Gjalda (former NPC of [[Packs/Salsola]])




NPC Info

  • Date of Birth: 15 May 2007
  • Date of Death: 12 January 2017
  • Human Age 64
  • Gender: Male
  • Rank: Communal Slave
    • Job: --

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by Mel

A communal slave of Salsola, Gjalda's skills as a carpenter saw him attending to many structures within Salsola: personal projects of the members, the upkeep of various Millstone Village cottages, etc.

Despite living with limited freedoms, Gjalda was actually pretty contented as a slave in Salsola: seeing the mangled Darijus Ostroszek quashed most of his aspirations of escape. He also greatly enjoyed being able to practice his trade unmolested, and trained Tarat as an apprentice.

1.  Appearance

Gjalda was a small wolf, but this is not unusual for his breeding. He retained weight throughout his days despite its hardships and benefited from Salsola's provisions. Hardy-looking, he has few notable permanent scars -- never-mind the nicks and bruises he might occasionally endure in his line of work.

  • Size: Notably small for a wolf, Gjalda reaches only 5'-5" (165 cm) in his Optime form.
  • Build: As a result of Gjalda's work in construction and carpentry, he is well-muscled, though stout and built something like a box. He is short in all forms.
  • Features:
  • He keeps his bangs trimmed short but wears his hair long, often pulled back as to be out of the way.
  • Totally rocks a bandana.
  • Septum piercing.
  • Coloration:
    • Most of Gjalda's body is Mongoose in coloration.
    • His underside lightens to Bone.
    • His upper body is dusted with Birch.
    • His eyes are Aubergine.

2.  Personality

Prior to his enslavement, Gjalda was of middling intelligence and low aspirations. Though he possesses a hard work ethic and can be extremely motivated to finish an interesting project, he could also be lazy and prone to taking shortcuts on occasion. He didn't embrace slavery so much as he was shocked by it; he could not comprehend how he'd fall into the same trap he escaped so many years ago, and found it a cruel trick of fate he wound up in the same situation.

2.1  Skills & Abilities

  • Carpentry (Master): Gjalda was a carpenter in his old city of Istanbul.
  • Language (Master): Gjalda spoke Turkish and was of middling capability in English; otherwise, he was capable in two other languages.

2.2  Speech

Gjalda spoke Turkish, Mediterranean trader's pidgin, and was minorly capable in Arabic. His English was rather broken, and heavily accented.

2.3  Residence

Millstone Village, in the communal slave quarters.

3.  History

  • Gjalda, born Emre Kuzey, was born in Istanbul, to a single mother. She never told him who his father was, and Gjalda never thought to ask. His littermate brother died of illness when Gjalda was young, but his sister survived the same illness.
  • When Gjalda and his sister turned six months old, they went to apprentice in their trades: Gjalda became a carpenter, and his sister a scribe and architect of sorts. Gjalda excelled in his studies and spent a two and a half years under his tutor. Eventually, he surpassed his master and moving on to learn from his master's master.
  • His sister, on the other hand, was lured away from her studies by a religious cult. Gjalda's mother asked her son to retrieve his sister from the cult's base in Bucharest. Gjalda traveled to the city and found himself captured by the resident Luperci pack. He found his sister in the same fate -- the cult was no cult at all, simply a lure for the religious, used to enslave them.
  • Gjalda was taken to Amsterdam and traded to an English Luperci. Gjalda's time as a slave was short-lived, however, as the man's boat back to London sunk. Gjalda found himself back on the coast, eventually discerning he'd ended up somewhere in France. He spent some time regaining his bearing and his health, having no idea where to continue pursuing his sister.
  • After some contemplation and consideration, he decided he'd neither return back home -- the road back was perilous and he could not face his mother, having failed her task -- nor seek his sister -- he had no idea where to even begin. So it was that Gjalda worked for a time in the port of Lisbon, trading his time and skill in carpentry for whatever means he could until he could afford passage over the sea. He intended getting as far away from slavers and his mother's disappointment as possible, starting a new and simple life in a simple place where his skill would be a highly-valued commodity, and did just that.
  • He landed in Barbados and eventually made his way north to the mainland, peddling his skill wherever he went. Rather much of a nomad, Gjalda traveled to various places along the east coast, never straying further west than the Mississippi River. His travels were rather eventless, though he was sure he'd left a litter or two behind him.
  • Eventually, he stumbled upon Freetown and learned of the gathering of packs to the north. Deciding it was in his best interest to visit these groups, he headed north -- unfortunately, he hadn't left slavery entirely behind him. Miqui Kimaris and Siv Helsi captured him and brought him back to Salsola, where Siv and Eris broke him of his will and pierced him with the Salsola septum piercing.

4.  Archive


  1. diplomacy of the dead (29 January 2012)
    Gjalda is captured by Siv Helsi and Miqui Kimaris
  2. ?? (30 January 2012)
    The slaves assist Eris with gathering stones for the Salsolian fishing weir.
  3. ?? (26 February 2012)
    The slaves help build the weir.
  4. The Blackest Sea (And it Runs Deeper Than You) (22 Mar)
    Eris Eternity, Miqui Kimaris, Draugr Helsi, Gjalda, and Darijus Ostroszek help boil, fry, and eventually jar the products of a beached whale.
  5. Bloody Horse (27 June)
    Drifter Bay, with Kargek Redblade, Ataxia D'Angelo and Draugr Helsi.
  6. Curses in Your Eyes (27 June)
    Salsola, with Kargek Redblade, Ataxia D'Angelo and Draugr Helsi.


  1. Observatory Mansions (16 May)
    Salsola, with Svasra


  1. Fifteen cans of spray paint and a chemical swirl (10 Sep)
    Osrath Eternity leads the wood gathering portion of the Walipini Project, accompanied by Scorpius D'Angelo, Ondine Heiwa, Heine Kaiser, Dullahan Eternity, and Khirot Marae; Gjalda is present for his expertise.


  1. Get down with the sickness (13 Feb)
    Gjalda suffers a minor injury that he refuses to have tended to. Weaver Valentine breaks up a brief conflict between him and Heine Kaiser, and Gjalda's injury is seen to.


  1. Their heads full of mischief and their newspapers of blood (12 Jan)
    During one of the Full Moon Raids of the Second Boreas Conflict, Gjalda is killed.