Rafael Salcedo

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by San

Rafael Salcedo is the second born to Eliseo and Leta Salcedo of Onuba. Once a Prince and renowned swordsman, Rafael became an exile for the supposed murder of his sister and a family ally.

Following a fight that left him with a nasty infection, he was brought into Salsola to recover under the auspices of Violeta Rose Soul, a girl he had met on his arrival to Nova Scotia and with whom he was instantly enamored. This act inspired a fierce devotion and loyalty to her. Although it took some time to adjust, Rafael was able to establish himself as a reliable member of the Family despite his foreign blood.

As of the Last Supper in the summer of 2016, Rafael became officially mated to Violeta Rose Soul with the blessings of the new Crone, Loki Helsi. In late August, Rafael and other Salsolan delegates embarked on a trade mission to his homeland of Onuba.

The Salsolan envoy, including Rafael's niece Lilia, returned in the winter of 2016-2017 with goods from Onuba and Portland, but they were ambushed as they arrived back in Salsolan territory. This marked the beginning of the Second Boreas conflict. Rafael was an active soldier in the fight, but lost his right hand to Teman Forney while defending Elphaba Revlis. He was in turn saved by Elphaba, but few were told this for the trauma of her manner of execution. Following the war, Rafael fell into a depressive spiral, though he continued to teach his niece in swordsmanship.

His former pupil, Indra Winters, returned from her stay in Airgid Gleann and became a constant fixture in the Salcedo household. She began to coax him from his depression, and eventually took on training with his niece. When the Inferni-Salsola War broke out, Rafael's niece became involved in the war and suffered her first failure as well as her first success. This allowed Rafael to make the decision to retire from active duty, and begin a family with his wife.

Rafael is currently an aNPC. He is open to threads in Lasky.





Player Info

  • Family: Salcedo
  • Birthplace: Onuba
  • Name Meaning:
    • First Name: God has Healed (Hebrew)
    • Last Name: Willow Tree (Latin)
  • Nicknames: Rafe
  • Pronunciation: Rah-Fai-Ell; Sahl-Sey-Doh
by Alaine

Pack Information


Salsolans may assume and reference the following without discussion/asking:

  • Seeing Rafael with Violeta, Lilia, or Indra
  • Having heard that he has been usurped by his niece, Lilia
  • General conversation (eg. Hi, how are you?)

1.  Personality

1.1  Summary

Summary of dis gorl

1.2  Traits

  • Demeanor: Loyal, Protective, Calculating, Aloof, Ambitious
  • Outlook: He has a realistic appraisal of his circumstances and favors reason over idealism.
  • Sociability: Introverted. Doesn't enjoy interaction with people. He has a short social battery and needs an almost excessive amount of time to recharge.
  • Expression: Rafael behaves with quiet confidence that borders on arrogance. He will not openly submit to people. He carefully guards his judgment of others.
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Acts as personal code directs him
Will adhere to the laws of the area he is in and will also maintain his own sense of honor
Will not break his word or a contract
Well-being of the group put ahead of the individual on almost every occasion
He will never kill for pleasure, only in self-defense or in the defense of others

1.3  In Depth


  • Speech: Rafael has a slight-moderate Spanish accent in his English and is articulate and well-spoken. He rarely uses contractions when speaking. His voice isn't particularly deep or high, but rests at an average masculine pitch.
    • Rafael is fluent in Spanish, Portuguese, English with some familiarity with Latin and Greek (reading only).
  • Scent: Willow, Wood, Vinca Minor (creeping myrtle flower), Bridal Veil (plant)
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.: Rafael is trained ambidextrous, meaning his dominant hand was his right hand, but he trained in weapons for both. He can use his left hand better than most, but he does not have the same control as his right.
  • General Posture and Body Language: Graceful, composed, neutral postures to the point of seeming aloof.


  • Gender: Rafael holds traditional expectations of men and women. Men should be capable and smart, women should be kind and gracious. He doesn't really like when things differ from those expectations, but he is aware that they will.
  • Gender & Sexuality: He feels uncomfortable around homosexual relationships despite reason. He doesn't believe in transgenders and finds it to be unnatural and disturbing. (he is a bigot 8I)
  • Non-Luperci: Like most Onubans, Rafael was raised with the idea that the four-legged form is crude and barbaric. Since coming to Nova Scotia and living as a pariah, Rafael has shed some of these old prejudices in favor of survival. He does however look down on people who only use their lupus/secui forms, believing that they have succumbed to their baser instincts.


  • Likes: Sword-fighting, riding horses, reading
  • Dislikes: Socializing, parties, people, dishonesty, deception, manipulation
    • Greatly dislikes: Rapists, Mindless Killers



  • Rafael might be better described as Vio-sexual. He just loves that dang girl so much.


  • Protect Salsola and Salsolans
  • Be the very best...like no one ever was
  • Lavish Violeta with all the best things
  • Preserve his family and values while making roots in Salsola


  • Death: He does not want to die. He doesn't really want others to die either, with some exceptions.
  • Prison: Developed a phobia of becoming trapped in dark, wet, small spaces due to his captivity in Onuba. His heightened fear of death made the prison unbearable for him. He will become feral and dangerous if ever put somewhere like this.

Spirituality & Substances

Rafael is not spiritual but neither is he antagonistic to religion. He seems to be mostly ambivalent. He does possess a skeptical outlook and is unlikely to be impressed by farces and tricks or superstition.

  • Rafael has respect for Salsola's Crone, Loki Helsi, but he does not trust the Coven.

Salsolan Disguise

Name: Francisco
  • Demeanor: Modeled after his brother Salvador, Rafael will attempt to be gregarious, charming and kind when outside of Salsola territory.
  • Scent: Sunflowers, wild horses, drifter bay smells
  • Other Notes: He struggles to fully embrace the role. This may cause awkward moments, such as a hover hand, or an extremely weird and noncommittal embrace. It's clear he hates touching people even as the svelte Francisco.

2.  Appearance

2.1  Basics


  • Eyes: Rafael's eyes are slender and almond shaped. They are the deep dusky purple of a desert sunset.
  • Fur: His fur is thin and short typical of his Hound and Encartaciones heritage, but around the base of his neck, the back of his thighs, and the ends of his tail, longer ruffs of fur are present. His colors are a blend of medium to dark browns and light creams. His coat is mostly sleek and coarse to the touch.
    • Optime Hair: His hair is straight and a dark umber color. He keeps it either totally trimmed, or worn back into an undercut ponytail.
  • Facial Features: He has a straight masculine face, with a sleek profile and a tight jaw. His features are evenly proportioned. His ears are tall and diamond shaped, appearing much like two pyramids in the dunes of his sandy countenance.
  • Build and Size: Rafael has a tall, angular build. He holds most of his muscle in the torso, while his arms and legs are thin and bony. He has an elegant gait, which is in no small part due to his lean stature and where the weight of his figure is carried.
  • Humanization: Rafael is clearly humanized. He wears clothing that is representative of his aristocratic Onuban life, and prefers to wield a rapier or a longbow over tooth and claw.


by San

Coloration & Palette

  • Nose and Paw Pads: Black
  • Claws: Dark Umber
Oasis (#fee8cd)
Di Serria (#d49958)
Desert (#ac651e)
Walnut (#6e431a)
Bronze (#42240a)
Dusk Purple (#6f4e68)
by Alaine


100 lbs (45.3 kg)
27.6 in (70.1 cm)


Although Rafael is relatively humanized, he will shift to his lupus form to track and hunt. He has an exceptional sense of smell due to his hound heritage.

120 lbs (54.4 kg)
36 in (91.4 cm)


Rafael will rarely shift to secui because it emphasizes his long legs and lean body, reducing his strength rather than adding to it. This form is his most vulnerable form.

180 lbs (81.6 kg)
6ft 3in (75.6 in / 192 cm)

Optime (Preferred)

He was raised in a humanized Luperci society and so feels most at ease in his two-legged form. He tends to perceive those who chose their feral forms to be more "barbaric", although he isn't entirely opposed to it.


Hover for image credit

by Alaine by San by San by Alaine by San by Titmouse By Raze By Nat

2.2  Modifications and Closet


Jewelry and Accessories

Weapons and Armor


  • Scars: Self-scarification of a Lily flower on his right pectoral muscle.
  • Disfigurement: Rafael lost his right hand in the war.
  • Amethyst Studs: Two at the base of his ears.
  • Gold necklace with locket, inside is a pressed Lily leaf (Traded in 2016)
  • Chain belt (Traded in 2016)
  • Spanish Rapier: Named Sin Luna, the sword has a Willow Tree inspired hilt. Pommel is a simple dog head with open mouth.
  • Spear: Gifted by Bane D'Angelo during Secret Santa '15!
  • Deep purple velvet shirt. Worn during winter.
  • Dark trousers that end at the knee. Usually worn.
  • Thick leather Belt
  • Dark cotton cape lined with satin and stoat fur. Worn during winter.
  • Painted Vest made by the D'Angelo siblings, Fire and Hope.
  • Black doublet with gold flower motifs

2.3  Inventory


  • Saddle bag
  • Battle-ready tack for Maximo


3.  Residence

3.1  Residence

  • The Eastern Watchtower was among a handful of ruins to be refinished in the modern human era, leaving it slightly more in tact following the apocalypse. The interior is primarily wood, specifically cedar and teak, and uniquely the whole watchtower is constructed with a complex and intricate wood-only joinery system.
  • The exterior consists of brick and stone, though the eastern side has grown a large wall of ivy. Due to the lack of occupancy and care, some areas of the tower have suffered the effects of aging and weathering, although the durability of the wood has lessened these effects.
  • There are three stories: the ground floor, which has a hearth for fire and passage to the stables and storage shed; the second story, which was repaired and now a bedchamber, and the topmost floor which provides access to the roof.
  • A straight and narrow staircase connects all the floors. Fresh flowers are kept throughout the home, and drying herbs are hung around the hearth. The bedchamber windows were fitted with wooden shutters, though they are frequently left open to allow light and the breeze off the bay into the room.

Art by Alaine

3.2  NPCs


  • Species: Andalusian Stallion
  • Age and DOB: 2010 (~5 yr)
  • Description: Rose grey with a dark mane and tail.
  • Personality: Doesn't like anyone that isn't a Salcedo. Was given to Rafael from the Amaranthe family as a part of their budding alliance and a gift on his first birthday. Maximo is aggressive and mean and will buck anyone without skill who tries to ride him. He loves carrots though.

4.  Relationships

4.1  Family: Salcedo

Key Family Relationships

  • Salvador Salcedo: Salvador and Rafael were friendly rivals as boys, ever challenging and encouraging each other to grow. Salvador turned out to be the most suitable heir for the Salcedo family, but by the time this was decided, Rafael and Salvador had grown to deeply respect one another. They are loyal to each other and maintain a good relationship. Rafael and Lilia are the only ones who know that Salvador is homosexual, a big secret kept between them due to its stigma in Onuban society.
  • Lilia: Lilia was Rafael and Salvador's beloved little sister. Rafael knew right away that Lilia was a precious person and that she needed to be protected. Despite his great dislike for socializing, he accompanied his sister to all of her social engagements. The one time he didn't...Rafael would have gone to the end of the world for Lilia. In some ways, he's still determined to.

Family Tree

Other Family Relationships

  • Emiliana Olmos: Salvador's wife, and his former betrothed in an arrangement made by his parents. Their broken arrangement was somewhat forgotten in the following turmoil with Lilia's murder, but once everything quieted down, Rafael's brother Salvador Salcedo courted the young lady and eventually married her to help soothe tensions with the Olmos family. Salvador and Emiliana had four children in the winter of 2015. She very much doesn't like him, and Rafael thinks that is fair.


  • Lilia Salcedo: His niece, named after his deceased sister, though she takes after her father in personality. Following the loss of his hand, Lilia has been immensely sensitive and supportive of his condition and Rafael has warmed to her presence in Salsola. Initially, he wasn't so sure about it, considering how dangerous the new world is.

4.2  Key Relationships

Violeta Rose Soul

  • After a clandestine meeting in Drifter Bay, Rafael became instantly enamored with the sweet and gentle Violeta. His feelings and respect for her only grew after he returned to her severely wounded and she took him into Salsola to save his life. Since he made the decision to stay and spread his roots in Salsola, he and Violeta only became closer. He prefers to keep her company above everyone else, as he feels the most like himself around her. She gives him hope for the future, and helps him to leave behind the past that so often burdens him. In the summer of 2016, they became officially mated with the blessing of Violeta's brother and Crone, Loki.


  • Akantha and Rafael share a history together in the Onuban courts. Their families were allied, and they frequently crossed paths in social circles due to Lilia's involvement with the court. Rafael harbored an intense attraction to Akantha that resulted just once in a passionate encounter. Before much else could be done, the Baroness? intervened and left Rafael with a thinly veiled warning and a host of resentment and frustration. Since then, Rafael has cooled his teenage hormones (lmao), but was disgruntled to discover Akantha's seemingly permanent presence in the new world. Akantha poses a constant temptation for the Salcedo, which like everything else frustrates him to no end. Following a meeting in the cover of night, Rafael confessed to Akantha the pressure that her company put on him, and the two agreed to amicably cease contact with each other.

4.3  General Relations


  • Osrath Eternity: Rafael considers the Salsolan Princess to be a friend, though their relationship more resembles a loyal guard and their royal ward. He is incredibly conscious of all sorts of boundaries in their interactions due to her rank and status, but he responds well to her company and feels comfortable around her. He is happy to serve her.
  • Indra Revlis: Rafael considered Indra to be a bright and talented pupil. He has a soft spot for the young Princess, and was sad to see her off to Airgid Glenn, although he has been heartened by her return.
  • Hyacinth Silevue

Neutral Relations

  • Salvia Eternity: Salvia is more legend than real to him, though he knows she is very, very real. Rafael thinks it is wisest to stay in the periphery of his Boss's view than in the direct center.
  • Lokr Revlis: Rafael knows very little of Lokr, except that something happened between Semini and him (he chooses to stay in his lane and not get involved). The Lord Commander operates in the higher echelons of the kingdom, leaving Rafael with impressions of him mostly from pack meetings. He's not particularly interested in getting to know him, and maybe is a little nervous to, considering he's already friendly with his wife.
  • Loki Helsi: Rafael has very mixed feelings about Loki. While disapproving of what he perceives to be Loki's lifestyle choices (having dual genders, mostly that he seems to not be the typical "man"), he finds common ground in that they share the same interest of keeping Violeta happy. He maintains a neutral if not a suspicious regard of Loki, but has warmed greatly to him since he, as the newly appointed Crone, chose to bless his and Violeta's union at a Last Supper, against the wishes of his own father, Itachi.
  • Naenia Ortega: Naenia is an Onuban Swordswoman and his longest rival. They trained and grew together in the arena, and were fiercely competitive with each other. Although Rafael would never admit this, he deeply respects Naenia and thinks of her, even to this day, with fondness. Things got rough when Naenia's brother, Bartolomé, pulled some nasty things that resulted in his death at Rafael's hands. Naenia came to Nova Scotia to seek revenge, but upon discovering the truth, spared Rafael's life and condemned him to live with his actions. Rafael is still deeply tortured by the past, so it was a pretty apt punishment.
  • Semini: Semini and Rafael got into a fight over Velazquez out in the middle of nowhere, and like a true anime, this led them to a strange, friendly sort of relationship. Rafael thinks the Amaranthe daughter is a little wild, a little out of control, but sees the value in their family's connection and so doesn't want to dismiss her just yet. In 2016, he asked for her to deliver a message to his brother Salvador, and is under the impression that Semini has access to a ship.

Negative Relations

  • Itachi Lykoi: Itachi is Violeta's scary swordsman dad. He made it abundantly clear during Salsola's winter festivities that he did not like Rafael, not one bit. He was the only reason Rafael and Violeta were unable to officially wed, but with his vote overruled by his higher ranked son Loki, Rafael has deemed Itachi no longer a threat to their happiness. Oh, naive boy...

5.  Skills

5.1  Abilities


  • Education and Learning: Due to Rafael's privileged position in life, he had a lot of teachers and sparring partners and basically an advanced support network for his weapons training growing up. His avid, nearly-obsessive interest in it also led him to do a lot of research and training on his own. He began to compete as soon as he was able to, and he never gave up. Basically, Rafael is a nerd.
  • Swordfighting (Master): Rafael is extremely adept at fighting with his Spanish Rapier. He favors his right hand in a duel, but will switch to his left as needed and if the rules of engagement allow. If fighting outside of an organized bout, he will follow his own sense of honor though he will be more inclined to fight to win. He does not fight dirty though he does fight resourcefully. His style tends to be calculated and precise - if he strikes, it's to hit a particular area at a very particular moment, or to move someone into a specific position. His long tail allows him to have very good coordination and balance, and it is very difficult to destabilize Rafael while he's engaged.
  • Archery (Journeyman): Rafael is experienced with a bow and arrow and his aim tends to be very good. He primarily uses a longbow, and has a range of 300yd with his well-crafted arrows, and about half as far with his home-made arrows (lol). He enjoys shooting from horseback because of how challenging it is, and especially likes shooting birds (and then running to catch them because he is a hound dog).
  • Weapons (Journeyman): Rafael is familiar with a range of weapons, from most blades to some cleaving/spear/polearm weapons. Obviously he prefers the sword and has the most experience and practice with blades, but he knows enough to teach someone if they were interested. If not the sword or bow, his next choice of weapon would be a spear.
  • Hand-to-Hand (Apprentice): Rafael doesn't do hand-to-hand very much because his build is inadequate to the task (tall & lean). His entire technique is based on striking accurately and then moving out of range. A larger or heavier person could easily overtake him if they manage to get a hold on him. He can still pack a punch or wrestle smaller individuals, and as a person with a basic instinct for combat, he will definitely put up a fight. But he's just not suited for hand-to-hand.

Diplomacy and Scholarship

  • Education and Learning: (To be revised) Rafael was trained in all kinds of courtly junk. Like human classics, language, reading, writing, bull like that. It was part of his grooming to be an heir to the Salcedo family, but Rafael mostly only wanted to read comic books read books on fighting and write about fighting. He is a simple man.
  • Reading, Writing (Master): describe skill
  • Language (Journeyman - Master): describe skill
  • Etiquette (Journeyman): Not a strong suit. Dogs just wanna have fu-IGHT. FIGHT!
  • Mediation (Journeyman): Although inclined to honor and justice, Rafael also has difficulty remaining impartial. If he's removed from a situation it's like whatever, but if it's personal he will get his Buster pants on and BUST SOME JUNK

6.  History

Rafael Salcedo was the second born to the esteemed Salcedo family of Onuba. His mother Leta was from the respectable Acosta family of the Outer Court, and his father Eliseo Salcedo was the last born of the Salcedoan Rey's litter. Because Eliseo had no desire to pursue or make a title, Eliseo remained only a Príncipe of the family. He had no obligation other than to procreate and manage his portion of the Salcedo estate affairs, which he did adequately since he was of age.

When Rafael was still a pup, Eliseo's brother, Ander, ascended to the position of Rey, the head of the Salcedo household. This event caused a great deal of turmoil, for not only did the previous Rey die in mysterious circumstances, his wife soon followed. Among this chaos it was discovered that the newly risen Rey was adverse to marriage, and thus unable to beget an heir. Each sibling before Eliseo was in some way otherwise compromised, as a result the duty to carry on the Salcedo royal title fell unto him and his brood. Thus Rafael, his brother Salvador and sister Lilia were elected to inherit the family's estate and were sponsored for Reyship.

Rafael and his siblings were rigorously schooled in Onuban decorum and culture. This involved a great number of activities which they were expected to perfect. Rafael fell short of a few of them, mainly social ones, causing disappointment in his parents despite his promise as a swordsman.

Rafael continued to excel at his swordsmanship. He eventually chose a Rapier as his specialization, and was gifted the sword Sin Luna (meaning moonless) by an uncle. He quickly became the foremost fencer of Onuba, earning the nickname "Sabueso Negro" (black hound) for his fearsome speed, "dogged" assaults, and dark demeanor. Detractors and enemies preferred to call him "Perrito Negro" (black puppy). He was less handy with the longbow, but he continued with the weapon mostly to spend more time with his sister Lilia. Despite her delicate body and nature, Lilia loved the forge and the woodshop. When she was not performing her duties as a woman of Salcedo, she was frequently found there.

When they all reached the age of one, Salvador was announced as the heir. Despite his less than perfect swordsmanship, Salvador's incredible charisma made him a skillful Courtier and a strong candidate for the Mayordomía of Onuba. Rafael remained good friends with his brother despite losing the title to him. He was contented by his role of protector, and swore fealty to his brother from that day. Rafael and his siblings were all gifted from the Amaranthe family with horses - the stallion Maximo came to Rafael, and the mares Blanca and Guerra given to Lilia and Salvador, respectively.

A few days following the announcement, Eliseo and Leta decided to arrange a marriage for Rafael. Rafael was displeased and they argued for weeks over it. One morning, after returning from riding, he discovered that they had betrothed him to a girl of the Olmos family. To his even greater surprise, she waited in his chambers to discuss the marriage which was to take place that same evening. Blinded with anger, he rejected the Olmos girl and fled the lands with Maximo. He needed time and space to consider his duty to his family.

That night, Lilia attended an important event hosted in the Moreno estates. She was ordinarily accompanied by Rafael, but at her parents' request, she went alone to maintain the Salcedo presence with the Inner Court. Eliseo and Leta meant to eliminate Lilia as an excuse for Rafael to avoid his arranged marriage.

When Rafael returned that evening, he learned that Lilia was injured in an assault involving Visconde Bartolomé of the Ortega family and the arranged marriage was put on hold. Lilia later privately shared the details of her assault with Rafael and Salvador.

The following day, Rafael challenged Bartolomé to a duel by fencing. He won quickly, as it was expected by most of the Court. Onuban culture dictates that a feud ends following the outcome of the duel, but Rafael was dissatisfied by his easy victory and continued to pursue his revenge on the Visconde. He plotted and successfully framed Bartolomé for several acts, most notably stealing from the Churches and Shrines. The Visconde was punished publicly by the town and denounced by his own family, and for a short time all seemed well with Rafael's revenge. However, the Visconde was clued into Rafael's involvement by an unknown party. Armed with this new evidence, he came to Rafael one night with an ultimatum. Either Lilia was given to him, or he would expose Rafael's underhanded revenge and shame the Salcedo family.

Rafael was given time to consider his options, and that same night he convened with Salvador and revealed his dilemma. Because of their mutual trust and friendship, Salvador kept the matter private rather than taking it to their parents. While Salvador was reluctant to negotiate with the Visconde, he believed that the repercussions of the leaked information far outweighed the type of personal hardship Lilia would undergo with a quiet affair. He asserted that the alliance between their families could crumble if Rafael's exploits were exposed, but an affair might nurture and sooth the tensions made from the assault. Rafael fiercely resisted submission on Lilia's behalf.

Lilia was informed by her maid of the argument that she overheard while tending to their chambers. Afraid and despairing that she had ruined the Salcedo family, Lilia rode that night to Bartolomé's estate to beg forgiveness on Rafael's behalf. There in his chambers, she was coerced into bedding the Visconde and accepting his plan to elope.

The maid came directly to Rafael and Salvador to inform them of Lilia's abrupt departure. In the face of this event, the brothers set their disagreements aside immediately and rode together to the Ortega estates to rescue their sister. Rafael and Salvador had to only disarm one guard to break into Bartolomé's chambers, since the Visconde had been cast out from the main household.

To their mutual horror, they found Lilia compromised by Bartolomé. This enraged Rafael and he attacked. Lilia was mortally wounded in the crossfire and was tended to by Salvador; meanwhile Rafael proceeded to kill the Visconde. When Rafael was finally able to see Lilia, she passed away in his arms. Though the carnage left the brothers shaken and at a loss, Rafael regained enough sense to force Salvador to flee the scene, so that the Ortega family would only find and imprison him. Salvador reluctantly left Rafael to his fate.

Rafael was taken captive by the Ortega family. He was smeared as a jealous and ruthless murderer, while Lilia and Bartolomé were painted as "star-crossed lovers." Their tragic, forbidden love story was spread throughout Onuba. The Salcedo family was forced to give many valuable possessions to the Ortega family to return their son. Once Rafael was back within the Salcedo territory, the Rey and Mayordomía declared that Rafael would have to stand trial for his crimes.

On the night before his trial, Salvador secretly met with Rafael in the dungeons. They discussed how the trial would quickly resolve to execution, with no justice for the Salcedo family concerning Lilia's rape and murder. Salvador then liberated Rafael, and told him that his steed Maximo was prepared and boarded on a ship on the docks. Urging him to bring only the possessions he can keep on his back, he shows Rafael a secret way to the docks. Rafael stole away from Onuba that night and journeyed with the ship to the West.

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  1. sons and daughters of hungry ghosts (5 JUN 2015)
    Arisaig Shoal with Semini. Rafael pursues Semini's boar Velazquez on a hunt. He collides with the selkie girl and they fight, before Rafael realizes that they're being ridiculous. Then he has to take an injured Semini to the only person he knows.
  2. smoking from shooting (6 JUN 2015)
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    Salsola Territory with Bacchus Revlis. Rafe meets Bacchus. They are boys. With Toys.
  4. ever since I left my mother it's much harder to know (27 SEP 2015)
    Drifter Bay with Akantha. Rafe has a questionable meeting with Akantha, and there are a lot of leftover angst feelings and unresolved past stuff and they dance??
  5. fearless on our breath (28 SEP 2015)
    Somewhere in Salsola with Lokr Revlis and CO. There's a pack hunt afoot! Rafe is tuckered out from gallivanting all night and Sem has a cameo, kicking his butt as a reminder to not be a douche.
  6. heaven's a place and they know where it is (28 SEP 2015)
    The Ruins with Lillith Trombetta and CO. Rafael goes to Lillith before the trade fair to see if he can get a dress for Violeta. yeah ok boy trying to make up for being a jerk ok.
  7. let's go runnin' on the back of the wind (29 SEP 2015)
    Somewhere in Salsola with Salvia Eternity and CO. Horsefoot races! Gogogogogo let's go!
  8. night after day, black flowers blossom (30 SEP 2015)
    The Ruins with Salsola. It's the last supper and Vio gives rafe a flower that's all that matters


  1. [m] Built upon a burial ground (1 OCT 2015)
    Drifter Bay with Naenia Ortega. Rafe and Naenia have an old west style shown down *cues western music* *tumbleweed* Naenia wins and spares Rafael's life.
  2. high for this (7 OCT 2015)
    Drifter Bay with Urho Rask. Urho teaches Rafe how to lift a big rock. BROS.
  3. deep dark well (31 OCT 2015)
    Blackwoods? with Hyacinth Silevue. The scooby gang emerges. Rafe and Hya explore the Blackwoods, and it's SPOOPY.


  1. intervention (7 OCT 2015)
    Drifter Bay with Hyacinth Silevue. The scooby gang reunites when they find some coin on a dead body! SpooPPY
  2. a year without light (15 NOV 2015)
    Drifter Bay with Till van Ulrich?. Rafael meets Till and they talk about stuff and Rafe is like, trying to be cool or something idk.
  3. we're richer now for pride (22 NOV 2015)
    Marrgerd with Osrath Eternity. Rafe and Osrath talk about babies and Rafael reveals his intention to marry Vio WOOPS.


  1. it makes the monsters go away (2 DEC 2015)
    Grotto of the Seven Sleepers? with Akantha. Rafe and Akantha share a fire and some tea given unbeknownst to them by Laevisa Arena. They talk, and Rafael tells Akantha that even though he fancies her, she is the symbol of Onuba and the life he can't have back, and he can't offer himself to her. They are content to leave their relationship as one of friends.
  2. nothing works, they say you don't mind (04 DEC 2015)
    Ruins? with Loki Jade Lykoi. Loki pays Rafael a visit and is gaaaaaaaaaay
  3. steer your life by these stars (20 DEC 2015)
    Ruins? with Pisces D'Angelo. Rafael and Pisces exchange Secret Santa gifts!

2016 Threads


  1. I will sail away on seas of silver and gold (24 JAN 2016)
    Ruins? with Violeta Rose Soul. Rafael finds Violeta out in the cold! What a perfect place to kiss???


  1. Nothing because San was TOO DAMN BUSY/SICK/BUSYSICK


  1. every single night pray the sun'll rise (01 MAR 2016)
    Pine Barrens? with Elody Lykoi. Rafael hears commotion and goes to investigate. Meets associate Elody and confronts a trapped trespasser.


  1. Thread Title (00 APR 2016)
    Area? with Character?. Description of thread.
  2. Thread Title (00 APR 2016)
    Area? with Character?. Description of thread.
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    Area? with Character?. Description of thread.


  1. Thread Title (00 MAY 2016)
    Area? with Character?. Description of thread.
  2. Thread Title (00 MAY 2016)
    Area? with Character?. Description of thread.
  3. Thread Title (00 MAY 2016)
    Area? with Character?. Description of thread.


  1. Thread Title (00 JUN 2016)
    Area? with Character?. Description of thread.
  2. Thread Title (00 JUN 2016)
    Area? with Character?. Description of thread.
  3. Thread Title (00 JUN 2016)
    Area? with Character?. Description of thread.


  1. Thread Title (00 JUL 2016)
    Area? with Character?. Description of thread.
  2. Thread Title (00 JUL 2016)
    Area? with Character?. Description of thread.
  3. Thread Title (00 JUL 2016)
    Area? with Character?. Description of thread.


  1. Thread Title (00 AUG 2016)
    Area? with Character?. Description of thread.
  2. Thread Title (00 AUG 2016)
    Area? with Character?. Description of thread.
  3. Thread Title (00 AUG 2016)
    Area? with Character?. Description of thread.

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