Delphinium D'Angelo

Delphinium D'Angelo is the daughter of Wisteria D'Angelo and Aedan de Valence. She was born in Salsola where she presently resides as a youth. Her littermate is Claire de Valence. She has three half-siblings, two on her father's side: Alistair Callow-Knight and Dagr Soul and one on her mother's side: Odessa D'Angelo.

Delphinium D'Angelo

by Owl

'Souls Profile

Name Origin

Delphinium| a poisonous plant
of the angels

Date of BirthFebruary 11, 2014

25% Alaskan Tundra Wolf
25% Northern Rocky Mountain Wolf
50% Eastern Timber Wolf

Birth placeSalsola

Current Pack


Joining dateFebruary 11, 2014



  • Optime Hair: Not old enough, will be Rum Swizzle (#FAF9E6)
  • Eyes: Confetti (#CBE750).
  • Fur:
    • Rum Swizzle(#FAF9E6) main pelt color.
    • Mint julip (#F2F1C9) underneath saddle.
    • Hampton (#E2E0A3) ticking.
    • Armadillo (#423D34) nose strip.

Sizing Chart





  • Now that she has shifted, Delphine rarely uses this form. It's comfortable for her though.

90 lbs

35 in


  • She is slightly bipedal in this form, her normally neat hair becoming a jagged and thick mane.
  • Uses this for combat.

150 lbs

46 in


160 lbs

6ft 10in

  • She uses this form the most and is clothed usually in dark leather and other adornments.

Delphine has thick, pristine fur. It is primarily a shade of off white but her back is brushed lightly with a yellowish gold tinge. As a youth, her pelt is especially thick and fluffy given her good nourishment with sturdy legs and body. There is a determined set to her face, even as a child and a commonly knit brow and expression. She is not given to wiggly fits and tries to dignify her clumsy puppy paws.

As an adult, she will lose some of her thick fur, though it remains on her belly and mane. Her sturdy limbs will elongate and become almost elegant were it not for the harder lines of well earned muscle. She will grow to be tall though, like her mother. In Optime, she will stand erect, postured and subtly condescending. She lacks much of the flash and guile of her de Valence family, promising more subtle tones. Her eyes are vibrant and keen though, a bright green. They veil her true intentions, shielding any weakness that may expose her.

When she was young, her face will be very open, wide eyed and curious. Though, quickly she will grow to shield some of her outward emotions. When she becomes more aware of manipulation and the way that the world works.

Her optime hair will be loose, wavy and generally allowed down or tried back in a loose bun. She keeps her hair clean and untangled.

Clothes & Modifications

Too Young!

Will probably wear darker clothing and stiff leather to dull her striking color and provide protection. This will likely mimic some of Aedan's garb.


Delphine, still a child, will see the world with wonder in her eyes. Though, it will be clear from the start that she is more the independent of the sisters. She pines for love and caring as any child does though, especially from her father. For the most part, she keeps these wants quiet. She has an envious personality, but she is not even aware of this, but as her sister receives more attention from their father, it will begin to show itself more.

She does love her sister despite anything though, she just needs to take the time in discovering herself and her personality will develop more fully over time and in response to her experiences. She is a serious child though, a little stiff, but completely a puppy still.

As she grows, it will become clear that she has bit of hot blood under her icy exterior. When determination adds into her efforts, she can become rather feverish especially if the order is given by Aedan. She isn't afraid to lash out or of violence as a motive either. This will not exhibit itself when she's a child other then the rare petulant temper tantrum.

Though, she has an acute fear of being alone or being cast away from her pack and ultimately her father. She is driven to protect it at any reasonable cause and isn't afraid of manipulating others, especially from other packs. Especially when she's a young adult, she will hold Salsola in an elevated position, unable to be persuaded otherwise until she is older and more mature.

Traits & Ideals


  • Likes: Warmth, play fighting, family, Salsola
  • Dislikes: Cold, being ignored, sister sometimes



  • Death
  • Close, dark spaces
  • Being shunned by her family and pack


  • Aedan's approval
  • Rank Advancement
  • Power


  • Packs: Salsola is all she will ever know for some time, but she will likely share Salsola's biases.
  • Species:
  • Non-Luperci: See's them as lesser, does not fully understand yet.
  • Gender: Women are stronger (yet still under heavy father influence)
  • Color: Drawn to dark, shadowy colors.
  • Sexuality:
  • Age:


Too young!


Too young!


Too young! Will likely be highly religious like her mother, believing in the Khalif god trio.


  • Speech: Her voice is curt and sharp at times, though she generally has an air of coolness that is shown in her calm, alto voice. There is hardly ever a quaver in her voice.
  • Scent: Salsola


Key Relations

Family: D'Angelo, de Valence

Other Relations


Family Relations

Minor Relations

  • Friendly:
  • Unfriendly:
  • Sex:
  • Fights: (won)
  • Fights: (lost)
  • Murders:

Former Relations



2014 Threads


  1. and blood our cradle until the light dawns (11 February)
    Delphine and her sister Claire de Valence are born in Salsola with the aid of their half-sister Odessa D'Angelo!
  2. passed hand to hand (25 February)
    The puppies meet Loki Jade Lykoi for the first time.


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