Marina Amaranthe



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  • Full Name: Marina Lydia Amaranthe
    • Pronunciation: ma-REE-nuh a-mir-anth
    • Meaning: of the sea | unfading
    • Origin: Latin/Spanish
  • Nickname: Rini
  • Epithet:
  • Date of Birth: 06 May 2021
  • Sex: Female
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Residence: Residence 19


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NPC Information

Pack Information

  • Pack: Salsola (July 2021 — )
    • Rank: Bambino
    • Co-Ranks:
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OOC Assumptions

  • Salsolans may assume...
    • Seeing Marina:
      • With her mother, Odalis
      • Hanging out at the southern shoreline near house
    • Knowing that Marina:
      • Likes to sing and dance — your character might've seen her giving a little performance when she thought no one was watching!
      • Is about to enter adulthood and is 100% not ready for it
      • Wants to learn how to ride horses!


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Marina Amaranthe is a young member of Salsola, the daughter of Alejandra Sanctus and Solomon Amaranthe.

Born into a loner band in the Northern Tides alongside two stillborn sisters, Rini had a relatively nondescript life until she was two months old; however, when her father, plagued by deteriorating mental illness, believed he could "rescue" his sister Odalis from indentured servitude, tragedy struck.

Solomon, vulnerable, deprived, and alone, was summarily killed by O'Riley Eternity for trespassing and treachery as his sister watched and did nothing to intervene. Her mother, Alejandra, was overcome with grief when she arrived to the scene too late, and she was helpless to stop the duo of Odalis and O'Riley from taking her only remaining child away; having once been a servant in Salsola herself, Alejandra's debt would be paid in flesh, whether she agreed to the exchange or not.

From there, she was taken into Salsola and raised by Odalis, who by all accounts is her mother, and Marina has never once thought differently. Her real parents are but a distant blur, as is the life she never got to live — and though Rini is far from typical Salsolan material, she is eager to serve her Kingdom all the same.

searching for the winds
will the wings that protect you look out for me?
my heart has decided that today
i take off on an adventure for your love

1.  Appearance


Easily looks more dog than wolf, despite her muddied heritage, but the folded ears and patchwork pelt are a dead giveaway. While far from athletic, she has a sturdy build that still retains the softness of her femininity. She has large, bright eyes and, often, a smile.


  • Lupus: 31 in (79 cm) ↔ 70 lbs (32 kg)
    • Rarely used. Now that Marina has shifted, she has little reason to return to this form. Lil' dog.
  • Secui: 40 in (102 cm) ↔ 135 lbs (61 kg)
    • Rarely used. While it's fun to run around in, she gets tired way too easily. Bigger dog.
  • Optime: 5 ft 10 in (178 cm) ↔ 190 lbs (86 kg)
    • Exclusively used. She is pear-shaped and delightfully chubby with round hips and a modest bust. Rini is also highly humanized, using her hands frequently and wearing clothes for pleasure. She enjoys dressing up and wearing a variety of trinkets that make her feel pretty.


Color Palette


 Mirage (#182934)

 Eclipse (#44515A)

 Chataeu (#B1B6BA)

 White Smoke (#F3F3F3)

Optime Hair

 White Smoke (#F3F3F3)

Nose, Pawpads, Claws

 Eternity (#292629)


 Powder Blue (#C5E0FB)


by Nat

1.1  Gallery

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by Gen! ♥ by Alaine! ♥

2.  Personality


Stock Shoujo Heroine | The Pollyanna | Dojikko | Unwitting Pawn

Marina can be described as eternally optimistic at best, dangerously gullible at worst. Under the thumb of her protective mother, Odalis, Rini is more or less unaware of her dark upbringing and the sick irony of her being a young Bambino in the Thistle Kingdom. Her blissfulness and naïve nature, common for her age, will stick with her for the rest of her life: always willing to lend a hand, Marina wishes to help others in whatever way she can, even if she is woefully unprepared to do so. Sensitive, almost to a fault, she feels her emotions quite strongly — which makes her a good shoulder to cry on, but equally susceptible to tears herself. She wants everyone to love her and see the good in her, just as she sees it in everyone else, even those that certainly don't deserve her kindness.


  • Demeanor: Bubbly, talkative, submissive
  • Speech: Sweet and feminine, a natural soprano. Fluent in Common (English) and can hold a conversation in Spanish. (Voice ref: Saki Morimi in Eden of the East)
  • Scent: Odalis, Marik, lavender, sea salt, pine, thistle
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.: Smiling a lot, giggling, wringing her hands together, fidgeting, rocking on her heels
  • General Posture and Body Language: Open and personable; doesn't stand to her full height, tries to seem smaller and "ladylike"


  • Likes: Her mom, Salsola, music, cooked food, swimming, horses
  • Dislikes: Reading and writing (she's bad at it), loud angry voices, blood


  • Pro-Salsola — her pack is all she's ever known and she believes it's protected from all harm. While she knows that Salsolans aren't allowed to talk about themselves abroad, she doesn't really understand why everyone is so wary of them.
  • Mistrustful of Outsiders — Anyone outside of the pack is potentially dangerous. She's been taught that there are "boogymen" outside the borders of Salsola and believes it.
  • Defers to a higher authority — Marina automatically assumes that any adult or higher-ranked Salsolans know what they're talking about and doesn't outwardly question them.

Motivations and Fears

Marina wants to be a contributing member of Salsolan society; she just doesn't know how to yet. Making her friends and, above all, her Mama happy, are also big motivators.

A violent encounter with Wrath has made her quite scared of not only him, but excessively dominant and boorish men in general. She also very much fears having to traverse through without Odalis at her side and would have no idea what to do if she wasn't there.


Largely heterosexual and just now beginning to have crushes on boys in the pack (don't tell her mom). Inexperienced with love, much less sex, Rini will need someone to show her the ropes as she is terrified of rejection and doesn't know how to tell someone she likes them. She's awkward, but in a cute way.


No experience. She has tried wine at Saturnalia and thought it was gross — seeing Marik drunk at the same event turned her off from it completely, and she doesn't understand why anyone would endure the taste just to act strangely afterwards. If asked (or forced) to partake in substances, however, she is unlikely to say no, if only because she doesn't want to upset anyone, though drinking and smoking are definitely not priorities or even passing interests of hers.


While she doesn't follow any particular faith system, Marina is very susceptible and accepting of other beliefs, having a loose collection of deities that she assumes have some pull in how the world unfolds around her. She has not seen it firsthand, but she does believe in magic as an invisible, supernatural force that the Witches of Salsola have somehow harnessed. She is equally amazed by it and wary of it, curious to learn more but afraid of some of the rituals that go spurring magic.

3.  Relationships

Notable Relations

  • Mother: Alejandra Sanctus
  • Father: Solomon Amaranthe
  • Littermates: Lissa, Mannuella
  • Odalis is her entire world, a steady, patient hand that has guided her into her budding adulthood. She provides for Rini through lucrative means and has worked exceptionally hard to pull herself out of servitude and into the Inner Ring of Salsolan society. Odalis has also attempted to advocate for her daughter (niece, really) and network on her behalf. Marina absolutely adores Odalis and thinks she's just the best.
  • Wrath is terrible and awful and she's absolutely terrified of him. She has zero idea why he has such a fascination with her and her mother and wishes he would just leave them alone, but he's not going anywhere anytime soon.
  • Marik D'Angelo is her "friend" of sorts, and though he was born at the Outpost in Portland, he thinks he knows everything there is to know about Salsola proper. He's posh and self-assured and not always that nice to Marina — but she's partial to his company anyways, having developed a crush on him and his lavish way of living.
  • Arius de le Ulrich was a mean to her when they first met, but they have since settled into something of a friendship. He has trouble conveying what he means and is full of a lot of angst and bottled-up feelings, and while she doesn't necessarily understand the root of Arius's anger, she is compelled to hear him out and act as an outlet for him.

Extended Family

Marina's numerous relatives are largely unknown to her, especially those in distant family lines.

4.  Minor NPCs



(Image courtesy of Tom Blackwell)

  • Gender: Male
  • Species: Raven
  • Date of Birth: ~ 2014


  • Appearance: Large for a raven, he has oily black wings with dark eyes to match. His curved beak has superficial scratches all along its surface.
  • Personality: He has seen a lot in his many years, but none so tragic a tale as his former master's; thus, Alastar is left as a cynical, if not occasionally standoffish raven, embittered by the circumstances that brought him back to Salsola. He yearns to tell Marina about her history but knows she is both too young to understand it and fears the repercussions of her rebelling against the Erilaz or her new guardian. While Alastar knows a small smattering of High Speech, his voice is very rough and heavily accented.
  • History: Alastar is an old bird; born in Salsola, he has seen much of the Thistle Kingdom's history and was hardened by it. After many seasons of watching slaves come and go, Alastar watched out for — and later befriended — Alejandra Sanctus, following her plight as she escaped Salsola and traveled abroad. Misfortune struck her, however, leading mother and daughter to become estranged; heartbroken, Alejandra send the corvid to watch over Marina as she was thrusted back into Salsola proper, so, he did.


Salsolans may assume...

  • Seeing him in treetops or in foliage nearby Marina, keeping his distance and watching from afar
  • Noticing that he is more or less indifferent to luperci, but he will not hesitate to raise some serious hell if someone gives Rini a hard time

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