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Tlantli Kimaris

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Date of Birth

2 November 2009




Lawful Neutral







66th demon






Birth place



Coy-wolf hybrid


50% Mexican Coyote
25% California Valley Coyote
25% Great Plains Wolf




Current pack Eterne
Current rank None


Pack Ranks
22 Mar - 7 May 2010
May 7 2011 - 11 Apr 2012
The Crone, The Confidant, The Family

Tlantli Kimaris is the daughter of Mantus Kimaris. She is a coy-wolf hybrid, born into Eterne. She arrived in Nova Scotia and 'Souls in 2011. She helped to found the Salsola pack in 2011 with her "sister," Eris Eternity. In 2012, she returned to Eterne.

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1.  Lifestyle

1.1  Speech

Tlantli speaks with a very heavy accent, unique as it is exotic. Her speech is flavored with both Spanish and Bajan Creole; the former is spoken in her birthplace Eterne, the latter is spoken in Barbados, where Tlantli spent much of her youth. She has some difficulty pronouncing sounds not encountered in either language.

1.2  Abilities



Scarification, healing, coloring of scars, etc.


Tlantli is an experienced scuffler and fighter, preferring tooth and claw to other weaponry. Her teeth are extremely sharp due to Tlantli's sharpening, and are her preferred method of attack.

1.3  Residence

Tlantli resides in the Borgata Colotl of Salsola in her ruins (see map).

  • Tlantli primarily occupies the lower floor of her ruins, as the upper floor is opened and lacking most of its roof and walls. The entryway is arched stone, paler than the rest of the small tower. Tla generally drapes a thick pelt over the inside of her door and over the staircase's uppermost portion, both to keep out winter cold and prying eyes.
  • Her bed occupies the curve next to the stairs leading to the second floor. Otherwise, she has a sturdy, two-drawer wooden dresser scavenged from nearby Amherst, and little else.
  • The upper floor lacks a roof and most of its walls; only one small section of wall still stands at full height, while the rest is slowly crumbling to ruin. This part of Tlantli's house is barren and free of any decor other than a small circle of stones used as a firepit in the center of the tower; she frequently sits here and soaks up the sun.

She resided in the Anatheman caves previously.

1.4  NPCs

1.5  Inventory

Amber necklaceLuperci skull pauldronBracelets
TorcLeather strapPurse


  • A chunk of amber, wrapped up by a thick piece of leather cording and worn around her neck. The amber isn't cut, but has been polished to a glossy shine, and has small bubbles inside of it.
  • Three loose bracelets, worn about her right wrist. Two are made from a golden metal and the third is made from braided leather cord.
  • A thin, finely engraved silver torc, worn just below her left elbow.
  • A thick piece of crudely cured leather. This is worn at her hips, tied into a large and square-shaped knot. Her purse hangs from the side, tied tightly around it.
  • Tlantli's satchel is made from a solid piece of crudely cured leather, dyed a now-faded red color. It's large enough to hold several containers of dried plants, and closes with a set of carved wooden buttons hidden under the flap.
  • The upper portion of an Optime wolf skull; this is worn over Tlantli's right shoulder in public where displaying the Hand of Eris would be considered improper. A bit like an impromptu pauldron.
  • Bearpaws. That is all.
Mortar and pestlePelts


  • Mortar and pestle.
  • A few pelts.
  • Psilocybin mushrooms, stolen from Isle Haute of Salsola.

2.  Appearance

Sizing Chart





49 lbs
(22 kg)

23 in
(58 cm)


160 lbs
(73 kg)

36 in
(94 cm)


167 lbs
(76 kg)

5ft 6in (66 in)
(169 cm)

Prefers Optime form.

2.1  Forms

Lineart by The Sei Hound

Art by Alaine

Art by Nat

Art by Kitty

Art by Sie


Tlantli is, first and foremost, a coyote. Though she is logically classified as a coywolf, Tlantli's features do not give away this fact, and her shape and size adhere to normal coyote standards. Her ears are large, her muzzle is petite and angular, and her coat is short. She boasts an even golden color to her fur and seems to have very little in the way of color dimorphism; the underside of her jaws and chest are a subtle shade lighter, but this is all that naturally breaks up her coat. This form is used by Tlantli for hunting purposes, rather than for travel or day-to-day living.


A form ever so rarely seen when it comes to Tlantli Kimaris, her Secui body is built lean and powerful. Like any of her forms, the coyote's halfling body is athletic and toned, with muscular limbs and a thick neck. Her stance is very even, low to the ground but quite flat, as opposed to her shoulders or hips being higher or lower than the rest of the body.


Her favored form, due to cultural differences in Eterne, is small in comparison to her brothers and other hybrids. Unlike her twiggy sister, Tlantli is athletic, and she has no trouble besting significantly larger Luperci. Despite her small stature, her legs are long and well muscled, meant for running long distances or climbing. In this form, she holds all of her weight on her thighs to gain a ramrod-straight posture, and has a short crop of dark hair; she never lets it grow longer than the base of her skull. Her body has traditional female curves, however she does not move with the typical grace of women, taking on a much more masculine range of motion without shame.

2.2  Build & Species

Tlantli is small. Her body is built entirely in the shape of a coyote, with no hint to her wolf blood. She's athletic, unlike her twiggy sister, and has no trouble keeping up with (or beating) her brothers. Despite her small stature, her legs are long and well muscled, meant for running long distances or climbing.

2.3  Coloration

Tlantli bears simplistic coloration, expressing the usual canid features of a darker overcoat and lighter underbelly. Most of Tlantli's fur is Equator Gold, while her underside is Harvest Gold. Her eyes are Thunderbird. Her hair in Optime form is Irish Coffee.

2.4  Modifications

  • Scars:
    • The largest, and most easily noticed, is between her shoulders on her back: a thick, detailed snake with no eyes, which wraps its head around her left shoulder and its tail around her right.
    • Two smaller scars are featured between her breasts (a slender representation of a snake eating its own tail) and upon the inside of her left thigh (a thick, hollow circle with eight waved rays coming off from the center).
    • More recently, she's received the mark of Salsola: a symbol known as the Hand of Eris has been scarred into her right shoulder; this is covered in public by the upper portion of an Optime wolf's skull.
  • Other:
    • She has no body piercings, but has come to practice the filing of her canine teeth, creating sharp fangs akin to those of a snake

2.5  Accessories

3.  Personality

Tlantli Kimaris experiences a full range of emotions during proper situations, but her frequent facade is simple apathy. Her lack of appreciation for Luperci life causes her to feel little in regards to others outside of Eterne; she doesn't desire to make friends, rather than sit with the familiar. She sees the world as a flat object populated with small grains of sand that will eventually be washed away to leave only her home. Though she holds no real love for Eterne itself, she does concern herself with the Kimaris legacy and spreading it across the globe; the fact that she, being female, can't participate in 'ehecatl' leaves her bitter.

Headstrong and independent, she can be seen as a bit of a feminist, due to the female-dominance found within Eterne. She regards males at a slightly lower level than herself, particularly if they have a significant amount of wolf blood in them. While not outwardly hateful or disgusted by wolves, she does hold a clear bias against them, feeling they're uneducated and of lesser blood than her coyote lines. Not indoctrinated to the Eternian religion, she finds herself to be a bit of a theologian, curious about the religions of other cultures.

  • Fears: haaaaarp
  • Motivations:
    • Kimaris family protection and propagation
  • Traits
    • harp
  • Alignment: Tlantli is lawful neutral evil -- that is, lol information

3.1  Demeanor


3.2  Outlook

Primarily optimistic, extroverted, dominant.

3.3  Ideals


  • Species: Coyote supremacist.
  • Non-Luperci: Thinks they are weak and silly.


Bisexual with heterosexual preferences.




Though Tlantli is not an in-depth follower of Atotoztli, she still retains knowledge of certain practices and beliefs. Out of her siblings, she is far more religious and adheres to certain policies found within Eternian culture. The most prominent is her practice of Tecocol, or ritualistic scarification; she believes, like the Atotoztli, that scarring images into the skin helps purify her blood. She also takes away a general distaste for wolves, but not outright disgust or hatred due to her own status as a hybrid.

4.  Relationships



Her nephew.


Her "niece" by virtue of her "sisterhood" with Eris. Taught Salvia Spanish.



Harp darp harp

Various Minor Aquaintences

Selene, Naniko, Alaki, Jackson, Theodore, Itachi, Giuseppe, Panda, Demi, Bangle, Bastion, Janos, Samael, Mysterious, Rio, Magnolia, Barrett, Zera'im, Pandemic



Harp darp harp

4.1  Key Relations

Eris Eternity


While Eris Eternity is not related to Tlantli through blood, she still feels a kinship with Eris based off of the hybrid's life in Eterne. This causes her to refer to Eris as her 'sister' or 'cousin', which would have been partially true were Eris to remain as Astaroth's daughter. Her feeling of family ties extends to Eris' children, but not to Larkspur D'Angelo, and she will refer to them as her nieces and nephews when asked.


Later, Tlantli felt betrayed by Eris: she was demoted lower than Itachi, who was equal in rank and also demoted, from her former seat of The Crone. After recruiting two and gaining a made, did not re-take even the Confidant rank -- this fueled her feeling of betrayal further. She also became less willing to overlook Eris's weaknesses, etc.

4.2  Groups


Respect for Salsola and its structure. Dislike for leadership as she left it (Sirius Revlis and Eris Eternity).

Eterne / Kimaris Family

Eterne and the Kimaris are the only reason Tlantli's living, yo.

4.3  Family

Despite many of her family members in 'Souls being parts of other various families, Tlantli is a member of only the Kimaris family, a fact she is very proud of. Due to the death of her father in her early years, she considers half-siblings to be more like aunts and uncles rather than siblings, as she was raised by Metetztli. This is not, however, reflected in the structure of the list. Only immediate relatives are listed below as her family, while other members are listed in the ancestry tree to the right.

Immediate Family

Extended Family

5.  History

5.1  Timeline

Tlantli was born alongside of two brothers and a sister on November the second of 2009, to Mantus and Nahualli Kimaris. Under Eternian birth-order, Mantus saw promise in his two even-born males, Imacai and Miqui; he insisted they were not to be concerned with religion, and were to be trained only in Ehecatl journies. This declaration caused a rift between Mantus and his son, Baphomet.

Mantus came to his end in February of 2010. Their half-brother, Metetzli, suspected that Baphomet played a part in the death of their father. However, Mantus was an old man, and there was no clear evidence to determine this. Too young to form her own opinions, Tlantli ignored the fact, accepting the absence of Mantus.

The four children were raised by Metetzli, knowing that they are his half-siblings, and treat him as their father. Baphomet was excluded from their lives, much to his displeasure, and Metetzli tried to turn his younger siblings away from religion. Dieriel, their half-sister, also helped to raise them; her reserved nature caused the children to see her as their aunt and not their mother.

Upon their seventh month, Baphomet kidnapped the eldest female, Xochime, and sold her into slavery. Only a few weeks later, he attempted to kidnap Tlantli as well, but was unsuccessful. Two months of watching warily passed before Metetzli decided to send Miqui and Imacai on their Ehecatl journies. Though an uncommon practice amongst their people, he chose to send Tlantli with them, afraid of what Baphomet might do to the trio; Dieriel's son, born in hiding and kept from the family, was also sent along to ensure his survival.

A guard was hired to escort them to Freetown, but instead they were dumped in Barbados and robbed. The trio lived on their own for several months, making their own way in the hopes of finding passage on a boat to Freetown. While Miqui and Imacai became quite successful thieves, Tlantli whored herself to the public.

Eventually, they scrounged up enough money to buy passage to Freetown. While on the land route to Souls from Freetown, they were attacked by a large and carnivorous wild cat. Imacai and Miqui were the ones to fight it off; Imacai faired better, and Miqui was left with scars from the battle. The trio managed to find themselves separated, with Tlantli and Citlali wandering on their own.

  • 25 May 2012: Arrives in Eterne.
  • 15 June 2012: BEBES AJAJFaofasfoakOAKOF

5.2  Threads

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