Salvador Salcedo


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  • Family: Salcedo
  • Location: Onuba
  • Role: Mayordomía (2017 - Present)

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Salvador Salcedo is a well-liked and widely recognized member of Onuban society. He is the son of Eliseo Salcedo and Leta Acosta, and brother to Rafael Salcedo and the late Lilia Salcedo. He is married to Emiliana Olmos and has four children with her: Mateo, Lilia, Maribel and Rita.

Salvador is an accomplished diplomat with a number of satisfactorily settled disputes between the Inner Court families under his belt. He is best known for organizing a summit for the heads of the families, and creating a seasonal trade show that would illuminate the material specialties of each household. This trade show is very popular in Onuba at present.

Affable, gregarious, charismatic - Salvador is every inch an optimistic extrovert. Although he can at times be shallow or superficial, Salvador does have a keen emotional intelligence and uses this to help mediate conflicts. To those who know Salvador well, they find an extremely loyal companion. His commitment to duty and truth can sometimes lead him to be self-sacrificing in order to maintain bonds with others. Salvador has never broken an oath, and he tries to always speak honestly. He adores his family to the point that they are weary of him, and encourages everyone to be their best self!


Typical of a Salcedo male, Salvador has a short fur coat that is a blend of light browns, greys, and white. Because his fur requires so little attention other than a good wash every now and then, he likes to redirect his energy to his comely coiffure. Short and slightly wavy, Salvador often styles it with waxes and a little perfume. He relishes taking good care of his appearance and it shows.

Salvador is thicker muzzled than his slender brother. His eyes are a bright violet, and often said to be his best feature. In his youth, Salvador was every inch the Onuban male fantasy - tall, thickly muscled, and well groomed. Though he's certainly gained a few pounds since then, the extra weight has made him appear softer and more congenial, and much more approachable to the common folk of Onuba.

6ft 4in (193 cm) ↔ 230 lbs (104.3 kg)44in (111.7 cm) ↔ 160 lbs (73 kg)32in (81.3 cm) ↔ 87 lbs (39.5 kg)


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Salvador Salcedo is presently the elderly Mayordomía of Onuba. His son and heir of the Salcedo family, Mateo Salcedo, was swept up with a wild group of mercenaries in 2017/2018, leaving both Onuba and the Salcedo family in a period of temporary discord. The scandal almost lost him and his family their position in society. Fortunately, Salvador was able to smooth over tensions and secure a successor through his daughter, Maribel. His formerly exiled brother, Rafael Salcedo, assists in governance over family and mayoral affairs.

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