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Barracuda was a low-content coydog born at sea aboard the trading vessel, The Dawn Hunter, in the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico. His mother was a silver-tongued sailor while his father was a hardworking merchant. He lived as normal of a childhood as one could have living part of his life amidst a busy trade port, the other, out at sea. He learned to trade and he learned to steal. He learned to fight and he learned to runaway. He learned to swear and he learned to sweet talk. He learned of loyalty and he learned of betrayal. His constant companions amongst his adventures were his childhood friend, Driftwood, and his parrot companion, Guppy.

The three eventually became members of Ruiseñor Ochoa's crew, and served under the Captain until a mysterious event caused their ship to be set ablaze. Amidst the fire, Barracuda lost his bird, who had gotten trapped below deck. Driven by his sorrow and need for revenge, Barracuda gladly went along with Driftwood, Captain Ochoa, and the Captain's sister, Canaria, when rumors of the ship's fire-starter led them north to Nova Scotia. Along the way, they met others headed in the same direction, and they formed a group called La Marea. They had their sights set on Cour des Miracles, where those that had wronged many of the group's number resided. Together, they harassed the pack and ultimately brought it to its knees, however, in the final fight, they were unable to succeed or get revenge for the perceived wrongs.

Barracuda was killed by Thyri Dawnbringer when she disemboweled him with her Dane axe. He died from shock and blood loss, but did so with a smile on his face.






  • Date of Birth: 10 September 2016
  • Date of Death: 25 March 2019
  • Gender: Male
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Name Pronunciation: bear-RAH-COO-duh
  • Group: La Marea
    • Rank: Riptide


  • Barracuda is a lively fellow that is rather gruff, hardened by the salty spray of the sea. He likes to talk, and he's not afraid to say what he's thinking, be this in a grumble under his breath or a confident shout so everyone can hear. His mouth has gotten him in trouble plenty of times, but, Barracuda is a glutton for punishment. He's the type that, even when beaten within an inch of his life, he would smile, laugh, and still spit sarcasm at his tormentors. He is a feisty individual, and a stubborn one too. He is confident and brave, and not one to back down from a fight, no matter the odds. Unfortunately, his tendency to make rash, knee-jerk decisions sometimes puts him—and his friends—in a bind. Barracuda is a man that will fight first, and ask questions later.
  • He's not above killing, and his morals are slightly skewed. He will fight dirty, and will not hold back on someone he thinks has wronged him or someone he's pledged his allegiance to. His inner compass is however he decides to point it; sometimes it's "good," at others, it's "bad."


  • Having lived a good portion of his life at sea, Barracuda is a superb and strong swimmer
  • He is a skilled brawler, having found himself amidst a fight many a times for various reasons
    • He is decent with a knife, though, prefers the more satisfying feeling of using his fists or his teeth
  • Not surprising, he is a good fisher, capable of using spears, nets, or using his own hands
  • He is very familiar with a boat, and is a capable sailor as a result
  • His father taught him how to barter, but his shipmates taught him how to steal
  • He's a fast sprinter and has chased many Luperci down
    • His favorite move is the flying tackle takedown, where he can make use of his strong jaw muscles and shake-and-tear with his teeth
  • Capable of fluent Spanish
  • Barracuda has to use his Lupus or Secui form to hunt land prey, and has to work with others to bring down anything larger than a hog


  • His fur is a warm, sandy coloration, darkening to more vibrant, redder hues in certain areas; seen more prominently around his face, neck, throat, chest, small of his back and base of his tail, and his tail tip. A sooty black dots his brow spots, as well as his tail tip. Ivory hues creep up from his nose, crawling up the center of his face before ending in the middle of his forehead. Each of his paws are dipped in this coloration as well. While not as bold as his ivory points, lighter hues mark each breast, as well as his underbelly. His eyes are a ghostly blue.
  • Barracuda is very obviously dog, though, he claims of an ancestor that was wild to be within his genes. His ears fold at the tips, though, will perk straight up when there's enough blood flowing through them. He has a lean, athletic build overall, being neither overly brawny or too thin. He has powerful cheeks and a broader head. Barracuda has been known to impress the ladies (and some men!) with his broad shoulders and toned muscles. His tail is fluffier than most would expect, though, it does not look out of place on his body. In his Lupus and Secui forms, Barracuda is a solid, medium-large sized dog. In his Optime, however, he is rather "average" amongst most men, though, may come off as "smaller" when standing next to a wolf or large-breed dog.
  • Optime: 190 lbs (86 kg) ↔ 6 ft 4 in (76 in; 193 cm)
  • Scars:
    • One long mark that crawls along the right side of his face, moving upward from his lip, across his snout, and up towards the bridge of his nose; earned from a spear during a sea-skirmish
    • Other smaller, less noticeable scars unless one is actively looking for them or intensely inspecting his person
  • Humanization: He is highly humanized, and while he doesn't wear a lot of clothing, Barracuda does a lot with his hands. In the summer months, he is usually found with only a pair of trousers to protect his nether regions, occasionally, a light, linen shirt. In the winter months, he wears heavier clothing, though, does not like to wear too much, preferring to be able to shift between forms without too much hindrance.
  • Clothing & Accessories: Barracuda wears a thick, spiked collar. It was originally just a leather collar given to him as a memento from his uncle after his first successful boar hunt. It was later altered under the guidance of a fellow shipmate, who claimed the added spikes would aide him in fights. Barracuda is also usually found with a knife on his person, typically strapped to his right thigh. Since coming north, Barracuda has acquired a cloak made of deer hide and lined with fox fur (dyed in darker hues) to help thwart off the colder temperatures and harsher winter weather. Other items include bracers with metal studs and a leather vest to go with a pair of darkly-colored trousers.


  1. [M] When opportunity comes knocking (Late Feb)
    Mistfell Vale borders, with Bennett de l'Or.
    While out on a patrol for food, Barracuda and Driftwood stumble upon a pack territory and question the representative that greets them.
  2. [M] Calm before the storm (01 Mar)
    Ethereal Eclipse, with Andalusia de Cubana, Brîska Hesso, Charles Houlihan, Matias de Cubana, Victoria Houlihan, Driftwood (NPCs).
    La Marea talk about their plans.
  3. [M] Somebody's poisoned the waterhole! (03 Mar)
    Cour des Miracles (Eau Chaude Lake), with Driftwood (NPC).
    Barracuda, Driftwood, and Hendrick poison one of Eau Chaude Lake in Cour des Miracles.
  4. [M] Where had I heard this wind before (Early Mar)
    Cour des Miracles borders, with Brîska Hesso.
    While scouting out the enemy's borders, Barracuda takes advantage of having Brîska as captive company ans tries to get her to talk about her mercenary work.
  5. [M] it runs like a river runs to the sea (19 Mar)
    Cour des Miracles (Niobara Stables), with Oberyn Haskel, Cidro Amato de la Peña, Andalusia de Cubana, Charles Houlihan, Matias de Cubana, Victoria Houlihan, Driftwood, Eulalie Savoy, Isadore Savoy, Athalie Savoy (NPCs).
    La Marea make a surprise attack to steal the Reine's children and mistakenly take Cidro too.
  6. [M] Drag you under, savor that last breath (19 Mar)
    Ethereal Eclipse, with Cidro Amato de la Peña.
    After finding out that Cidro is connected to Paloma Rovira, Barracuda decides to torture the teenager to send a message to Paloma.
  7. [M] Now we stare eye to eye (25 Mar)
    Cour des Miracles (Near Maison du Coeur), with Thyri Dawnbringer, Ezra Vahn, Driftwood (NPC).
    La Marea make their final attack on Cour des Miracles.

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