Burnt Church Mountains

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Region Northern Tides
Territory Frost Reaches
Major Waterways
Size ?? sq km / ?? sq mi


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1.  Description

The Burnt Church Mountains are a series of low-slung mountains in the northwestern extremes of the Frost Reaches. Though they are unimpressive in height and size, they are nonetheless an interesting feature of the land. Pockmarked by tors they present a jagged appearance, altogether incongruous with their low, worn heights. Several very old, decaying firetowers still stand atop some of the tallest peaks along the mountain. Small icy streams winding through these mountains mark the beginnings of the small rivers that eventually join the Miramichi and flow out into the Bay of Fundy as the Saint John River.

2.  Landmarks

2.1  Snawei Peaks (Míkmaq, "maple tree")

The Snawei Peaks are the southernmost of the Burnt Church Mountains. Though they are the shortest as well as the southernmost, the Snawei Peaks have a feature unique amongst these mountains. The granitic tors on the Snawei Peaks are epecially large and prominent, suggesting the mountain was at the epicenter of the last glacial movement and thus escaped scouring actions.

2.2  Maswei Mountain (derived from Míkmaq, "white birch tree")

The Maswei mountain is a prominent peak amongst the Burnt Church Mountains. It lies to the east of the Snawei Peaks, near the headwaters of the Southwest Miramichi River, the Sevogle River, and the North Miramichi River. The mountain is easily spied from afar, in part because of its height, but especially because of its dominant coverage of the pale Paper Birch trees for which it is named.

2.3  Stoqon Bluffs (Míkmaq, "fir tree")

The Stoqon Bluffs are a series of five rounded peaks in the northernmost reaches of playable New Brunswick, the tallest among the Burnt Church Mountains The headwaters of North Pole Stream and the Little Northwest Miramichi River form here; both eventually join the main Miramichi River. The Stoqon Bluffs are north of Majo'quiet Mountain. The mountains, in part, separate the Miramichi Watershed from the watersheds of the Serpentine River and the Nepisiguit River to the north. The mountains are named for the sturdy evergreens and pines that dominate these mountains.

3.  History

3.1  Claimed Land

  • A portion of the westernmost extent of the Burnt Church Mountains is claimed by Del Cenere Gang.

4.  Sources

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