Liliya Russo

Liliya Russo

Liliya Russo, by Alaine
Name OriginRussian for "Lily" & "Russian"
Date of BirthOctober 2, 2008
Age1 year
Subspecies48% Canis lupus communis ortus, 50% Canis latrans ortus, 2% Canis lupus familiaris ortus
Birth placeNear Arkangel'sk, Russia

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Joining dateAugust 21, 2011
RankThe Associate

Liliya Russo is the daughter of Verusha Agata and Rurik Russo. She was a member of Salsola.


Liliya Russo was born to Verusha Agata and Rurik Russo in Sobirat'sya, along with her two brothers, Anatoliy Russo and Silas Agata, and her sister, Lizaveta Agata. Though Rurik and Verusha weren't close (i.e., they weren't mates or really even anything more than a fling that got suddenly serious due to the kids), they made it work for the better of their children, and raised them in the company of the various Russo family members. When the children were around four months old, Lizaveta fell ill with a fever and died from it.

When they were about nine months of age, Rurik decided to take the children to North America, where he had been visiting and frequenting for the past five years. Liliya and Silas went with him; Anatoliy remained at home with their mother. They took a small ship and sailed it over the ocean, made rather easy with Rurik's sailing expertise. When Liliya first arrived, she wanted nothing more than to turn around and go home; she was intensely homesick, and she didn't enjoy very much of anything. Over time, she eventually became more social, and she began to accompany her father about in his various tasks, learning from him and absorbing his ways. She became a decent cook, mostly out of self-defense—though Rurik could "cook" something, he was no gourmet chef. Liliya is much like her Uncle Thorn; she seems to have a natural talent for cooking.

While Liliya, Silas, and Rurik were living in Halifax in part of an old hotel, an unexpected surprise arrived—Anatoliy. He had fallen asleep on a boat, and ended up on this side of the world. Though this was an accident, Liliya was greatly appreciative of her brother's presence. She had always been attached to both of her brothers, and their presence served to strengthen her, causing her to become more outgoing. In addition to still hanging around her father and brothers, she began to explore on her own a little bit, meeting a few canines along the way. Nothing major happened, and most of the various canines she met, she never saw or heard of again.

Eventually, the family moved to Cour des Miracles and took up there. Liliya enjoyed the pack setting, though it was overwhelming for her to be surrounded by so many canines. She mistook her brother Anatoliy's friendship with Anann Kelevra for something more serious, and sort of offhandedly threatened her during a big party. This of course ended with Liliya embarrassing the crap out of herself. She later tried to make up for it by helping Anann build a house, though she still felt massively awkward about everything.

One of the major things to develop during her time at Cour des Miracles was her relationship with Niro Takekuro. They met one another early on in the man's stay in the pack, and though there was genuine interest between them, sex somehow happened and screwed everything the hell up. Liliy ended up freaking out after it happened and she was alone, having kind of a breakdown—she left a brief note to her father, and headed off for Freetown, one of the places he had spoken about, intending to head back to her homeland in Russia.


Liliya is very free-spirited and willful, much like Rurik when he was very young. She is spunky, flippant, and at times incredibly arrogant, though she has a hell of a lot to learn about the world and how it works. She is extremely close to Rurik, but this closeness will eventually cost her greatly in several ways. Though she has not led a sheltered life thus far -- most of her mother's life was spent scratching out a life in Russian cities as a prostitute, and it was sheer random chance she was impregnated by the one wolf who gave a shit enough to stick around for the kids. In many ways, Liliya is her father to a sharper degree. She matches his skill in many of the things he has taught her and surpasses him in others, though whether that is due to her vigor and his age and declining health is to be said. Liliya is very attached to her family, though she is beginning to feel the same itch to see the world that seized Rurik in his youth and drove him halfway across the world.



See the Russo family for more information.


Unlike her father, Liliya has no qualms about "going four-legged" and getting down with the animals. She enjoys running in four legs, and she has been an avid shifter since she obtained the ability. She is rather slight in appearance, with a thin waist and an ample bust, though it is accented heavily by the tight corset she wears, and in actuality isn't really that special or large. She doesn't always wear her clothes, though, so it's not like she's falsely advertising anything. Her hair is jet-black and combed into locks, which she is rather meticulous about. Lily is particularly concerned with her appearance, but generally not in a prissy way. She is at first, but as she ages and gets more worldly she won't be. :D

Coloration: Lily's fur carries Rurik's basic pattern in a varied color. Her underside is tawny-white, which fades into darker tan. She has black markings on several parts of her body, which are yet to be solved on paper.

Eyes: White-blue, not very expressive at all.


Back/Shoulders: Huge, crazy, stylized bull-skull Jolly Roger with tribal vines snaking all over her back and around her shoulders.


Left Eyebrow: Sobirat'sya brow piercing
Earlobes: Gold hoops
Left Ear Cartilage: Emerald & ruby silver studs


Torso: Dark, chocolate-brown "corset" with shoulder straps, with lighter tan leather where it laces up the front. The laces are the same dark leather as the majority of the colors.
Waist: Dark, chocolate-brown short skirt of thin leather, slit at the sides and stitched there to allow movement. Wrap-around part of the skirt is the same light tan of the lace leather.


Right Hand: Silver thumb-ring. emerald index ring.
Left Hand: Silver thumb-ring, ruby index ring.
Necklaces: Rurik's "7" charm necklace on silver chain, shark's tooth necklace on thin leather cord with round ruby & emerald beaded on either side.

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