Imacai Kimaris

Imacai Kimaris

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Date of BirthNovember 2 - 2009
Subspecies50% Canis latrans cagottis
25% Canis latrans ochropus
25% Canis lupus nubilus
Current packInferni
'Souls Profile

Imacai was born in Eterne, to the Kimaris family. He was a member of Inferni from February until April 2011.


  • Born to Mantus Kimaris and Nahualli Pahti-Kimaris 02 November 2009 (right after Eris was made into a slave and put in the Kimaris basementdungeon, hence why she does not remember). Mantus about shits a brick of happy since there are two even-born males; he insists that they are educated solely in Ehecatl journeys and avoids instilling them too deeply with religion. Causes rift between Baphomet and Mantus.
  • Mantus dies February 2010 (aiding in Eris's release to some extent). Metetzli suspects Baphomet had something to do with it but Mantus was kind of an old fart; no clear evidence either way.
  • Children raised as Metetzli's children to some extent. Baphomet is uninvolved with their lives; Metetzli is basically their father, although the children do know he is actually their half-brother. Relationship is more like father/children. Their aunt, Dieriel, is also involved in their life; she lives in the Kimaris household with them and helps to raise them, though she is far more reserved than Metetzli and is never seen in a motherly light by the children, more of an aunt figure.
  • When Xochime is seven months old, Baphomet kidnaps and sells her into slavery. Tlantli is nearly kidnapped a week or two after that.
  • Upon their ninth month, Miqui and Imacai are sent out on their journeys. Metetzli knows this is too early for them to actually start reproducing, but he is afraid of what Baphomet might do to other siblings. He sends Tlantli with them, an uncommon practice, and hires a guard to escort them all the way to Freetown.
  • The guard dumps them in Barbados and takes off with most of their stuff, and the children spend a few months living on their own, scratching a living on the beach and engaging in various acts to get the proper amount of barter to get on the boat. Tlantli ends up whoring herself out, Miqui and Imacai become pretty good thieves, and eventually they end up on a boat to Freetown.
  • While on the land route to Souls from Freetown, the trio gets attacked by some sort of cougar, bobcat, something. Imacai and Miqui fight it off; Imacai fairs much better than Miqui and is barely hurt. Miqui gets some kind of crazy-ass scars defending, and they get held up for a few weeks patching him up.


Imacai is a thinker and a dreamer -- he wants more than anything else to make his "father" Metetzli proud and continue the paternity of the Kimaris family, even if he is disillusioned with the place itself.



See Kimaris for extended family.


Imacai is the least colorful of his siblings; his fur is muted gold, streaked gray in places. Along his head and back, he has clear dark streaks and patches of black; his shoulders are also peppered lightly with this color. Imacai's right eye is orange-yellow eye and his left eye is red. Imacai's optime form is short and slender, and he generally keeps his hair to middling length, tousled messily around and over his head.

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