Kyrios Lykoi

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  2.   2.  Personality
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    3.   2.3  Fears
    4.   2.4  Interests
    5.   2.5  Sexuality
    6.   2.6  Mannerisms
    7.   2.7  Biases
    8.   2.8  Spiritually
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  3.   3.  Abilities & Skills
    1.   3.1  Archery, Marksmanship
    2.   3.2  Hunting
    3.   3.3  Woodworking & Bow-making
    4.   3.4  Horsemanship
    5.   3.5  Emotional intelligence
    6.   3.6  Fighting
    7.   3.7  Physical strength
    8.   3.8  Motivation
    9.   3.9  Sense of self-worth
  4.   4.  Relationships
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  6.   6.  History
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Art by Kiri

Kyrios Lykoi is the son of Myrika Tears and Vesper, born in Inferni.

Growing up, Kyrios was privileged and spoiled. The blood-born son of the clan's leader, he had the run of the land in many ways and the best of everything Inferni could provide him. He was the most rambunctious of his litter and quite arrogant as a child.

As an adult in Inferni, Kyrios appeared to most as a vain, lazy prince and a harmless, if sometimes annoying, flirt. He liked gossip and drama, but was almost never involved in any. He could still be quite condescending at times, though it became more subtle with time. But he rarely talked about himself, had no apparent interest in justifying his better-than-thou attitude, kept most people at arm's length, and did not seem to have ambition beyond doing as little as possible around the pack.

Following the razing of D'Neville during the Inferni-Salsola War, Kyrios chose to flee Inferni, rather than see it face its decisive defeat. Since the loss of his home, Kyrios has become more reserved, though this likely isn't noticeable to most, as he's generally upbeat, easygoing, and charming to strangers.



  • Date of Birth: 8th March 2013
  • Sex: Male
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Species: Coywolf (50% Coyote, 42% Wolf, 8% Dog)


  • Family: Lykoi, Asylum, Nothing, Kimaris
  • Birthplace: Inferni
  • Name Meaning:
    • Given Name: "Lord, master, god" (Greek)
    • Surname: ''Wolf" (Greek)
  • Pronunciation: Kee-ree-ohs''


  • cNPC: Zaku
  • Dark bay mare
  • Palfrey type Svantevit horse
  • Branded with Svantevit mark
  • Born summer 2008
  • Taken from Inferni's communal herd

OOC Information

1.  Appearance

Kyrios is pretty vain about his appearance and hates getting dirty. He knows he's a pretty boy.

  • Species: Clearly a coyote-dominant hybrid with large, pointed ears and bottle-brush tail. Muzzle is wolfish in length, but tapers like a coyote.
  • Coat & Markings: Kyrios is predominantly a warm cream color, which can look orangey in bright sunlight. He has a white dorsal stripe on his muzzle, which fades briefly before starting against on his forehead and stretching to his mid-back and mixing with reddish tan and black. White brow dots accent his face, along with the black around his clear blue eyes.
    • Optime Hair: Mostly white with streaks of black/grey; longer in the front, shorter in the back, with a slight waviness. Usually brushed to one side of his face.
    • Tattoos & Piercings: Lykoi chaos star tattoo on his lower back. No piercings.
  • Build and Size: Larger than the average coyote, but smaller than the average wolf. Kyrios is leggy and slim. His musculature is subtle, but he has a lot of upper body and arm strength built up from years of archery. He is most often in his Optime form, but it's not uncommon to see him in his Lupus form, which he prefers when he doesn't want as much attention.
    • Lupus: 64 lbs (29 kg) — 24 in (63.5 cm)
    • Secui: 150 lbs (68 kg) — 40 in (124 cm)
    • Optime: 170 lbs (77 kg) — 5ft 7in (67 in) (145 cm)
  • Humanization: Moderate -- Doesn't have many accessories or casual clothing, but is often geared up for specific tasks, e.g. bowhunting or riding.

1.1  Palette

 Mongoose (#baa676)

 Rodeo Dust (#ccbe9b)

 Sweet Potato (#8d5f25)

 Dark Bark (#4a4331)

 White (#eaeaea)

 Malibu (#8edef4)

2.  Personality

On the surface, Kyrios is lazy, unambitious, and vain. He rarely volunteers his time or energy to others and often makes excuses to avoid duties he finds tedious, such as border patrol. He appears flaky and unreliable, often making casual promises he apparently forgets about immediately. A vivacious flirt with a side of muted arrogance, Kyrios is full of easy smiles, incessant teasing, and the occasional underhanded compliment. He's self-assured, confident, and employs sarcasm frequently.

He enjoys conversation and can carry on intelligently on most topics, even if he doesn't actually know much about it (often this involves flattering the other party into explaining to him, if he wants to know more about it). He is especially fond of gossip about other people's lives and relationships, though he is almost never directly involved. Indeed, he rarely talks about himself at all and is incredibly adept at steering other parties in other directions and convincing them (even somewhat unwillingly) to talk about whatever he wants to hear about.

Kyrios keeps most people at a comfortable distance and is content to let them think him a condescending fool. He enjoys positive attention only as far as it doesn't come with any expectations (so mostly he likes being admired for his appearance or other superficial traits), but is probably happiest when others regard him with dismissive annoyance.

Kyrios is actually quite sure of himself and has a great sense of his own abilities, but he doesn't like others praising him for them, or coming to have the expectation that he can always perform well at certain tasks. He is afraid of failure in many areas of life and holds to the idea that he can't disappoint others if they never believed in him in the first place.

To some extent, Kyrios feels that the women of his family are better than the men. Myrika's kindness, Vesper's dutifulness, and Vicira's ambition all intimidate him, and he feels that he has little to offer in comparison. He is content to support his family in their various endeavors (better yet, if they don't know he's doing anything to help) while having none of his own.

Kyrios is dedicated, though he is loathe to show it or admit to it. They are rare enough, but he keeps the promises he means. He avoids setting goals, but if there is one -- a real one he actually cares about -- he will pursue it tirelessly.


2.1  Traits

  • Sociability: Ambivert
  • Expression: Dominant, slight arrogance
  • Alignment: Chaotic good

2.2  Motivations

  • Being comfortable
  • His family being comfortable and safe

2.3  Fears

  • Disappointing others, failing to meet expectations, inability to realise ambitions or desires
  • Abandonment (ostensibly as a result of being a disappointment)

2.4  Interests

  • Likes: Not having to worry about things, bowhunting, riding, learning, lazing around
  • Dislikes: Expectations, responsibility, fighting, having to worry about others' safety and health

2.5  Sexuality

  • Homosexual
  • Flirts shamelessly with almost everyone, regardless of gender; not an actual indicator of interest
  • Attracted to confidence, intelligence, and sure sense of self
  • Despite persistent flirtation, is actually romantically unsure and sexually shy

2.6  Mannerisms

  • Generally well-spoken, but not shy about coarser language
  • Almost always smiling, with varying levels of sincerity
  • Fixes his hair a lot

2.7  Biases

  • Packs: Extremely anti-Salsola, not really shy about this
  • Species: Suspicious of wolves and wolf-dominant hybrids.
  • Non-Luperci: Indifferent mostly, but thinks it's silly for non-Luperci to not at least consider gaining the additional abilities that come with conversion.
  • Gender: Lowkey thinks females are superior in terms of devotion and ambition.
  • Sexuality: Quite defensive against closed-minded views on sexual orientation (i.e. homophobia).

2.8  Spiritually

  • Agnostic, mostly indifferent
  • Is less interested in the origin of things or why things happen and more in the reality of things and what factually causes them to happen
  • Interested in why others believe in certain things, but is uninterested in preaching or evangelism. More interested in how morals motivate others.

2.9  Miscellaneous

  • Dislikes nicknames; don't call him anything except "Kyrios"
  • Hates getting dirty

3.  Abilities & Skills


3.1  Archery, Marksmanship

  • Starting around 9 months of age, he's devoted more time to archery than any other skill, practicing frequently on his own and with others. He tends to pass off his interest as casual though, and few know the true extent of his abilities. Both his accuracy and the amount of force he shoots with are extremely formidable. Archery has become a lifelong skill and passion for him.
  • Kyrios is drawn to archery as both an art and a deadly weapon and especially likes that skill can be developed independent of physical strength or intimidation, as well as age.
  • He also really appreciates being able to deal a lot of damage at a safe distance and being able to injure or kill without getting his hands dirty.

3.2  Hunting

  • Kyrios is very skilled at observing, tracking, and taking down prey.
  • He prefers large game, but also enjoys pursuing rabbits, boars, and pheasants.
  • He almost exclusively bowhunts.
  • Preserves meat by drying and smoking, but is rudimentary and sometimes sloppy in his technique. He highly prefers fresh meat himself, so preservation is for the sole purpose of trade.

3.3  Woodworking & Bow-making

  • In spring 2016, Kyrios begins making his own bows, learning on his own and refining his skill by learning from his mistakes.
  • Over time, he's invented a variety of bow types and has become a skilled craftsman in his own right, able to command high prices for his bows.
  • He's also excellent at making arrows, often hunting ground fowl for fletching.

3.4  Horsemanship

  • Adept at basic maintenance and care for both horses and caribou.
  • Does not have a lot of patience for training, but if he's motivated enough, can usually succeed in it.
  • Kyrios tends to bond strongly with particular mounts and sometimes has difficulty working with unfamiliar animals (because he's impatient).

3.5  Emotional intelligence

  • Highly perceptive, generally able to tell when people are lying, either to him or to themselves.
  • Good at identifying what others want or what they're looking for.
  • Excellent and casual liar; adept at telling tall tales with maximum sincerity.
  • Also super great at ignoring himself and his own feelings and desires (wait is this a strength or--)


3.6  Fighting

  • Kyrios is small, slender, comparatively light, and never spent a lot of time learning to fight. He hates getting dirty and prefers striking from a long distance away, rather than getting in the thick of a melee fight.
  • His close combat fighting skills are mostly instinctive and is slightly more adept in Lupus and Secui form. He's light on his feet and reasonably fast, but doesn't hit very hard.

3.7  Physical strength

  • Not a dude you want to ask to help you carry anything. (Also: he would definitely not volunteer to or agree to carry anything for you.)
  • Actually has very strong muscle build in his chest, shoulders, and arms, but all of his strength is in pulling back arrows and not in any other kind of task.

3.8  Motivation

  • Has difficulty being motivated to do tasks he finds boring, unnecessary, unpleasant, or hard.
  • Tends to give up quickly or become disinterested after a short time.
  • Does not often apply himself when there are witnesses (e.g. will miss a lot more shots accidentally on purpose if he's hunting with someone he isn't particularly close to).

3.9  Sense of self-worth

  • Believes he's inferior to all his immediate family members.
  • Doesn't really think he'll matter much in the course of history.
  • Confident in specific skills, but not in his overall ability to meet others' expectations, even if they're in things he's otherwise confident in.


Kyrios was taught to read and write at a young age and remains reasonably capable in these areas, though he doesn't utilise the skill often. He sometimes scribbles notes to himself to track prey migration patterns or to remind himself of incidents or failures in his bow-making endeavors, but he doesn't read often. He prefers to learn by doing and absorbs knowledge much better through having a conversation about it than reading about it or simply being told.

4.  Relationships


  • Myrika Tears is Kyrios's blood mother. He always admired her kindness and dedication. Her gradual depression and eventual departure from Inferni hurt him in ways he's unable to express. The abandonment leaves him insecure, as Myrika was one of the most devoted individuals he knew.
  • Vesper is his other mother, whom he admires for her strength and drive to protect. Though he understood Vicira's resentment, Kyrios had secretly thought that Vesper taking the title of Aquila was for the best. As time passed and Vesper's paranoia grew, however; Kyrios starts worrying about Vesper's happiness and mental wellbeing, and wonders if she, too, might abandon Inferni in the end.
  • Vicira Tears is Kyrios's sister. They're generally on good terms, but as adults, aren't particularly close. Kyrios quietly worries about Vicira a lot and that for all her amibition, she might eventually end up as an unhappy leader like their parents. He does what he can to support her endeavors without her knowledge.
  • Maeriia Asylum is his sister who departed Inferni with their aunt Cassandra Asylum just before their first birthday. Kyrios admired (and was a little intimidated by) Maeriia's headstrongness and fearlessness, but he never understood her wanderlust. Wonders a lot if she's still alive.
  • Cartier Inferni and Versace Inferni are his adoptive siblings. He's on friendly terms with both, but not particularly close to either. He teases Cartier often for being as dedicated and dutiful as he is and is occasionally borderline cruel about it. Kyrios low-key resents Cartier for being everything Vesper apparently wanted in a son, which feeds into his lack of desire to try harder. Versace's judginess and Kyrios's arrogance put them at odds often, but though they're never not arguing (sometimes using pretty harsh words), they don't really take each other seriously.


4.1  Pack Relations

  • He thinks Antioch de le Poer is too serious and a little boring. Likes to flirt with him to annoy Versace though!
  • Kyrios likes playing with puppies, but can be rather irresponsible with them. He tends to (subtly) encourage them to break rules or to be sneaky and he'll take them out on adventures or riding with his reindeer without informing their parents. While he's generally pretty capable of supervising pups and not stupid enough to do anything too extreme, he's definitely inadverdantly put pups in danger before. So far, everything's worked out though, and the pups are carefully instructed to not let their parent(s) know about any incident. :')

4.2  Outsider Relations

  • Lokr Revlis was a good friend and bowhunting buddy who helped Kyrios with many of the basics of archery, tracking, and hunting. Kyrios looked up to, and had a crush on, Lokr for a time, but following the Inferni-Salsola War, wishes nothing but death for his former friend.
  • ???

5.  Possessions

Goods for Trade

Kyrios makes bows, arrows, and fancy quivers in his free time and has way too many of these, generally. However, quality is excellent and he tends to get attached to things he makes so it can often be difficult to convince him to trade them.

Dried and smoked meat, average-quality furs, and other animal products he also has in abundance. These he is happy to let go for very little. Sometimes he has trinkets, medicinal herbs, and other products he's accepted in trades but doesn't have much need for. These he's also willing to get rid of for fairly little.


5.1  Zaku

Formerly named Nain, Zaku is a dark bay, Palfrey type Svantevit mare, branded with Svantevit mark.

She was taken from Inferni's communal herd in October 2017 when Kyrios fled Inferni and has been with him ever since. Sweet and loyal, Zaku is very accustomed to long distance travel and riding, light pack-carrying, and game hunting. She's generally tolerant of other horses, but doesn't take well to being bossed around by dominant mares or stallions. Zaku will accept other riders, but only for as long as Kyrios is within sight and not in distress. She's very dialed into Kyrios's moods and will be more relaxed when he's relaxed and more skittish when he's nervous, etc.

6.  History

Thread Log

6.1  2020

6.2  2021