Zaets Russo

Zaets Russo

Zaets Russo, by Poppinz
Date of BirthJune 21, 2005
SpeciesTundra wolf, Russian wolf, & dog
Subspeciescanis lupus albus, canis lupus communis, canis familiaris.
Birth placeSyemv
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    1.   2.1  Family: Russo
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1.  History

1.1  Part I

On an excruciatingly hot summer day Kiska began to argue with her mate over something trivial. The undue stress forced her into early labor, and Zaets was born, alongside four others. Only three survived, however, and two she took with her to the Chimera pack. Rurik denied that he was the father despite their relationship due to recent complications, and the fact that she'd been taken herbs to suppress pregnancy. He was convinced that she'd cheated on him. Vladimir's gold coat was also unlike anything that he'd ever seen in his family, and he was convinced that she'd slept with a coyote. She hadn't, of course, but their mateship ended regardless. Zorish, who was blind, was left with the healer Empathy with the hopes that she could care for him and his condition properly. Kiska was eventually allowed to return to Syemv and she brought her children with her, but she disappeared not long afterward, leaving her sons without a mother or a father. Zaets was a reserved child and without his mother he became inwardly distressed. He set out on his own to find her, following the way back to Chimera. Blind Zorish followed, and a step in renewing their kinship resulted from the adventure. Summer, a wolf from Chimera who claimed to know his mother came across Zaets and realizing that he needed a proper mother, took him in. He stayed with her in Chimera for the time being.

One cold winter morning while traveling along the Yawrah river he met a coyote named Mouse?. A playful game ensued, and Zaets wandered onto the river's icy surface. It broke beneath his weight and he was submerged in the freezing water. Mouse, reacting instantly, dove in to save him. But Mouse couldn't swim, and while he saved Zaets' life, he drown himself. His heart was broken and a deep guilt formed, feeling responsible. He felt weak and powerless for being inadvertently the cause of the coyote's death. Not long afterward, Summer and Zaets relocated to Syemv, and he was able to be with his brothers again. He also learned that Rurik had left, physically abandoning them as well as emotionally, and returned to Russia. He hadn't even said goodbye. There was a pang of loss despite a lack of relationship between them.

by Shmee One day Summer returned to the pack from an excursion mortally wounded. She died the same day, and Zaets felt yet another blow of loss. She'd become like a mother to him, but a monster named Hollow Nothing had kidnapped and tortured her, leading to her death. He vowed to find the killer and return the favor. After receiving a leg injury while exploring the city he set about personally learning the skill of first aid. He also took a serious interest in learning to fight as well, with weapons and his own body. He began to train himself, wishing to remove all weakness. He wanted to be able to protect his loved ones in the future. A wolf named Skoll became a mentor to him, helping him to practice and learn. He accompanied him to confront a rogue, nomadic pack that'd been stealing food from the Storm pack during periods of famine. They succeeded, and Zaets' confidence was boosted in regards to his own abilities. Around the time that Chimera and Syemv merged to become Aremys when their member numbers dwindled, tensions between Inferni and the wolves had grown.

When Kaena Lykoi took over from Segodi Mogotsi the treaty between the wolves and the coyotes was broken. What had once been peace became war. Syemv and Inferni had been extremely close neighbors, nearly infringing on one another, and the coyotes attacked them, chasing them from their home. Zaets felt that this was a terrible betrayal, and when he sought out the coyotes for answers, he was attacked and nearly killed. Vitium Lykoi stepped in and spared him, resulting in his own exile. His front leg was permanently scarred as a result of the fight. Eventually, wanderlust struck around his first birthday and making a parting promise to his brother Zorish that he would return one day and they would build a boat together, he set out to expand his horizons.

1.2  Part II

Heading to Freetown, it wasn't long before he joined up with a crew of mariners. Enjoying hard work and a life at sea, he began to develop and hone his skills related to shipboard life. He saw the world, trading and fishing and experiencing more than he ever could have back home. Nearly a year passed before he turned his wanderings inland. He took to trade routes, finding his through Europe with the intent of eventually reaching Mother Russia. In Eastern Europe he was sidetracked by a gypsy woman, joining her band and falling in love. Together, they had children, but her nomadic nature extended to her lovelife, and eventually Kezia took her leave of him. She falsely accused him of infidelity, though it was her own eyes that began to wander, and her own heart that sought others to sate her desires. He attempted to stay close, to be around his children as his father hadn't been for him, but she made things difficult and jealously guarded them against him.

Eventually, she drove him off. One of his sons, Lukács Russo? followed him, and Zaets headed back to Canada with him. The rest dispersed as well not long afterward, but he wasn't aware of their lives once he was gone. He returned to find his birthplace burned away, and all of the wolves relocated over the distant mountains. He sought familiarity, even running into Rurik, and a hesitant reconciliation began. Lukács sought his own path as well, and Zaets was on his own again. Russia called, and Sobirat'sya became his next home. He spent the next five years establishing himself, becoming captain of the riverboat, Reka More and developing many shallow-water fishing operations locally. Some of his children have joined him, and Zaets enjoys his business. Here he also met his wife, and together they have a large number of offspring. Eventually, with his family, he upgraded his operation to a larger ship and a bigger crew, now aboard the Zymá More. Other than brief trips throughout Russia, mainly for trade, he doesn't stray far from his established home.

2.  Family

Zorish, Zaets, & Vladimir

2.1  Family: Russo

3.  Appearance

Utterly monochrome, there isn't a single natural color on his body beyond the grayscale spectrum. He is predominantly a pale gray, with darker shades along his back and white brushing his undersides. His coloring and markings are reminiscent of a husky-dog, with piercing, whitish-silver eyes. In size he is an incredibly large creature—massive even for a wolf—with the muscular build of one who works physically for long hours. He wears eight gold earrings—one for every year of his life, as is custom—along with a gold ring in his eyebrow given during childhood to represent his family. He has a variety of brands and tattoos, along with a plethora of scars—half of his tail is missing from a long ago fight, coincidentally alluding to the meaning of his name, the Russian word for “rabbit”. His left arm is wrapped in bandages from wrist to elbow at all times due to extensive scarring from multiple injuries throughout the course of his lifetime—beginning with a fall as a child in the Concrete Jungle and including a fight with Kaena Lykoi. His dark hair has faded with age, streaked with gray and entwined with jewelry, feathers, and assorted objects, and his optime attire is a mixture of bohemian and ancient mariner. The ornate and obvious sword of his youth has been replaced with a more practical bowie knife. He speaks with a heavy Russian accent.

4.  Images

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