Lyra Salcedo

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Artwork by San

Young, terrible, and by all accounts a cold-hearted b-word, Lyra Salcedo is the newest Salcedo descendant to arrive at Salsola proper. She was raised alongside her siblings Clementine and Baltasar at Salsola's Portland Outpost. Her parents are Lilia Salcedo and Indra Winters, both talented swordswomen who’ve pledged their swords to The Thistle Kingdom.

A good rule of thumb with Lyra is to not say anything stupid. Actually, just, don't say anything. She will step on you.






  • Date of Birth: August 4th, 2018
  • Gender: Female
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Residence: The Ruins, Salsola
  • Species: Hybrid
    • 58% Dog
    • 26% Wolf
    • 16% Coyote
Lyra — Constellation
Salcedo — Willow Tree (Spanish)
  • Pronunciation: lie-ra
  • Pseudonym: Sheba
  • Pack: Salsola
  • Rank: Tradesman (Jul 2020)
Confidant (Jun 2020)
The Family (Apr 2020)
Bambino (Aug 2018)
  • Corank: Conserje (May 2020)


OOC Assumptions

Plot Opportunities

Salsola members may assume and reference the following without discussion/asking:

  • Seeing Lyra working around the storage room or gardens.
  • Need someone to appraise the worth of your new item (or you)? Lyra's your girl.
  • Lyra is happy to loan her wealth out to reliable merchants...for a steep interest. Maybe get indebted to her!
  • Desperate for a particular item? Lyra has answers, but it'll cost you. Hey, you'll get the thing though!
  • Lyra only likes objects. Sorry, ladies.

1.  Personality

1.1  Overview


Not one to mince words, Lyra clearly and concisely expresses what she thinks. Valuing competence and forthrightness over people-pleasing and smoothing tensions, she is both a reliable servant to her Kingdom and a pain in the (royal) ass. It's clear right away that she does not seek approval from others and finds validation only in tangible results, which she often delivers. In this way, she makes herself indispensable to those in power.

Lyra operates on the idea that you don't have to like someone to work with them. For most, there is no question about whether or not she likes you. Her sharp and accurate honesty is a marker of her perceptiveness as much as it is a clever defense mechanism; her integrity is less likely to be called into question this way. Like her sister, who is adept at balancing and shifting others to the right position, Lyra has a knack for manipulation and a love of detail that would land her a job in any law office, if that were a thing.

At her worst, Lyra can be abrasive and intolerant of anything that falls outside of her very high standards, especially when it comes to getting a job done. At her best, she is decisive, tenacious, and efficient. She makes it very clear that you would rather have her as an ally than enemy.

Kept hidden from others is the perhaps her most redemptive quality, which is that Lyra loves her immediate family above all else. She will stretch to her very limits and beyond to ensure their happiness. This is the linchpin of her person, and as such, is carefully guarded.


  • Demeanor: Aloof, curt, disinterested in your baggage, competent, self-possessed and self-assured
  • Speech: A little on the higher range, though spoken at an even and vaguely menacing cadence. She is fluent in Common (English) and Spanish.
  • Scent: Sage, Bergamot
  • Outlook: Not so great
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil, INTP (Myers-Briggs), Guardian (Kiersey)
Believes in using society and its laws to benefit themselves
Will define own terms and live by them, whether anyone else likes it or not
Likes to use the law to destroy their enemies
Seeks to increase power over others

1.2  Detail


  • Likes: Items, objects, trinkets, tchotchkes, baubles, supplies, jewelry, goods, laws, family, authority
  • Dislikes: Your face (probably), strong smells, touching, dancing, small animals that haven't been made into something useful


Lyra is a big fan of Salsola. It has all the bells and whistles: law, wealth, and power.

She does not care for things she cannot predict or control, like loners (Outsiders) or their ilk (other packs).

Motivations / Fears

Lyra is motivated by her desire for power, which in truth is a desire for agency and a fear of a lack of control. Shaken at an early age by the random and senseless loss of her brother, Lyra is compelled to protect her family from any other tragedies; acquiring wealth and status is simply a means to that end. She will do anything, risk or betray anyone, to keep her family safe.

She also really likes stuff. She just thinks it's neat!


Lyra is asexual with a heavy dose of misanthropy. In general, she does not care for physical greetings or affection of any kind and will rebuff attempts made by others, with the exception of her immediate family. She has no interest in progeny and prefers to leave that to her siblings, who have no shortage of suitors. As for companionship, Lyra sees people milling about every day. Why would she want to spend more time with them?

Note: It should be noted that her asexuality is not a reason for her touch aversion or anti-social traits. Had the course of her childhood and upbringing gone in a different way, she may have been well-socialized, affectionate, and still asexual.


Lyra is partial to good liquor and will imbibe if a drink is offered. She does not pull from her own collection, which she keeps for trading purposes. Lyra knows her limits very well and won't drink until she's drunk — that happened once, and never again.

She took up smoking tobacco at a young age, although in secret (only her siblings know), and will continue to smoke for as long as it remains a secret. That's part of the fun of it, she supposes.

As for other substances, Lyra is open to trying new things, mostly to see if it's worth anything.


As a person firmly rooted in the corporeal world, Lyra has no need for spiritualism. Her interest is purely commercial. She will learn as much as she can about a religion's rituals and icons so that she can better identify, collect, and then trade off its useless garbage at a profit. Spiritualists are suckers.

2.  Appearance

2.1  Basics


Tall, neat, and well-groomed, there is nothing desultory about Lyra. Everything has its purpose and place, and Lyra carries herself with the confidence of a person who knows both.

  • Fur and Build
Lyra has a thin fur coat owing to her dog side. Her facial structure is also hound-like, narrow with large expressive eyes, typically expressing disapproval. Tall and lithe, she is not physically imposing but can have a domineering presence due to her height. Her optime hair is platinum in hue and kept cut short in a severe bob. She will sometimes wear it back with pins, barrettes, and tiny braids for practical purposes.
  • Humanization
Lording over others wherever she can, Lyra sticks to her optime form and has not returned to her feral forms since she first shifted. Frequently cold due to her short coat, her outfits tend to incorporate plush furs and leather.


  • Lupus: -- in (-- cm) ↔ -- lbs (-- kg)
  • Secui: -- in (-- cm) ↔ -- lbs (-- kg)
  • Optime: 6 ft 2 in (188 cm) ↔ --- lbs (-- kg)


Lyra has been collecting her goods for a little over a year now, starting when she first shifted. Additionally, her mother's connection to a rich trading port has given her access to a few finer things. Wealth begets wealth, or something like that.


  • (Gotta hunt around pinterest for some stuff to fill out here lmao)


  • (See above)

Color Palette

 Brown Pod (#372618)
 Bull Shot (#764B29)
 Tan (#D7B796)


 Banana Mania (#FCE0BC)


 Royal Heath (#b24a8d)

Note: Lyra's color palette may be artistically exaggerated in her depictions.

2.2  Gallery

Hover over images for artist credit!

by San by San by San

3.  Relationships

3.1  Family

Immediate Family (Salcedo, Winters)

Unknown relations indicated by *, strikethrough denotes deceased

Extended Family

Lyra belongs to the Salcedo, Winters (via adoption), Revlis, d'Angelo, Kimaris, Lykoi, and Rhiannon families; as such, many of their members are directly and indirectly related to her.

Key Family Relationships

  • Lyra's relationship with her birth mother is strained. She often butts heads with Lilia, especially when it comes to handling matters of business. While they never got their footing on a good relationship, Lyra nonetheless tries her hardest to keep her mother happy. They bond over trading together, and Lyra endeavors to ensure that all her needs are met (even if she can't provide the affectionate motherly-daughterly bond Lilia craves).
  • Lyra has a more relaxed relationship with her adoptive mother, Indra, whose reservation and unaffected demeanor Lyra can relate to, and perhaps even inherited herself, in a sense. Both women of action in entirely different ways, Lyra looks up to Indra. Unfortunately, she did not inherit Indra's combat prowess, drawing a line over what they hold in common.
  • Clementine is the apple of her mothers' eyes, and for a lesser person, this might have been a cause for envy. Instead, Lyra found a valuable lesson in it; the arbitrariness of feelings and the way it compels one to assign value. Lyra understands that Clementine had no role to play in this favoritism, except to encourage it where she could (and why not, when it was often to her benefit as well?) Lyra seeks to uplift her sister rather than undermine her, especially after the traumatic loss of their brother. Shown to be ambitious and capable as an adult, Lyra often feels like Clementine is the only one who would truly have her back in a pinch.
  • Impatient as she is with her brother Baltasar, Lyra's metaphorical bites are guarded ones. His lackadaisical approach to life displeases her only because it scares her. She often feels like she needs to look out for him when she would rather like to help him ascend in power. While his methods are counter to her own, she does appreciate the unique results this often yields, even if she continues to pressure him to change his ways.
  • While she wasn't very close to her late brother Magnus, his abrupt and tragic death left a lasting impression on her.
  • Lyra's relationship with her cousin Casimir Soul is complicated. His meek and unassuming nature makes him a target for her abusive tendencies, which come from a place of twisted good intentions. She wants him to toughen up. The other side of this is due to his kindness when she was younger. Lyra developed a soft spot for Casimir which she utterly detests, seeing this vulnerability as a weakness in herself. The playground saying is especially applicable here, and her meanness is a way to keep him at arm's length.

3.2  General

Notable Salsola Relationships

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Minor Relationships

Significant Positive Acquaintances

  • Friendly: lmao
  • Lmaooo

Significant Negative Acquaintances

  • Enemies:
  • Everyone by default

Notable Former Relationships

  • Something
  • None

4.  History


Lyra was born with Clementine Salcedo, Baltasar Salcedo, and Magnus Salcedo at the Salsola Outpost to mothers Lilia Salcedo and Indra Winters in early August, 2018. While she was not a carefree child by nature, Lyra never wanted for anything growing up. She did not show any significant affinity or interest when it came to combat like her parents; rather, a young Lyra enjoyed getting up to mischief with her siblings, her sister Clementine acting often as the ring-leader.

As she grew, Lyra took to Portland's trading post as much as possible, learning what she could from others and family. She developed a love of things that often put Lilia in a bind, who indulged her daughter as much as she could. It is hard to say how this voracious appetite for goods emerged, but most attribute the shift in her nature around 5-6 months of age, when her brother Magnus Salcedo drowned while rescuing her sister Clementine from an icy lake. When her sister was sent to the Kingdom to recuperate from the loss, Lyra sulked over being left behind.


Eventually, Lyra's ambitions took her to the mainland of Salsola in the spring of 2020, where she was able to join up with her sister and brother. Her cousin, Casimir Soul, shortly caught up with them.

4.1  Thread Archive


Early 2019

2019 is a formative year for Lyra as she copes with a tragic family loss, the absence of her sister, and the development of certain passions.


  1. one day please come homeNPC
    With Casimir Soul. In the immediate aftermath of her brother's death, Lyra's cousin Casimir finds her alone. His kindness to her this day, unbeknownst to him, sparks her entire trajectory as a person.
  2. teenage talk
    With Baltasar Salcedo. Not long after Clem is sent to the Kingdom, they receive a letter from her bidding Lyra and Balt join her there. Her parents refuse, so Lyra tries to take matters into her own hands. She is caught trying to sneak off with her brother to Salsola by her mother Lilia.

November 2019

Not a great deal happens this month, but Clementine is a welcome change to the routine Lyra has settled into at the Outpost.


  1. oh, Lazarus, how did your debts get paid
    With Clementine Salcedo. Clementine comes to visit from Salsola.



Lyra finally arrives to the Kingdom of Salsola and gets right into it.


  1. I don't get mad, I get millions
    With Eden de le Ulrich. Lyra goes by the Salsola Storage to donate old dresses. There she encounters Eden, who she promptly begins giving a makeover.
  2. remnants of the fleet
    With Clementine Salcedo, Baltasar Salcedo. Balt is late with a meal and Lyra just about chews everyone's head off for this.
  3. now I stole the moon
    With Odalis Amaranthe. Lyra goes to take a bath at Lake Ligeia and is perturbed to find that someone was already there. She berates poor Odalis, as she is wont to do.
  4. empty outline changed my view
    With Sanguine Valentine and Mirte Haumann. Lyra quickly apprentices herself to Mirte in order to learn how to better create clothing. While setting up Mirte's stall at the Marketplace, Lyra encounters Sanguine, whose help she begrudgingly accepts.
  5. slain medusa, pegasus alight from us all
    With Casimir Soul. While visiting the Queensgate Garrison, she spots her cousin Casimir Soul riding in from Portland, evidently to join them.
  6. take a deep breath [M]
    With Aani Aston-D'Noires. Lyra finds her cousin sleeping in the Oakgrove when he is urgently needed to help her with a rare trader. Aani joins them, much to Casimir's discomfort and Lyra's chagrin.
  7. they say bad times are good times
    With Elphaba Revlis, Casimir Soul. Lyra and her cousin are summoned to the Boss' chambers for reasons that remain to be seen. She is excited to meet her 'aunty'.


In Progress


  1. everything stays right where you left it
    With Casimir Soul. Lyra enlists Casimir's help to clean up the Salsola Garden.
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