Steinarr Niequist

by Songbird

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Steinarr Niequist was the oldest and first-born son of Ragna Eklund and Brocade Valentine (Bastian Montgomery), the result of a loveless union, a one-night stand, conceived by two soldiers caught up in a moment. He was born into Mistfell Vale where he was ranked as a Snap, and was brother to Skadi Eklund and Sindri Eklund. Steinarr was the largest of his litter, and had just begun to develop traits fitting of his naming. He was protective of his family, and one often noted for his bravery and friendly personality (after his initial assessment, of course). His coloration and his nature reminded his mother of her late partner and long-time friend, Snorri Niequist, and it was these resemblances that caused her to give him the Niequist surname.

He lived and grew under his mother's watch and care until he was about two months old. On the 5th of May, Mathis, a coyote out for revenge, took advantage of Ragna leaving her home to hunt for food, and had every intention to steal her children and torture her with them. However, Mathis' plans were foiled when Steinarr found him and questioned him, eventually alerting the children's babysitter, Glade, of the intruder. When news of Ragna's incoming return reached Mathis, he panicked and killed Steinarr in his hasty need to leave the scene before the mother could find him. Steinarr died from shock, blood loss, and suffocation from having his throat cut open.






  • Date of Birth: 05 March 2019
  • Date of Death: 05 May 2019
  • Gender: Male
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Residence: Winterwynd (Mistfell Vale)
  • Nickname: None
  • Pronunciation: STAY-narr
  • Meaning: "stone warrior"
  • Origin: Old Norse / Scandinavian

Pack Information

OOC Assumptions!

  • Pack: Mistfell Vale (05 Mar - 05 May 2019)
  • Rank: Snap (Mar - May 2019)
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by Songbird

Coloration Palette


Fuscous Gray (#4a4846)
Flint (#6b6866)
Tide (#7A7875)
Mongoose (#bb9b79)
Pampas (#ece7e3)


Anzac (#d9a549)


Shark (#333436)


  • Ragna Eklund is his mother that he adores and loves to pieces. Even as young as he is, he's protective of her, ready to defend her from a errant leaf or drop of snowmelt that might dampen her fur. He reminds her of her old partner and friend, Snorri Niequist, which earned him his surname. Of his siblings, he is the least likely to stray out of sight of Ragna unless she commands it of him.
  • Brocade Valentine (Bastian Montgomery) is his father that he will never meet, but he often wonders of thanks to Glade misspeaking.
  • Skadi Eklund and Sindri Eklund are his siblings that he loves to wrestle with and snuggle with. Steinarr often lets them dictate their adventures, but, is the first to attack if danger should arise.
  • Acquaintances: Linden Aatte, Daniel, Posey Prior, Falcon



MARCH 2019

  1. yNPC I'm always gonna have your back (05 Mar)
    Ragna gives birth to Skadi, Sindri, and Steinarr.
  2. yNPC What's in a name (26 Mar)
    Ragna names her children.

APRIL 2019

  1. yNPC The monkey chased the weasel (Late April)
    Falcon visits Ragna and the puppies.
  2. yNPC Something inching past the edge of reserve (Late April)
    Ragna and the puppies play with Daniel
  3. yNPC It just takes some time (Late April)
    Ragna tries to introduce the puppies to "hunting" and "killing" their prey, and Posey Prior meets the pups.

MAY 2019

  1. yNPC [M] Two steps back (05 May)
    Ragna goes out to hunt, and a coyote with a thirst for revenge strikes while she's away.

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