Hyacinth Silevue

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Hyacinth Silevue (HI-a-sinth sill-EH-view) is the daughter of Velveteen Silevue and Dirge Valentine, born 18 Aug 2014 in the French-speaking sub-territories of the Toronto region in Canada along with her three siblings: Brocade Valentine, Calla Valentine, and Weaver Valentine.

Hyacinth grew up among her elder siblings under the tutelage of their careful parents, in the gang that served as a pack and a family. The gang was situated in a hostile territory of Toronto, and was frequently involved in skirmishes with rivals and foes. As such, and in spite of her delicate and innocent appearance, Hyacinth grew up with a deep loathing for vulnerability and a hidden disregard for aggressive, manly males. She is the pride of her mother's eye, a beautiful fragile flower with a core of cold steel.

In 2015 Hyacinth left Toronto with her brother, Weaver, after being offered as a bride to a rival gang against her wishes. Hyacinth determined that the only way for her and Weaver to live the lives of power and wealth that they were destined to lead would be to follow in the footsteps of their infamous cousin, Isabella Heiwa, who had left the gang after stealing her mother's tarot deck many years prior. Determined to hold her freedom at all costs, Hyacinth dragged her jovial brother all the way to Nova Scotia, where the rumor mill swiftly led them into the clutches of the Thistle Kingdom.

After having journeyed with her brother Weaver to seek out their infamous cousin Isabella Heiwa. She and her brother were accepted into the pack after meeting its Lord Commander, Lokr Revlis. She is currently ranked as a Warden and in early 2016 she had her job as Vedetta usurped by Elody Lykoi. Her sponsor was previously Osrath Eternity.

Hyacinth currently resides at the Salsola Outpost. After the conflict and murder inflicted by The Five Hyacinth decides that it is time for her to spend some time at the Outpost to distance herself from the violence brought upon the pack by her once betrothed in Toronto.

In Portland she strikes up a relationship with Urho Rask who visits her on occasion from Salsola. She cooks for him, and she finds herself infatuated with his jokes and gentle nature. Hyacinth eventually falls for him after much back and forth and in the Winter of 2017 gives birth to their first litter of children: Symre Rask, Seppo Rask, Kjell Rask, and Taika Rask.





NPC Info

Player Info

  • Family: Silevue
  • Birthplace: Toronto, Canada
  • Name Meaning:
    • First Name: Small flowering plant (Genus: Hyacinthus)
    • Last Name: (Psuedo-French)
  • Nicknames: Hya
  • Pronunciation: HI-a-sinth sill-EH-view
  • Epithet: Gypsies, mercenaries, courtesans


  • Adelia is a 9 month old white Norwegian Forest Cat
  • Her name means "of the noble class" in French
  • Extremely vain, but well used to travel and Canadian wilderness, and not afraid to get her paws dirty
  • Competent speaker of High Speech (the common tongue)

Pack Information

OOC Assumptions

The Confidante

Salsola members may assume and reference the following without discussion/asking:

  • Seeing Hyacinth with her brother, Brocade, in their shared domicile in the Ruins
  • Seeing Hyacinth grooming herself/bathing in the lake/brushing out her hair by the lake
  • Seeing Adelia wandering about Salsolan territory

1.  Appearance

1.1  Basics


  • General

Taking after her mixed bloodlines, Hyacinth is a curvaceous young woman of rather short stature. Her hips are wide and childbearing, and she walks with a distinctive, elegant sway. She is distinctly wolfish in appearance, though her diminutive size and sharp muzzle hunt at mixed blood.

In coloring, Hyacinth tends to the darker end of the spectrum, making her a fine contrast to her golden-pelted brother. Her earthen mottling accentuates her curvy form, with the lighter splash chasing down her chin, chest, stomach and thighs.

In Optime form, Hyacinth has long, dark tresses that fall well past her waist. She was taught to grow her hair out at a young age, as it was told to her that it would be appealing to men in her later life. In many ways, Hyacinth's appearance is altered in ways intending to be pleasing to the masculine eye; Even in the way that she carries herself, with an air of sweet innocence and a smile like warm honey.


Coloration and Palette

  • Nose and Paw Pads: Grey
  • Claws: Grey/black
General Colors
Pablo (#76736b)
Taupe (#463a2f)
Potters Clay (#8a6230)
Pearl Bush (#e3dcd5)
Thunder (#352c28)
Eye Color
Sea Buckthorne (#f8a424)


Image Here
50 lbs (23 kg)
28 in (71 cm)


Although rather small for a wolf, Hyacinth is ordinary in most other aspects. She is built more for endurance rather than speed or strength.

Image Here
145 lbs (66 kg)
40 in (102 cm)


Even though this form is supposedly her strongest, Hyacinth avoids using it, as it makes her feel ugly, beastly and self-conscious.

Image Here
160 lbs (72 kg)
5ft 10in (177 cm)

Optime (Preferred)

Most certainly her form of choice, Hyacinth enjoys the luxuries that thumbs can offer.

1.2  Miscellaneous


  • Piercings: None
  • Tattoos: None
  • Scars:
    • Any scars?


  • Clothing info here.


Accessory info here.

  • List
  • List
  • List

2.  Personality

Silk Hiding Steel, Decoy Damsel, Honey Trap


Delicate, beautiful, innocent; Hyacinth gives off all the vibes of a true Mother Mary Martyr, sacrificing herself or her purity to live among the devils that call Salsola home. However, this facade is far from the truth - Hyacinth has a ruthlessness a mile wide within her heart, and a particular vengeance against arrogant or seductive men. She prides herself on her resourcefulness and cunning, using all the wiles available to her to ensure that things always go her way. Has an awful habit of getting men wrapped around her little finger - Hyacinth oozes the lure of virginal innocence, and drags in useful prey on her hook.

2.1  Ideals


  • Obsessions: INFO
  • Likes: INFO
  • Dislikes: INFO


  • Outlook: INFO
  • Expression: Introverted, submissive
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral (LIABLE TO CHANGE)


  • Fear: INFO
  • Fear: INFO
  • Fear: INFO


  • Motivation: INFO
  • Motivation: INFO
  • Motivation: INFO


  • Packs: Based on Salsola's pack biases.
  • Species: None
  • Non-Luperci: Follows Salsola's general belief that they are inferior.
  • Gender: Has been mistreated by charming men in the past, and is passively frightened of strangers or surprises.
  • Color: None
  • Sexuality: None
  • Age: Elders are considered to hold a larger quantity of knowledge, thus giving them cause to be given a little extra respect.







3.  Interaction

  • Speech: Fluent in French, Spanish, and the common tongue. Speaks with a French accent - Will often lapse into French when emotional.
  • Scent: Info

4.  Relationships

4.1  Key Relations

  • Weaver Valentine: Hyacinth has a close bond with her older brother. She is very aware of his protectiveness over her, and will often use that to her advantage. Sometimes, it irritates her that he is immune to her female innocence and charm; Even so, she knows that he still thinks of her as fragile and pure, and is unaware of the depths to which she schemes.
  • Osrath Eternity: Osrath is everything that Hyacinth wants to be; Beautiful, wrathful, strong, and in charge of her own life! As her sponsor, Osrath holds particular sway over Hyacinth's understanding of Salsola's culture, and the individuals therein. Secretly, Hyacinth has a deep-seated jealousy for the older girl.
  • Isabella Heiwa: To be determined
  • Ondine Heiwa: To be determined

4.2  Family: Silevue

  • Mother: Velveteen Silevue
  • Father: Dirge Valentine
  • Siblings: Brocade Valentine, Calla Valentine, and Weaver Valentine

4.3  Other Relations

Current Relations

Family Relations

Minor Relations

  • Friendly: Character
  • Unfriendly: Character
  • Sex: Alistair
  • Fights: (won) NA
  • Fights: (tie) NA
  • Fights: (lost) NA
  • Murders: None

4.4  Residence

  • Residence Info

4.5  NPCs

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NPC Name

  • Species: Info
  • Age and DOB: Info
  • Description: Info
  • Personality:
  • Info
  • Info
  • Info

5.  Timeline

5.1  Threads