Serafina Amaranthe

Serafina Amaranthe


Credit: San


Name: Serafina Amaranthe

  • Pronunciation: sair-uh-fee-na | a-mur-anth
  • Etymology: ardent (Spanish) | unfading (Latin)
  • Nickname: Sera

Date of Birth: 30 November 2019

Sex: Female

  • Pronouns: She/Her

Family: Amaranthe, Revlis
Species: Hybrid (Luperci Ortus)


Loner Band: Midnight Krewe

  • Title: The Star

Former Pack: New Caledonia

  • 01 Aug '21 — 01 Dec '22

OOC Information

Player: San
Creator: San & Alaine
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  • Serafina is now a bartender at La Estrella Roja, working with the Midnight Krewe! A healer by trade, she's happy to lend an ear to those drunk ramblings.
  • Drank too much? Got into a brawl? Serafina is available to patrons who have exceeded their limit or need specialized attention.

OOC Assumptions

Patrons of La Estrella Roja may assume and reference the following without discussion/asking:

  • Casual and polite conversation, e.g. "Hi, how are you?"
  • Serafina serving your character at the Cantina or tending to minor issues (e.g. giving your character water when they have had too much to drink). For bigger problems (e.g. vomiting), I'd prefer to thread or discuss OOCly.


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Serafina Amaranthe is the daughter of Semini and Lokr Revlis and sister to Siolene and Morholt. Just shy of her first birthday, Sera ran from home with a stranger in tow. Like Amaranthes of the past, she has left a wake of rumors and scandal with her abrupt departure.

Following a grand summer adventure, Serafina found home in New Caledonia. After the siege on the kingdom in the winter of '21-'22, she joined Tercero Robles in the Citadel while she decided whether she wanted to return to Onuba. Following a chance reunion with her brother Calrian in the early fall, among other significant changes, Serafina decided to leave her pack and return to La Estrella Roja. She has since been working there, along with the Midnight Krewe, to run the bar and lounge.

1.  Personality

1.1  Overview


Empathetic and compassionate, Serafina is guided by her heart more than good sense. She and her siblings were ostracized growing up in Onuba, and this formative experience is what led her to develop a protective positivity rather than cynicism. She doesn't want anyone to suffer like she has suffered. She doesn't always make the smartest decisions, but she tries her hardest to look for and appeal to everyone's best nature. Serafina is the type of person who is first to notice if someone is left out, and she will make a concerted effort to include everyone. It will distress her if someone lags behind or if someone is alone (even if they've chosen to be alone).

Inheriting her parents' offbeat sense of humor, Serafina is kind of a huge dork. She is shameless and confident in most situations, and it takes a lot to have an impact on her sense of self worth. She doesn't seem to care much if people write her off or find her embarrassing, as long as they aren't afraid of her.

At her worst, Serafina has little instinct for self-preservation, forcing others into a position of protecting her from herself or the situations she puts herself in. She can be stubborn, insistent, and difficult to reason with once she's made up her mind. She also has a hard time understanding people's boundaries, and needs to be firmly reminded over and over again.


  • Demeanor: Warm, friendly, upbeat, flirtatious
  • Speech: Feminine with a Spanish accent. She laughs often and easily.
  • Scent: Flowers
  • Outlook: Generally optimistic, if not slightly fatalistic
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
Strives to bring the greatest benefit to the most people which causes the least harm
Will not want to lie or cheat anyone, avoids killing whenever possible
Group and order oriented, will keep their word
Upholds the rights of the weak and oppressed members of society

1.2  Detail


  • Likes: you, hugs, plants, books, gardens, flowers, soft grass, secret places, jokes, conversation, weed
  • Dislikes: exclusion, cruelty, harm, fighting, conflict, people conferring behind closed doors


Open-minded and inclusive to almost everything, Serafina's only real bias is against religious or spiritual individuals. She is less likely to trust them, although she will seek to change their minds rather than avoid confrontation.

Motivations & Fears

Serafina is motivated strongly by the desire to belong. She wants to carry her own weight and the weight of others—to a practical extent.

Her anxieties tend to circulate around ostracization and being alone. She can't stand the idea of someone being left out, herself included.


Serafina is bisexual/pansexual.


Although she does not smoke tobacco, Serafina is a big fan of both the medicinal and fun effects of cannabis. She also enjoys drinking, and is a happy, albeit a little too cozy, drunk.


A negative experience with the rigidity of faith led Serafina to develop an anti-religious perspective. She believes that doctrine is dangerous and that it hurts more than helps others. If she could wish away one thing, it would be religion.

Her own notion of life, death, and the afterlife is an odd organic nihilism — she believes that the spirit is part of the body, and when the body dies, everything simply ends and returns to the earth.

1.3  Skills

Note: Listed skills are those that the character has some significant talent or interest in to be noteworthy. Skills that have been mastered (and are best expressed as such) are marked.

Main Focus: Healer

  • Healing (medium experience)
Serafina had just begun her apprenticeship with a healer before departing Onuba. This left her with the basics of field medicine and a few more advanced ideas, like sutures or cleaning wounds to prevent infection (albeit not in such modern terms). She is seeking a master to help round out her knowledge and practice.
  • Herbalism (medium experience)
Serafina spent her childhood helping her grandmother in the gardens of their estate. She knows the basics of cultivating gardens and loves to grow things; she is learning more about the local flora of Nova Scotia, and is seeking a mentor in this capacity as well.

Auxiliary Skills & Hobbies

  • Language and Literacy
Serafina was raised in Onuba, and thus has a moderate Spanish accent. She is fluent in Common (English), Spanish, and Portuguese, and can read and write in these languages.
  • Dancing
Like any Onuban native, she loves to dance! She has great rhythm. Her singing, on the other hand...
  • Tailoring
Serafina was taught to sew, stitch, and embroider when she first shifted, as is tradition for Amaranthe children (in order to help them get used to their hands quickly). Knowing only the basics, she nevertheless keeps several bone hooks and pins in her belt bag, and scavenges threads wherever she can find them.

2.  Appearance

2.1  Basics


Credit: San


Serafina inherited the slender frame and hues of her father. Her fur pattern is reminiscent of an autumnal forest dappled in sunlight, and her eyes are a soft shade in the transition between green and blue. Her light brown hair falls just between her shoulder blades, although it is often loosely braided and woven with flowers, if the season allows.

She tends to dress for warm weather, leaving her shoulders and neck uncovered as her double-coat keeps her well insulated during the colder months. It's clear that Serafina also has a fondness for the color red, adorning herself with ties and ribbons of these hues, which she also makes use of in a variety of ways. Her outfit has been gradually reworked into one suitable for travel in the wilderness, although she holds on to the tatters of her old Onuban clothes for both sentimental and practical reasons. One never knows when they might need a makeshift sling!

Serafina does not have a commanding presence at all — you could easily overlook her, like a rabbit in the grass. She has an effervescent air that carries her through good and bad situations alike; even while "angry", she is non-threatening.

Accessories and Forms


  • Lupus: 29 in (73.6 cm) ↔ 90 lbs (41 kg)
  • Secui: 40 in (101.6 cm) ↔ 110 lbs (50 kg)
  • Optime: 5 ft 9 in (175 cm) ↔ 130 lbs (59 kg)


  • Fitted bandeau top (red)
  • Black trousers with red ties
  • Stitched leg warmers of grey-green shades


  • Red ribbons and string
  • Gray and teal sash
  • Belt with belt bags and pouches

Color Palette

Please note that Serafina's color palette may be artistically exaggerated in her depictions.

Fur and Optime Hair

 Kilimanjaro (#35302d)

 Brown Derby (#5f4b3a)

 Mckenzie (#895835)

 Dark Tan (#9d6c4b)

 Cement (#8a715e)

 Albescent White (#e4dcd0)


 Summer Green (#90b39c)

2.2  Gallery

For the full gallery, click here. Hover for image credit!

by San By San by San by Miranda by San

3.  Relationships

3.1  Family

Immediate Family (Amaranthe, Revlis)

3.2  Relationships

Family Relationships


  • Serafina had a largely happy upbringing with her family. Exuberant and extroverted by nature, she was close to both of her parents and spent a great deal of time with her grandmother in the estate gardens.


  • She would dote on Morholt if he'd let her. Although she and Siolene had been thick as thieves at the outset, their interests took them on different paths. She wishes that Lene had more time for her (because Sera is a big needy baby).

Lotan, Tiamat, Calrian, Malik

  • After a fateful meeting with her legendary brother Lotan and his mentor Pazuzu, Serafina was escorted by them to La Estrella Roja where she then met Calrian and Malik. Although her once idolized older brothers have been grounded in reality, she still thinks the world of them. While at La Roja, Serafina spent some time getting to know her infamous older sister, Tiamat. Their relationship is awkward and uneasy, but well-meaning.

Key Relationships

Tercero Robles

  • Serafina thinks Tercero is noble, long-winded, and a zealot for caution. Although they struggle to work as a team (having two very opposite instincts in tricky situations), their shared traumatic experiences have made them close friends. After a brief separation and then fortuitous reunion, Serafina no longer minds their differences. She is committed to seeing him do well.


  • Description

Other Relationships

New Caledonia

The Troupe


  • Isabel Moreno: A dedicated acolyte of the Onuban faith and Sera's first love/ex-girlfriend. Sera brought an injured criminal into their secret meeting place, and Isabel brought guards. The betrayal sent Tercero and Sera on their journey, but not without first breaking Sera's heart.

4.  Former Residence

Credit: Unsplash


City Square, Fort Louisbourg

House Number



Serafina, Tercero, raccoon family


Interior Layout Map

An old human-made structure with a large tree growing through the middle of the front room. The ceiling has collapsed in this area, and the exposed portion provides ample light (as well as the other elements: rain, snow, etc). The walls are comprised of stone and brick, and much of the wood floor has deteriorated into the cement foundation, allowing for weeds, vines, and other plant life to flourish. There are three rooms in the back: a large bedroom, a former bathroom, and what was once a den with a fire place, turned into a kitchen space. These rooms do have cover and are better preserved than the front of the house, and strangely, the tree assists in blocking some of the elements from the roof on that side. Behind the house is a small plot, perfect for a garden or planter boxes.

The home was tidied by Serafina upon arrival, and they have re-purposed leftover furniture and other tools to make the spaces suit their needs. Sera and Terc share a bedroom like college dorm mates—beds pressed up against opposite walls, with their own corners of belongings.

A raccoon family occupies the tree. They coexist (mostly) peacefully with Sera and Terc.

5.  History

5.1  Summary

Serafina was born alongside her brother and sister, Morholt Amaranthe and Siolene Amaranthe, in Onuba to Semini Amaranthe and Lokr Revlis. She had a mostly happy upbringing, with loving parents and doting relatives, including her aunt Akantha, grandmother, and many cousins. Despite this, Serafina and her siblings faced plenty of difficulties outside the Amaranthe estate; their older half-siblings Tiamat and Lotan created discord between the Inner Court families of Onuba after killing off the entire upper echelon of the Arena family. Their violence was blamed on the fact they were children of foreigners and raised on foreign grounds. As children of a foreigner themselves, Serafina and her siblings were thus cast under the light of suspicion, and there was no shortage of discrimination, from cold-shoulders to challenges to duels, and rumor upon rumor of their supposed propensity for violence and general unpredictability.

Serafina thus did not often participate in the courtly activities outside of the Amaranthe estate, but not for a lack of wanting. When Serafina finally found a friend in a young Moreno acolyte by the name of Isabel, she was over the moon. Isabel gave her a chance that few others did, at first under the pretenses of helping Sera "best her innate barbarism" and teaching her the ways of her faith, but a real friendship soon blossomed and eventually love.

This new relationship was cut short. Serafina found an injured Tercero Robles one night, and brought him to the secret sanctuary that she and Isabel shared for their meetings. She learned that he was a wanted man; his brother Dimas was addicted to gambling and in severe debt to the Moreno and Arena families. Dimas used his unwitting and law-abiding brother as a guarantor of his loans, and when Dimas fled Onuba, the repayment fell to Tercero. Tercero hid what his brother did from their family and made the payments at first, but he was eventually overwhelmed by them. Tercero was injured in the process of escaping their arrest.

After Serafina revealed his story to Isabel in an appeal for help, Isabel instead returned with Moreno guards. Serafina and Tercero were forced to flee that night, but rather than return to the Amaranthe estate and bring further shame and disgrace upon her family, they took off on a ship heading to the new world, where Serafina's brothers Calrian and Malik were said to live.

Serafina and Tercero arrived in Portland in the winter of 2020 - 2021. They were accidentally separated following a tense argument, allowing Serafina to run into her legendary older brother Lotan and Pazuzu Lykoi, and Tercero to find Tiamat. They were all reunited at La Estrella Roja in the summer of 2021. Finding that the way of life at La Roja was not what they needed, Serafina and Tercero left La Roja to join New Caledonia in August of 2021.

5.2  Thread Log



With Character?.



  • Serafina is a baby!

Spring & Summer

With Isabel Moreno. Serafina's grandmother passes away in the Spring. She meets Isabel and they become friends.


With Isabel Moreno. Isabel and Serafina are in love.

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