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• Notable Events: Inferni-Salsola War [1]
August 2017
Newly shifted, Kamari begins to explore the Kingdom like she never did before. She begins learning how to use the bow like her father, and starts learning ways to defend herself as she is taken under Jaegermeister Scorpius D'Angelo’s guidance. With her growing confidence too, she interacts more with the highborn Salsolans.
  1. I’m having fun; don’t put me down (01 Aug) – Amherst
    Kamari heads to Amherst to try to help clean up part of the pack’s new claim in their portion of the city. She is found and aided by Confidant Helena Troy Lykoi.
  2. Nothin’ but a couple of bottles of piss and vinegar (06 Aug) – Salsola (Blackwoods)
    After stealing one of her father’s knives, Kamari practices using it, however, after accidentally cutting Associate Lace Valentine’s pants, Kamari receives an impromptu lesson in how to properly wield the weapon.
    • Training: Knife
  3. All around the mulberry bush (07 Aug) – Millstone Village
    Wanting to give a present to her mother, Kamari sets out to find some berries. She is accosted by Family member Coaxoch and his younger sibling, Bambino Dirge Trombetta-Ulrich, a meeting which results in Coaxoch and Kamari trading barbed words.
  4. Growing a little older (12 Aug) – The Ruins (Loki’s home)
    While out playing with her cat companions, Kamari finds Arbiter Stjarna Helsi making soap and asks her about the process.
  5. [M] Then it all goes a blur, let instinct take flight (19 Aug) – Salsola (Lake Ligeia)
    Kamari stumbles upon Jagermeister Scorpius D'Angelo and Tradesman Vesta sparring, and receives an impromptu lesson herself.
    • Training: Hand-to-hand, knife
September 2017
Nothing notable happens this month.
  1. Dust and gold (04 Sept) – The Ruins (Lokr’s home)
    Kamari goes to her mentor’s home to receive her lesson for the day, only to find Lokr absent and his daughter, Arbiter Elphaba Revlis, present instead.
  2. I try twice as hard and I'm half as liked (10 Sept) – Salsola (Barbed Wire Fence)
    While out scavenging, Kamari formally meets Warden O'Riley Eternity, and the two are distracted as they hunt down a mysterious figure which turns out to just be the Old Mare.
October 2017
Wanting to bring honor to her lowborn family, Kamari musters up the courage to take her Cueponi Riddle to prove her worth as a Salsolan. Not days later, the pack goes to war with their ally, Inferni. With the help of O'Riley Eternity, Kamari is able to complete her riddle, thus starting the beginnings of their partnership and leading her down the road of espionage. Though strictly forbidden by her father from leaving the safety of the Kingdom, Kamari manages to sneak out when she able, eager to help in whatever ways she can. She obtains her first friend in the Kingdom: Krios Heiwa.
  1. I feel a little foolish, am I floating? (01 Oct) – The Ruins (Loki’s home)
    On the advice of her father, Kamari goes to Crone Loki Helsi and request that he teach her how to be more masculine so that she may hide her feminine nature and mannerisms when outside of the Kingdom.
  2. It's only in your head you feel left out or looked down on (02 Oct) – The Ruins (Salvia’s home)
    Finally ready, Kamari seeks out Boss Salvia Eternity to receive her Cueponi Riddle.
  3. Soldiers of the fallen land (Early Oct) – Salsola (Stone Ship)
    The Kingdom is called together and they are informed that they are officially at war with Inferni.
  4. This our last soirée (Early Oct) – Salsola (Fishery)
    Kamari and her father help set up a triage project led by Confidant Serene Eternity. They are aided by Jagermeister Scorpius D'Angelo, Tradesman Vesta, and Communal Slaves Corrine Pauva and Darijus Ostroszek.
  5. If you want it, you take it (09 Oct) – Salsola (Pine Barrens)
    Kamari is met with a dilemma upon solving her Cueponi riddle, only to be unable to figure out a way to present it before the Boss. Warden O'Riley Eternity offers a risky idea; go to Inferni’s skull-lined borders.
  1. (RO) When the lights go up, you'll understand (09 Oct) – Inferni (Border)
    After splitting up from O’Riley, Kamari makes it to Inferni’s border where she steals one of their painted wolf skulls. She narrowly escapes two Infernian scouts.
  2. Makes you stop your hand again at turning the page (10 Oct) – The Ruins (Salvia’s home).
    Kamari returns to Boss Salvia Eternity with the answer to her Cueponi Riddle; an Infernian wolf skull.
  3. Flights of angels (Mid-Oct) – Drifter Bay
    Kamari discovers Confidant Duncan de le Poer and his feline companion, Conor, killing ravens and decides to help him.
  4. On the bated breath of those undying (19 Oct) – The Ruins
    While searching for ways to test her archery skills, Kamari finds and formally meets Krios Heiwa for the first time. They shoot some arrows before Krios asks if she wants to be friends with him. Kamari agrees.
  5. Before the storm (Mid-Oct) – The Ruins (Scorpius’ home)
    In the midst of playing a game with her cats, Kamari wanders upon Jagermeister Scorpius D'Angelo’s horses and receives her first lesson about the animals.
November 2017
Salsola makes a tactical and destructive attack on the heart of Inferni. Kamari participates in this final assault, aiding in the burning of the D'Neville Mansion. Weeks later, Inferni formally surrenders to the Thistle Kingdom.
  1. It destroys responsibility and consequences (08 Nov) – D'Neville Mansion
    In an act to put a stop to the war, Kamari is enlisted in a special infiltration mission in which they burn down one of Inferni’s housing locations, the D’Neville Mansion. The mission is led by Henchman O'Riley Eternity and Arbiter Elphaba Revlis, and other mission participants include Confidants Brocade Valentine and Khael Lykoi. Kamari locks and sets fire to the stable. She is accosted by an Infernian, but she is quickly aided by Khael before the Salsolan team escapes.
  2. forces pulling from the center of the earth again (26 Nov) – Salsola (Stone Ship)
    Salsola is declared the victor of the Infernian-Salsolan war, however, their Lord Commander, Lokr Revlis, is name a traitor and Pentiti before the Kingdom and Elphaba Revlis rises to Hierophant.
December 2017
With the war behind them, things start to settle to more or less normal within the Kingdom again. Kamari continues to help her father provide for their family, but also begins strengthening her skills in the field of scouting and espionage. Under Tradesman Vesta's guidance, Kamari helps escort a Salsolan trade caravan to Portland.
  1. You're always riding in the back seat (01 Dec) – Salsola
    Kamari and Tradesman Krios Heiwa are patrolling the borders when they find someone caught in one of the traps. After a brief interrogation, they realize that the trespassing Outsider could be a threat to the Kingdom, and the two decide to kill her. Krios dispatches the trespasser with a well-placed arrow.
  2. [M] I never miss a beat, I'm lightning on my feet (02 Dec) – Salsola (Blackwoods)
    Kamari and Shield Apprentice Idrieus Eternity go on a night patrol together where they find two trespassing Outsiders. Idrieus gives them a chance to leave, however, when they resist, the two Salsolans are forced to resort to violence to give them a little more persuasion.
    • Fight
    • Kill: Jakob (NPC)
  3. I'm dancing on my own, I make the moves up as I go (Late Dec) – Drifter Bay
    While exploring Inferni’s newly-abandoned territory, Kamari is discovered by another jackal, Avinalora, whom she pries for information about her pack, Anathema.
    • Spy

• Notable Events: Strange Flora
January 2018
Nothing notable happens this month.
  1. And fall upon us all (January) – Millstone Village
    Kamari is woken up in the middle of the night by her brother, Bambino Kamil Kaiser, and the two discuss their family’s placement in the Kingdom.
  2. We make a life by what we give (January) – The Ruins (Feasting Hall)
    Kamari attends her first Last Supper.
  3. Like passing notes in secrecy (January) – Salsola (Borders)
    Kamari asks for Henchman O'Riley Eternity’s help, and the two consider how to communicate in code.
    • Spy
  4. She of the spear stands present (January) – Salsola
    While playing a game with her cats, Kamari finds Confidant Khael Mwinyi Lykoi practicing with her spear and asks about it.
February 2018
Nothing notable happens this month.
  1. Wild thing (08 Feb) – The Ruins (Scorpius’ home)
    With the help of Jagermeister Scorpius D'Angelo, Kamari practices her horse-riding skills on a young stallion she and Tradesman Vesta obtained from their escort trip to Portland back in December.
  2. [M] You've been going round, going round, going round (Mid-Feb) – Amherst (Biff's Bar)
    Warden Krios Heiwa takes Kamari to a bar in Amherst, where they end up fighting off an angry pair of Luperci with their sights set on Krios.
  3. Depeche (February) – Salsola (Pine Barrens)
    Kamari misreads a gift given by Warden Krios Heiwa and a heated argument breaks out between them. Hierophant Elphaba Revlis puts an end to it.
March 2018
In a political move, Heirophant Elphaba, publicly recognizes Arbiter Krios as her half-brother, and names him a Revlis. In doing so though, she also betroths him and Kamari, a life-altering decision that neither of them saw coming.
  1. Blood & wine, forever mine (06 Mar) – The Ruins (Feasting Hall).
    Another Last Supper is held. Arbiter Krios Heiwa is named a Revlis...and Kamari is named his betrothed.
  2. Find out games you don't wanna play (07 Mar) – The Ruins (Scorpius’ home)
    Distraught over the previous day’s announcement, Kamari's father takes her to Jagermeister Scorpius D'Angelo and asks the Jaegermeister to help them. Tradesman Vesta and Confidant Serene Eternity are also present during the secretive meeting.
  3. Is this what you wanted? (10 Mar) – Salsola (Great Falls)
    Arbiter Krios Revlis finds Kamari, and the two tensely discuss their new predicament.
  4. In that rich earth a richer dust concealed (15 Mar) – Salsola (Apple Orchard).
    Kamari engages in another training session with Tradesman Vesta as her sparring partner and Jagermeister Scorpius D'Angelo to monitor her progress.
  5. Tripping in the world could be dangerous (16 Mar) – Wabanaki Coast
    While out on her first, solo-trading trip, Kamari is met by a mongrel dog, Oscar Morelli, whom she discovers is from Krokar and later trades with him as well.
    • Spy
  6. You were standing in the wake of devastation (March) – Amherst (Biff's Bar)
    While at the bar, Kamari finds an Infernian, Ichabod Bertram, and she pries information from him about the Clan, their views on the war, and tries to learn of where they have moved to.
    • Spy
April 2018
Nothing notable happens this month.
  1. [M] An epoxy to the world and the vision we've lost (April) – Amherst (Biff's Bar)
    Kamari finds a familiar face, Avinalora, at the bar, and learns of the destruction of Anathema and the rise of the Loner group, The Circle of Ravenshadow.
    • Spy
  2. A girl can bring her family great honor in one way (08 Apr) – The Ruins (Heiwa Home)
    Kamari is invited over to the Heiwa household as a guest of her berothed, Arbiter Krios Revlis, to eat dinner with them and formally meet his mother and grandmother.
  3. Futures encased in concrete miseries (April) – The Ruins
    Arbiter Krios Revlis and Kamari search for a house to share together.
May 2018
Nothing notable happens this month.
  1. (RO) Nurture and prepare you for the road you've taken (01 May) – Salsola (Border)
    Heine Kaiser returns home late from one of his trading trips to Portland, bringing with him a gift for Kamari: her own horse.
  2. The law of the jungle 06 May) – Salsola (Stone Ship).
    The Kingdom is summoned to a meeting where things take a quick and twisting turn as Heirophant Elphaba and Shield Apprentice O'Riley attempt to overthrow the Boss, Salvia.
  3. from the midnight sun where the hot springs blow (07 May) – Salsola (Blackwoods)
    Kamari happens upon an injured Family member, Etoile Montgomery, and the two engage in a light spar.
  4. Hit the wall until you feel it no more (08 May) – Salsola (Training Grounds)
    Kamari formally meets Family member, Kaeli Blacksun, and the two have an impromptu sparring lesson.
  5. Of pith and might and muscle (09 May) – The Ruins (Scorpius’ home)
    Kamari introduces her new horse to Jagermeister Scorpius D'Angelo and Tradesman Vesta.
  6. Je ne sais quoi (10 May) – The Ruins (Helena’s home)
    Kamari goes to Warden Helena Troy Lykoi’s home in one of many lessons in writing in French.
  7. [M] Trusting men is like trusting water in a sieve (23 May) – Salsola
    Warden Khael Mwinyi Lykoi finds Kamari and asks her about her betrothed, offering to give her advice in how to tame men.
June 2018
Nothing notable happens this month.
  1. I understood then the hunger I felt (02 Jun) – Millstone Village (Kaiser home), with Elphaba Revlis.
    Elphaba pays Kamari a visit after her parents leave for Portland, and the two discuss Kamari’s betrothal among other things.
  2. We got nothin' but time (03 Jun) – Salsola (Pine Barrens), with Krios Revlis.
    Kamari and Krios engage in a friendly archery competition to practice their skills.
  3. Can't be sure when they've hit their mark (05 Jun) – Salsola (Ediling Ravine), with O'Riley Eternity.
    O’Riley and Kamari have a casual conversation, and O’Riley gives Kamari her first mission as her Erilaz.
  4. Mission Top Secret, destination unknown (11 Jun) – Broken Occident (Fundy Crossing), with Saga D'Angelo.
    After scoping out the new landmass, Kamari crosses the landbridge with the company of Saga, whom she discovers, is from a newly formed pack in the area.
    • Spy
  5. And when that sun goes down, hope you raise your cup (17 Jun) – Amherst (Biff's Bar), with Kalypso Savoy.
    On her return to Salsola, Kamari stops at the bar and tries to weasel information out of a patron whom she discovers is a member of Cour des Miracles.
    • Spy
July 2018
  1. (RO) Every time I turn around, I'm back down to one (01 Jul) – Millstone Village (Mirte’s home), with Mirte Haumann (pNPC).
    Sent on a mission to spy on Mirte by Helena, Kamari engages in her first mission to dupe a packmate into giving her information without their realization.
    • Spy
  2. Reporting in (02 Jul) – The Ruins (Helena’s home), with Helena Troy Lykoi.
    Kamari returns to Helena with what she has gathered about Mirte Haumann.
    • Spy
  3. [M] Even you can't be caught unawares (06 Jul) – Isthmus of Chignecto, with Kaeli Blacksun.
    Kamari enlists Kaeli’s help to take care of two Luperci that have been skulking too close to Salsola’s borders for too long.
    • Fight, Spy
    • Kill: Ernie (NPC)
  4. Domesticated hearts, make me weak (07 Jul) – The Ruins (Hideaway Home), with Krios Revlis.
    Kamari and Krios move into their house together.
  5. Mama taught me not to lie (14 Jul) – The Ruins (Hideaway Home), with Krios Revlis.
    Kamari discovers Krios in the midst of making a private archery range for them, and she helps him.
  6. The night is young, so are we (23 Jul) – Bathurst (Government Estate), with Brocade Valentine.
    Brocade enlists Kamari’s help to search for the missing Etoile, and when their search brings them close to Sapient, they are surprised to find them in the midst of disbanding.
    • Spy
August 2018
  1. Never gonna change (06 Aug) – The Blacklands, with Brocade Valentine, Kaeli Blacksun, Seppo Rask, Otilie Novak, Faith de le Poer, Symre Rask, Dahlia de le Poer (cNPCs).
    Brocade takes a group out to Inferni’s territory, where they have been rumored to have recently disbanded from.
    • Spy
  2. Nothing is written in stone (12 Aug) – The Ruins (Hideaway Home), with Krios Revlis.
    Kamari helps Krios with practicing mounted archery.
  3. Waiting in the calm before the storm (12 Aug) – Millstone Village, with Delfina Heiwa.
    While on her way home, Kamari is stopped by Delfina, who gives her the fateful news to bring back to Kamari’s betrothed.
  4. And I know this isn't enough, I still don't measure up (12 Aug) – The Ruins (Hideaway Home), with Krios Revlis.
    Kamari returns home to tell Krios what has happened to his mother.
  5. roots spread all the way back to godless times (13 Aug) – Salsola (Stone Ship), with Salsola.
    Ondine Heiwa’s funeral is held before the Kingdom.
  6. All the small things, true care truth brings (Late Aug) – Salsola (Clinic), with Grievous Eternity.
    After having her arm clawed by a bobcat, Kamari goes to the Clinic to receive medicinal help.
September 2018
  1. A brilliant ball of clay, you could be a work of art (02 Sep) – Salsola (Border), with O'Riley Eternity and Velimir Voronin (cNPC).
    Velimir seeks to join the Kingdom, and Kamari is there to present him to the Mafiosi in her father’s stead.
  2. Kecharitomene (16 Sep) – Salsola (Apple Orchard), with Elphaba Revlis, O'Riley Eternity, Krios Revlis, Brocade Valentine, Loki Helsi.
    Kamari and Krios are formally wedded to one another.
  3. Ain't it like thunder under earth, the sound it makes (16 Sep) – Salsola (Feasting Hall), with Salsola.
    Wedding reception
  4. vincula conjugii vitantes (16 Sep) – Salsola (Feasting Hall), with Krios Revlis.
    During feast
  5. Give you something good to celebrate (16 Sep) – Salsola (Feasting Hall), with Helena Troy Lykoi.
  6. And that's what they don't see (16 Sep) – Salsola (Feasting Hall), with Shaamah.
    Talk, first formal meet
  7. sleeping at last (16 Sep) – Salsola (Feasting Hall), with Brocade Valentine.
    Drinking fun
  8. [M] Pop your confetti, pop your pérignon (16 Sep) – Salsola (Feasting Hall), with Krios Revlis.
    Return home
October 2018
  1. everyone is a moon and has a dark side which never shows (06 Oct) – The Dampwoods, with O'Riley Eternity.
    Spy stuff
    • Spy
  2. Wool over my eyes (09 Oct) – Cour des Miracles borders, with Skoll Haskel.
    Spy stuff
    • Spy
November 2018
  1. I see you (03 Nov) – Miramichi Watershed, with Miriette Hatzi, Helena Troy Lykoi.
    Dangerous encounter with one of the Eyes of Omni
    • Spy
  2. Nails and Mews (07 Nov) – The Ruins (KamKrios Home), with Krios Revlis.
    Kitten went where it shouldn’t and got stuck
  3. You're standing on the edge face up (16 Nov) – Salsola (Training Arena), with Kaeli Blacksun.
    Kaeli teaches Kamari how to use the spear she gave her for her wedding gift while on horseback
December 2018
  1. Everybody circling, it's vulturous (03 Dec) – Salsola (The Blackwoods), with Sebastien Stone, Velimir Voronin (cNPC).
  2. Into the Woods (09 Dec) – Salsola, with Micheal.
    First meet, Kamari tests and asks questions about him
  3. Forgotten places hidden in irreverent faces (Early December) – The Ruins (KamKrios Home), with Delfina Heiwa.
    Delfina gives a funny gift but doesn’t get the rise out of Kamari that she was looking for
  4. in all our glory and our imperfections (Early Decemeber) – Salsola, with Grievous Eternity.
    Kamari helps Grievous with a Krokar horse
  5. For just one moment, all is well (15 Dec) – The Ruins (KamKrios Home), with Krios Revlis.
    Cute snowball fight, gift giving, couple times-not couple times

• Notable Events: [SL] Curse of the Sanctum (Pt. 1 & 2, Pt. 3)
January 2019
  1. But I keep cruising, can't stop, won't stop moving (06 Jan) – Areas
  2. Talk over tea (January) – Areas
  3. We're not afraid of the fast times (January) – Areas
    • Spar
  4. I'll definitely become stronger than I currently am (January) – Areas
    • Spar
  5. blood of my blood (January) – Areas
  6. [M] I am a witness watching it (After 21 Jan) – Areas
February 2019
  1. Let me show you one last time (Early Feb) – Areas
    • Inquisitor
  2. Gotta sweat a little sometimes (Mid-Feb) – Areas
  3. [M] Through the grey (24 Feb) – Areas
    • Kill: Brooke (NPC)
  4. [M] I sing along as I tie off (28 Feb) – Areas
    • Inquisitor
March 2019
  1. [M] Our broken declarations (05 Mar) – Areas
    • Inquisitor
  2. We fall to the floor, the rest of the day stands still (07 Mar) – Areas
    • Inquisitor
  3. Don't turn your back on me, I won't be ignored (10 Mar) – Areas
    • Inquisitor
  4. [M] The ritual is very precise (12 Mar) – Areas
    • Inquisitor
  5. Stronger than these bones (18 Mar) – Areas
    • Inquisitor
  6. Can we reset the clock? (22-25 Mar) – Areas
  7. Kicking cans into empty spaces (24 Mar) – Areas
  8. We knew, so why did we keep quiet? (25 Mar) – Areas
    • Inquisitor
  9. [M] Watch the end through dying eyes (26 Mar) – Areas
    • Fight
  10. [M] Not even in the face of Armageddon (26 Mar) – Areas
July 2019
  1. Who is to blame for the way you made me? (11 Jul) – The Ruins (KamKrios home)
    Krios Revlis
  2. But you feel the current pull you in (Mid-Late Jul) – Millstone Village
    Narcissa Greygrief
  3. Revel in the make-believe (20 Jul) – Salsola (Great Waterfalls)
    Krios Revlis
  4. Storms Make Trees Take Deeper Roots (26 Jul) – The Ruins (Feasting Hall)
  5. I tell a story everytime (28 Jul) – The Ruins (Elphaba’s home)
    Kamari arrives to make a routine report, however, Boss Elphaba Revlis has her own ideas, and asks about Krios. Kamari resorts to trying to find ways to dodge Elphaba's prying.
  6. If you hear the rattle, it's too late (Late Jul) – Salsola (Eastern borders)
    Having discovered the scent of a trespasser, Kamari attempts to apprehend them and enlists Tradesman Wisteria Valentine's help.
August 2019
  1. A Physical Reminder to Memory (05 Aug) – Millstone Village
    Kamari goes to visit Indentured Servant Corrine Pauva, only to find her otherwise preoccupied with Warden Shaamah and Personal Servant Zetsubou, trying to clean a nasty infection on the fellow servant’s chest.
  2. Keep pulling that frayed edge (16 Aug) – Wabanaki Coast
    After hearing concerning reports that could leave Salsola vulnerable, Kamari is tasked out to confirm and remove the problem, and she takes Mendicant Silas del Morte with her. They find their target, however, after a bit of questioning, he bolts, and the ensuing chase results in his accidental death before they can get any further answers.
    • Fight, Spy
  3. get it before it goes to waste (Aug) – Salsola
    Kamari regretfully stumbles across the scene of Family members Aurelion Valentine and Seppo Rask making a terrible decision; getting up close and personal with a wasp nest.
  4. two worlds undone (24 Aug) – Northern Tides
    While outside the Kingdom on a trading expedition, Kamari finds Malik Amaranthe, a Loner with a large steer and poor fighting skills.
September 2019
  1. You can't stop me 'cause I'm Kim Possible (04 Sep) – Salsola (Apple Orchard)
    Kamari helps Bambino Pontifex Troy Lykoi collect apples.
  2. Distant Worlds (08 Sep) – Ethereal Eclipse
    On the anniversary of their forced marriage to one another, Striker Krios Revlis surprises Kamari with a thoughtful present; a reclusive getaway with activities and fun that help her relax...and maybe even begin to look at him a little bit differently.
  3. It's a small world after all (Sep) – The Ruins (Helena’s home)
    Knowing of Quartermaster Helena Troy Lykoi's vast network of trading partners, Kamari decides to see what she may know about the new coyote pack, the Del Cenere Gang.
  4. one way or another (Sep) – Del Cenere Gang (Borders)
    After receiving information from Symre and Helena, Director Brocade Valentine and Kamari go out on a secret scouting mission to see what they can find out about the Del Cenere Gang from just beyond their borders.
    • Spy
  5. But will you stand with us (Sep) – The Ruins (Eden’s home)
    After hearing that one of the Ulrich children have struck out on their own and moved into the Ruins, Kamari goes to see if the apple falls far from the tree and pays Tradesman Eden de le Ulrich a visit.
October 2019
  1. [M] Ears always listening, eyes always watching (Early Oct) – Amherst (Biff’s Bar)
    While out gathering rumors at Biff's, Kamari and Merchant Apprentice Andrew Greygrief overhear the plans for a raid on Salsola. They take care of the offending parties.
    • Spy
  2. When hunter became the hunted (Early Oct) – Salsola (Northern borders)
    Following the trail of a trespassing Outsider, Kamari and Warden Clementine Salcedo come across the Outsider's deadfall trap instead, and they work together to dismantle it.
  3. Lengthening that line of sight (Early Oct) – The Ruins (ShaamahKaeli’s home)
    After much consideration, Kamari decides to propose a trade with Henchman Kaeli Blacksun for one of her valuable ravens.
  4. [M] The devil tips his hat to me (October) – Salsola (Borders)
    Two Outsiders with ideas to free the "slaves" of Salsola are apprehended by Kamari and Mendicant Silas del Morte. Recognizing his status as a servant, they try to appeal to Silas, making him chose between freedom or loyalty to the Thistle Kingdom. When they try to kill Kamari to free Silas however, Silas proves his loyalty to Salsola and rushes to her defense, killing them.
    • Fight
    • Kill: Giotto & Jurgen (NPC) (Assist)
  5. (RO) Mind playing tricks (18-26 Oct) – Seabreeze Brink
    When Salsola is invited to a Diplomacy Summit hosted by Casa di Cavalieri, Kamari falls back into her roles as Emissary and Vedetta.
    • Spy
  6. Glittering like jewels in the darkness (31 Oct) – Drifter Bay
    Tensions are high as Loner activity increases near Salsola's borders. Kamari is tasked to lead a scouting party consisting of Ranger Apprentice Till Van Ulrich-Lykoi and Family members Greed Lykoi and Spartacus Simone Ulrich, and they discover a concerning group of individuals before reporting their findings to the Mafiosi.
    • Spy
November 2019
  1. [M] those who do hear cannot again return home (02 Nov) – Sticks and Stones
    Erilaz O'Riley Eternity leads a raid team consisting of Kamari, Henchman Aidan Blacksun, Warden Narcissa Greygrief, Tradesmen Jaketta Nocturne and Igor Kotovo, and Mendicant Silas del Morte on a mission to raid an encampment of suspicious dogs. Their orders are to take prisoners, however, the Loners resist detainment, resulting in a fight between them and the Salsolans.
  2. I wasn't the hero you needed (14 Nov) – Western Forefront
    Kamari accompanies Striker Krios Revlis in search of his missing younger half-sister, only to come to the possibility that she might have purposely deserted the Kingdom. They decide to keep the realization to themselves in order to protect Victoire and Embla Soul.
December 2019
  1. clutched in the hands of the vile (December) – Millstone Village
    Spying Henchman Khael Lykoi standing guard of the new prisoners, Kamari decides to check up on the new mother.
  2. going in circles (Late Dec) – Salsola
    Seeing Personal Servant Alejandra Sanctus struggling to carry a heavy bucket home, Kamari offers her help and finds out more about the Greygriefs' servant in the process.

• Notable Events: [SL] Curse of the Sanctum (Pt. 4), Blizzard, Earthquakes, Strange Spring, Plague Doctors
January 2020
  1. [M] unsullied Eunomia, glory of the Puritans (01 Jan) – Salsola (Stone Ship)
    Boss Elphaba Revlis holds a public trial for the prisoners obtained from the raids. Two of the prisoners manage to make a hasty escape, meanwhile, the remaining ones are put to their fates; burned to the stake, forced into servitude, and made a ward of the Boss herself.
  2. a rope across left field (03 Jan) – New Caledonia (Borders)
    When a trading caravan of Salsolans travel to New Caledonia, Kamari follows behind with Erilaz O'Riley Eternity, only to discover a certain (ex) Cavalier Warlord patrolling the new pack's borders.
    • Spy
  3. And the braggart did swagger and brandish his blade (Early Jan) – Isthmus of Chignecto
    Kamari discovers an inn and learns about the disbandment of the Loner Band, The Order, from a fellow patron, Auspicium.
    • Spy
  4. [M] No sign the roaring thunder stopped in cold to read (Early Jan) – Amherst
    Kamari enlists the help of Family member Lithia Napier in helping her track down a thief who stole from a valued asset of the Kingdom. They apprehend the man, and get their information after a bit of torture.
    • Fight, Spy, Torture
  5. And if I get scared? (I'll hold you tighter) (11 Jan) – The Ruins (KamKrios home)
    A blizzard suddenly hits, and Kamari and Striker Krios Revlis race home after Kamari accidentally falls into frigid waters.
  6. [M] I've based all my regrets on past mistakes (Jan) – Drifter Bay
    Kamari takes Bambino Pontifex Troy Lykoi out to check on the Bay Horse herds. Pontifex reveals that she was accosted by a man at their borders.
  7. These golden ashes turn to dirt (27 Jan) – The Ruins (KamKrios home)
    Ambassador Helena Troy Lykoi makes a surprise home visit and presents Kamari with an expensive and high-quality tunic to mark her standing amongst the Kingdom's elite. While there, Helena also tries to gauge Kamari’s loyalty to the Kingdom by asking her questions like what she would have done if she had not had her freedom of marital choice taken from her, as well, if her loyalty was so strong that she would bear children for the Crown against her own will.
February 2020
  1. I drive a beat-up car, a caravan, the color blue (26 Feb) – The Ruins (KamKrios home)
    Kamari returns from Portland and is met with a warm reunion by Striker Krios Revlis. She surprises him with new oils for maintaining his bow amongst other things.
March 2020
  1. Climbing higher, through the fire (March) – Drifter Bay
    While out patrolling for the Bay Horse herds, Kamari and Erilaz O'Riley Eternity come across a suspicious pair of coyotes, Jethro Lykoi and Marlowe de le Poer. Things are tense between them because of unspoken suspicions, but, they part without conflict.
  2. A dish best served cold (15 Mar) – Isthmus of Chignecto
    When a trader steals from Velimir, Kamari enlists the aide of Tradesman Sanguine Valentine to help her get the trader to confess to his underhanded deeds. Kamari knocks the man unconscious, taking back what he stole as well as his horse as added payment for his crimes against a member of the Kingdom.
    • Fight, Spy, Theft
  3. Seedling (March) – The Ruins (Argive’s home)
    Kamari brokers a business arrangement with Tradesman Argive Hemlock in an effort to give her an edge on future enemies of Salsola.
April 2020
  1. three birds in a row, not late for their show (April) – Sticks and Stones (Near Fort Cumberland)
    Drawn by the strange mask, Kamari confronts Fiction Asylum, and finds out about rumors of a supposedly deadly plague to come.
  2. call of the thorns (12 Apr) – Salsola (Queensgate Garrison)
    Scorpius’ children, Family members Senua D'Angelo and Sidious Eternity, return to Salsola Proper, and are greeted by Kamari and Confidants Duncan de le Poer and Lace Valentine.
  3. back to the start (April) – Sticks and Stones
    Kamari helps Director Brocade Valentine find a wedding gift for his betrothed, Morgana Revlis.
  4. Oh, pin feathers! (Late Apr) – The Ruins (KamKrios home)
    Slice of life - Kamari is prepping food to feed to her raven chick when Striker Krios Revlis returns home. The two trade friendly banter with one another while Kamari tries to get Krios to bond with the raven.
May 2020
  1. I can still hear you saying you would never break the chain (01 May) – The Ruins (Feasting Hall)
    The pack joins together at Director Brocade Valentine and Sanctus Apprentice Morgana Revlis’ wedding reception.
  2. You're picture perfect blue (01 May) – The Ruins (Feasting Hall)
    Striker Krios Revlis asks Kamari to dance with him at the wedding reception.
  3. [M] beliefs contagious; spreading disease (04 May) – The Ruins
    When the burned body of “Proctor Andrew Greygrief” is discovered, the Boss Elphaba Revlis and Erilaz O'Riley Eternity summon Director Brocade Valentine and Kamari in secret while Tradesman Igor Kotovo stands guard outside.
June 2020
  1. I bet on losing dogs (06 Jun) – Salsola
    Kamari accompanies Boss Elphaba Revlis and Bambino Morrow Larue on a Queen's hunt to showcase Morrow's baying abilities.
  2. Hmm, yes, how quaint (15 Jun) – Millstone Village
    Kamari calls for curious and willing volunteers in an effort to introduce the project to the pack and ask for their help in the construction.
  3. Quick, boys, shove in a shovel (18 Jun) – Millstone Village
    Kamari and a pregnant Sanctus Apprentice, Morgana Revlis, break ground on the construction site by overseeing the holes that are to be dug for the support posts.
  4. (RO) A job well done (29 Jun) – Millstone Village
    Kamari acknowledges the Notice Board's completion with Tradesman Velimir Voronin.
  5. hunger for the aristocracy (30 Jun) – The Ruins
    After a few weeks' delay, a Last Supper is held to honor the pack’s ninth year since its founding.
July 2020
  1. Kiss me goodbye (July) – The Ruins
    When Warden Isabella Heiwa has a scare, Striker Krios Revlis and Kamari pay her a home visit to make sure she's doing alright. Isabella takes a moment to talk with Kamari alone. Isabella apologizes for why Kamari’s mother was a slave in the Kingdom, and Kamari forgives her, later confiding in Isabella that she secretly returns Krios’ feelings towards her, which Isabella reassures her insecurities.
August 2020
  1. a war divides their people (August) – Salsola (Storage)
    Kamari speaks with Tradesman Lyra Salcedo about recent supplies she's brought back from Portland to put in the communal storage.
  2. See, I ain't as cruel and vicious as I seem (August) – The Ruins (Idrieus’ home)
    Kamari delivers presents for Paladin Idrieus Eternity and Equinest Grievous' new litter, and meets their baby girls, Whisper Eternity, Lilium Eternity, and Azalea Eternity.
  3. I planned each charted course (August) – Gaspesia
    Kamari and Tradesman Velimir Voronin meet blacksmith Hibiki from New Caledonia, and they broker a tentative trade deal.
  4. what light never goes dim (August) – Miramichi Wilderness
    While out scouting, Kamari comes across non-shifter Tamarack Oldroot, who is stuck in a snare. She helps free her, and the two quickly part ways.
  5. When one door closes (August) – The Waste (La Estrella Roja)
    Posing as each other’s date, Striker Krios Revlis and Kamari to check out the newest establishment that has popped up close to Salsola.
    • Spy
  6. Grasping flames (August) – The Waste (La Estrella Roja)
    Kamari recognizes the familiar face of Marlowe de le Poer, and does her best to cement the idea that she is a Loner, and nobody to be suspicious of.
    • Spy
September 2020
  1. No one's fool but your's (Early Sep) – Wabanaki Coast
    When news of a Death Mountain disappearing reaches Salsola, Striker Krios Revlis and Kamari are dispatched to confirm the consistency of such wild news spread by Loner Nelli Silva.
    • Spy
  2. east of eden (September) – Sticks and Stones (Near Concrete Jungle)
    Director Brocade Valentine and Kamari head out to confirm the validity of Loner Nelli's rumor regarding the disappearance of Death Mountain.
    • Spy
  3. It's the little things (September) – Wabanaki Coast
    Kamari is helped by Bête Noire member, Nyx Greyfire, out of a tricky situation. Kamari learns that she's an ex-Anatheman.
    • Fight
    • Kill: Jeremi (NPC)
October 2020
  1. [M] Duly noted (October) – Halcyon Mountain
    With Kamari's assistance, Arbiter Argive Hemlock tests the effects of jimson weed seeds on an enemy of Salsola.
    • Fight, Spy, Torture
    • Kill: Dustan (NPC)
  2. You should see the other guy (October) – Salsola (The Clinic)
    After dealing with an enemy of Salsola, Kamari goes to the Clinic, and has Sanctus Apprentice Eden de le Ulrich see to her wounds.
  3. Voodoo Magic (October) – The Ruins (KamKrios home)
    Tradesman Aani Aston-D'Noires seeks out Kamari with the intention of getting herself more involved with Salsola's spies. Kamari agrees to see if Aani has what it takes.
  4. The hymns of the October wind (October) – The Ruins (KamKrios home)
    Kamari decides to have a bit of fun and play in the leaves Striker Krios Revlis just raked up into a nice pile.
  5. [M] The Balancing Act (Wrath and the Raft) (27 Oct) – Drifter Bay
    Kamari tries to rescue Loner Wrath before he drifts out to sea. In the aftermath, they exchange words and answer each other's questions.
November 2020
  1. hold the line (01 Nov) – The Ruins (Feasting Hall)
    A Last Supper is held at the end of the harvesting season and under the light of a full moon.
  2. appetite comes with eating (November) – Salsola (The Arena)
    Kamari spars with Bambino Tattersall Valentine.
  3. [M] Maybe they'll leave you alone, but not me (Early Nov) – The Waste (La Estrella Roja)
    After catching up on new, local gossip, Kamari and Striker Krios Revlis prepare to leave La Estrella Roja, but not before getting a gift for their third party member stuck on guard duty outside.
  4. [M] Real life is not quite as great as fantasy (Early Nov) – – The Waste (La Estrella Roja – Hot Springs)
    Kamari, Striker Krios Revlis, and Erilaz O'Riley Eternity discuss their mission while trying to relax at the hot springs located near La Estrella Roja.
  5. Feels like the world's gone crazy (11 Nov) – Casa di Cavalieri (Borders)
    As her alias, Birch, Kamari meets with Lune Cedric Stryder, and tries to see if she can gather any updated information about Casa di Cavalieri.
    • Spy
  6. [M] When I was a young boy, my father took me into the city (12 Nov) – Ethereal Eclipse
    Kamari leaves Striker Krios Revlis and Erilaz O'Riley Eternity to wash away the scent she used to disguise herself at Casa di Cavalieri's borders; upon returning, however, she finds the men to be high and enjoying their spoils from La Estrella Roja.
  7. Scuttling crabs (14 Nov) – Ethereal Eclipse
    Upon discovering a group of Loners looking to settle down in the area, Kamari and Krios Revlis try to gather more information for possible trade opportunities in the future by talking to Oglethorpe leader and Captain, Bluebonnet Mississippi.
    • Spy
  8. the thrill of it all (21 Nov) – The Ruins (War Room)
    The Shield Faction members Director Brocade Valentine, Paladin Idrieus Eternity, Striker Krios Revlis, and Erilaz O'Riley Eternity gather and discusses the most recent scouting mission by O'Riley, Kamari, and Krios.
December 2020
  1. tact from me is like blood from a stone (21 Dec) – Salsola
    Bambino Morrow Larue sneaks off to have a moment of privacy, but is disturbed by a bunch of ravens. Kamari pulls him out of the stream and tests his nose, telling him about her recent trip to La Estrella Roja.
  2. Queen of Peace and War (22 Dec) – Salsola (The Arena)
    Warden Velimir Voronin and Kamari are sparring when they are found by Bambino Azalea Eternity. Kamari and Azalea talk while the Bambino expresses an interest in becoming a fighter.
  3. At least there was no mistletoe (29 Dec) – The Ruins (KamKrios home)
    Striker Krios Revlis "secretly" gifts Kamari some presents for Yuletide, resulting in her giving him a kiss on the cheek.
  4. [M] an heirloom for patricians (30 Dec) – The Ruins (Feasting Hall)
    The pack joins together for the Saturnalia Banquet where Personal Servant Odalis is crowned the Lord of Discord.

• Notable Events:
January 2021
In the wake of her impulsive expression of gratitude, Kamari throws herself in as many missions and tasks that take her outside of the Thistle Kingdom as she can in order to both distract her and give her time to figure out her own feelings. Notably, she scouts out the path that the New Caledonia-bound Salsolan caravan will take before later going on a scouting expedition that takes her all the way up the northern coastline and discovering the new landbridge to Prince Edward Island.
  1. All alone he's holding his breath half to death (Early Jan) – The Ruins (Eden’s home)
    Kamari encourages Cleric Eden de le Ulrich to dress and act as he feels, not as society expects of him because of his sex.
  2. Call She Fuh Muh (03 Jan) – Wabanaki Coast
    Returning from a scouting mission, Kamari and Warden Velimir Voronin share a meal with a talented cook, Manitou King, and learn more about the Rest Stop.
  3. (RO) I was too afraid of the fall (Mid-Jan) – Cape Acadia
    Warden Velimir Voronin notices something off about Kamari as they return to the Kingdom after a 2-week scouting expedition. He tries to confront her, however, Kamari is determined to deal with her problems on her own.
  4. One drop should be enough (Late Jan) – The Waste (La Estrella Roja)
    Kamari is working to find a target in La Estrella Roja when she is approached by Madam Adrianna Julia.
    • Spy
  5. As atoms realign, the fusion deep inside (Late Jan) – Salsola (Pine Barrens)
    After spying Warden Aani Aston-D'Noires at the Estrella Roja, Kamari decides to find out why before proposing a way to expand Aani's interests in the spy field.
February 2021
Just when things begin to be returning to normal again between Kamari and Krios, she finds herself in a moment of weakness when her long-buried feelings for Krios make themselves known. In her panic, she flees, only for Krios to chase her and have her to acknowledge what she feels for him after three years of avoidance. Later in the month, the pack holds a Last Supper to welcome the spring season, as well as to announce a betrothal.
  1. close your eyes and count to ten (10 Feb) – The Ruins (KamKrios home)
    After returning home from a mission, Striker Krios Revlis surprises Kamari with a new gift, which ends up leading to a kiss that she returns, only to have her immediately flee in the aftermath.
  2. [M] I remember you and me, and how careless we could be (13 Feb) – The Dampwoods
    Frightened by her own actions, Kamari takes another mission to avoid Striker Krios Revlis. Krios follows and confronts her, and, though they initially argue, they finally put their secrets behind them and they finally act on their romantic feelings towards one another.
  3. Do I want to know? (Late Feb) – Salsola
    Kamari discovers that Arbiter Aani Aston-D'Noires is pregnant.
  4. wake up and start a big fire (28 Feb) – The Ruins (Feasting Hall)
    The pack is gathered for a Last Supper to welcome the spring season. During the opening announcements, Arbiter Aani Aston-D'Noires and Cleric Eden de le Ulrich are betrothed to one another.
March 2021
After discovering troubling information that could harm Salsola and its people, Kamari quickly spearheads a stealth operation to remove the threat. The group is successful, and, when no one has interest in the horse claimed from the mission's spoils, Kamari decides to take it down to Portland to trade. There, she obtains two new goats amongst other things, and saves an orphanged young man named Mirko from being a victim of two murderous brothers.
  1. So nah nah, honey, I'm good (02 Mar) – The Waste (La Estrella Roja)
    An ordinary night at La Estrella Roja turns interesting as Kamari and Striker Krios Revlis happen upon an interesting rumor of a rogue Loner that goes by the name of “Fish.” He is apparently looking for Luperci that can fight, can follow orders, and are interested in a bit of danger for a worthy payout. Their target? The elusive and rumored riches within Salsola.
    • Spy
  2. C-130 rollin’ down the strip (03 Mar) – Halcyon Mountain
    Kamari leads a scouting mission with Bambino Tattersall Valentine and Family member Morrow Larue to confirm the rumor she heard while in La Estrella Roja. They discover a campsite, as well as overhear plans of a raid to be made on Salsola. Kamari stealthily kills the group's red-tailed hawk to hinder further survelliance, and takes the evidence with her and the boys as they return to Salsola.
    • Spy
  3. [M] Flashbang (04 Mar) – Halcyon Mountain
    Kamari leads an stealthy assault team consisting of Director Brocade Valentine, Striker Krios Revlis, Warden Velimir Voronin, Confidant Casimir Soul, and Servant Silas del Morte to attack an enemy campsite. They are successful, and the group takes their spoils of armor, weaponry, and a horse with a cart.
    • Fight
    • Kill: Fish (NPC)
  4. it turns them all into police and police spies (19 Mar) – The Ruins (near KamKrios home)
    When Erilaz O'Riley Eternity has doubts about his work in the espionage field, Kamari helps alleviate his worries.
  5. Firetrucks don't stop for red lights (20 Mar) – The Ruins (KamKrios home)
    Kamari changes out Striker Krios Revlis' bandage, teasing him in the process.
  6. (LASKY) (RO) [M] If I get tomorrow, I'll do it all again (28 Mar - 10 Apr) – Portland
    While trading in Portland, Kamari rescues a young male, Mirko Morandi, from two murderous brothers. Reminded of other youths that held a special place in her soul, Kamari decides to go a step further and help him out in making a better life for himself.
    • Fight
    • Kill: 2 Unnamed brothers (NPCs)
April 2021
Kamari returns home from Portland just in time for a trading group from New Caledonia to arrive. She spies on them from a distance, learning that Teagan Stryder is one of two forced to camp outside the pack’s territory. She also discovers a younger wolfdog that looks remarkably similar to the Stryder. As another Last Supper and Founder’s Day draws nearer, Kamari is enlisted in secretive background operations to help throw an over-the-top surprise for the lower-ranking members.
  1. You say good morning when it's midnight (10 Apr) – The Ruins (KamKrios home)
    Kamari returns home early from Portland, and decides to surprise Striker Krios Revlis.
  2. les murs ont des oreilles (11 Apr) – Amherst
    When New Caledonia arrives for a week-long trade event, Kamari enlists Family member Tattersall Valentine to help her covertly spy on the guests while also testing his skills in stealth.
    • Spy
  3. Climbing every wall that hides you (21 Apr) – Salsola
    Kamari surprises Striker Krios Revlis with a picnic and gift she bought during her Portland trip. Krios eventually brings up the subject of children.
  4. Follows the borderline (Late April) – Salsola (Upper Tantramar)
    In preparation for the pack’s upcoming Last Supper and Founder’s Day celebration, Kamari finds Jaegermister Till Van Ulrich-Lykoi watching one of the herds, and she decides to get an insight for his duties.
  5. Life a little less ordinary (Late April) – Amherst (Firehouse)
    After a rehearsal for the upcoming play, Kamari finds a moment to hold a casual conversation with Governor Blair Eternity.
  6. I love everything (29 Apr) – Amherst (Firehouse)
    Kamari meets the pack's newest Associate, Monet Firestone.
May 2021
Salsola celebrates its tenth year since its formation in a week-long event full of festivities. Kamari enjoys herself, and amorous feelings shared with her husband results in her becoming pregnant for the first time. Before she can even consider whether she’s ready for motherhood though, Kamari receives alarming news from Velimir that her father might be in danger. In a drastic effort to keep her loved ones safe and out of harm’s way, Kamari bears the full weight of mission on her shoulders alone.
  1. Stories from the Labyrinth (01 May) – The Ruins
    Boss Elphaba Revlis summons the pack suddenly to her tower, and announces a surprise: a full week's worth of celebration to commemorate ten years since Salsola's founding.
  2. (NPC) the opposite of people (02 May) – Salsola
    A play written and told by Governor Blair Eternity is held for the pack, and Kamari plays the part of the magical bird character, Cardo.
  3. one of us (02 May) – Salsola (Southern Shoreline)
    On the night of the play, the Shield, their families, and their close friends meet for a friendly get-together on the beach by a bonfire.
  4. Om nom nom nom! (03 May) – Salsola (Pine Barrens)
    Family member Blanche Briarhart hosts a food-eating contest.
  5. it started with the hayloft a'creaking (03 May) – Salsola (Pine Barrens)
    Striker Krios Revlis and Kamari engage in a not-so-innocent archery competition.
  6. Attack like the Fire and be still as the Mountain (04 May) – Salsola
    Reenacting the invasion that happened during the Second Boreas War, Erliaz O'Riley Eternity leads a group of Boreas actors (Kamari, Striker Krios Revlis, Equinest Grievous Eternity, and Confidant Casimir Soul) against Director Brocade Valentine and his Salsolan defenders (Arbiter Aani Aston-D'Noires, Confidants Azalea Eternity and Tattersall Valentine, and Family member Morrow Larue).
  7. Way-hay, up she rises (05 May) – Amherst (The Docks)
    The pack is called to witness the boat launch of "The Silver Wind".
  8. A Vision of the Grand Masquerade (07 May) – The Ruins (Feasting Hall)
    The pack is called together for a Last Supper to celebrate the tenth year since the pack's Founding Day.
  9. [M] Où serez-vous? (07 May) – The Ruins (KamKrios home)
    Leaving the dinner early, Kamari and Striker Krios Revlis return to their home, where they have their own, private (and steamy) celebration.
  10. Rose-colored Glasses (26 May) – The Ruins (Argive’s home)
    After throwing up multiple days in a row, Kamari worries that she might have been poisoned again and sees Arbiter Argive Hemlock. She finds out that her trysts with her husband earlier in the month have resulted in her becoming pregnant.
  11. Let's get started; Ready Steady GO! (26 May) – The Ruins (KamKrios home)
    Kamari returns home to deliver the news to Striker Krios Revlis that he's going to be a father.
  12. (RO) The Choices We Make (27 May) – The Ruins (KamKrios home)
    Warden Velimir Voronin returns from Portland with concerning news: Kamari’s father might be in danger.
June 2021
Kamari’s decision to act alone costs her dearly when she finds herself ambushed and captured by a bandit group that call themselves the Mireblades. She is tortured and interrogated for information for four days before she manages to secure a daring and bloody escape on the fifth day of her imprisonment. She is eventually found by a Salsolan rescue party and Mirko, and she is brought back to Portland for medical attention and proper rest. After three days of rest, recouperation, and resupply, the group departs for the Kingdom. Along the way home, she visits her mentor’s grave, and, after being away for a month, she returns to Salsola-proper, and Kamari begins the slow and painful process of healing.
  1. (LASKY) (RO) [M] Wake Up From Your Fairy Tale (01 Jun) – Maine, USA
    While making their way to Portland, Kamari discovers one of the men that were following Warden Velimir Voronin and she attacks him in an effort to gain answers and intel. She could not have foreseen the events to follow.
    • Fight, Spy
    • Kill: Giannino (NPC)
  2. (LASKY) [M] Shards in the Mirror (02-11 June) – Maine, USA
    Kamari finds herself captured by a group of bandits called the Mireblades. For nearly a week, she is held prisoner, and is tortured and interrogated by their leader, Raivo Kader, who is after information on her father and a man named Achilles Stavros that sounds a lot like a certain packmate.
    • Fight, Spy
    • Kill: Marcial & Cirino (NPCs), Nino (NPC) (Assist), Raivo Kader (NPC) (Assist)
  3. The self is not so weightless (Late June) – The Ruins (KamKrios home)
    After returning home from Portland, Family member Morrow Larue finds himself still unable to wander far from Kamari. Worried for him, Kamari invites him into her home to share breakfast.
  4. When everything feels like the movies (30 Jun) – The Ruins (Argive’s home)
    Kamari visits Arbiter Argive Hemlock to confirm what she already knows.
July 2021
Kamari finds herself in a dark place as she tries to recover both physically, mentally, and emotionally from her ordeal. The weight of her guilt and everything she lost finally becomes too much for her to hide and bear quietly, and Kamari breaks down. With the support and help from her husband and a friend, she manages to gradually rebuild herself. As her physical wounds heal, Kamari ventures further and further from her home as she tries to return to life before her capture.
  1. You’re so composed, but I’m wiser (04 Jul) – The Ruins (KamKrios home)
    Kamari finally finds the courage to speak with Striker Krios Revlis about the news that she’s been carrying close to her broken heart.
  2. But we run our course, we pretended we're okay (06 July) – The Ruins (KamKrios home)
    An unexpected interaction causes Kamari to breakdown. Striker Krios Revlis comforts her, and Kamari decides that, perhaps, talking about what she’s kept to herself will help her begin to mentally and emotionally recover from her ordeal.
  3. two such souls (Early July) – The Ruins (KamKrios home)
    Director Brocade visits Kamari at her home. During his visit, Kamari decides to tentatively ask for his advice on losing a child.
  4. life is a broken winged bird (12 Jul) – Salsola
    Trying to slowly return to duty once more, Kamari makes a patrol around the Ruins, where she discovers Family member, Pompeii in the midst of making parchment.
  5. (RO) [M] But any moment now, I know I'll crack (Mid-July) – Salsola
    Kamari wakes up from a nightmare, and is faced with the reality of her actions.
  6. nothing gold can stay (20 Jul) – The Ruins (KamKrios home)
    Albeit rather belated, Kamari asks Arbiter Evelyn de le Ulrich to check up on Sandstone’s new filly.
  7. Like a train on a one-way track (24 Jul) – Salsola
    After discovering Silas del Morte is no longer a Personal Servant, but a Serf, Kamari seeks him out to congratulate him in his new standing within the Kingdom.
August 2021
Kamari is finally cleared for regular duty again by Argive, and, determined to prove that she was not broken by the Mireblades, Kamari eagerly returns to action. When she hears of a large, multi-pack event happening in the home territory of Del Cenere Gang, she makes plans to infiltrate it and gather intel for Salsola that they have not had access to before. It is her first mission since her previous failure.
  1. (RO) A pair of jeans that fit just right, and the radio up (23 Aug) – Charmingtown
    Kamari has quite a bit of success at the trade stalls on the first day of the Lancaster Stockshow.
    • Spy
  2. Staring out at the setting sun (23 Aug) – Charmingtown
    The Stockshow starts off officially with entertainment and a bonfire; amongst those present are those from Del Cenere Gang, Casa di Cavalieri, New Caledonia, The Troupe, and Bête Noire.
    • Spy
  3. Not sure who's will be done, you can call me a sinner for wondering why (24 Aug) – Charmingtown
    Competitors compete in the Barrel Racing event, run by Rey Salvaje Nazario del Bosque and Del Ceneren, Briarblack. Kamari comes in first place, followed by Peony Braithwaite (2nd), Ingvildr Knight (3rd), Rafaela Tejada (4th), Aelin Fireheart (5th), Waynescott Wyatt (6th), Asher Johansen (disqualified), and Auger de la Croix (disqualified).
  4. Πάμε να τα πάρουμε, Γιαννάκη, μαζί ! Αυτός... (24 Aug) – Charmingtown
    After receiving a note, Kamari secretly meets with Pontifex Troy Lykoi for the first time since she disappeared from Salsola.
  5. watching every step I take before I die (24 Aug) – Charmingtown
    Kamari is in the midst of casually gathering intel when she sees the Kingdom's newest Informatore, Arbiter Azalea Eternity. She decides to test Azalea's skills herself.
    • Spy
  6. Don't he look fine and handsome, don't he look at his most (25 Aug) – Charmingtown
    Cross-Country Horse Trail race is held and run by Rey Salvaje Nazario del Bosque and Del Ceneren, Briarblack. Kamari comes in last after discovering something she thought impossible. Other competitors are: Jethro Lykoi (1st), Theodore Reeves (2nd), Bennett Braithwaite (3rd), Morrigan Archeron,(4th), Hibiki (5th), Hosea Courtright (6th), Rafaela Tejada (7th), and Auger de la Croix (8th).
    • Spy
  7. (RO) Going once, going twice, sold! (26 Aug) – Charmingtown
    Kamari attends the Best in Show voting and Live Auction to follow thereafter. She successfully trades off her three chickens.
    • Spy
  8. (LASKY) (RO) Look on down from the bridge (26 Aug) – Del Cenere Gang (Burnt Church Mountains)
    After discovering an impossible scent during the horse race, Kamari decides she needs answers, and makes the daring decision to discard her Birch persona as she slips off into the night. She finds her answers; the deceased Proctor is not deceased at all. Del Ceneren Andrew Winthrop explains why he left Salsola in the manner that he had. He asks for Kamari to keep his secret. With O'Riley injured and not wanting to start a war over one "dead" man, Kamari agrees, however, with a warning that she will finish the job should he become a threat to the Kingdom.
    • Spy
  9. The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly (27 Aug) – Charmingtown
    Following the sound of a peacock, Kamari ends up meeting with the Gang's Rey Salvaje, Nazario del Bosque. Amongst other things, they discuss the Polvo de Oro horse.
    • Spy
  10. Climb through the briar and bramble (28 Aug) – Charmingtown
    The Rey Salvaje calls everyone together to enjoy the Stockshow's final event and the meals made by the competing cook teams.
September 2021
  1. Fairy Rings (Early Sep) – Salsola (Isle Haute)
    Kamari helps Sanctus Apprentice Aani Aston-D'Noires with harvesting special mushrooms.
  2. [M] Yeah, I think we broke the law, always say we're gonna stop (Mid-Sep) – The Waste
    A misunderstanding at La Estrella Roja leads to Kamari attempting to run away from her problems again, only to lead to her being ambushed. She is rescued by Striker Krios Revlis, however, the two end up arguing over the tension that has quietly built between them for months.
  3. [M] You said, Hey, what you doing for the rest of your life? (Mid-Sep) – The Ruins (KamKrios Home)
    When Striker Krios tries to make a concotion out of apples, Kamari attempts to help him. One thing leads to another, however, and the two end up rekindling their fractured relationship.
  4. war and peace (Mid-Sep) – The Ruins (War Room)
  5. (LASKY) [M] THREAD TITLE (Late Sep) – Portland
    Mirko Morandi, Arik Kaiser, Leona Kaiser
October 2021
  1. THREAD TITLE (DD MMM) – Areas
  2. THREAD TITLE (DD MMM) – Areas
November 2021
  1. THREAD TITLE (DD MMM) – Areas
  2. THREAD TITLE (DD MMM) – Areas
December 2021
  1. THREAD TITLE (DD MMM) – Areas
  2. THREAD TITLE (DD MMM) – Areas

Non-Canon Threads
  • Of Dragons and Flowers (2019)
    Japanese Highschool Human AU, with Krios Revlis.
    Kamari loses a bet with her friend and rich kid, Krios. He takes her to the fireworks festival in a so-not-date, and Kamari enjoys herself and realizes something a little more about her fellow classmate.
  • stepping through my shadow (2019)
    Established Universe, ft. Stone & Agate.
    Companion of Salsola’s second-in-command, Keenan calls for a secret gathering of the Kingdom’s other feline familiars to discuss important meow-tters. The Queen’s fox companion, Paimon, realized that he didn’t get his invite, and does the group a favor by showing up anyways.
  • Spies and Dragons (2020)
    Medieval Fantasy Human AU, with Krios Revlis.
    As the Inferni-Salsolan War begins, Knight-Captain, Krios Revlis, and Spymaster, Kamari Kaiser, are sent out on a mission to gather information on Infernian troop movements. They wind up in Ravenwrest, where the two reconcile on lost personal time with one another.
  • Maybe this world’s an infinite dream (2020)
    Mundane Life Human AU, with Krios Revlis.
    When flower shop owner, Velimir, goes out, Kamari is left to idly watch the shop on a rainy day. Thankfully, one of the shop’s regulars, Krios Revlis, drops by, and the two discuss the meaning of one of Kamari’s latest gifts from a secret admirer, who just so happens to be no one other than Krios himself.
  • Ain’t backin’ down, no, we goin’ big (2021)
    Fantasy Human AU, with Krios Revlis & Adrianna Julia.
    Traveling down to La Estrella Roja, Salsolan Secret Agents Kamari Kaiser and Krios Revlis try to set up a sting on a target through the help of the casino’s Madam, Adrianna. A wrench is thrown into their plans though when they discover that Cavalier officials have already set up a sting of their own for the same target. Things turn chaotic as the two agents try to escape and secure their target for Salsola while also not getting caught or shot at themselves.
  • chains made of mercury shine just like silver (2022)
    Fantasy Human AU, with Krios Revlis.
    When the God Queen of the Salsolan Empire hosts yet another of her grand banquets, whispers emerge of an individual looking to threaten her life by taking advantage of the large scale event. Master of Shadows Kamari — disguised as a lower-class noblewoman — works alongside the God Queen's half-brother, Lord Krios, in an attempt to find the hidden assassin before they can strike. Covertly sifting through the event's various guests is easy. Trying to not take advantage of the freedoms allowed by Kamari's cover, however, is not.

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