Ksenija T. Russo

Ksenija T. Russo

by Sie



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Date of Birth

20 December 2010











Birth place



Wolf, insignificant dog percentage


50% Tundra Wolf
> 48% Russian Wolf
< 2% Dog


Ortus or Verto


Current pack New Dawn
Current rank Subord
Dates May 14, 2010-current


Sobirat'sya Ranks
Sobirat'sya (I)
December 20, 2010-unknown

Ksenija Russo is a member of the Russo family, daughter to Rurik Russo and Kiska. She was born in Sobiratsya, Russia. She is currently a member of New Dawn.

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1.  Lifestyle

1.1  Speech

Speaks Russian and English.

1.2  Abilities


  • Some experience with ships -- minor sailing experience, basic knowledge of boat and ocean
  • Stealthiness, perceptiveness



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1.3  Residence

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Previous residences could be listed in a separate paragraph.

1.4  NPCs

NPC Name

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1.5  Inventory


Household Items

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Other Items

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2.  Appearance

Ksenija is a wolf with insignificant dog percentage, and looks the part. She inherited her large form from her Tundra and Russian wolf heritage, and she has strikingly blue eyes set in a coat of gray the color of stone and storms.

Sizing Chart





85 lbs

33 in


195 lbs
(88 kg)

43 in


210 lbs
(95 kg)

6ft 9in (79 in)
( cm)

Prefers Optime form.

2.1  Forms


Lupus description.


What does their Secui form look like?


In Optime form, some characters choose to style their hair -- if this is the case, how does your character usually wear it?

2.2  Build & Species

Ksenija is long of limb and body, seemingly lanky. Her form is large and well-built, with a thick chest and broad shoulders, though they are quite proportionate to her body, and do not appear quite so strong as they are in actuality. Her breasts are small and rounded, sitting high on her ribcage. Her hips are wide and rounded, as she possess a pear-shaped body. Her thighs are well-muscled and large, indicative of an endurance runner -- which Ksenija certainly is.

Ksenija has every appearance of a long-legged, large Russian wolf, bearing similarities to her father in body shape. Her fur, however, is uniquely Tundra wolf: it is long and thick, giving her a rather shaggy appearance. She shows little evidence of dog heritage, beyond her blue eyes.

2.3  Coloration

Reference By Sie

Ksenija's primary body coloration is gray chateau. This color gradually fades to silver sand along her legs, while she has a patch of iron on her face and chest.

Shuttle gray drapes over her head and down her back, accented by darker shark gray along her mane and the tip of her tail. Woodsmoke decorates the very tip of her tail, her muzzle, and her ears.

Her eyes are a piercing mystic blue.

2.4  Fur

Kse's fur is built for cold climates and very thick, though she takes steps to keep it well-maintained. The mane of fur around her shoulders in Lupus and Secui form is particularly thick; this lends to voluminous, shaggy hair in her Optime form, which Kse cares for rather religiously. She shears it to a neat, shoulder-length cut, with silvery bangs draping over her face.

2.5  Modifications

She is likely to wear clothing, whether made of fabric, leather, pelt, etc.

  • Piercings: These modifications were done by her father after Kseni learned to shift; Kse secretly adores the haphazard tilt of her earring and thinks of her father whenever she looks at it.
    • Ksenija's left eyebrow is pierced with a small barbell that sits snugly against her fur.
    • Her ears are pierced once each; the piercing on her right ear is slightly misaligned, pointing upward a bit too much.

3.  Personality

Primarily for the player to craft. Her history is established but may be changed. If the prospective player does not wish to change her history, her motivation and emotions are up to her player. The information in the sidebar exists to help you with some ideas; they aren't necessarily mandatory.

4.  Family

Does not trust Rurik, though she still loves him; loves her mother dearly; loves Vasiliy but probably thinks he is a jerk. Primarily detached from her Sobirat'sya-based family. Interested to meet her half-siblings, but not over-eager; likely expects the same "outsider" feel of Sobirat'sya

Immediate Family

5.  History

5.1  Sobirat'sya

  • December 2010: Kse and her siblings are born in Sobirat'sya shortly after Rurik and Kiska arrive. Shortly thereafter, Iliya, essentially an infant, is kidnapped by their cousin, Saveli, and presumably sold into slavery. Kse grows up with her only brother, Vasiliy, and the trio of elder children of Arkadiy Russo. There are few other children in the Russo family, though there are a few canines of other families Ksenija interacts with.
  • March 2011: Rurik kills Saveli, having finally learned enough about the crime. Rurik injured in the fight and grows ill from infection; he is essentially bedridden for the next three months, feverish and delirious. Ksenija often talked with her father, though his ramblings were that of a madman. Still, Rurik frequently mentioned 'Souls and his other children, and Ksenija becomes fascinated with the tales, sharing them with Vasiliy and Arkadiy's children.
  • June 2011: Rurik's health improves, though not completely. At this time, he can move around and get out of bed, but he is unfit for work, and his intelligence seems to have dimmed as a result of his illness. Ksenija tries to reconnect with her father and finds it difficult, almost preferring the madman's ramblings to the sour, sickly man Rurik has become. It is at this time Rurik gives Kse her piercings.
  • August 2011: Ksenija shifts for the first time, somewhat late but still before her brother Vasiliy. He becomes distant following her first shift, and Kseni begins to doubt her place in Sobirat'sya. Though she loves her mother dearly, the remainder of the family seems unconcerned with her, busy and wrapped into their own drama -- at this time, the Russo family is suffering mightily, having lost many of its working members to illnesses and boating accidents; additionally, old age is beginning to strip the family of its precious eldest generation.
  • 18 November 2011: Vasiliy disappears from Sobirat'sya in a snowstorm; fraught with concern, Ksenija tries to find him, but ends up lost herself, sleeping in a cave to avoid freezing. When she finally returns, Rurik grows extremely cross with her and berates her for wandering off. Ksenija begans planning her departure from Sobirat'sya then and there, unable to deal with what her father has become.

5.2  History?!

This part of Ksenija's history is up to the player to create. :3 Sie wrote it already, but she took it out because oops! Intimidating! If you're interested in seeing what was written here, feel free to ask, but you're not obligated to use it if you want to adopt Ksenija. :3

5.3  'Souls

  • ~15 April 2012: Kse arrives in 'Souls.

5.4  Threads