Arena Family

The Arena Family

Family Sigil


  • Species: Hybrid (Dog, Jackal)
  • Family Origin: Onuba
  • Surname: Sand (Spanish)
  • Languages: Portuguese (Primary), Spanish, English
  • Head of Family: Disputed

Statistics & Foundation


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The Arena family originated in Onuba and is part of the Onuban Inner Court. The family is run by council of the wealthiest with an elected figurehead, who negotiates on behalf of the family in court society. Naming conventions typically follow that all children born to an Arena take the surname, however, ambitious individuals or families can absolutely pay for the name.

As one of the founding families of Onuba, the Arena family both shapes and participates in Onuban customs. Positioning themselves as "the Merchant Family" of Onuba, they oversee all coastal trade and markets and have an extensive network of traders across Europe and north Africa. Prosperity is paramount to the Arena. They are known for their ostentatious appearances, gold sand beaches, and white-domed homes, from which they draw their symbol. Their colors are white and gold.

Members of the Arena family have been played on 'Souls since 2015. There have been a total of 2 characters played on board over time.

1.  Family Tree

First Generation

  • Plata Arena & Enrique Acuñar — 27 May 2011
  • Eustachius Arena & Elicia Montanha — 09 Dec 2012
  • Heliodoro Arena
  • Eduardo Arena

Second Generation

Third Generation

  • Graciela Arena & Jordi Abrero — 12 Apr 2018
    • Miguel Arena
    • Hector Arena
    • Arturo Arena

Fourth Generation

2.  Influences

2.1  Souls


The Arena family has yet to make an impression on Nova Scotia. Consider changing that? ;)

  • Other Influences:
    • The Arena and Amaranthe families have...a negative relationship, beginning with Thalia Amaranthe and Laevisa Arena. Assigned to look after Semini and eventually "guide" her firstborn daughter back to Onuba, Laevisa and Scarlett Arena joined Semini in Krokar and earned her trust. They were successful in manipulating a young Tiamat away from her home and family, however, they lost her in Bedaya, where they were all embroiled in the Bedayan-Arena war. Arriving at Onuba, tensions sky-rocketed after Tiamat, arranged to be married to Heliodoro Arena by Thalia Amaranthe, beheaded her groom, while Lotan Amaranthe and Rahab de le Poer took out the Arena council in an attempt to finish the Bedayan war. Laevisa Arena was imprisoned by Tiamat after her attempt to kill Thalia Amaranthe, and eventually passed away to illness from the conditions of her cell. Needless to say, the families aren't too friendly.

Packs and Loner Bands


  • None


2.2  Onuba


Patron Families are the smaller families that make up the majority of Onuba. By offering support to an Inner Court Family, patrons are granted protection, services, and deals by that family. It is customary that Inner Court families select their spouses from one of their Patron families.

The following are the patron families who have pledged to the Arena family: Batista, Acuñar, Montanha, Castillo.


Adoption into the Arena household is a frequent occurrence for the simple fact that they allow and encourage others to buy into their name. As a result, they are one of the more open-minded families in Onuba, willing to accept a range of people who other Onubans might turn away.

  • Laevisa Arena was a street urchin adopted into the Arena family, and sent to Bedaya when she was young.

3.  Appearance

3.1  Eye Color




  • Green is the predominant eye color within the Arena family, however they may range across a spectrum of whiter greens to deeper yellows. Most Arenas have instances of lighter hued flecking in their iris, and some have completely hazel eyes or yellow rimming around their pupils. The shapes of their eyes generally follow a more narrow design, with doe-eyed features being the exception rather than the norm

3.2  Fur Color




  • Ranging from light creams to deep coppers, frequently speckled by cool browns and greys (like deep shadows in the sand), the Arenas look as warm as the Onuban coast. Their coats vary in heaviness, with some inheriting the thickness of their Mountain Dog breeds, while others have thinner coats owing to their Hierran Wolfdog heritage. Frequently, Arena dogs have a thick ruff or mane, which in their Optime form is expressed as a great deal of hair. Arenas are the only Onubans known to groom by shaving or cutting down their coats.

4.  History

4.1  Celebridad and Council


  • Current Celebridad: Arturo Arena (2020 — Present)
  • Current Council: Ciriaco Arena, Geraldo Arena, Emelina Arena, Maritza Arena, Tere Arena

The Celebridad (literal translation: celebrity) is the title for the head of the Arena household. There have been 12 Celebridad since the founding of Onuba. As the spokesperson for the Arena family, the Celebridad lacks authority on their own. They are elected by the council, and their main responsibilities are to attend all court affairs on behalf of the family, makes appearances at events, and announce significant family news. It is not a requirement, but historically Celebridad are beautiful or talented, usually both.

The Council, comprised of 5 of the wealthiest Arenas, presides over all family affairs. There is no term limit to the Council, but after two years each individual's wealth is assessed by an independent and unbiased accountant (changes each year; usually an Onuban who is unpledged to any family) to determine their standing, at which point the Council may change. This tends to be a big event, and many ambitious Arena will come to collect their dues from prominent players, make trades, and go to extraordinary lengths to show off their wealth. Lacking currency, wealth is determined by certain material things, such as: claim of land, quality and craftsmanship of their goods, rarity of their goods, lack of debt, etc. It is considered the highest treason for an Arena to bribe the accountant. Second to that is harming the accountant.


4.2  Significant Events

  • To be updated!

5.  Out of Character


  • Contact San if you are interested in creating or adopting an Arena family character.


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