Liam del Morte

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Liam del Morte


by Despi

Basic Info

Full nameLiam del Morte
Date of BirthNov 15 2016
GenderMale (He/him)


Familydel Morte
SpeciesWolf hybrid
SubspeciesEastern Timberwolf & Mackenzie Valley wolf


cNPCKule del Morte



Liam is the second son of the late Wolfram and Tori del Morte, younger brother to Silas del Morte in the once non-Luperci branch of their family. He currently resides in New Caledonia in the Aear rank as a Dragoon, Merchant and Brewmaster. He is mated to and lives with Kule del Morte.

Once a non-Luperci, Liam evolved into an expert merchant, passionate cavalier and shellshocked soldier. Though he has found much of what he was looking for in Nova Scotia, his mate and brother among them, this strange new land is more than he bargained for. Though the story continues to advance, it's a crooked rhyme left unfinished thus far.

Pack History

New Caledonia

Duration: 28 November 2021 – Present
Residence: The City Square, New Caledonia, Othas District, Residence 2
Ranks: Aear (3 March 2022 - Present)
  • Commoner (28 November 2021 - 1 January 2022)
  • Privileged (1 January 2022 - 1 February 2022)
  • Distinguished (1 February - 1 March 2022)
Co-Ranks: Dragon (III), Merchant (II), Brewmaster (II)

OOC Info

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Plot Opportunity

  • Liam came from Portland to trade with other canines. He can trade alcohol, meat (and other animal products like furs), pawmade arrows, and other odds and ends he has picked up in his travels. If you/your character is interested in trading, let me know.

OOC Assumptions

New Caledonia members may assume and reference the following without discussion/asking:

  • Seeing Liam brewing alcohol, hunting with his bow, fishing, skinning or tanning, etc. Just performing any of his skills
  • Talking to/walking with Kule del Morte.



The del Morte family is most usually taller and more lean or muscular. Liam is no exception to this. He is quite tall from his family's genetics and is muscular as well. This is from transporting goods for trading, working sometimes as a longshoreman and also from archery. Archery has caused his arms to be especially muscled.

He prefers his Optime form over his Lupus form. In it, he has brown hair styled into a mohawk that he keeps cut shorter. He avoids growing it out, as he prefers his hair to be out of the way during trading and other activities, but long enough to have an alluring look to add to his charisma for selling. During the siege, it had grown out somewhat however. It has begun to curl at the ends. He may or may not stick with this new length.

He wraps each of his limbs in white bandages and had pierced his ears to hold gold earrings. However, half of his left ear was torn off by a mercenary during a war for New Caledonia, so he can only wear earrings in his right ear now.

He has two sets of scars, one set over his heart and one along his arms. These are both a result of the attack when he was a pup, having them last this long. Most recently, he has a horizontal scar laying across the bridge of his muzzle from the war.

His unique mixture of earthy colors helps him to pop out among any crowd. His fur is predominantly coffee brown, with the tip of his tail and his underbelly being grayer.

  • Speech: Persuasive, laidback, confident
  • Scent: New Caledonia (Salt, ocean, leather, pine, earth, natural dyes, horse.), alcohol.
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.: Gesticulates with his hands often when he speaks. Absentmindedly adjusts his bandages.
  • General Posture and Body Language: Usually assumes a more confident and friendly disposition.


By Despi

Color Palette


Irish Coffee (#573922)
Walnut (#6e401e)
Zorba (#a29387)
Yellow Metal (#7c5b3a)
Potter's Clay (#8d6132)


Fawn (#6d5139)

Nose, Skin, Paw Pads

Marshland (#2c2c2b)


38 in (96.5 cm)


46 in (122 cm)


7 ft (84 in / 213 cm)



by Kiri

Summary: Optimistic, determined, charismatic, brave, friendly, loyal, talkative, bleeding heart, impulsive, coarse, unstable

Life is a glass half full, if you ask Liam, and there are plenty of opportunities to work to overflow that cup. He is optimistic, and tends to be less swayed by pessimism and nihilism. While he does not always assume the best in others, and can be paranoid about unknown intentions, he is realistic about expectations, and has the will and determination to improve the outcome of most situations.

He is extremely charismatic, often using a silver tongue to haggle or persuade others. He does not keep to corners and is not softly spoken. He is quite brave and amiable, and is unafraid to put himself out there to meet others as an extrovert. He shares much empathy for those around him, and this often is most focused on those that are down on their luck... Or also grieving for someone missing from their life. He is focused when he trades, but is not cruel with his career, and is resolutely loyal to those he loves. He has quite the moral compass (for now), and rarely approves of underhanded actions and intentions that hurt others. His heart hurts too much when he sees others suffering, and greatly dislikes being the cause for that.

Liam is relaxed and laidback. He was energetic when he was a pup, but through the years he has been alive, he has mellowed out. He takes it easy when he can, avoids neglecting himself, and values his free time. Despite being an extrovert that is the life of the party, he likes to decompress eventually, and can be seen meditating among quieter spaces.


Dabbler -> Journeyman -> Master

  • Trading and bartering: Master
    • Liam has been trained in the ways of trading by the Luperci branch of his family since he was taken in by them. He had a natural talent for it given the charisma he has innately. He can haggle and persuade for deals that most would not bother for or think about.
  • Archery and hunting: Journeyman
    • In order to procure things to sell, Liam has taken up the skill of archery. While he could just use his claws and teeth to hunt, Liam dislikes close combat and being in his Secui and Lupus forms, so he prefers long-range killing. By extension, he is quite good at cleaning, skinning and tanning and trades the resulting leather and furs. Finally, he has a more minor skill in crafting arrows and will trade them from his quiver for other goods.
  • Alcohol brewing: Master
    • Another skill he picked up to create trading goods, Liam has developed this skill quite well. He has a greater knack for it than archery even. He makes the most of beer and mead since this takes less time, but he favors brewing wine and spirits like moonshine and vodka.
  • Cooking: Dabbler
    • He has a taste for the finer things in life. He usually cooks the game he shoots with his bow and will sometimes take odd jobs as a chef. He will create jerky and salt meats for longer shelf lives during travel as well.
  • Heavy lifting: Journeyman
    • Being a trader means carrying your own stuff. He has grown quite physically fit from carrying everything, especially the liquid from brewing alcohol.
  • Fishing: Dabbler
    • This is a lesser skill compared to hunting for Liam, but he knows enough to hook a small amount of fish for trading and cooking. He definitely likes the taste of red meat more so he has prioritized shooting red meat. However, enough canines have traded for his fish that he has caught and he does not totally turn his nose up at the leftover, so he has maintained this skill.
  • Horseback riding & combat: Journeyman
    • Since obtaining his horse Lili, Liam has been hard at work training to become a better dragoon for his pack.
  • Multilingual: Master
    • As part of his upbringing to become a trader, Liam had to learn many languages to conduct business with more canines. The languages he is most fluent in are English, Spanish, French, and German. He is learning Toki Pona as a dabbler.


  • Phobias: Liam has a fear of knives that goes down to his very bones. His memory is damaged and fuzzy around the time of his parents' deaths, but his body has not forgotten. He responds physically to the appearance of knives, including heart palpitations and sweating.
  • Psychosis: Like his fear of knives, this issue has been plaguing him since puphood. He will suffer from hallucinations that often involve visualizations of himself bleeding, tactile sensations of him growing cold and freezing up, seeing his loved ones killed while fighting for him and more. He rarely experiences significant delusions but this could change with any growing onset of this condition. However, episodes can sometimes cause him to shift absentmindedly into his Lupus or Secui forms as his mind recalls when he was not a Luperci.
  • Alcoholism: While he started brewing alcohol for the purpose of creating goods to trade, Liam has had to drink the leftovers that he has not managed to trade away pretty often in the past and present. As a result, it has become a habit that significantly affects him. He is functional enough while drunk, but his inebriation can cause him to be a little reckless with his impulses.
  • Close combat: Due to his past trauma, Liam dislikes close combat, which is part of why he prefers archery. When he is caught up in a close quarters fight, he can hold his own for a few moments against opponents that are not too much bigger than he is, but he does not always last due to his hesitation.
  • Mercy: Liam has a good heart. He will spare canines even when there is a high likelihood they could come after him again. He refuses to kill and reserves this for when the lives of his loved ones are concerned... In which case, he will not hold back due to his extreme loyalty. Otherwise, he will talk things out and will not kill others at all costs.
by Nicolas



  • Emotional Disposition: Amiable and warm. He can make friends with most anyone.
  • Sociability: Ambivert. Mostly extroverted, but sometimes needs time to himself.
  • Alignment: Neutral good.


  • Packs: New Caledonia is Liam's favorite as a member of the pack. He is loyal to his pack and has fought to defend it, putting his tears and blood into keeping his pack-mates safe. He respects Del Cenere Gang and Casa di Cavalieri, but favors Salsola much more, as it is his brother's pack.
  • Species: Liam believes wolves are the best of all. His family are (mostly) wolves, and they taught him everything he knows. He does not hate any species.
  • Non-Luperci: Being a Luperci is much better than not being one. His Optime form is what he is in most of the time. He has complicated feelings about being Luperci, however, due to how it was forced on him through tragedy.
  • Gender: Liam has a subconscious bias that males are stronger than females, and that females are smarter than males.

Familial Relationships


Italics indicates an unknown relationship; they may be offboard or they don't know that they are actually related.
* indicates character does not know this person by name.
Strikethrough indicates dead character.


  • Parents:
    • iam doesn't remember a whole lot about them given the short time they were able to spend together before their murder at the hands of Rabenuhr attackers. What he does remember is their gentle and caring nature, and their determination to defend him with their lives before being left to die alone.
  • Siblings:
    • Silas was the one thing that kept him going aside from his work in the trade business. He had a great desire to find the older sibling he had been told so much about when he was growing up with his family, only to have been kidnapped before he was even born. Now that he knows he's in Salsola, Liam's admiration for him has returned and he wishes to visit often as he can.

Other Relations


  • Kule del Morte: is Liam's mate. From the beginning, they were close despite the initial language barrier. Kule only knew Toki Pona at the time. Kule had assumed that Liam and them were mates early on, but Liam was unsure how to feel about such a commitment. He soon warmed up to them, however, and was surprised to find himself growing quite obsessed and protective over them. They married during a time of siege on their pack, a symbol of how dedicated they are to each other now. Kule did not understand the concept of marriage at first, but is now beginning to see it as a lifelong commitment, another step in their mateship.


  • [[Characters/Name]: Relation

Minor Relations

  • Enemies: Tears of Nin, Eyes of Omni, Ghosts of the North
  • Murders: Alanis Longriver
  • Significant Negative Acquaintances:

Past Relations:

Home, Trade, & Inventory


The Cottage

A quaint cottage, it is one of the smaller stone houses in the square, complete with dusty green shudders and mismatched stones. The kitchen is modestly stocked, and the front room is equipped with a ratty couch and fireplace that are serviceable for entertaining guests. The two back rooms have been established as sleeping quarters.


What he's offering:

  • Alcohol
  • Arrows
  • Meats
  • Pelts
  • Fish
  • Services transporting things over long and short distances, (mostly goods, sometimes other Luperci, animals and letters)
  • Odds and ends
  • Make a request? He's a skilled merchant, so he can often find what's asked for

What he wants:

  • Blank books and writing supplies
  • Jewelry
  • Drugs (shrooms, opium, weed etc.)
  • Another high speech capable bird of any type (to replace his last one)



by Nic


  • Name: Kule del Morte.
    • Meaning: Colorful Gift (Toki Pona).
    • Pronunciation: (k-UU-ley)
  • Gender: Non-binary (they/them only).
  • Sex': Female (never she/her).
  • Species: Coywolf.
  • D.O.B.: 27 May 2019.
  • Onboard?: Yes


  • Appearance: Vibrant purple eyes. Small size, dark brown pelt with lighter, ashier tan underbelly and paws. Braids their Optime hair often; if not braided, it is very fluffy and untamed.
  • Personality: Traditional, naturalistic, cautious, curious, skeptical, loyal, focused, unbiased, respectful, nosy, hypocritical morally, secretive.
  • Skills: Low speech (mostly corvid), bilingual (Toki Pona and English), hunting, unarmed fighting, shifting, dagger combat, reading and writing, charismatic.


  • Kule comes from a scattering collective of packs called 'Kulupu'.
  • Kule was born to a litter of three. They were never particularly close to their siblings, but tolerated them and didn't fight much with them.
  • Although they loved their family, there comes a time in every canine's life when they must leave their family and try to make their own.
  • For this reason, Kule wandered. Although their primary goal was instinctual (reproduce), Kule did not feel particularly hurried to fulfill this.
  • Then they met Liam del Morte, and everything changed.


by somebody, probably


  • Name: Lil Boy.
    • Meaning: He is a littol boy.
    • Pronunciation: (Lil boi)
  • Gender: Male
  • Species: Palamino horse
  • D.O.B.: Est. 2016 or '17
  • Onboard?: Yes


  • Appearance: Lil' Boy is a golden coated horse with a light and fluffy mane.
  • Personality: He's very sweet and affectionate.
  • Skills: Pulling carts and etc., just a pack animal in general.


  • Obtained by Toraberā Tanaka by stealing him from merchant loners.
  • Traded to Liam for drugs, jewelry, etc.


by somebody, probably


  • Name: Lili
    • Meaning: Toki Pona for 'little'. Meant to be an ironic name given her large size.
    • Pronunciation: (Lee-lee)
  • Gender: Female
  • Species: Shire horse
  • D.O.B.: Unknown month and day in 2016
  • Onboard?: Yes


  • Appearance: Lili is a large, black horse with minimal white markings.
  • Personality: She is calm and coolheaded. She trusts Liam (and Kule to an extent) but rarely trusts others aside from that, however. She can grow aggressive and lash out if cornered by strangers she perceives to be threatening.
  • Skills: Riding horse, warhorse, endurance.


  • Liam received Lili in a trade with a coydog named Anwen between DCG and NC borders.



Hailing from Portland, Liam arrived in Nova Scotia on a trading trip, in search of his long lost brother.

More details

Liam is the second son of the late Wolfram and Tori del Morte, younger brother to Silas del Morte. Shortly after he was born, a couple of strangers turned up their home, threatening his parents to act as if they were happy and content raising their new son. Complying with the strangers threats, this was a ploy used to convince Silas that he was forgotten about by his family. Once the charade was over, the strangers fought to murder the family.

Liam had been greatly injured, his parents fighting hard to protect him before meeting their end. Believing them all to be dead, the strangers left. The mixture of his own blood and blood from the strangers caused little Liam to catch the luperci virus. He was found later by other members of his family, his wounds treated, and surviving the attack.

Liam was raised by the rest of his family, growing used to his low-legged form as he became six months of age. When he became old enough to travel, he set out with members of the luperci branch of his family to Portland, observing and learning trading tactics from them. In his time at home, he had been told about his older brother, whom had been kidnapped before he was born. Believing his brother to be alive somewhere, he has spent his time living in Portland, assisting his extended family with trading while trying to gather information about Silas' whereabouts.

Once old enough, he was allowed to travel out farther with a couple family members to Nova Scotia. When he arrived in Freetown with them, he separated from them as he was swept up in the spirit of adventure in a strange new land.

He has met many new canines, one of which being Kule Pana. Kule was originally a non-Luperci when they first met, but after a certain encounter with them, Liam has turned Kule on accident. They assumed they were mated, so now Liam and Kule are growing used to each other and to the concept of mateship with each other.

Along the way, they met Concepta Driscoll, an upper class girl from Dublin. She was abandoned by those that took her to Nova Scotia by ship and begged Kule and Liam for help, for she would not survive the coming winter alone. Taking pity on the girl, they took her to New Caledonia where the three of them joined the pack as official members. They were met with unexpected chaos and uncertainty within the pack and faced the closing of the borders in the face of an impending war.

On-board History Summary


October 2021

  • Joins the game as a character

November 2021

  • Meets Kule, his current mate
  • Meets Concepta Driscoll, takes her to the nearest pack with Kule
  • Joins New Caledonia, his current pack

December 2021

  • Obtains Lili, his horse
  • Interviews Delphine La Weir, a youth lured away from the pack by unknown strangers
  • Attends pack-meeting to discuss strange happenings
  • Travels to Del Cenere Gang, meets Peony Braithwaite, exchanges information about present situation


January 2022

February 2022

  • Licks his wounds maybe? Some more co-ranks too IDK I'm not really keeping track of the dates of his co-ranks

March 2022

  • Joins the nobility as an Aear
  • Leaves on a travelling trip to visit his brother, Silas