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by Raze



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July 10, 2009














The Kido Family

Birth place

Southern Canada, near NS




100% Common Gray Wolf




Current pack Cercatori d'Arte
Current rank Immaginazione

Hotaru originated from a medium sized pack known as the Kido family. She lived there for the first two years of life with her brother and all of their relatives. A war broke out that shattered her peaceful days and in the final battle she received a blow to the head. Consequently she lost her eyesight due to the resulting brain damage. Hotaru was then picked up by a Nomad who had happened upon the gory scene. After spending a few months with the nomad Cain, she was left at the boarders of Cercatori d'Arte. Hotaru spends most of her time learning how to deal with her new disability. She has had to relearn everything, including: hunting, carving, and walking.

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1.  Lifestyle

1.1  Residence

Home circled in red

Hotaru previously resided in Cercatori d'Arte.

1.2  NPCs

  • Fawkes, a red-tailed hawk
  • Kelia

1.3  Inventory

  • A large staff made of Ash.
  • A rucksack filled with carving tools
  • A leather brace on her forearm for Fawkes to land

2.  Appearance

For a grey wolf, Hotaru is just a little over the average size. However, because grey wolves are so large, this makes her a little bigger than many wolves. There is nothing to striking about her coloration as grey is her predominant coat color. There are some splashes of a reddish grey on her face, back, and legs which give her coat more variety. Her eyes are also a beautiful auburn color and show no signs of her blindness.

She is most often found in her optime form. Hotaru does not truly care for appearances anymore so she does not style her hair or wear any accessories. This does not mean that she refuses to groom altogether. Hotaru does go through some pains to make her coat presentable and clean. Her hair looks more like a short mane than anything else and the fur on her arm is trimmed to the point where it was almost even with the rest of her coat. However, these are things she does herself and often come out slightly uneven and wild looking.

Hotaru is blind due to brain damage. There is no misty film over her eyes.

Sizing Chart





88 lbs

65 in


182 lbs

38 in


206 lbs

6 ft 3 in

3.  Personality

Hotaru was a creative, happy, and down to earth type wolf as she was growing up. There was no one she was closer to than her brother and even had a brother complex. Some would call the pair co-dependent, but Hotaru took great pride in her twin and would often speak about him. Now Hotaru has cast off her ties with her family and has even abandoned her last name. She takes both betrayals to heart. Now she is angry, scared, and refuses to trust anyone around her although she must heavily rely on those nearby.

4.  Family: Kido

5.  History

Hotaru grew up with her twin brother and the two were practically inseparable. As Hotaru grew, her artistic side began to show and under the tutelage of another pack member, she learned how to create masterpieces from wood. By the end of Hotaru's training, she could craft wooden swords, intricate staves, and beautiful sculptures. Hotaru would also occasionally carve wooden interments, although this was not something she excelled at.

For her first birthday, Hotaru received a Red Tailed Hawk chick to raise and train. Hotaru named the chick Fawkes and trained the bird to hunt for her.

Shortly before her second birthday, a war started between the Kido pack and a neighboring pack. The war lasted several months and it seemed as if the Kido pack might win. However, tragedy struck as Hotaru's brother betrayed the family. The male twin struck Hotaru in the back of the head, leaving her unconscious for most of the battle. By the time Hotaru woke up, everyone else was dead. The female wolf did not come out unscathed, her vision was gone and she remained helpless on the field.

A wandering wolf found Hotaru in the field and cared for Hotaru until her injury had healed. But Hotaru's sight never returned and the nomad refused to care for Hotaru indefinitely. Instead of telling Hotaru this, the nomad traveled to Nova Scotia and abandoned the disabled female deep within the territories.