The Silevue Family

The Silevue Family



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  • Status: Active, small
  • 'Souls: SL
  • First Member: Isabella, LN, Nov 2011
  • Languages: English, French

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The Silevue family stems from the mother of Isabella Heiwa. The family is rather prolific despite it's rather short existence. There are instances of less than appropriate behavior between family members, as noted by the interactions between Isabella and Visionary, as well as incest in Visionary and Lydia's two litters. All the children of Desmond and Goliath Heiwa are actually full siblings as well as cousins due to the fact Desmond and Goliath are identical twins. It should be noted, however, that all of Malora's litters are both Desmond and Goliath's. Serenity's litter was born from Desmond, but the children are also technically Goliath's.

Family Members

The parent that contributes the Silevue genes is bolded.

First Generation

  • Lydia Silevue x Mormont Heiwa
‡ indicates identical twins
  • Lydia Silevue x Visionary Solitaire
    • Willow Solitaire
    • Melodia Silevue-Solitaire
    • Legend Silevue
    • Ignition Solitaire
  • Lydia Silevue x Visionary Solitaire
    • Harbinger Heiwa
    • Velveteen Silevue

Second Generation

  • Malora Nihana x Goliath Heiwa x Desmond Heiwa
† indicates full siblings genetically, not necessarily by birth.
  • Cerberus Heiwa †
  • David Heiwa †
  • Malora Nihana x Goliath Heiwa x Desmond Heiwa
    • Simion Heiwa †
    • Anara Heiwa †
  • Serenity Bach x Desmond Heiwa
    • Pandemonia Heiwa †
    • Solitude Heiwa †
(adopted in Heiwa Line)

Third Generation

  • Pandemonia Heiwa x Clere Armont (May 2015)
  • Tolia Menenea x Victor Rising (July 2015)
    • Chaos Rising
    • Luna Rising
  • Ambrosia Solitaire x Einas Liberdad (October 2015)
    • Paradiso Solitaire
    • Sonoria Solitaire
  • Pandemonia Heiwa x Clere Armont (November 2015)
    • Mystic Heiwa
    • Ceres Heiwa
    • Vivienne Armont

Fourth Generation

Influence and Influences



  • Salsola — Isabella Heiwa made her home here and had her first children here.



The Heiwa line of the family is a coydog hybrid bloodline, which continues even with the third generation. There is no wolf-blood in this side of the family, as all six of Goliath and Desmond's children are a varying ratio of coydog hybrid. Lydia Silevue was a Coyote-Dog (Tervuren) hybrid and Mormont Heiwa was a Coyote-Dog (Akita) hybrid.

The Solitaire line has a good portion of wolf blood, as Visionary is a full wolf with various wolf species hybridizing. There is a lot more muddled and mixed blood in this branch of the family. There is also an incestual coupling in the genepool.

Physical Appearance


Often the women of this family are on the more curvaceous end of the spectrum, with larger breasts, wider hips, and medium stature. Men of the Solitaire line are often larger and bulky, with a tendency of leaning towards heavy if in poor health or without much work. Heiwa men tend toward lithe size and of medium to tall statures.


Coat colors vary drastically in this family. They range between coyote colors to common dog colors to more wolf-like tones depending on who the non-blood family member is.


Eye colors vary in the family. From the Heiwa side, typical dog colors appear more often, such as blues. There is also a history of central heterochromia in this line, with two different colors forming rings in the eye iris. It is shown in Isabella Heiwa and her daughter Delfina Heiwa.

On the Solitaire side, eye colors tend to be on the warmer side, though the yellows, greens, and blues seem to be more persistent on both sides of the family, with other shades either being uncommon or signs of genetic violation.

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