Amelia Youngheart

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Amelia Youngheart

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Amelia Youngheart (ah-MEAL-lee-ah yung-hart) is Loner traveling with Law.

Born in late April 2023 in eastern Canada, Amelia was the youngest daughter of Athena and Russo Youngheart before tragic events saw her alone. She has stuck by Law's side ever since, and has grown quite attached to her guardian and sees him as something akin to a pseudo father-like figure. He's her hero and protector, and, even at such a young age, Amelia knows that he is the only reason why she's still alive. She only hopes that, one day, she can repay the favor.

Basic Information
Biographical Information
  • Date of Birth: Late April 2023
  • Birthplace: Eastern Canada
  • Etymology:
    • Amelia: unceasing, vigorous, brave (German)
  • Nickname: Amy
Physical Description
  • Sex: Female
  • Pronouns: She/her
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Species: Low-content Wolfdog
    • 75% Canis lupus familiaris (Dog) 1
    • 25% Canis lupus (Wolf) 2
  • Status: Loner
NPC Information
  • cNPC of: Law (08 Sep 2023 – Present)
  • NONE – Contact Songbird if you wish to make assumptions regarding this character.
Plot Opportunities
  • None at the moment!




Amelia looks as one might expect for her age. Although much more stable and agile, she's still a bit clumsy thanks to her legs and paws being thick and meaty, a telltale sign of the size she'll eventually grow to be. Her ears are also still comically large for her small head as well. Although she has started to shed the fragile roundness of a "baby," she still has the softness of a young child to her, and is adorably cute to look at and watch.


Forms: (Full-grown)

  • Lupus: 24 in (61 cm) ↔ 70 lbs (32 kg)
  • Secui: 34 in (86 cm) ↔ 120 lbs (54 kg)
  • Optime: 5 ft 8 in (68 in / 173 cm) ↔ 150 lbs (68 kg)
  • Speech: Innocent and naïve with an obvious child's voice
    • Vocalized Example: Young Aerith from Final Fantasy VII: Remake (1, 2, 3)
  • Unique Scent: Dirt, earth, and vegetation; Law, donkey
  • General Posture and Body Language: Alert but curious, friendly and open
Coloration Palette


Masala (#413e3c)
Teak (#B78C6F)
Wafer (#DACBC0)

Optime Hair

Masala (#413E3C)


Submarine (#C0C7CB)


Mine Shaft (#2A2A2A)
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Summarized: Innocent, naïve, curious, talkative and playful (after initial reservations), alert, positive/optimistic, friendly, sweet

She, like most pups, is curious and, much to Law's chagrin, can still be frustratingly innocent and pure for the terrible world that they live in. She enjoys adventure and roughhousing with Law, and hopes to one day master skills in combat much like her guardian. She is the friendlier of the two, and is decidedly sweet to his usually crass and gruff nature.

Skills & Hobbies

Note: Listed skills are those that the character has some significant talent or interest in to be noteworthy. Skills that have been mastered (and are best expressed as such) are marked.

  • None yet!



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1 75% German Shepherd, Belgian Malinois, Siberian Husky, Labrador Retriever

2 25% Common Gray Wolf

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