Theodore James Stone

'Theodore Stone

Theodore, by James
Name Meaning
Name Origin
Date of Birth31st October 2008
Age2 Years
Birth placeCentral America
Current packAnathema
'Souls Profile

Current Pack


Joining dateDecember 7, 2010
Joining RankDasa
Most Recent RankRakeeb

Previous Pack

West Yunik

Joining dateOctober 31, 2008
SignificanceBirth Place

Theodore Stone is the first born son of Charles Antony Stone and Elizabeth Marie Stone.

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    2.   1.2  Life in the pack
  2.   2.  Personality
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  4.   4.  Abilities, talents and skills
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  5.   5.  Appearance
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    3.   5.3  Eyes
    4.   5.4  Scars
  6.   6.  Notable Threads
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1.  Pre-'Souls History

Born somewhere in central america with lochlan to his parents.

Had a nice childhood, romping with his brother.

Gets to about six months old and his father begins to train him and his brother. also begins to mentally and physically abuse both boys

Falls in love with his brothers love interest- results in a massive fight between the two. both have the scars to prove it

Teddy leaves at just over a year old to live his life on his own; he doesn't know if loch or parents are alive. does not know about his younger siblings.

Arrives at Nove Scotia just after his second birthday!

1.1  Anathema Pack Founding

On November 27, 2010, Theodore met Naniko for the first time, insults her terribly and earns the nickname 'Piggy'.[1] He returns to Halcyon Mountain to help found Anathema that same day.[2] Three days later, he meets Tayui and tells her about Anathema.[3] The two part on amicable terms.

1.2  Life in the pack

Later, he escorts Demi to Halifax where to raid the hospital for drugs. He ends up fooling around with her.MATURE: [4]

2.  Personality

2.1  Initially

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2.2  Later

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2.3  Currently

Theodore is not a straightforward creature, but then again who is? He is a complex being with many different sides, some not even developed yet. However, there are many words you could use to describe him that would, at least, but in some ways true. As mentioned before, Teddy is a warrior. Pure and simple. From about six months of age, Teddy and his brother Lochlan were trained by their father to be well respected warriors. While Lochlan was good at the task, Theodore excelled in the subject and soon became their father's prized possession. Since leaving home, Teddy has relied heavily on his skills as a warrior to get by in life. This is his one constant and the male will return to this whenever his thoughts become clouded or he becomes confused. He will train for long hours every day and does so religiously, without fail. He enjoys the power and the control he has over the weapons he uses and is well adept at fighting in all forms. He does not have a preferred form when fighting and likes to test himself by fighting in different forms all the time. He can be aggressive, assertive and often violent in his temper. Speaking of this, Teddy appears to have a very short wick when it comes to keeping calm and is volatile in his temper.

This being said, Teddy is a good leader. He has got a sensible head on him despite his short temper and knows a lot about oraganisation and training. He seems to understand a lot about the world and likes to think that he knows best for other people. However, Teddy has a natural aversion to any and all male's and often becomes aggressive when confronted with a male who is similar to him. This stems from his father's mistreating of him when he was younger, the physical and mental abuse that both he and his brother were subject to. He doesnt trust males in general, unless they earn his respect and trust. It takes a while, but when another male has earned his trust he is loyal towards him.

Teddy is a very charming and flirtatious male, with a toal lack of morals. He will flirt with any and all females and he has no shame in doing so. He is a total charmer and in this sense cane become kind and compassionate, loving and caring. Don't be fooled however- these feelings are not real and are just a fabrication of his large sex drive. Teddy will do anything to get into a woman's knickers and is very promiscuous in this way. However, when it comes to actual love, Theodore is exceptionally guarded. He has never been in love, considering the fact that he is much a slave to lust. If he were to ever fall in love with someone, she would have to be an exceptional woman indeed.

3.  Relationships

3.1  Family

  • Parents — Elizabeth Marie and Charles Antony Stone
  • Siblings — Isabelle Jane and Henry John Stone

3.2  Name of character

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3.3  Name of character

3.4  Name of character

3.5  All Friends

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3.6  All enemies

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3.7  Love Interests

Current Mate

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Past Mates

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4.  Abilities, talents and skills

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4.1  Strengths

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4.2  Weaknesses

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5.  Appearance

There is something very mesermising about Teddy's appearance that make its hard to look away from him. In all forms he is very large, standing taller than most he meets. Both long legged and big boned, the male truely is a formidable presence to behold. Highly muscled chest and shoulders give his front end a large look and in his Secui form this impression is heightened by the longer front legs. A large head topped with sturdy ears, pointed at the tip. Large muzzle holds large teeth, well muscled legs are ended by large paws. There really is no other way to describe Teddy but large and formidable. This has probably got a large part to do with his warrior lifestyle- the hours spent training, the high protein diet from the very beginning. Teddy was born to be a warrior and he had fit these shoes very nicely.

With his mother being a nice pearly white and his father contrasting totally with a dark black, there was only one way the male could go. Pitch black fur covers the whole of his body, dark and impenetrable. A few dark wolves have smudges of brown or red in their pelts, but there is something so final about the blackness of his fur that reflects his personality. Almost every inch of his is covered in the velvety smoothness that he takes pride in. However, there are places where his mother's demanding nature comes to play. Adorably, Teddy's paws are a pure white, four perfect white socks that transform to gloved hands when in optime form. Oddly, the thinnest, purest streak of white marks the center of his forehead. The tip of his tail is also dipped in this pureness and the starkness of white on black is visually pretty. There is no doubt in anyone's mind that Theodore Stone is a very handsome male.

This is supported by the sapphire blue of his eyes. Like his pelt, the blue of his eyes is pure and unbroken by any other colour. They are beautiful in their confines and although they appear to show his inner workings and thoughts, they are very deceptive. You can search Teddy's eyes for an eternity and not know what he is thinking or feelings. He likes it just fine that way.

5.1  Luperci Forms

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  • Length

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5.2  Stature

5.3  Eyes

5.4  Scars

Teddy has a branded scar on his right shoulder than his father gave him when he was younger. It is the Japanese symbol for warrior.

6.  Notable Threads

6.1  Bleeding Souls threads

6.2  'Souls threads

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