Lyra Salcedo

Lyra Salcedo


Credit: San


  • Name: Lyra Salcedo
    • Pronunciation: lie-ruh | sahl-say-doe
    • Etymology: constellation | willow tree (Spanish)
    • Nickname: No
  • Date of Birth: 04 Aug 2018
  • Sex: Female
    • Pronouns: She/her
  • Family: Salcedo, Winters
  • Species: Wolfdog Hybrid (Luperci Ortus)


OOC Information

Plot Opportunities

Please feel free to contact me to discuss any plots or threads you are interested in.

  • Lyra has taken up a workshop in the Marketplace and will create clothing on commission (aiming for a Sarta job). She's abrasive and won't hesitate to tell you exactly what she thinks, but her quality is undeniable. So...hire her at your own risk.
  • Some juicy gossip may be a good launching point for plots: Lyra's fool cousin married the young Sanctus Apprentice and had children suspiciously fast, Lyra is living at Clementine's tower, Lyra's mother passed away (not ambient knowledge in the Kingdom proper; known only to those in Portland or those in communication with Outpost folk), and Lyra seems strangely friendly with the Cleric.

OOC Assumptions

Salsola members may assume and reference the following without discussion/asking:

  • Being ignored or curtly regarded e.g. a nod of the head or an eye-roll.
  • Having heard or knowing about Lyra's workshop in the Marketplace, possibly via Mirte
  • Seeing Lyra cleaning and organizing the Storage per her duties as Conserje (and possibly shooing your character away while she's doing so)


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Lyra Salcedo is a true-blooded Salsolan, born to shield-maidens Lilia Salcedo, who pledged her sword to the Queendom, and Indra Winters, the sister of the Witch Queen. She was raised alongside her siblings, the accomplished Clementine and their well-liked brother Baltasar at Salsola's Portland Outpost.

Young, terrible, and by all accounts a cold-hearted bitch, a good rule of thumb with Lyra is to never speak to her, because she will use anything and everything you say against you. If not right away, then eventually. By her own admission, she has no friends and no intentions of making any, as she finds that most (if not all) people fall short of her terribly high standards. Despite this, she professes that her agenda within Salsola is to promote the well being of the Kingdom as a whole, and will tolerate her fellow Salsolans to the extent of her abilities (she won't murder you...with her hands. Maybe with her wit, though). The cruel and unyielding demeanor she offers to packmates (coworkers) is manifest tenfold with Outsiders.

She is currently ranked a Arbiter and holds the job of Conserje, keeping tight (if not draconian) order of the Storage Room. Once shadowed by her bumbling and soft-spoken cousin, Casimir Soul, their paths diverged after a fateful attack in the mountains of their home by a hooded stranger. Since then, she has kept her cousin at arm's length, although she did entrust him to look after her home in the Ruins while she returned to Portland to tend to her ailing mother in the late fall of 2021.

Following the death of her mother in the spring of 2022, Lyra Salcedo returned to the Thistle Queendom in search of new meaning.

1.  Personality

1.1  Overview


Not one to mince words, Lyra clearly and concisely expresses what she thinks. Valuing competence and forthrightness over people-pleasing and smoothing tensions, she is both a reliable servant to her Kingdom and a pain in the (royal) ass. It's clear right away that she does not seek approval from others and finds validation only in tangible results, which she often delivers. In this way, she makes herself indispensable to those in power.

Lyra operates on the idea that you don't have to like someone to work with them. For most, there is no question about whether or not she likes you. Her sharp and accurate honesty is a marker of her perceptiveness as much as it is a clever defense mechanism; her integrity is less likely to be called into question this way. Like her sister, who is adept at balancing and shifting others to the right position, Lyra has a knack for manipulation and a love of detail that would land her a job in any law office, if that were a thing.

At her worst, Lyra can be abrasive and intolerant of anything that falls outside of her very high standards, especially when it comes to getting a job done. At her best, she is decisive, tenacious, and efficient. She makes it very clear that you would rather have her as an ally than enemy.

Kept hidden from others is the perhaps her most redemptive quality, which is that Lyra loves her family above all else. She will stretch to her very limits and beyond to ensure their happiness. This is the linchpin of her person, and as such, is carefully guarded.


  • Demeanor: Aloof, curt, disinterested in your baggage, competent, self-possessed and self-assured
  • Speech: A little on the higher range, though spoken at an even and vaguely menacing cadence. She is fluent in Common (English) and Spanish.
  • Scent: Sage, Bergamot
  • Outlook: Pragmatic
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
Believes in using society and its laws to benefit themselves
Will define own terms and live by them, whether anyone else likes it or not
Likes to use the law to destroy their enemies
Seeks to increase power over others

1.2  Detail


  • Likes: law, rules, authority, order, items, objects, trinkets, tchotchkes, baubles, supplies, jewelry, goods,family
  • Dislikes: you, disorder, children, strong smells, touching, dancing, small animals that haven't been made into something useful


Lyra is a big fan of Salsola. It has all the bells and whistles: law, wealth, and power.

She does not care for things she cannot predict or control, like loners (Outsiders) or their ilk (other packs).

Motivations & Fears

On the surface, Lyra believes herself to be a loyal servant of the Kingdom: she knows its history, its laws, its culture, and everything in-between (to the extent it can be known publicly), and desires to keep the machine running smoothly and efficiently.

On a deeper level, Lyra believes herself a Steward of the machine: the Law works for her when she so chooses, and thus she has an interest in maintaining and understanding its functions. She won't find herself in rebellion with those of the highest echelons as long as their decisions fall into the order that has been established; she does, however, despise anything that threatens to dismantle the system or create disorder.

The things she fears and despises are one in the same: people she believes are self-serving or self-deluded chaotic agents, who possibly are unaware of their own inadequacy and cannot be reminded of it, people who would further their ill-conceived agendas at the sacrifice of everything their ancestors have built. Without Salsola, there is no power, there is no wealth, no safety, no 'good' life, there is only chaos, and that would be her absolute nightmare.


Lyra is asexual with a heavy dose of misanthropy. In general, she does not care for physical greetings or affection of any kind, and will rebuff attempts made by others, with the exception of her immediate family. She has no interest in progeny and prefers to leave that to her siblings, who have no shortage of suitors. As for companionship, Lyra sees people milling about every day. Why would she want to spend more time with them?

It should be noted that Lyra is still capable of affection (shocking, I know). Her fondness might be recognized as: tolerating a person for longer than she is legally obligated to, saying only the second meanest thing that comes to mind, and if she really loves you, she might walk away before she says anything truly devastating to your psyche.

Note: It should be noted that her asexuality is not a reason for her touch aversion or anti-social traits. Had the course of her childhood and upbringing gone in a different way, she may have been well-socialized, affectionate, and still asexual.


Lyra is partial to good liquor and will imbibe if a drink is offered. She does not pull from her own collection, which she keeps for trading purposes. Lyra knows her limits very well and won't drink until she's drunk — that happened once, and never again.

She took up smoking tobacco at a young age, although in secret. After the death of her mother, she has become something of a chain-smoker openly.

As for other substances, Lyra is open to trying new things, mostly to see if it's worth anything.


As a person firmly rooted in the corporeal world, Lyra has no need for spiritualism. Her interest is purely commercial. She will learn as much as she can about a religion's rituals and icons so that she can better identify, collect, and then trade off its tokens at a profit. While disdainful of the concept as a whole, she does not hesitate to use religion as a manipulative chip, and to that extent respects its power.

1.3  Skills

Note: Listed skills are those that the character has some significant talent or interest in to be noteworthy. Skills that have been mastered (and are best expressed as such) are marked.

Main Focus: Merchant / Tailor

  • Trade (Medium Level of Experience)
Related Skills: appraisal, barter
Lyra's sharp eye makes her an excellent identifier of quality goods, but her people skills tend to hamper her attempts to acquire them. She does well if paired with someone who can grease the wheels of transaction; her deep knowledge and detail-oriented examination is good to have on hand to ensure that nothing is amiss.
  • Accounting (High Level of Experience)
Related Skills: inventory, literacy
As mathematical as one can be in their primitive world, Lyra is in constant conversation with quantities, transactions, and the flow of goods. She has developed her own system of quantifying objects for trade, and to some extent relationships too. Given to both efficiency and details, Lyra relies heavily on her memory and memorization tactics (e.g. mental visual library, assigning things to musical tunes) so that she doesn't have to refer to her ledgers while out and about (nor waste valuable supplies).
  • Tailor (High Level of Experience)
Related Skills: embroidery, sewing, knitting
Lyra has been honing this skill since she was young enough to hold a needle. Guided by Mirte Haumann for a time, Lyra has since become a skilled tailor in her own right; she now has her own workspace in the The Marketplace where she assembles outfits on commission, as well as stores her collection of clothing and other assortments.

Auxiliary Skills & Hobbies

  • Language and Literacy
Lyra is fluent in Spanish, English (Common tongue), and Portuguese and can read and write in these languages.
  • Horseback Riding
While she doesn't care for actually tending to horses, she is trained to ride them and does so with regularity, since getting around the territory by foot can be annoying.

2.  Appearance

2.1  Basics


Nod to Sargent's Madam X :)

Credit: San


Tall, neat, and well-groomed, there is nothing desultory about Lyra. Everything has its purpose and place, and Lyra carries herself with the confidence of a person who knows both. She possesses a thin fur coat owing to her dog side. Her facial structure is also hound-like, narrow with large expressive eyes, typically expressing disapproval. Tall and lithe, she is not physically imposing but can have a domineering presence due to her height. Her optime hair is platinum in hue and kept cut short in a severe bob. She will sometimes wear it back with pins, barrettes, and tiny braids for practical purposes.

Lording over others wherever she can, Lyra sticks to her optime form and has not returned to her feral forms since she first shifted.

Accessories and Forms


  • Lupus: 30 in (76cm) ↔ 70 lbs (31kg)
  • Secui: 40 in (102cm) ↔ 120 lbs (54kg)
  • Optime: 6 ft 2 in (188 cm) ↔ 150 lbs (68kg)


  • Possessing a sizeable wardrobe, Lyra's outfits usually incorporate plush furs, leather, and tasteful feathers. She doesn't do bombastic - her artistic aesthetic tends to be sleek and refined, if not vaguely sinister. More recently, she has pushed her clothing to mimic a martial look with epaulets, metals, scale motifs, and chain or chain-like jewelry. Lyra is never without fine (typically unlined) gloves, which occasionally feature faux claws of varying material (carved bone, painted wood, etc).

Color Palette

Please note that Lyra's color palette and depictions may be artistically exaggerated or feature non-game-compliant material. It's her essence :)

Fur and Optime Hair

 Brown Pod (#372618)

 Bull Shot (#764B29)

 Tan (#D7B796)

 Banana Mania (#FCE0BC)


 Royal Heath (#b24a8d)

2.2  Gallery

For the full gallery, click here. Hover for image credit!

by San By San by San!

3.  Relationships

3.1  Family

Immediate Family (Salcedo, Winters, Revlis)

Extended Family

Lyra biologically belongs the Salcedo and Revlis families; as such, many of their members are directly and indirectly related to her.

4.  Animal NPCs

4.1  Current



Credit: Alaine


  • Name: Domino
    • Etymology: Lord (Latin)
    • Pronunciation: daw-min-no
  • Sex: Female
  • Species: Pauson Horse
  • D.O.B.: 2018


  • Height: 15.5 hands
  • Weight: 1200lbs
  • Coloration: Gray appaloosa with a black blanket.
  • Personality: Passive, gentle, a good trail horse


  • Pauson Horse. Born in 2018 to Dovere, sired by Tamerlane.
  • Domino began basic training in 2019 (is halter-trained).
  • Traded to Lyra in 2021
  • Continued training and care by Casimir Soul.

5.  Workshop

WIP Exterior
WIP Interior

Credit: San


The Marketplace


Elizar Moreno


Lyra's workshop is a small but well appointed space. The former human store was initially cleared and restored by Mirte Haumann as a potential workshop for herself, but favoring her current location, she agreed to trade it to Lyra for a bundle of rare peccary leather 1.

Notable features are that the front window spaces lack glass, and will require wood shutters.

There is an alley out back that has a grassy/concrete yard space.

More description TBD.

Currently, the Associate Elizar Moreno resides in the workshop.

6.  History

6.1  Thread Log


Winter (Dec '21 - February '22)

With Eden de le Ulrich. Eden pays Lyra and Lilia a visit, and tells Lyra what's happened with her and Aani.

Spring (March - May)

With None. Lyra holds a funeral for her mother.
With Casimir Soul. Lyra returns to Salsola and finds that there are some changes.
With Eden de le Ulrich. Lyra, furious, bursts into Eden's house and urges her to become the Crone.
With Mirte Haumann. Lyra trades a fine leather to Mirte in exchange for one of her empty workspaces.
With Monet. The rivals meet for the first time.
With Egregore Prizmov. Lyra and Egregore meet and discuss a potential commission.
With Reyes de la Fuente. Lyra roasts the new Associate and looks over his wares.
With Lexus Whitlock. Overloaded with commissions for the wedding, Lyra allows Lexus to help her in the workshop.
With Casimir Soul. Casimir comes seeking counsel from his cousin, and is instead roasted to hell.
With Mirte Haumann, Elizar Moreno. Eli arrives.
With Eden de le Ulrich. Lyra has Eden over for a fitting at her workshop.

Summer (June - August)

With Character?. Description

Fall (September - November)


Winter (Dec '20 - February '21)

With Eden de le Ulrich. The Cleric comes to check on Lyra Salcedo, who has caught a cold.
With Casimir Soul, Tiamat, Grievous Eternity. Casimir and Lyra are brutally attacked by a woman in the Halcyon.
With Eden de le Ulrich. Lyra comes to Eden's house to toast her on her transition.

Spring (March - May)

With Character?. Description

Summer (June - August)

With Character?. Description

Fall (September - November)

  • Lyra departs for Fort Preble because her mother has fallen ill.


Winter (Dec '19 - February '20)

With Clementine Salcedo. Clem comes to visit Portland after being sent away.

Spring (March - May)

With Baltasar Salcedo. Lyra decides to head to the Kingdom, and Balt joins.
With Eden de le Ulrich. Lyra meets Eden for the first time, and she is not impressed.
With Odalis. Lyra is mean to Odalis, so a typical Tuesday.
With Clementine Salcedo, Baltasar Salcedo. Balt makes them a meal!
With Mirte Haumann, Sanguine Valentine. Lyra assists Mirte and catches her eye as a potential apprentice. She meets Sanguine, and ropes him in.
With Casimir Soul. Casimir arrives to Salsola, and so it begins.
With Aani Aston-D'Noires. Lyra and Aani meet for the first time.
With Elphaba Revlis, Casimir Soul, Morrow Larue. Lyra and Casimir go to say hello to their auntie!
With Many! Brocade Valentine and Morgana Revlis host a feast for their wedding.
With Casimir Soul. Casimir assists Lyra in attending the Garden and other matters.
With Keturah Lykoi, Casimir Soul. Lyra meets a baby and hates it.
With Aidan Blacksun, Casimir Soul. Lyra arranges for Casimir to train with Aidan.
With Clementine Salcedo. Clementine helps Lyra with a difficult trader.
With Argive Hemlock, Casimir Soul. Argive helps defend Lyra and Casimir from some bandits.

Summer (June - August)

With Kamari Kaiser, Casimir Soul. Announcement of the new Notice Board!
With Kineret Lykoi, Casimir Soul. Another child! Why? Lyra hates this.
With Clementine Salcedo. Clementine comes to tell Lyra about her venture with La Estrella Roja.
With O'Riley Eternity, Igor Kotovo. Lyra and the Erilaz (and his cousin) investigate the stinky fish problem.
With Salsola. Summer Last Supper!
With Aani Aston-D'Noires. Aani comes to help Lyra bully Casimir.
With Khalifa D'Angelo. Lyra meets a person to match her arrogance.
With Argive Hemlock. Argive finds Lyra by the Sea Caves.
With Kamari Kaiser. Kamari finds Lyra cleaning the Storage.
With Eden de le Ulrich. Lyra and Eden go to visit La Estrella Roja.

Fall (September - November)

With Casimir Soul, Argive Hemlock. Having fallen ill, Lyra requests a medic/medicine. Casimir fetches Argive.