Marika Russo

Marika Russo

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1 January 2008

















Birth place



Wolf, low dog percentage


< 98% Russian Wolf
> 2% Dog




Current pack None
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Pack Ranks
Cour des Miracles
July 2010 - Present

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Marika Violet Russo is the daughter of Zaets Russo and Kezia Havok, granddaughter to Rurik Russo and Kiska. She is a wolf-dog hybrid, born in eastern Europe.

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1.  Lifestyle

1.1  Speech

  • Speaks Russian and accented English.

1.2  Abilities


  • Marika studied healing, potions, and other means of medical attention during her early months spent traveling with her family. These skills were honed at various other points in her life, as well.
  • She may or may not be able to read. This is the players' choice. If she can read, it's more likely she only reads Russian rather than English or even English and Russian. If she can read multiple languages, she'll have to have dedicated a good portion of her life to these skills. o:
  • Capable of horse-riding, possibly breaking if she followed up on this skill following Anann's instructions.


  • :O

1.3  Residence

by Sie


1.4  NPCs

  • None

1.5  Inventory

Household Items

  • Item

2.  Appearance

Sizing Chart





xx lbs
(xx kg)

xx in
(xx cm)


xxx lbs
(xx kg)

xx in
(xx cm)


xxx lbs
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xft xin (xx in)
(xxx cm)

Prefers ??? form.

2.1  Build & Species

A graceful and slender female, Marika is easily noticeable due to the way she moves. Everything is like a dance, although there are no obvious ways in which she shows this - no twirls or swirls or curtsies.

2.2  Coloration

Marika displays a typical timberwolfish color pattern: her back is dark and her underside is light.

  • Marika's base pelt is Sandstone (#7E766B) in coloration, lightening to Natural Gray (#959089) around her face, throat, and the upper portion of her torso.
  • Her overcoat is Armadillo (#46423C) gray, with darker Zeus (#24201B) hints on her ears as well as along her spine.
  • Around her head and ears is Cork (#3F241E) red-brown.
  • Her left eye is English Walnut (#3F2F27), while her right eye is Sail (#9BD8F8).

2.3  Forms


Marika is a slim and slight Lupus -- she bears none of the usual bulk of her subspecies.


Marika is not a large Secui -- she might pass for a normal lupus, even. Still, it is her most muscular and well-built form.


When shifted, she is narrow and angular, which pronounced features which only enhance her beauty. The Cork coloration along her head translates to a sliver of color running along the top of her spine, and is not usually visible except when she lifts her hair.

2.4  Other


  • She has pierced ears: once in the lower cartilage of each ear, once in the upper part of her ear.
  • She has a pierced lip, on her left side, similar to a monroe piercing.
  • She has an eyebrow piercing as ber Sobirat'sya customs.


  • Her love of jewelry is visible in the various baubles she might wear: different necklaces, bracelets, earrings, jewelry, etc.

2.5  Images

By Sie

By Sie

By Sie


By Anna

3.  Personality

May be modified, changed, etc. as necessary by the player.

Marika is very much a free spirit: while not a disrespectful canine, she believes in doing her own thing and going her own way. She believes in allowing others this same freedom, but also has strong moral convictions, too -- freedom isn't to be hampered, as long as no one is being harmed. This isn't to say she wouldn't join a pack; however, she'd likely look for a loose structure lacking in strong hierarchy, non-violence being a must amongst the pack's beliefs. While perhaps somewhat idealistic in her outlook of the world, she has grown into a more realistic perspective as she's grown up.

Marika is affectionate, honest, open-handed, and intelligent, though perhaps not educated. She doesn't shirk from telling others her opinion or what she thinks is best, and while she can be difficult to befriend due to her outspoken nature coupled with her strong convictions, she is an unfailingly loyal ally to friends and group alike.

  • Fears:
    • o:
  • Motivations:
    • o:
  • Traits
    • o:

3.1  Ideals


  • Species: o:
  • Non-Luperci: o:





4.  Relationships

4.1  Key Relations


  • Has met her grandfather, Rurik Russo, albeit briefly in roleplayed history. Would have limited (if any) knowledge of Sobirat'sya-based family.
  • Would not know most of the Sobirat'sya based family unless the player makes according edits to her history (e.g., adding a Sobirat'sya visit during the period between 2010 and 2012).

4.2  Family

Immediate Family

5.  History

5.1  2008

  • Marika was born to Zaets Russo and Kezia Havok in Eastern Europe in early 2008. The family travelled together from place to place, as Kezia was something of a gypsy, and for a brief time, things were tranquil and good.
  • Kezia became increasingly paranoid and destructive, this behaviour culminating her attacking Zaets and driving him off.
  • After the attack, one by one, Marika and her siblings departed from their mother, setting out to make their own way.

5.2  2009

  • ~January: Marika visits Sobirat'sya. This was a quiet, typical year for the Russo family, and it's likely Marika got to know many of her family members. She witnessed the birth of two litters, as both Malenkij and Strannik produce children.

5.3  2010

  • February: Marika leaves Europe.
  • April: Marika arrives in North America, in an unspecified port (possibly Freetown). She heads to Cour des Miracles, where she joins up.
  • May: Shortly thereafter, however, she leaves the pack, only to return again to apologize to her grandfather, Rurik . She explains the war and lack of peace within 'Souls had upset her and drove her out of the territory.
  • Late August: Marika leaves Cour des Miracles again.
  • Why she left, what she does and where she goes after this point is up to the new player.

5.4  Threads


  1. A Paradox with Flies (Player: Killi)
    Marika joins Cour des Miracles; she is greeted by Vigilante Haskel.
  2. I Don't Want to Set the World on Fire
    Marika meets her grandfather, Rurik Russo (assumed).
  3. Changes of Necessity
    Cour des Miracles meeting thread regarding to the change in the pack leadership.
  4. What About the Place We Call Home? (Player: AG)
    Marika returns to Cour des Miracles and seeks Rurik again.
  5. Perseverence
    Marika meets another packmate, Niro Takekuro, whom she had briefly seen at the meeting. She is intrigued by the bird he's trying to catch and the two talk for some time.
  6. I Swallowed Hard, Like I Understood
    Once more her need for exploration gets the best of her and she finds herself leaving her pack lands to travel further inland and to the north-west, into Crimson Dreams territory.
  7. Steal the Night
    Cour des Miracles is celebrating its one-year anniversary and Marika wouldn't miss it for the world. Dressed in something a little different from her usual attire, she joins into the celebrations despite an initial hang up about fitting in.
  8. Old Haunts are Forgotten Ghosts
    Marika meets Ezra Rosen at the border and enquires as to his business in the lands.
  9. The Winds of Heaven
    Anann Kelevra shows Marika how to train and ride a horse, as the latter decides for the more unusual means of transport.
  10. Something Waits from Another World
    Kansas Sadira and Marika
  11. Crash Tactics
    Marika meets a new family member in the most unlikely of places [unfinished]
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