Indigo Eternity

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Indigo Eternity


by Viktory System

Basic Info

Full nameIndigo Eternity
AliasesNone yet
Date of Birth3 March 2022
GenderMale (He/him)


Dog (49.07%)
Wolf (37.72%)
Coyote (13.22%)


  • None



Indigo Eternity is the first child of Azalea Eternity and Spartacus Simone Ulrich, though he doesn't know that Spartacus is her father. Rather, he believes that his mother's mate, Casimir Soul, is his father. Preceding Thistle Eternity, Sundew Eternity and Skadi Eternity, Indigo never wanted for playmates or company. Azalea and Casimir are doting parents, and though their marriage is a sham, they do their best to hide this fact from the puppies.

While Indigo is a good kid, many troubles that are on the future's horizon cast a shadow over him.

Pack History


Duration: 3 March 2022 - Present
Residence: The Ruins, Salsola, Northern Sector, Residence 17
Ranks: Bambino (3 March 2022 - Present)
Jobs: None yet, he's too baby

Salsolan Anicombs

Serve in the Central Ring of the pack for three months
Serve in the Inner Ring of the pack for three months
Serve in the Faction Tiers of the pack for three months
Serve in the Sotto Capo for three months
Serve as a Servitori for three months OR hold the debt of an Indentured Servant for three months
Earn one Job within the kingdom
Earn two Jobs within the kingdom
Organize a Pack Project OR participate in five threads assisting any Pack Projects
Create 10 All Welcome (AW) threads on Salsola's pack territory
Complete all of the Thread Prompts for any one month
Take part in 5 Last Supper threads
Complete a LASKY thread at or around Fort Preble, the Salsolan Outpost at Portland
Have a thread with a member from each active Pack
Have a thread with a member from each active Loner Band
Take a mate within Salsola
Become a parent to children in Salsola with a mate
Endure a physical punishment
Recruit one Outsider to Salsola and be their Sponsor
Recruit three Outsiders to Salsola
Usurp a Job or Rank from a fellow Salsolan OR be usurped by a fellow Salsolan
Take part in a Special or Ceremonial Event
Earn 10 other Anicombs
Be the Top Poster for a month
Adopt a Salsolan OR create an Adoptable in Salsola
Awarded for exceptional service to Salsola
I participated in the First Boreas War in 2012!
I participated in the Second Boreas War in 2016/2017!
I participated in the Inferni/Salsola War in 2017!
I participated in the CotS Plot in 2019!
I participated Salsola's 10th Birthday Festivities in 2021!

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OOC Assumptions

Salsola members may assume and reference the following without discussion/asking:

  • Knowing that Indigo and his siblings were born.



Indigo Eternity is a hybrid of wolf, dog and a little bit of coyote. He mostly appears as a dog, though he has some characteristics that suggest some wolf parentage. Among them includes his larger paws, build and skull. His ears are oddly tall. He is not remarkably sturdy nor muscular at all, but he will have a squared frame and will appear to have a solid figure as the lanky silhouette of his youth fills out with age. He will grow quite tall due to his heritage as well, which would normally make for a formidable appearance like his father's in combination with the aforementioned traits. However, due to the way he hunches and often curls in on himself, he appears much smaller and less threatening.

His eyes are a bright and saturated scarlet. They are the same hue as his father's, though they are not nearly as dark and are instead bright and lit with innocence. Unlike his father and more like his mother, Indigo's bright eyes and whole face are like an open book. He is especially expressive while he is young, but as time goes on, he may appear more grim than excitable. His eyes are normally darting about or glued on the ground.

When Indigo can shift, his Optime form will have hair that is predominantly white like the base of his pelt with darker strands of black and silver peppered throughout. It's incredibly curly just like his mother's, wild and voluminous. He will style it by parting it to one side, swooping over or near one of his eyes. It is of a longer length, the coiled locks falling to his chest. Sometimes he will pull it back in a pony tail or in a bun, but this is time consuming so it is not often.

His pelt is primarily light with a snow white base. His markings are cast in a mid-tone gray and dark black, laid across his fur in a shadowy merle pattern. His fur is thick and soft, the kind that your hand would sink into if you were to touch it. He keeps his fur clean as he can, as he feels too self conscious to let himself stay dirty for very long.

He does not always wear clothing due to how warm his fur keeps him. When he does, however, he likes comfortable clothing like sweaters and long coats. He is fond of adornments like necklaces and admires piercings and tattoos, but is unsure if he would ever like any due to his fear of it hurting too much. He knows he must one day bear the Hand of Eris, so he may see how that experience is first.

  • Speech: Quiet,, soft, of few words, high pitch that will deepen as he ages
  • Scent: Salsola (pine, salty, marshy)
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.: Fiddles a lot. Thumb twiddling, hair playing, etc.
  • General Posture and Body Language: Sways/rocks on his feet often, keeps his head down.


Lineart by Wolvden, design generated by Juni

Color Palette


White (#000)
Emperor (#545454)
Cold steel (#1c1c1c)


Tall poppy (#d51e1e)

Nose, Paw Pads

Cold steel (#1c1c1c)


? in (? cm)


? in (? cm)


? ft ? (? in / ? cm)


by someone probably



by someone probably


  • Sensitive, kind, doormat, introverted, quiet, dependent, artistic, nurturing
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This boy's sensitivity is quite evident. Indigo is soft hearted and it is easy to gain his sympathy or hurt his feelings. To that end, he is sweet and extends his kindness to most individuals, even when they may not be receptive to it. He is very affectionate in every way with those he is loyal to, utilizing every love language he can. This is especially something he focuses on his family, like his mother and siblings. He will often help them with tasks, give them hugs, speak reassuring words, devote time to them and make them gifts. When siblings like Skadi may be rude, Indigo does not stop being caring. Instead, he may grow apologetic and do what he can to get back in good graces. He is meek in that way and ends up acting like a complete doormat when no one like his mother intervenes. It is difficult for him to stand up for himself as much as he may be encouraged to.

Noise overstimulates Indigo, so he ends up introverted at times and prefers the quiet. Though he is kind, he is exhausted by social things if they go on for too long and are too demanding. Most days he prefers to stay home with his family or tend to things like plants and animals. He will grow more withdrawn over the years of his life and have a harder time socializing with new people. When this happens, he will become dependent as well on those select few he is close to, especially his mother, Azalea, and his sister, Skadi. Depending, he may be this way with his other two siblings as well.

Indigo is quite artistic and nurturing. He enjoys expressing himself through mediums such as witchcraft, gardening, caring for animals and crafting things artistically. He hasn't honed any of these activities into good skills yet, but he is very curious and eager to learn and practice more.


Dabbler -> Journeyman -> Master


  • Skill: Level.
    • Description
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Somewhat difficult -> Difficult -> Very difficult -> Most difficult


  • Weakness: Level.
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  • Emotional Disposition: Quiet and kind.
  • Sociability: Introverted.
  • Alignment:
    • Neutral good?


  • Packs: Salsola is his obvious favorite. Doesn't know a thing about the rest of the packs.
  • Species: Doesn't really have any.
  • Non-Luperci: While he doesn't mind non-Luperci, he doesn't believe they have a place in Salsola.
  • Gender: Living in a matriarchy, he believes females are superior.

Familial Relationships


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  • Parents:
    • Indigo loves his parents. He especially looks up to Azalea.
  • Siblings:
    • Indigo enjoys playing with his siblings. Is often bullied by Skadi, but inexplicably still loves her too.

Other Relations



Minor Relations

  • Sex: None
  • Friendly: Name?
  • Significant Positive Acquaintances: Name?
  • Enemies: None
  • Murders: None
  • Significant Negative Acquaintances: None

Past Relations: None

Home, Trade, & Inventory


Big Ol' House

A medium-sized abode with two stories and a modern side attachment (constructed just prior to the luperci event). The upper story is in bad shape, with a drafty roof and the interior walls broken through, exposing the wood framework of the house. The first floor has several rooms, including a large stone fireplace in the living area. Off to the right of the main entrance are Lyra's quarters, which consists of a hall, several closets, a bedroom, and what used to be a bathroom, cleaned and kept as a type of washroom/fabric dying area. To the left is the modern attachment that consists of a kitchen space and another small bedroom.
Outside the front is a luperci-constructed pen with a garage converted into a rudimentary stable. The pen is large enough for two horses. Another luperci-built shed is located around the back of the house, storing feed and tack and other tools.


What he's offering:

  • TBD, he's baby

What he wants:

  • TBD, he's baby


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  • Meaning: Bleh


Appearance: Wow lookit that
Personality: ???
Skills: Whee


This bitch doesn't exist

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* No



Indigo is a bastard child born to Azalea Eternity and Spartacus Simone Ulrich in Salsola on March 3rd, 2022. Adopted by Casimir Soul, he has no idea that Spartacus is his father.

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The circumstances that surround Indigo's birth would be considered by many to be strange. His mother, Azalea Eternity, had quite the disturbed path. It brought her to the point of conceiving Indigo and his siblings with Spartacus Simone Ulrich, though the exact willingness of such an encounter is cloudy when contextualized with his mother's past. She had previously been manipulated by Aani Aston-D'Noires for an extended period, beginning when Azalea was young. Due to this, Azalea had little experience with relationships, and so she did not choose to stay with Spartacus nor accept his help raising Indigo and his littermates.

Indigo's mother was seemingly rejected for this by her family, having no longer been welcome in their home. Fortunately, Casimir Soul was there to help. He took her in through a sham marriage, securing her shelter that was undoubtedly safer than raising her pups underground in the woods somewhere. Azalea and Casimir are caring parents that have nurtured him and his siblings to the fullest of their ability. So far, Indigo has stuck close to his parents, his mother especially. He follows her around with the rest of the little ducklings. Skadi has been somewhat of a bully, but Indigo perserveres and doesn't let that change how he loves her. Still, there's a growing insecurity there...

On-board History Summary


March 2022

  • Happy birthday! Indigo is born into Salsola as a Bambino.

June 2022

  • Indigo joins the board as a playable character and officially enters Salsola. Yay!