Rita Salcedo


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  • Name: Rita Salcedo
    • Etymology: Pearl (Spanish) | willow tree (Latin)
    • Pronunciation: ree-tah | saal-say-doe
    • Nicknames: Riri
  • Date of Birth: 25 Dec 2015
  • Sex: Female
  • Species: Dog


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  • Creator: San
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Rita Salcedo is a Princess of Onuba, daughter to Salvador Salcedo and Emiliana Olmos. She was raised with her two sisters and brother in the great Salcedo family estate. Rita is a lively woman whose greatest joys in life are watching other people, talking about other people, and judging other people. She also has a taste for the finer things and collects all that is shiny almost as much as she collects rumors. While she may seem a bit superficial, Rita is very sensitive to the needs of her family and will do anything for them. That being said, her commitment to anything is very low, and you can more assuredly rely on Rita to shirk any expectations or promises she makes. She struggles to hold on to any duties she is given in the family, perhaps by her design.

When her sister Lilia left with her exiled uncle to a foreign land, and her brother Mateo fled with a group of mercenaries, Rita was left to decide whether to follow suit and bring Maribel with her, or to stay behind and continue loafing around the estate. She inevitably chose to stay in Onuba. While a change of scenery was enticing, she thought about it, maybe packed a bag or two, and then decided that she was much better off where her actions didn't have consequences. Besides, there was a cute fellow she met at the market last week and they had already made plans to meet, so, you know, the timing just didn't work out.

Rita was offered as an adoptable from 2016 - 2019 and is now decommissioned.


Rita appearance notes here.

5ft 8in (--- cm) ↔ 135 lbs (--- kg)--in (--- cm) ↔ --- lbs (-- kg)--in (--- cm) ↔ -- lbs (--- kg)


Immediate Family

Extended Family

Rita belongs to the Salcedo family; as such, many of their members are directly and indirectly related to her.

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