Lunenburg and Chien Hotel


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1.  Lunenburg

Close to the northern border and the forested north, this old fishing town is located on the coast between cliffs and rises. The majority of the docks are still relatively intact, though the snowstorm from 2011 caused damage some of the houses, making them entirely unlivable. More damage that occurred during the 2012 Hurricane further ruined more houses and half the docs were obliterated. Many sea-side buildings are damaged, unless constructed of stone - though these are few. See more information on Lunenburg residences.

1.1  Chien Hotel

South of the port town, the Chien Hotel still stands; an old stone and wood hotel that has been actively re-purposed as a home for a large number of Courtiers. Part of the building has been severely damaged in the hurricane, ripping a tree from the ground, which fell and knocked out several rooms on the third and fourth floors. There are also a large number of common rooms that are barred from claims, as well as the storage rooms with free access allowed to members. See more information on Chien Hotel residences.

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