Kazimir Drachev

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Kazimir Drachev, often known simply by his surname, was a massive Russian dog once employed by Ulick Barnes as a overseer in the southern United States. Following the Barnes Rebellion, in which a group of slaves within Ulick Barnes' plantation staged an uprising, killed their master and the majority of his overseers, and escaped to freedom, Drachev devoted his life to hunting down the rebels in order to hold them accountable for their actions. He employed the help of Marcella Fauks and her Austringer Cartel and was on the hunt for Milos Parhelion and Sorcha Logan. He was a commander in the Austringer Hostility against Krokar.

During the final battle against Krokar, Drachev engaged Sorcha in a fight to the death and managed to inflict a fatal wound upon her before being killed.




NPC Info

OOC Assumptions

  • Date of Birth: 28th April 2009
  • Gender: Male
  • Species: Dog
  • Pronunciation: kaz-ih-meer drah-kev
  • Meaning: --
  • Origin: Russian
  • No assumptions/references at this time, sorry!

1.  Appearance

Huge and hulking with a coat as dark as an abyss and eyes the color of ice with a heart just as cold. Drachev easily towers over most canines and he regularly uses his size to his advantage. He has a deep, emotionless voice that rumbles in his throat whenever he talks, which isn't terribly often.

1.1  Palette


  • Shark (#1E1F21)


  • Perano (#9ED5F2)

2.  Personality

Entirely remorseless and vindictive, he wants nothing more than to hold those responsible for the Barnes Rebellion accountable in order to avenge his friend and employer, Ulick Barnes.

3.  Skills

  • Intimidation (Master)
  • Hand-to-hand combat (Journeyman)
  • Falconry (Novice)

4.  History

See Milos Parhelion and Marcella Fauks for more detailed history.

4.1  Threads


  1. We play the game with skillful hands (05 Jan)
    (Read Only) Northern Tides. Marcella and Drachev make it to 'Souls but not before kidnapping a puppy and trading him for a wolverine-fur cloak because Zel got cold and puppies are gross.
  2. [M] One by one, baby, here they come (08 Jan)
    Halcyon Mountain with Haunt D'Angelo and Horror D'Angelo. Drachev is mistaken for a black wolf and draws the attention of two interesting characters. Zel takes a very passionate interest in Horror, much to his sister's dismay.
  3. She was a long cool woman in a black dress (06 Jan)
    The Dampwoods with Vesper. While continuing to explore this new territory, Marcella and Drachev meet the Aquila of Inferni.
  4. I'd rather be just as cruel (07 Jan)
    (OOC Ending) Halifax with Misfit Yatagarasu and Misfit Totoro. Checking out the ruins of Halifax, the pair come across the small brothers and share unpleasant remarks.
  5. Borrowing on broken love (14 Jan)
    Musquodoboit Valley with Axelle Napier. Continuing to acquaint themselves with the land, Zel and Drachev meet a suspicious Axelle.
  6. Told me to stay callous if someone bothered me (12 Mar)
    Mount Oromocto with Thyri Dawnbringer. Following the attack on the Depot?, Marcella and Drachev lead the Austringer Cartel toward the Miramichi Watershed and come across a young Vináttan at the base of Mount Oromocto.
  7. [M] Consign me not to darkness''' (16 Mar)
    Krokar with Milos Parhelion, Eliza Cormier, and Storm Cormier. Marcella and Drachev attack Milos outside the pack's borders but end up in a scuffle with Liz and Storm when they come to his aid.
  8. [M] Welcome to the horror''' (17 Mar)
    Krokar with August Cormier, Lucille, Semini, and Ciara. With Drachev and Bastian in tow, Marcella meets with Krokar's leadership to discuss her terms.
  9. Come hell or high water (25 Mar)
    Miramichi Watershed with Ciara, Aphrodite Donovan, and Sorcha Logan. Ciara, Aphrodite, and Sorcha engage Marcella and Drachev in battle. Though she manages to kill Drachev in battle, Sorcha is mortally wounded in the process and dies as a result of her injuries.
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