Driftwood was born Dusty Kingsranch. He is a mix of dog breeds, born near a busy trading port in Florida. His family made a living trading off their livestock—mostly sheep, goats, chickens, and a few cattle—and visited multiple, popular trading hubs where they knew hungry sailors or newcomers to the New World would pay handsomely for what they had to offer. Driftwood met Barracuda during a barfight, and the two hit it off. Barracuda told him about his life, all the things he saw, and the adventures he had, and Driftwood was hooked, having longed for something more than the dull life on the family ranch. He left his family and changed his name as he traded his farm-dog life for a sea-dog one.

He traveled alongside Barracuda, eventually becoming members of Ruiseñor Ochoa's crew. He served under the Captain until a mysterious event caused their ship to be set ablaze. Amidst the fire, Barracuda lost his bird, who had gotten trapped below deck, and the two's priorities shifted as Barracuda vowed to avenge his beloved pet. Rumors led them north to Nova Scotia, where the one responsible for setting the Captain's ship on fire had supposedly fled to. Along the way, they met others headed in the same direction, and they formed a group called La Marea. They had their sights set on Cour des Miracles, where those that had wronged many of the group's number resided. Together, they harassed the pack and ultimately brought it to its knees, however, in the final fight, they were unable to succeed or get revenge for the perceived wrongs.

Driftwood was killed by Ezra Vahn during La Marea's final fight against the Court.





  • Date of Birth: 5 June 2016
  • Date of Death: 25 March 2019
  • Gender: Male
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Nicknames: Drift, Lame-eye (Barracuda will fight you)
  • Group: La Marea
    • Rank: Maelstrom


  • Driftwood is noticeably quieter than his companion, Barracuda. He is more of a type to grunt than use words, and is a man known more for his actions in life. His expressions usually vary between "blank stare" and "disapproving scowl", and his affection level is comparable to a rock. He doesn't have much in the way of personality, though, Barracuda seems to have enough for the two of them. He has a long fuse, and is slow to anger, though, when he does get angry, his wrath is worse than anything Barracuda could dish out. He's not someone that would mindlessly kill or hurt someone without reason, thankfully.
  • While actually pretty intelligent, Driftwood often defers to Barracuda's lead. He makes his own judgement calls every now and again, but, rarely, does he go against Barracuda's decision unless he has a better idea of how to go about something. He's a creature who is very devoted and loyal to those he trusts and cares for, and is someone who is dependable and very reliable. His hard work ethic, drive, and determination to get a job done make him a valuable asset to a team.


  • From tossing hay bales to barrels, while he may not look it, he has a farm boy's strength
  • Spending time with Barracuda has honed Driftwood's natural talent as a brawler, and his fists pack a nasty punch
    • He uses his knife as a throwing weapon, and has surprisingly good aim
  • This boy can tie knots and make superior rope
  • While he may often look simple, Driftwood is actually very observant and intelligent, he just often keeps to himself about it
  • He is a capable hunter, which has often led him to be the one to hunt for land prey when ashore
  • He is a decent swimmer and knows his way around boats
  • Capable of fluent Spanish
  • Despite Barracuda's efforts, Driftwood sucks at catching fish


  • Driftwood is a hodgepodge of markings and colors, a true testament of him being a mutt. A dark charcoal covers his snout, sprinkling its way through a thick haze of tawny up his forehead, covering his ears before spilling down his spine; it stains either side of his neck, dripping down along his rib cage, thighs, and coating most of his tail. Tawny coats his cheeks, and manages to stand firmly on his brow spots and eye lids, often exaggerating his expressions. The brown shade stubbornly fights a loosing battle across the rest of his body, trying to fight off ivory and charcoal for real estate; it stands strongly across portions of his legs, though, some more prominently than others. Ivory starts its claim mid-way down his throat, spreading across his chest and down across his underbelly. Each of his paws are dipped in this lighter hue, however, how much varies from leg to leg. His eyes are a bright, glacier blue.
  • He is a lean, but solidly built dog, with a broad and barrel chest and powerful hindquarters. In another life, he would have been the epitome of a farm dog; athletic enough to stay out from under hoof, strong enough to defend the livestock from danger. He's more muscular than his friend, Barracuda, and is built thicker too. His head is broad, and he's a big-boned boy. His ears are large and floppy, though, one stands taller and straighter than the other. His hands are large and his paw pads are heavily calloused. His tail is distinctly shepherd-like. He stands on the taller side than Barracuda, but, is by no means "huge," and would be considered closer to "average" when standing next to a wolf.
  • He was born with a lazy eye (left) and while he is not particularly sensitive about it, Barracuda sure is.
  • Optime: 250 lbs (113 kg) ↔ 6 ft 9 in (81 in; 206 cm)
  • Scars:
    • Lost of small, less noticeable scars unless one is actively looking for them or intensely inspecting his person; a lot of them gather on his arms and chest
  • Humanization: Moderately humanized. Driftwood likes the freedom of being able to shift freely between forms, and often goes without clothing. However, he uses his hands for many things in everyday life.
  • Clothing & Accessories: He wears a bundle of bracelets on his left arm, trinkets from different ports that he and Barracuda have been to. Most of them are made of leather, others, intricately woven twine or decorated with wood beads. Leather bracers adorn his forearms, and he carries a knife at his waist. Trousers cover his lower regions, and he has acquired a darkly-dyed wool cloak since traveling north.


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