pocket of natives and, in late 2015, the first litter of Luperci Ortus was born to newcomer Sen Parhelion and her mate, Kisho, of Arconimbus.

Despite the slow spread of the virus, most are unaffected and those who are prefer to live out their days in their feral four-legged forms: hunting, fighting, and playing the way wolves always had.

1.  Geography

Aptly named, Trillium Hollow is unique in its abundance of Trillium undulatum or the painted trillium, which can be seen scattered throughout the verdant valley. With mountain ranges rising up all around this little dip of land, and a wide tributary — Burning Tree River — running through its center, the territory looks as pristine and wild as it's always been.

Many of its trees consist of those found in the New England/Acadian forests ecoregion, including, but not limited to, the Eastern white pine, beech, red maple, yellow birch, red spruce, and balsam fir. Common wildflowers found throughout Trillium Hollow are species of goldenrod, viburnum, clover, rhododendron, rose, cinquefoil, speedwell, and sunflower among others. It is also common to find ferns, wild garlic, strawberries, mushrooms, and blueberries scattered throughout.

Of the notable fauna which can be seen within Trillium Hollow, white-tailed deer, rabbits, snowshoe hare, grouse, and wild turkey are the most commonly hunted. Trout are abundant within Burning Tree River and several species of songbirds, as well as hawks, owls, jays, and crows, can be seen in the skies and trees.

With it's location in the Northeastern section of North America, this territory has a humid continental climate and its residents therefore can expect hot, humid summers and freezing winters with significant snowfall.

2.  Culture

By and large, Trillians are traditionalists and follow a considerably more feral lifestyle than their more humanized brethren. They sleep in dens, hunt in packs, and those few who do have the Luperci virus generally prefer to stay in their four-legged forms.

While most reject humanized concepts and ideas, there are some among them who craft and use rudimentary weaponry and tools.

2.1  Language

Many Trillians use a simplistic combination of words when describing ideas or objects. Since the introduction of Slovenian to the area in 2014, many words in this language have found their way into daily usage and naming conventions as well. The two sky goddesses also play heavily into certain terminology and have, in more recent years, been combined with Slovenian words to form new words. Some examples of this would be:

  • Day: Sovadan (pl. Sovadnevi)
    • Dawn: Sovazora
    • Midday: Sovasredi
  • Night: Masranoč (pl. Masranoči)
    • Dusk: Masrasomrak
    • Midnight: Masrasredi

3.  Theism

Trillians are largely animistic with some polytheistic ideals. They believe that everything contains within it a soul or community of sprites — from mountains and trees and rivers to insects and birds and all other animals. Though they follow no ritualized practices or rites common with organized religion, they may occasionally praise, curse, or even reject certain deities.

3.1  Deities

Trillians have many deities they may recognize, praise, or worships but not necessarily by all. The exception are the two main sky deities, Masra and Sova, who all Trillians hold in high regard. All other deities are regarded as lesser but still important in their own rights.

The Sky Goddesses

The two main deities that all Trillians worship, Masra and Sova personify the moon and the sun respectively. These celestial bodies govern the entire world and everything within it, providing for and treating all beings equally. They are referred to collectively as "the Goddesses."

  • Masra ("mahsh-rah") is the moon goddess. She is considered omniscient, since one can find her even during the day, but is also regarded as fair and more forgiving than Sova. She is the goddess of fertility, dreams, song, and wisdom.
  • Sova ("soh-vah'") is the sun goddess. Where Masra is thought to be omniscient yet forgiving, Sova is regarded as omnipotent and capable of exacting severe punishments when necessary. She is the goddess of valor, growth, honesty, and hunting.

The Four Seasons

These deities personify the four seasons: spring, summer, autumn, and winter. Each god and goddess has full and complete control of the land during his or her own season and is given an equal allotment of time. Occasionally, however, another season may encroach on or trick their brother or sister, resulting in snowfall in late spring or ice melt in the middle of winter.

  • Sister Spring
  • Brother Summer
  • Brother Autumn
  • Sister Winter

3.2  Animism

True to their strong belief in animism, Trillians regularly refer to other objects and beings — such as rocks, bushes, and clouds — as though they are capable of emotions and thought. But where mammals, birds, and other animals and insects are considered to have souls, Trillians believe that other things, such as rivers, trees, flowers, mountains, etc., instead contain sprites. The difference here, to them, is that while only one soul may inhabit a single animal body, several sprites may live in peace within a single birch or boulder. They consider this the reason why a river may live for many hundreds of generations while a wolf may only see a handful of seasons.

3.3  Reincarnation

After death, it is common belief among Trillians that the deceased wolf's soul departs the body and searches for vacancy in a tree, stone, pond, etc., to become a sprite until such a time the individual soul is called to inhabit the body of a new creature. It is believed that the soul is most comfortable in the animal it last occupied, thus a wolf will often be reincarnated into a wolf, a rabbit into a rabbit, and so on. However, if the being was cruel or evil in its past life, it may be reincarnated into something different, often an animal lower on the food chain.

4.  Packs and Structure

There are currently two known packs who have claimed territories in Trillium Hollow: Viburnum and Arconimbus. The packs of this region follow a similar hierarchy to their ancestors, in which a mated couple leads, members frequently hunt together as a pack, and everyone is responsible for the health and well-being of the pack's young. Time, however, has altered some of these traditions. Members of these packs do not necessarily need to be descendants of the leaders nor related at all — in fact, many members come from different families and heritages and any member is allowed to take a mate and have young. Furthermore, homosexuality have been seen on occasion, most notably within Viburnum where their leader, Ayrin, has taken a same-sex mate.

4.1  Viburnum

Viburnum was founded by Kantou in the spring of 2010 and is the younger of the two packs in the area. At little over two years of age, Kantou and her sister, Moongate, fled from their militaristic birth pack in search of a better life. Their differences in personality and beliefs, however, created a rift between them and resulted in the sisters parting ways. On her own, Kantou quickly discovered qualities of leadership in herself that, in turn, drew other loners to her. Together with a small band of miscellaneous others, Kantou established Viburnum toward the southeast sector of the region.

More hierarchically relaxed than their larger neighbors, Viburnum is a relatively welcoming community although, courtesy of more recent troubles, newcomers are expected to work especially hard in order to prove their worth and loyalty to the pack and its particularly suspicious leader.

4.2  Arconimbus

The oldest pack in the region, Arconimbus was founded by a mated pair a short time after Trillium Hollow was established. The pack was small and insignificant at first, its leaders expanding their number only through litters conceived by the pair of them. As time wore on, however, and word of two-legged wolves reached the peaks of the Green Mountains, traditions within Arconimbus began to change and new leadership took over after the deaths of the founding couple. Unrelated lone wolves were allowed the join the pack and other members were allowed to take mates and produce offspring, causing their numbers grew. Arconimbus is currently the larger of the two packs within the region.

Hierarchically, Arconimbus is considerably more stringent and militaristic compared to Viburnum and the late Sanguine River. Once a member, it is difficult for individuals to cut their affiliation with the pack in the event they wish to move on. This prevents many from trying.

4.3  Darkholt

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5.  Significant Families

5.1  Parhelion


6.  OOC Information


  • Creator: Mandi — see Wiki page for contact information.
  • Status: REQUEST.
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1 Wolf subspecies: Mackenzie Valley Wolf, Eastern Timber Wolf, Great Plains Wolf, Interior Alaskan Wolf

2 Coyote subspecies: Northeastern Coyote

3 Dog breeds: sled dog types, laika types, other spitz types, retriever types, American Akita

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