Viking Sigurdr

Viking Sigurdr

Viking, by Kiri
Name MeaningLast name means "Guardian of Victory"
Name Origin
Date of BirthMarch 30th, 2008
Age> 3 years
Subspecies30% Canis arctos
70% Canis columbianus
LuperciYes (Verto)
Birth placeStavanger, Norway
Current packAnathema

'Souls Profile

Current Pack


Joining dateJanuary 19th, 2011[1]

Viking Sigurdr is a current member of Anathema. Beware the axe.


He has the whole epic viking shebang. But I totally understand that you would want to read more, he is fully awesome.

Due to his history, 'King is always in Optime form, standing at a full 7'3" at the shoulder, and weighs around 285 pounds. He's a biiiig boy.

Viking is about 30% arctic wolf and 70% British Columbian wolf, only taking the white-colored fur from his mother's side, and everything else from his father. His jaw is heavily set on his face, with a few scars that adorn the left side of his muzzle. Dark, ruby colored eyes glint stagnantly below heavy brows. No one, not even himself, has ever seen Viking smile, the closest that he can get to a smile is an indifferent or empty look. That does not mean Viking can't be or isn't happy at times, but he doesn't say or express much to anyone.

As if his face didn't look scary enough, Viking wears an eye patch over his left eye where it was gouged out. On his right ear, there is a quarter-sized hole near the tip taken out, and just below that there's an animal's ankle bone shaped into a loop earring.

And we aren't even halfway through his awesome good looks yet.

The male has dark brown hair that goes down to about mid-back, but he braids it in itself so its out of the way of his awesomeness. His body overall is well-built, having gone through extensive and vigorous training all his life. There are several scars along his toned chest and arms, though none of them compare to the long and deep scar across his chest, the mark of the blood fusion, is plain to see.

'King almost always wears his helmet - armor plating with elk horns jutting out the sides, made out of the first kill Viking made. It wasn't the only thing Viking made use out of the elk, however, for the hilt of hand axe he carries with him at all times is made out of the animal's leg bone. The blade itself was handed down from his father, and though quite worn, it serves its purpose. The giant doesn't normally wear anything across his chest as daily wear, unless engaged in a large scale war. He is always seen wearing his dark bear fur slacks, which hang to about his ankle and is ripped in a few places.


- Doesn't talk much. Ever since he was a pup, he was told to never speak unless spoken to.

- Will fight for anything he wants, but in the end he knows his place.

- Seems really big and scary from the outside, but Viking will often go off on his own and pick flowers, or attempt to read.. and do other such sensitive things, a side which hardly anyone sees. And if they do, they might get AXED in the FACE.

- Fluent in Norwegian, and speaks broken English.

- Obedient, will only truly listen to and trust leaders, specifically his own. It will come as no surprise, then, why he'd be willing to die defending his king and queen.

- Secretly believes he was made a king, after the blood of his leader was fused with his own, though he does not try to dominate actual leaders.

- Despite having been discarded from the Warrior Band, he still follows their ways, for it's all 'King knows.

- One will almost always find the warrior in training, whether by himself or with someone else.

- Overall he is quiet, reserved, inwardly absorbed, and hot tempered.


He was born, which is awesome in itself. He trained to be even more awesome (if that's even possible), and now he's here to show all of 'Souls how awesomely epic he is. End.

Okay, not really. But if you wanted, you could just stop reading the rest and assumed awesome things happened.

Viking was born in Stavanger, Norway. The pack that he belonged to was a band of warriors, taught to train with a weapon in hand as soon as a pup could wield one. Therefore weak pups, as soon as they were born, were tossed out or eaten. Not even females, who were raised to find a strong suitor and be strong enough to give birth to awesome warrior pups. There was no room for weaklings in this epic pack. The male grew up knowing so sense of play, really, or any inkling of being a regular ol' Lupus pup. He was separated from his parents once he could walk, and began training amongst other warriors. This was how the warrior band worked, it was considered normal and everyone (whether they wanted to or not) had to accept it.

However, as all males (and some chosen females) had the same fate, they all had to have the ability to shift - Viking did not. So the king of the warrior pack, seeing some potential in Viking, took it upon himself to grant the young male with this ability before training ever began. Viking now has a deep scar that runs from the base of his throat, down to the beginnings of his left chest peck (that's right ;D), where the blood of the king fused with Viking's. The king told the young warrior that what he was given was a gift, and that pain should be embraced. And so, Viking did was he was told, and within a few weeks he was able to shift into a titan-sized Luperci. Everyone suddenly began to call him by a nickname that seemed fitting: 'King.

Always taught to obey the king and queen of his pack, 'King learned to follow orders like everyone else, and wound up knowing nothing else but fighting, war, and only being able to trust his leaders and obey their orders. His muscles developed quickly, and Viking soon became quite large for his kind. It became all he ever knew - his way of life. It was tough for Viking, not only the training but the discipline that came with it. If he spoke when he wasn't supposed to, he was whacked across the face. If he refused to spar with another wolf, he wasn't given food or water for a full day. Yeah, tough life.

Whenever Viking did find spare time, however, he would go off and dream about what it was like to live a different life - one that wasn't filled with blood and violence. Most of the time he couldn't, however, as Viking only knew was he was taught to know. Sometimes, though, he would go and pick flowers, because he thought they were some marvelous creation from the earth, and an escape from everything he knew. But if someone came walking by and saw this, then Viking would turn around and stomp on those little weak, useless petals. RAWR. Other times, he would sit and watch a particular female, who was also becoming a great warrior. Though he never spoke a word to her before, 'King believed he was experiencing the emotion that was called "love". Never would he say a word to anyone about it, especially her, keeping the strange, unfamiliar emotions only to himself. As 'King was told, being in love with another warrior would only bring pain - for several would come out wounded, or worse.. dead. It was best to mate and produce more warriors for the sake of keeping traditions alive.

At a little over a year of age, a great war between Viking's pack and another pack broke out. Wielding a mighty axe that 'King was given by his father, the male fought hard to defend his pack, because he knew nothing else. A moment of weakness overcame him, though, as he noticed the female he had feelings for fall in battle. She was severely wounded and, as Viking moved to help her, he did not see another warrior coming at them with sharpened claws. 'King, throwing himself between the female and the attacker, ended up getting his left eye gouged out. The opposing pack became too much, and so the warriors that were left of Viking's crew boarded their awesome dragon-shaped ships, and sailed northwest, far across the North Atlantic Sea. Viking was forced to leave the female he thought he loved behind, to die of her wounds, and was spat at by the king and queen for his weakness, and so the loss of his eye.

The warrior pack eventually came to Nova Scotia, to start a new life and a new band of warriors. Viking has traveled alone since then, for he was banished as soon as the pack found the new land. He continues to train, however, thinking that it was weakness, or love, that caused him to lose his eye. Inwardly he swore he'd never experience that feeling again, for it would only bring pain to him.

Around the time he was banished, and getting used to the new lands he would make a home in, he came across a young female by the name of Miriette mortre dre Soul. It all seemed too long and complicated for the beast, but thankfully she just went by 'Miri'. Viking had come to realize that she was in a bloodlusting rage, wanting to confront her father. She asked him to train her, and she seemed so eager that he couldn't refuse. They developed a special bond of sorts, though Viking still never spoke much, merely showing her what she asked him to. It's been a while since he's run into her, however, though last he heard was that Miri would leave for Phoenix Valley to finally settle the score with her father. Viking hasn't heard from her since, though sometimes he'd go out into the fields that they trained in, and train on his own.. hoping he might run into her again.

Whether Viking believes he can redeem himself one day and be found worthy amongst others, not just the strange bloodlust female, 'King keeps fighting, for he is a warrior through and through. Where will he end up? Will he run into Miri again? Why isn't he riding a dragon and crackin' open baby skulls? STAY TUNED.

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