Kiska Ozero-Russo

Kiska Ozero-Russo

Kiska, by Laura
Name Meaning"Kitten"
Name OriginRussian
Date of Birth?
Subspecies0% Canis species subspecies ortus
50% Canis species subspecies ortus
Birth placeSobirat'sya
Current packWho knows.

'Souls Profile

Played by Laura. Kiska was one of the seven pirates who came over in the Syemv pirate ship in 2005, and founded the Syemv pack with Rurik Russo, her mate. Things were good for a while between them, but Rurik caught Kiska in a mildly compromising position with the coyote Segodi Mogotsi, and got really, really angry with Kiska and threw her out of Syemv, claiming her pregnancy wasn't his, since she used birth control with him. This broke Kiska's heart, and she delivered the children to a nearby pack, Chimera? and took her leave of 'Souls.




Kiska was naturally white, but she kept her fur dyed a pale, mint green shade.

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