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Lilium Eternity (Lil-ee-uhm Ee-tur-nuh-tee) is a member of Salsola, currently ranked as The Family.

She is the daughter of Idrieus Eternity and Grievous Eternity, along with her sisters: Azalea Eternity and Whisper Eternity. She is the golden middle child of the trio, but that fact didn't mean much when it came to the three of them. Each of them were loved and raised equally by both of their parents. She also grew up with a servant, Heulwen Chatham, at home, and as such was exposed to the idea of servitude from an early age.

From a young age, Lilium had always taken after her mother, but not in the direction of combat. Growing up with a grand collection like the one her mother had gave ample access to not only a wealth of knowledge, but creative stories, for what few were there. She grew fascinated by the books, and would assist her mother with the library's upkeep and care whenever she got the spare chance to do so. Over continued exposure, she learned about binding books, making some own for herself... and so she began to write. Whenever she wasn't working, she would use her spare time to find a quiet place, writing out anything and everything.

When she became two years of age, she left Salsola proper to head for Fort Preble at her parents' decision. They both saw it as a good chance not only for her to live on her own, but to get some more exposure in a location that would offer more variety than that of home. She agreed to the decision without much hesitation. While living at the Fort, she dabbled in a little help with trading, but she mostly continued to expand on her writing skills. She'd often write take to writing about people she made up in her head, or even people at the Fort just under a fake name. She'd make books with the spare paper and bindings that would come in to trade out to help with the Fort's profits, writing on her downtime.

But Lilium always knew this to be a temporary outing. Eventually she was going to come back home to Salsola, where she truly belonged.

Currently, Lilium has made her way back home from her stay, eager to get herself involved with the members of the Kingdom. She is especially looking forward to putting her efforts towards the Lore factions, one that seems to have a little less love than the others. More than anything though, she wants to show off all her works of 'art' in the form of her many, many stories.

Lilium Eternity
by Alaine

Credit: Alaine

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Basic Information

Biographical Information
  • Date of Birth: 15 June 2020
  • Birthplace: Salsola
  • Etymology:
    • Lilium: Lily (Latin)
    • Eternity: Infinite Time (English)
  • Nickname: Lily
  • Alias: Nightshade Aroa
Physical Description
  • Sex: Female
  • Pronouns: She/Her or They/Them
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Species: Wolf-Dominant Hybrid
    • 57% Wolf (Northern Rocky Mountain, Caspian Sea, Eastern Timber, Arctic, Red Wolf)
    • 40% Dog (Australian Shepard/Unknown)
    • 3% Coyote (Northeastern Coyote)
NPC Information

Salsola members may assume and reference the following without discussion/asking:

  • Common knowledge; i.e. rank, name, knowing she’s a Salsolan, having seen her “around”
  • Seeing her...
    • ...around Salsola, mostly around the Ruins, or relaxing with her back against a tree
    • ...being in the company of her family
    • ...writing in various places around Salsola

For anything else or anything specific, please ask before making assumptions regarding this character

Plot Opportunities
  • Finally back in Salsola proper, and eager to show anyone and everyone what she's been up to while she was away. Why not take a read at some of her written material and give some feedback?
  • So much has changed since she's been in Salsola. Why not help catch her up on some current events?
  • Lilium didn't get the chance to make some solid relationships before she was shipped off to the Fort. Why not try making friends with her? Or perhaps you are some kind of rival? Or bad relationship? Who's to tell.
  • Why not help Lilium with obtaining some jobs? (Artista and Libro Guardiana)




Though Lilium is a wolf-dominant hybrid, she is the one that looks most like her dog mother. Her face and muzzle are shaped slightly wider and more narrow, the only piece of her form showing her wolf heritage. Her ears are pointed, and flopped forward at the tips. The fur along her cheeks hangs down a little more than the rest of those in her family. Her body structure is on the average size, only looking bigger because of her thick fur. Much like her body, her tail is fluffier, like her dog side of the family. It too curls like her mothers, but not all the way over.

Her coloration, much like her physical looks, comes mostly from her mother. Her body is mostly a cream color with large patches of gold along her face, ears, neck, chest, sides, and tail. Sprinkled all over the rest of her pelt are many more patches of colors and spots with the tan and brown shades coming from her mother. She has slightly gray spots along her legs that look more like a very light brown. The only clear sign of getting something from her father's side of the family is the black along her face, head, and ear tips. She has bright, blue eyes. When in optime, she sports a rather short hairstyle except for one section that has grown to a further length on the right side of her head. In this section is a strip of pale cream, a trait from her mother's hair.

Clothing & Other

Salsola is a highly humanized pack, but unlike her parents, Lilium is eager to support this sort of image. Even though this is the case, her outfits don't always make sense. There could be pieces missing, be it on purpose or on accident. She likes going for the 'fantasy' look, matching up with her writings. Either way, she likes to think that regardless of this, she looks good. When it comes to accessories, she will adorn herself with a variety of them, but does her best not to go too overboard. The one thing she is always wearing is a key necklace, one that was passed down to her from her mother.

Reference Image
by Deerwise on DA

Coloration Palette


Hint of Yellow (#fdfcde)
Chalky (#f0dda2)
Apache (#dfba69)
Vanilla (#d0bfa3)
Potters Clay (#825336)
Saddle (#562626)
Shark (#25262b)

Optime Hair

Parchment (#f1ead6)
Mule Fawn (#925030)


Charlotte (#acedf8)

Scars, Nose/Pawpads/Claws

Santa Fe (#b0775b)
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  • Lupus: 32 in (81 cm) ↔ 75 lbs (34 kg)
  • Secui: 44 in (112 cm) ↔ 150 lbs (68 kg)
  • Optime: 6 ft 5 in (77 in / 196 cm) ↔ 205 lbs (93 kg) (Preferred)



Tattoos & Piercings:



  • Speech: Lilium has a very extroverted manner of speaking. She's certainly not nearly as loud as her younger sister, but she can be loud when on a topic she has passion for. She could keep going on and on and on like this as well. If she's really busy, or in the grove with her writing, she'll tend to keep her talking to a minimum as to not lose her place in what she is doing. When nervous or scared, she can develop a bit of a stutter.
    • Bi-Lingual: English, German
  • Unique Scent: Musty books, library, leather, paper, plants (specifically herbs), charcoal, Salsola (pine, marshy).
  • General Posture and Body Language: Lilium exhibits a very relaxed posture, most of the time. She's usually sitting around, her body stretched out in front of her, or knees brought up to balance a book on them. The only time she is a little more uptight is when she is working in the library. There are a lot of old books, and they must be treated with care.


Growing up, Lilium has been a curious girl, nurtured more considering that her family grew up with the Library literally down the hall from their living quarters. With her mother being the one to tend to said library, she found that she liked to intake what she could from all the books, under supervision of course. Her curiosity flourished, making her want to learn about anything, and everything she could get her hands on. This could lead her to have a bit of an open mind, even though she would always call back on her own biases and culture as to what was superior. If anything, the open minded nature of her learning was saved for building blocks within her stories.

Thriving alongside her curiosity was her creative streak. Information wasn't the only thing in those books. It's not hard for her to come up with many new ideas, and place them into her works. She's always looking to try out something new, or spins on some of her old ideas, especially when it comes to writing her own works. While there can be some moments where her creativity will burn out, it usually isn't for very long. Whenever this happens, she tends to try going somewhere new, or watching people to get some inspiration. The latter is usually the better option, since it gives her some "real world experience" to draw from.

Lilium can be very peculiar about certain things, making her stubborn, or even protective of those things. Whether it be a piece she is currently working on, or the state of the library (as she has a valued interest on following her mother's place with those tasks), she wants to make sure that everything is well taken care of, or done before it sees the public eye. The only time she will share work in progress writing is if she is trying to get an opinion on it, and she will usually only do this with people she trusts.

  • Motivations: Pursuit of knowledge, success (as an "author"), familial betterment
  • Fears: Not being good enough (in writing and Salsola), being kept from home permanently
  • Likes: Writing, collaborating, sharing ideas, experimentation, drawing
  • Dislikes: Betrothals (mother's influence), disrespect, destruction of books


  • Packs: Salsola is above all the other packs.
  • Age: Elders are to be respected, though, their advice and rules may not always be heeded.
  • Social Class: As something that is taken very seriously in Salsola, it is important to respect social class.


Lilium is pansexual, as she finds that with stories, love comes in so many different forms. She doesn't see why love should be limited to something as silly as gender. She doesn't have much of a preference when it comes to spending time with someone she loves. She's content to be as comfortable, or as experimental as her partner wants to be. It doesn't even matter to her who is on top, or who is on the bottom. One odd thing that she into is some roleplay, if only to continue to feed her creative side.


Lilium didn't grow up with much of a spiritual upbringing outside Khalifism from her father, and he did not force her to partake in their practices. Because of this, she doesn't have a strict culture she favors, nor much attachment to anything spiritual. When it comes to this, she chooses to follow Salsola's culture rather than anything family based. That being said, she is curious to learn about other people's spiritual attachments and culture... for writing purposes of course.


She doesn't partake in any substances in her day to day life. When it comes to certain celebrations held in Salsola, then she will do some drinking, but never enough to get too drunk.


Note: Listed skills are those that the character has some significant talent or interest in to be noteworthy. Skills that have been mastered (and are best expressed as such) are marked.

Main Focus: Librarian, Author, Book-making
  • Reading and Writing:
Lilium and her sisters were brought up learning how to read and write, but she was the only one of the three to take this talent further than just simply knowing how to do it. Her writing has grown into something much more creative, making stories rather than informative works; even though she will write these sometimes if there's a need for them.
  • Book Binding (Journeyman):
Growing up with her mother, and around a library, it was important not only to know how to repair books that had gone through some wear and tear, but also how to bind new books for the library. When she was helping her mother, she mostly did repairs, learning binding more when she was living at Fort Preble. She likes to experiment with her bindings, mostly when it comes to the covers and spines.
  • Paper Making (Journeyman):
With book binding, the use of learning how to make paper came hand in hand with the kind of work Lilium wanted to do. This was something else she picked up on while she was away from Salsola, as there was much more of an intake of supplies for her to get her hands to make paper for her books. When she makes her paper, most of it will be used for new books, but some are set aside for her to make drawings with, as well as spare sheets to be used to trade for various items.
Auxiliary Skills and Hobbies
  • Drawing (Dabbler):
Something that Lilium has learned to do in her spare time to try and spruce up some of her writing. It is something that helps her get ideas, or to put something she has into her mind to paper so she can come up with the words while she's looking at it. That being said, it's no where near as good as her writing, so it's more of a hobby than a focus.
  • Skinning, Tanning (Dabbler):
Learning to skin and tan on her own seemed like a good idea at the time. This way, she would have access to some leather of her own that she could use for her books rather than having to get them from some kind of outside source. It wasn't uncommon for her to hang around the hunters at Fort Preble, helping them out with their kills so she could get their furs.
  • Linguistics (Dabbler):
Although Lilium can already speak one other language, one that her family has been using since she was born, she is well aware that there are many more languages that she hasn't learned. While it is interesting for her to learn all about them, she finds that it would help when in need of translating, or perhaps taking her own works to put them in another language. This is not much of a necessity for her work, so it's more of a hobby to be used in the future rather than a set skill.


  • Parents: Both her parents were strict when it came to her and her sisters' upbringing. This was something that didn't bother her, not when her interests lined up with her mother's, but also because of their own social standing. Certain things were expected of them. She loves both of them, and held no resentment when the idea came up to send her to the Outpost, since it was meant to be for her own benefit. She's always had a closer relationship with her mother than her father, but that doesn't mean she loves him any less.
  • Siblings: When they were younger, the three of them were nearly inseparable. AS they grew up, the three of them began to follow their own interests, but still keep their relationship with one another. When Lilium went to Fort Preble, contact with her sisters was mostly cut off. Whisper would still come see her whenever she was part of the caravan with members from Salsola proper. Azalea and her had a good relationship, but even when she moved out to the Outpost, she kept a bit of distance from her sister since learning about her new family... but more importantly how they came to be. She would still check up on her sister, but kept to herself mostly.
Other Relations



Farron Belgrave is someone Lilium got to know while she was living out at Fort Preble. Both of them bonded over their love of books, becoming friends. She had left to head back to Salsola proper, even before Sol, but she looks forward to seeing her friend again once she makes her way back there.

Sol Valentine is also someone that Lilium got to know while she was living at Fort Preble. The two hit it off with their shared interest in written works, and would often work with one another to make some stories when they weren't busy. When she learned he had an interest in romance novels, she would gift ones to the young male when she was able to get her hands on some. She values him as a friend, and missed him when he made his way back to Salsola proper, but looks forward to seeing him when she gets back too.

Minor Relations

  • Sex: —
  • Friendly: Fort Preble
  • Significant Positive Acquaintances: —
  • Enemies: —
  • Kills: —
  • Significant Negative Acquaintances: —
Past Relations (Show)
  • Significant Positive Acquaintances:
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Temporary Squatting

A large two-story stone building surrounded by old and tall pine trees, fronted by a standalone massive black cherry tree, obviously planted purposefully many decades previously directly in the front yard of this home. The ground floor is livable now that the windows have been boarded up and the debris cleared away and cleaned out. The upper story, while under no danger of collapsing, is not livable. A wooden trapdoor has been built to separate the two stories. Ivy has infiltrated the upper story and there are more broken windows than whole windows. That being said, the ground floor is rather nice now, especially the small fireplace in the main chamber. The courtyard in the back used to be rather overgrown, but Azalea put a lot of labor into clearing it.
Closer to the nearby tower, there is a small pasture for the horses to free roam in. There is a small separate storage building for their equipment and other storage items.


Trivia (Show)
  • Back when Alaine was still helping to make Whisper's design, the idea that Lilium wrote fanfiction, especially ones about the other members of Salsola under false names came up as an off-hand joke. It was so loved, that it was adopted to become a main part of her character. Since then, mentions of her fanfic writing would come up on and off in the Salsola discord, keeping this trait going strong.
  • Lilium's alias name, Nightshade, was actually a name that was considered for her before ending up with the name Lilium instead. Giving her the chance to have both, in a way, her nearly made name was given to be her alias, with a last name that also has a meaning based around 'time.'
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