Adrian Kido

Adrian Kido is the twin brother of Hotaru. He was mated to Kenna Foxleigh, and through her is the father of Skylee, Faolan, Ty, and Oakley. He was a member of Cercatori d'Arte for more than a year, until he was abducted by slavers in the autumn of 2013. It is unknown if he is still alive.

Adrian Kido

Adrian and Kenna by Nat



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July 10, 2009





Dark One, Last name has no meaning.







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Cercatori d'Arte (I)
17 Mar 2012 - Oct 2013
Unskilled, Trouper

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1.  Personality

Childish at times. Humorous. kind of Arrogant. Outspoken. Implosive Temper at times, but these occasions are rare. Analytic. Ambitious. Musical. Charismatic. He is very flirty and very open. He is very much about Free love.

Adrian is a very friendly person who tries to live his life to the fullest. He is a very open and welcome person. Adrian is the kind of person that others would come to for a friendly chat, to confide their deepest secrets in, and to come to for a good laugh. He loves music, it is as big a part of his life as breathing and eating. He plays his music to bring happiness to others and because it brings happiness to him as well. Adrian has a very open mind and enjoys nature and beautiful things. Cercatori d'Arte fits him well, because it is full of artist and performers. He loves to sit outside and watch the trees and the sky, especially at night, and he often does this while playing his guitar or flute.

He is quick to initiate conversation, he cannot stand to be alone, anyone will suffice. He is charismatic, and very flirty. He is also very open sexually and very big on free love. He is bisexual and has a pretty even preference, though is mate Kenna comes first in his heart and always will. She capture his heart quickly and now he is happily mated to her. Adrian often has flings though, and sometimes he has small romances, but nothing takes priority to Kenna. And she shares his openness, and the two are very open with each other, and often very kinky at times. But that just goes along with Adrian's personality.

2.  Relationships

Kenna Foxleigh - Adrian's mate and love.

3.  Family: Kido

3.1  Immediate Family

4.  Appearance

Adrian fur coloration can be seen in the art below. He is well muscled, with a very well defined six pack and well developed arm and legs muscles from his regular work outs. His eyes are deep brown.


  • Lupus: Weight: 100 lbs, Height: 38 in, Length: 63 in.
  • Secui: Weight: 235 lbs, Height: 45 in, Length: 72 in.
  • Optime: Weight: 285 lbs, Height: 7ft 5in


Adrian reference

Kiritar colored by Ariel

Adrian and Hotaru

Adrian avatar by Westy

Adrian by Raze

Adrian and Kenna by Nat

Adrian and Kenna by Nat

5.  History

Adrian and the rest of the Kido Family lived peacefully in the Northeast regions of what was formerly known as the United States. Adrian and his sister were both born with great gifts in the arts that once nurtured, earned the twins the title of geniuses. While Hotaru excelled in woodcarving, Adrian found his skills in the art of music. During his first two years of life, he learned how to play several instruments (including the ocarina) and could sing with perfect pitch. His grandmother, who worked with him for a countless number of hours, nurtured Adrian’s talent for music.

During their first few years of life, the Kido twins were inseparable. Hotaru grew to become co-dependent on her brother and would often drag him off on her adventures. However, the peace their family enjoyed was not to last. Adrian’s father became greedy, and his search for more land drew them into a war. Adrian was brought on as his father’s right hand man, and only Adrian knew the depths of his father’s greed. He watched as his sister was trained in the art of fighting and how one by one, his family members died in the battles.

As the final battle drew closer, it seemed as if the Kido family would win. But Adrian was not happy with the situation and soon anger overcame him. Just as the final battle started, Adrian thrust his sword into his father’s breast, killing the older wolf instantly. Screams broke out and the entire Kido pack was left at a standstill. The rival pack took advantage of the Kido pack’s confusion and charged. When Hotaru turned to face the incoming enemies, Adrian took advantage of the distraction to knock his sister out with a single blow to the back of her head.

Adrian took his unconscious sister aside and left her hidden. Once the battle had finished, almost the entire Kido family was dead. Horrified at what he had caused, Adrian fled, leaving his sister unconscious. Hotaru and Adrian were eventually reunited in Cercatori d'Arte, though their relationship is understandably strained.[1] They do not reconcile, and go about their lives separately.

Adrian had better luck than his sister in Cercatori d'Arte. His guilt over Hotaru's condition fades, and he is able to nurture his musical talent in the creative pack environment, while his charismatic and welcoming personality earned him many friendships. He fell head over heels for the fiery Kenna Foxleigh, and the two passionate lovers quickly became mates. He welcomes the birth of his children, Skylee Foxleigh and Faolan Kido. His strong-willed and high-ranking mate sparks his temper from time to time, but ultimately nothing stops him from loving her.

His greatest trial arrives when Kenna lays with Honrin and conceives during her heat. Not knowing whether the puppies in her womb would be his or not pushed Adrian to travel briefly outside the pack. Unfortunately, this is when karma catches up with him. Adrian is captured by a roving band of slavers, and dragged away from all that he loves. His children Ty Kido and Oakley Foxleigh are born after his disappearance, alongside their bastard littermate Kjintora.