Arik Kaiser

SalsolaThis character is a future adoptable intended for Salsola! Salsola


Quick Information
  • This adoptable does come with additional constraints:
    • Must remain within Salsola.
    • Arik is the younger brother of Salsola's Spymaster and Emissary, Kamari Kaiser. Interaction with and loyalty to her and their family is required.
  • Intended Personality: charismatic/suave, silver-tongued, perceptive, driven, loyal (to family/friends, of the few he allows himself close to), meticulous
    • Required Traits: intelligent, stubborn, confident (not arrogant, however)
    • Alignment: Up to adopter; should not be extreme Evil or Good, however
  • Intended Skillset:
    • Character's Theme: Smooth bounty hunter/hitman/assassin just doing a job and/or ridding the world of one piece of scum at a time.
    • Primary Focus: Espionage/spy, Hitman/assassin
    • Cover/Hobby: Craftsman (leather/fur/arrow), hunter, or trapper; Falconry (birds of prey, corvids, messengers)
    • Other: Fighting (small blades & martial arts), Archery (mounted), Scouting, Stealth
  • Other:
    • Multilingual — English, German, Arabic, French
    • Very well groomed/clean appearance (not vain, however)
    • Northern Goshawk familiar - Katze
      • Capable of Broken High Speech. Trained for scouting/patrolling, harassing, spying, carrying coded messages, but, most importantly, attacking, intercepting, and killing other (messenger) birds. His name is literally "Cat" in German, which falls in line with Kamari's theme for using names that can easily be used within coded messages. He was trained alongside ravens, and knows many of their mannerisms as a result.
    • Visual Inspiration
  • Lupus Reference Image
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Arik Kaiser


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Arik Kaiser (AH-rick K-EYE-zer) is a member of Salsola's Outpost location, Fort Preble, currently ranked as a member of the Family.

An accidental litter, he and his sister, Leona, were born to a pair of ex-Salsolan slaves, Abeni and Heine Kaiser.


Biographical Information
  • Date of Birth: 09 May 2021
  • Birthplace: Portland, ME, USA (Fort Preble)
  • Etymology:
    • Arik: noble leader (German)
    • Kaiser: emperor (German)
  • Alias: ---
Physical Description
  • Sex: Male
  • Pronouns: He/him
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Species: Jackal-dominate Hybrid
    • 62.5% Canis aureus (Jackal) 1
    • 25% Canis lupus (Wolf) 2
    • 12.5% Canis lupus dingo
  • Family: Kaiser, Valkyrie, Arbitter, Bähr
  • Pack: Salsola
  • Rank: Family (June 2022-Present)
    • Bambino (May 2021-May 2022)
NPC Information

(Portland) Salsola members may assume and reference the following without discussion/asking:

  • Common knowledge; i.e. rank, name, family relations, knowing he’s a Salsolan, having seen him “around”
  • Knowing that he’s…
    • …a lowborn in Salsola’s society
  • For anything else or anything specific, please contact Songbird before making assumptions regarding this character
Plot Opportunities
  • None currently

1.  Relationships

  • Parents: TBA
  • Sibling: Very close with Kamari; will never meet Kamil.

2.  Miscellaneous


1 50% Side-Striped Jackal, 5% European Jackal, 5% Common Golden Jackal, 1.5% Egyptian Jackal, 1% Syrian Jackal

2 10% Common Gray Wolf, 7.5% Tundra Wolf, 7.5% Steppe Wolf

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