Antigone Eternity

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  • Name: Antigone Eternity
  • Meaning:
    • against, compared to, like
    • unending time
  • Pronunciation:
    • an · tih · guh · nee
    • eh · ter · nuh · tee
  • Epithet: The Centurion
  • Date of Birth: May 9, 2019
    • Birthplace: Nunavik, Quebec
  • Sex: Female
    • Pronouns: She/Her
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Species: Hybrid
    • 56% Wolf 1
    • 32% Dog 2
    • 12% Coyote 3
  • cNPC: —
  • yNPC: —
  • Animal Companion(s):
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Antigone Eternity is the daughter of Osrath Eternity and Dullahan Eternity, born somewhere in Nunavik, Quebec. She and her siblings have lived close to the earth, honing their hard-won skills and testing each other's sharp edges. During her youth it became apparent that she has a rare genetic condition known as congenital analgesia, which results in her inability to feel pain (among other things).

Shortly before the children turned a year old, their brother Emil Eternity was murdered by their older sister, Indra Winters. A few months later, seeing an opportunity to escape her manipulative and destructive family, Antigone—after much cajoling—convinced her mother to allow her to take the Winters' family coming of age trip... on the condition that she took her brother, Voltaire, with her.

Dissatisfied with this ultimatum, she nonetheless left her parents and sister behind, traveling east and then north before arriving at a place known only as the Monastery. Though not particularly religious, the concept of joining a convent and finally being free of her seditious brother was too seductive an opportunity to pass up. She began studying there, carving their idols, and prepared to take her vows. On the day of her investiture, however, she collapsed into a seizure and, feeling that this was a bad omen, the clergy rejected her.

Despondent, she agreed thereafter to follow her brother to Nova Scotia, where he intends to claim his birthright.

She is currently a loner.

1.  Characteristics

1.1  Appearance

Physical Description
  • General: Antigone is more than half wolf and it shows; she has considerable bulk through her shoulders and legs, with her coyote ancestry making little-to-no impact on her physical appearance. Her grandfather’s dog ancestry is apparent in the willowy length of limbs, general softness of her fur, and the white banding around her neck that is most often attributed to the Winters family. Her fur is thick with a high sheen, signifying a childhood of relative opulence.
Though unarguably compact and muscular—a soldier by build if not desire—there is a fae beauty to Antigone in the otherworldly intensity of her gaze and the delicate features of her face. This in combination with her coloration may lead to certain comparisons being made between her and her mother.
  • Humanization and Facial Features:
Medium-high; makes use of tools and wears some armor, but is equally comfortable going without.
  • Optime Hair: Long and mostly straight, she may occasionally pull it up into a practical ponytail or bun, but this is rare.
  • Build, Size, and Forms: Average for a wolf, Antigone's muscle is distributed evenly throughout body, but she nonetheless sports something resembling a runner's build. Having focused on equestrian skills for much of her life, she is particularly strong through her legs and stomach. She is naturally inclined towards activities involving brute strength and endurance.
It's worth noting that she is somewhat flat-chested, giving her hint of overall androgyny; compared to the size of her body, her tail is also very plush, and resembles that of a fox (color notwithstanding).
  • Forms:
    • Lupus: 79 lbs (35.83 kg)31 in (78.74 cm)
    • Secui: 142 lbs (64.41 kg)43 in (109.22 cm)
    • Optime: 205 lbs (92.98 kg)6' (182.88 cm)

Coloration Palette

Note: Antigone's coloration lightens and darkens with the seasons; specifically, she is lighter during the winter and darker during the summer. If you have any questions, please ask me.


  Satin Linen (#e9e6dd)
  Pale Oyster (#969077)
  Cape Cod (#454a4b)
  Zeus (#2b271b)

Optime Hair

  Desert Storm (#efeeec)


  Citron (#99a61d)
  Pear (#d0e128)

Scars, Nose/Pawpads/Claws

  Roman Coffee (#825151)

1.2  Interaction

  • Speech: Antigone is a dramatic and breathy mezzo-soprano, which is typically characterized by deep (for women), rich, and imposing tones.
  • Scent: Cloudberry, ground juniper, labrador tea, horses, Eternity, de le Poer, Winters.
  • Physical Expression and Quirks:
    • Though not hard to read by definition, Antigone doesn't emote often or strongly. One gets the impression, however, that she is frequently smothering these emotions; they're there, but she snuffs them out like a candle.
    • She often looks at the ground, shuffles her feet, and won't meet anyone's eye; even someone of equal or lesser rank. In a similar vein, everything she does is mechanical in nature, like she's going through the motions.

Though born far away from the roots of her parents' highly humanized pack, Antigone was nonetheless raised with their ideals in mind. Thoroughly uncomfortable in what she refers to as 'frilly' clothing due to its restrictiveness, she finds comfort in armor for its protective qualities. Slightly germaphobic (insomuch as a luperci can be), she cleans her belongs often and well. Where color is concerned, she favors very neutral tones; browns, blacks, faded no-color greys, the occasional diluted blue or green.

  • Garments:
    • A black-and-gold cloak.
    • A linen dress that was once black, now a faded no-color grey.
    • A leather sash, sometimes worn around the waist.
  • Gear (common):
    • Leather armor.
    • A pilum (2 metre javelin).
  • Accessories:
    • Thin bits of leather to tie her hair back; worn around the wrist or neck when not in use.
    • A mixed-material necklace. [1]
    • A bone ring. [2]
    • Freqently wears silver hair beads. [3]

1.3  Personality


Easily reduced to the parts of her sum, Antigone's appearance suggests certain things about her personality: she's the girl next door, the blushing bride, the amazonian with a spear in her hand. She is—at her core—stubborn. Refusing to submit to others' idealized expectations even if it means being found less palatable because of it, she is driven without being ambitious, strong without being merciless, and determined to live a life that is entirely of her own design.

This often manifests in a certain outward sternness; she's most comfortable in the role of 'protector', which comes with an element of aloofness, and expects everyone around her to conform to certain roles, regardless of gender, whether they be protectors, caregivers, or something in between. Self-confident in the skills she has developed, Antigone nonetheless dislikes rules, religion, and traditions, but believes that law and order give purpose and meaning to everything.

When it comes to her 'condition' she is both thrilled to her core and terrified of discovering whether it has limits; she's something of a 'germaphobe', and fears disease.


Antigone is bisexual with a preference for men if only for the purpose of continuing her family line, which she is very interested in. She prefers strong, intelligent partners, but is—in response to her personal history—fearful of being overpowered. In this regard, she may take on a more dominant role during the early stages of any relationship, whether it's casual or not. Once trust has been established, her preference for a more give-and-take sexual relationship would surface.

Generally values lifelong commitment to a single romantic partner, but is willing to engage in purely sexual relationships for the sake of immediate gratification.


  • Likes: Horseback riding, meditating, knowledge, weapons, fighting, debate.
  • Dislikes: Her brother, flattery, laziness, hot weather, magic, theology.


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  • Substances: Doesn't drink, smoke, or otherwise use mind-altering substances, but will encourage others to use various substances—often in excess—to the point of manipulation and abuse.


Antireligious to extreme, one could even call her a misotheist, which often presents itself as her own arrogant belief that she is right.

In addition to this, she looks down upon those who subscribe to organized religion, religious practices, supernatural worship, or religious institutions.

2.  Relationships

2.1  Family

  • Extended Family: Antigone is also related, in some degree, to every member of the Lykoi and D'Angelo families.
Aunt(s) and Uncle(s): Blair Eternity and Dullahan Eternity
Grandparent(s): Salvia Eternity and Stannis de le Poer
* Unaware of these half-siblings, which is probably to their benefit.
* Due to the incestuous nature of her parents' relationship, many of her immediate relations are more than one thing (such as O'Riley being both a cousin and a half-brother).
  • Parents: Antigone's feelings about her parents are complicated; while she wishes they would have protected her more—especially Osrath—she must reluctantly admit that their lack of coddling made her a stronger, more resilient person.
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  • Extended:

2.2  Other Relations


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3.  Skills and Inventory

3.1  Abilities

Key: Dabbler → Apprentice → Journeyman → Master

Main Focus: Equestrian Combatant

Combat (Spear, Hand-to-Hand, Feral) — Variable

Spear (Master):

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Hand-to-Hand (Journeyman):

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Feral (Apprentice):

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Equestrianship — Journeyman

As was the case with her mother, Antigone began learning to ride the moment she shifted, and of her three siblings, spent the most time partaking in this particular hobby. She is capable of riding equally well with or without a saddle, and in some cases prefers the latter.

Horse Breeding and Training — Apprentice

Breeding (Apprentice):

  • Solely through observation, Antigone can usually predict the outcome of a breeding pair; the exception is when horses carry recessive genes, such as Warharan's black gene, which isn't displayed in her coloration.

Training (Journeyman):

  • Her area of 'expertise' if you will, Antigone is able to both break horses and determine how best to utilize their individual skills and/or temperaments, whether it be riding, pulling, warfare, or other miscellaneous uses. In addition to this, Osrath taught her the rudiments of a method of training which would recall a spooked/scattered horse.

Auxiliary Skills and Hobbies


Like almost all of her species, Antigone is more than capable of hunting in her feral form, basic literacy (though she must read aloud difficult words and mumbles while doing so) and a few words of low speech.

Multilingualism — Variable

In addition to English (or 'common tongue', as it is sometimes called), Antigone can make herself understood in German, Italian, and (to a lesser extent) French.

  • German: Journeyman
  • Italian: Journeyman
  • French: Apprentice

Carving, Craftsmanship — Apprentice

A pastime picked up in the Monastery, Antigone is capable of generating relative likenesses and adding ornamental details (like knotwork) to existing wood pieces, but finer details — such as fur patterns or the mane of a horse — escape her.

3.2  NPCs


by Alaine
  • Species: Unknown (looks like a Thoroughbred)
  • Age and DOB: 4 years / April 2nd, 2018
  • Description: A dark bay mare with no white markings and a dark, almost black mane and tail. At 16 hands and 1,050lbs (476.27kg), she's a prime example of her breed. She carries both black (Ee) and agouti (Aa) genes.
    • Gear includes a blanket or saddle probably.
  • Personality: Noted for her high-strung attitude and lack of patience, Warharan's personality is a stark contrast to her elegant, graceful appearance. While not outwardly aggressive to luperci, 'War' (as she is sometimes referred to by Antigone) has been known to bite or kick other horses, and is best kept separate from them.
  • Skills:
    • Rider trained but still a little green with a saddle.
    • Very fast: a 'true race horse', her stride is almost 28 feet (8.53 meters).

4.  Thread Archive


1 Wolf Breeds: Northern Rocky Mountain Wolf, Alaskan Tundra Wolf, Mackenzie Valley Wolf, Great Plains Wolf, Arctic Wolf, Red Wolf

2 Dog Breeds: Collie, Siberian Husky, Pharaoh Hound, Irish Wolfhound, German Shepherd, et al.

3 Coyote Breed(s): Northeastern Coyote