Eclipse Soulstorm

Eclipse Soulstorm

by Sie



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Date of Birth

10 December 2010











Birth place

Dahlia de Mai




37.5% Eastern Timber Wolf
31.25% Arctic Wolf
25% Mackenzie Valley Wolf
6.25% British Columbian Wolf




Current pack Cercatori d' Arte
Current rank Artist


Pack Ranks
Ichika no Ho-en (I)
06 July 2011 - 25 Feb 2012
Pack Ranks
Crimson Dreams (II)
31 May 2011 - 5 July 2011
Pack Ranks
Dahlia de Mai (III)
10 DEC 2010 - 8 APR 2011

Eclipse is the daughter of Conor Soul and Bris Stormbringer. She is a wolf, born into Dahlia de Mai on December 10, 2010. Her life is full of trials and hard decisions. She left at a young age after Conor disappeared and soon found herself having many different mother figures like Malachi and Anu until she was found by Saul Stormbringer who brought her back to the pack Ichika no Ho-en. She again left and a few months later found the pack disbanded and was saddened, but soon found her home in Cercatori d' Arte, where she settled down with her mate, Robert Frost Collins.

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1.  Lifestyle

1.1  Speech

Eclipse has no discernible accent, but is one to think about what she says before she says it so she speaks with deliberation. She is a strong speaker and rarely stumbles on her words unless someone catches her off guard. She speaks clearly and confidently in most cases unless she's scared.

1.2  Abilities



Archery- Learned during her trek down south for a month, by a companion who went further south than her. Practice's regularly and challenges herself

Hunting- Learned from various teachers, practices and does well for a wolf of her size

Lupine fighting- Learned from various teachers, she's strong though still a journeyman herself.

Cooking- Self taught and practices every day to make her food better

Gardening/Herb identifying- First learned from Anu but learned from other various teachers as well as books

Reading- Learned from her mother Bris Stormbringer and continued since



Romance- Seeing life as a big disappointment she has a hard time seeing romance as she's never truely seen it. She could become accustomed to it but will never be as good as others when it comes down to it.

Working with tools like Carpentry, tailoring, smithing- She has never tried any of these things and has absolutely no interest to.

1.3  Residence

Eclpse resides in the Territory of Cercatori D' arte in her stone house (see map). Her house is a restored old two story human habitation Floor 1 Floor 2. Both floors being modified for a luperci so most of the modern human things are no longer there. There is a big couch in the family room and the stove is gone in the kitchen, The bathrooms have all been blocked off and untouched and will continue to be so

1.4  NPCs


Grace is a female horse. She is a chestnut color with flaxen mane . She was tamed by Liliana Utina and was her companion before the woman was killed. Eclipse does not know the history of the horse, but enjoys her company. The mare saved Eclipse from falling while Eclipse's mind wandered while she was headed back into the Souls territory. Grace has been with the girl ever since. Eclipse did try to give the horse back to its original owner, but found out by Claudius Aston who greeted her at the Aniwayan? borders. Eclipse has been taking care of the horse since.


Grace's colt she concieved with Iye, Nayati Utina's stallion. He was born the day that Eclipse joined Cercator d' arte? and was a twin of another colt that did not survive the birth. The colt is a palamino and is a mix of his mother and father in many ways. He is excitable and a joy to be with Eclipse and still has to let out his personality.

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1.5  Inventory

book(3)Dishespots and pans(various)sleeping fursSpiceSOwl statue plus varius other decor

Household Items

  • Eclipse owns only a few books right now, about 3 or four, various things
  • She cannot live without her pots and pans and junk!
  • Sleeping furs, she does not sleep in a bed. :)
  • Spices, how else will she be a good cook?
  • Owl statuette on her mantle, plus various other things she procured but home is still very bare
  • A statuette given to her by Leviothan of A wolf and three pups
Bow and ArrowBag she has everywhereNecklace with squirell Saul gave herScarf PurpleLeather armguard

Personal Items

  • Bow and Arrows Eclipse got from trades as well as scavaging old ruins in the east.
  • Bag Eclipse scavanged in the south
  • wooden squirrel pendent that Saul gave her
  • A purple scarf that Foxglove gave her
  • Leather armguard Eclipse traded for

2.  Appearance

Eclipse is a wolf and has the same coat color as her father and grandfather with some differences.

Sizing Chart





107 lbs
(48 kg)

32 in
(82 cm)


154 lbs
(70 kg)

38 in
(96 cm)


160 lbs
(82 kg)

5ft 9in (71 in)
(175 cm)

Prefers Optime form.

2.1  Forms


Short rough fur that is a light brown color. She has a darker brown stripe that goes from the middle of her forehead to the tip of her tail. She has blue eyes with a touch of purple inside of them. She often times looks well groomed. She is a built hunter so muscles can be seen and her fur shines with a healthy glow


She is the same colors as that of her lupus form, her fur is a bit longer and shaggier, making her look less well groomed. She also had the bulkier build of a Secui but nothing more


Her fur length and shine are the same as her lupus form and she gains healthy shoulder blade length hair that waves. She usually holds it up with a purple scarf to keep it out of her eyes.

2.2  Build & Species

She is rather short for a wolf and is neither very skinny nor is she chubby, she sits in the middle. Her stature is confident, proud and promiscuous at times. She continues to retain her hunters physique

2.3  Coloration & Fur

Twine is the main color of her coat. Jambalaya is the stripe on her back. and her underbelly is white :)

2.4  Modifications

  • Scars:
    • Right shoulder, got it when she and Orin got scared of each other and shot one another with arrows
  • Tattoos:
    • NONE
  • Piercings:
    • NONE
  • Other:
    • N/A

2.5  Accessories

  • She wears a necklace that Saul gave her, a wooden squirrel sitting and eating a nut
  • She will eventually start wearing a blue flannel form fitting shirt with capri pants and an irish cap

3.  Personality

She is reserved unless she feels like she has the upper hand. She speaks her mind, and does all she can to tell the truth. She can be sarcastic but can joke more often than not

  • Fears:
    • Being left alone
    • Her heart being broken
  • Motivations:
    • Other's Happiness
    • Survival
    • Belonging
    • Robert
  • Traits
    • Persistent
    • Keen
    • Adventurous
    • Reliable
    • Humble
    • Stingy
    • Impulsive
    • Obnoxious
  • Alignment: She is Neutral Good because she feels fulfilled if she can do something good and being in a family who loved her even when she was going from different wolves to take care of her, she was always well taken care of. She looks up to some great wolves who taught her to be nice and considerate to others.

3.1  Demeanor

She treats others with care and sometime no fear at first, until they show how they react to her, or with respect unless they show her differently. She tries not to show hostility unless she feels she is protecting her home, herself or another person. She will always approach everyone differently in how she sees them before coming up to them and is awkward when she finds herself in a situation she is unsure of.

3.2  Outlook

She can see the world in many different lights but is mostly pessimistic when it comes to family, but on her life in general, getting a meal, finding new things, new adventures she is quite optimistic. She is most definitely dominant as she speaks her mind and is the daughter of an alpha. She has no fear in one on one situations but when it comes to a large group she has lots to learn.

3.3  Ideals


Big Bias

She is really not bias about anything that I know of as yet, there could possibly be something. Perhaps wolves who work with some human things are better off than those who all try to be just wolves? EMBRACE THE HUMANZ

Other Biases

  • Species: She is indifferent on other canines as she knows they all are either good or bad. Pets: She's companion to 2 horses but she does not feel she owns them and doesn't think a luperci really should "own" a pet. To her it's slavery. Prey: She has to eat and she is always thankful for the food she gets.
  • Non-Luperci: To each their own she says, though she would feel sorry for them because they can't make their own well cooked meal.
  • Human Behaviors: See big Bias


Heterosexual, and she feels disgusted if a wolf who is not shares affection with the same gender. She sees no point in it what so ever, but learned that love is love and she should keep her mouth shut about it.


She isn't one for being around when there is a substance being in use and see no evil hear no evil speak no evil, she makes some exceptions but will not partake.


Eclipse has not delved into religions she only knows a little about "Mother Earth" From Razekiel.

4.  Relationships



She barely remembers him. Lived in his house when hers was destroyed[1]


She had a run in with him two times and had a slight puppy crush on him until he didn't come to her call.[2]


She met Naryu as a puppy and soon knew her as her leader in both DDM and InH[3](:cellnr width=15%:) Saluce

She barely remembers him. Lived in his house when hers was destroyed[4] Neutral


She met her on the beach and had a nice little conversation[5]


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Various Minor Aquaintences

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by Aly

4.1  Key Relations

Saul Stormbringer

Saul is Eclipse's cousin turned father. He's looked after her since she was a puppy from getting caught in a tree [7] to convincing her to come home [8].


She was not with Eclipse for long but she saved the girl from drowning taught her to fish with her paws and kept her safe until Eclipse ran off


Took Eclipse in and helped her learn her passion for gardening.


Eclipse seems to keep running into him and getting annoyed by him. He was the one to give her news of her fathers death. Unbeknownst to her, Itachi is her half brother.

Robert Frost Collins

Eclipse found his uncanny ability to be a homebody annoying and pushed herself on him to get out of the house. Soon she came to know him rather well and enjoyed his company. He helped her through enough that she doesn't think she could ever pay him back even my saving his life with her own. He eventually became her mate, and the father of her son.

4.2  Groups


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4.3  Family

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Immediate Family

Maternal Ancestry

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Extended Family

5.  History

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5.1  Timeline



  • Occurrence [9]

5.2  Threads