Hope D'Angelo

The daughter of Anguish D'Angelo and Prophet D'Angelo, born on Oct 1st 2012. Born a very pale, silvery grey, she is marked by a deep charcoal saddle and grey ticking on her neck, her hair is the same deep charcoal as her saddle, she has the fiery gold eyes seen rarely in the D'Angelo line and belongs to the god Ankh of the Khalif. Hope was born very sickly and nearly died at birth, and was saved by the healers of the faith. She is a slender six foot, two inches tall, and wears very covering, pale colored clothing.

Hope is the most faithful of the litter, and hears the voice of Ankh whispering to her from the sun, and truly pities and is disgusted by her darker furred siblings. She is kind to Fire, and does not seem to realize how dangerous he is, and she is attempting to save him. She bleaches his fur occasionally.

She carries a can tah of a horse.

Hope is shy and faithful, and disdainful of sin in all forms. She is quite prudish, and tends to shy away from lesser things (sex, drugs, temptation). She is an excellent seamstress and can make cloth, as well as an excellent painter and she dabbles in making jewelry as well. Her pride and joy is crafting rich, painted or sewn vests depicting elegant scenes. She owns a small, spirited cream colored mare.