La Estrella Roja

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La Estrella Roja


La Estrella Roja, meaning The Red Star, is an entertainment parlor located in the Great Village Schoolhouse. It is run by members of The Troupe and open to all, travelers and pack members alike.

Contact San or Alaine if you have any questions!


La Estrella Roja first opened its doors in August 15th, 2020. It is themed around the Red Star, a meteor which struck the Nova Scotian coastline in 2016, and the Troupe's patron goddess, Lady Luck.

  • Nicknames: La Roja, Miss Estrella
  • Icon: Red Star


La Estrella Roja is an open establishment; you may have as many private or all welcome threads here as you like! You don't need to know everything to start a thread, but make sure to skim the basics before cutting loose. We appreciate your cooperation!

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La Estrella Roja is located in the The Great Village Schoolhouse of the Waste.

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Malik posed for Calrian. He is very proud of this painting

After charming their way through the wilds of Nova Scotia (read: starving), the Amaranthe Brothers and their Troupe of entertainers realized that they had sated their wanderlust and craved a new venture, one that would allow their creative visions to flourish. Thus, La Estrella Roja was born. Named for the once-in-a-lifetime event that devastated the region in 2016, La Estrella Roja (a.k.a. The Red Star) stands for the idea of cataclysmic change; be it good or bad, life goes quickly and the only loser is the one who misses it.

Based in the Great Village Schoolhouse on old Infernian grounds, La Estrella Roja thrives in the ruins of infamy. The establishment is open from the moment the first star begins twinkling in the sky to when the last is snuffed out. Watching over the cantina is Lady Luck herself, whose likeness is painted on the door. There is no fee to enter and take part in the revelry, although everyone is urged to pay their respects to Lady Luck. It is said she may reward generous offers in kind - the more valuable your sacrifice, the greater your evening’s bounty.

Inside, patrons will find the nightly affair of wine, women, and song. It is a wild celebration of chance and pleasure, a raucous harmony of laughter and musical virtuosity, an intoxicating miasma of drink and smoke and courtesans in their glittering finery. La Estrella Roja is so much more than a lucky streak: it is here that the Troupe makes its home.

OOC Guidelines

  1. All are welcome! There is an entry fee of 1 Green Standard Item. This will give characters access to the entire establishment and a complimentary drink at the Cantina (if available)!
  2. You may have as many private or all welcome threads here as you like, and there is no requirement to include a Troupe member in any of your threads.
  3. If referencing Troupe members in your threads beyond passive instances (e.g. being handed a drink at the bar), please keep in mind these are player-owned characters and any interactions should be approved ahead of time with the player. Some characters may have pre-approved assumptions listed below!
  4. Children characters (less than 1 year) are not allowed in at night, nor are they allowed to partake in any services. They may be permitted inside during the day and only with a guardian.
  5. If you would like to do anything that might permanently affect the establishment or the Troupe, please discuss with us first - eg. burning down the building!
  6. Anything goes in La Estrella Roja — within reason! While the revelry may be fantastical, characters will still face realistic consequences - eg. fights will typically be broken up and the offending parties kicked out.



Once housing the infamous coyote clan in its days of glory, the abandoned schoolhouse is now home to La Estrella Roja. The schoolhouse itself sits on the edge of the derelict Great Village, where memories of the former pack can still be found discarded or partially reclaimed by the endless march of days. Southwest of the town is a freshwater lake formerly referred to as Folly Lake, and directly south lies the muddy shores of Cobequid Bay, an extension of the Bay of Fundy. To the east lies the Grotto dei Avernis, a natural hot springs. The ravens that did not leave with Inferni's later move have taken up residence in many of the old haunts, and are curious and eager to communicate with the new occupants and guests.

Hot Springs

Also known as Grotto dei Avernus, the Hot Springs are not only a place of relaxation, but a fun and flirty hotspot for singles to mingle. Patrons of the Roja may encounter Troupe members basking here after a long night's work. The nearby springs are open to anyone but completely unmonitored, so make sure to stay hydrated!

Folly Lake

South of La Estrella Roja is a medium-sized freshwater lake known as Folly Lake. Guests are welcome to take a stroll there to wash up and fill their canteens with something other than booze. It's not recommended to go to the lake if you've had a particularly lush evening unless you've got a buddy to keep you company!

Image by Zach Taiji


by San

La Estrella Roja at dusk

Patched up by members of the Troupe, the Schoolhouse stands proudly (albeit crookedly) against the test of time. Beneath the overhang, a fire pit is kept burning all night to help clear away insects and provide a place for others to smoke, cook, and/or chill. Crudely made wooden shutters or furs and fabrics cover the windows to give a sense of privacy to the rowdy goings-on within.

Interior Map

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Two rooms are dedicated to gambling games. House games are on the first door on the left, and the second door to the left opens to private gambling tables, where guests may set up their own games. Each gambling room is cleared of debris and fitted with hand-made wood furniture. There is enough space for everyone to sit on rickety chairs or stand, if they prefer. Each room has a six-shelved cubby where guests may set aside drinks and personal items on it (The Troupe is not liable for anything that goes missing). Wall sconces are kept lit throughout the night, and windows opened on occasion to change out the smoky air.

The Salad Bar is the second door on the right. While cleared of debris, many of the overgrown areas were repurposed for growing certain types of plants. A long wooden table sits in the room center, separating guests and the Dealer. A large doorless cabinet (once a closet) has grown into the back wall, and a variety of tools are displayed on its shelves. Candles keep the room lit throughout the night.

Outside the Roja’s first door on the right is a candle upon a small table. If the candle is not lit, press on past the black curtain and clattering strings of seashells across the doorway and you’ll find yourself within the Divination Room, an intimate space smelling strongly of incense and smoke. The room is dimly lit by a pair of candles upon the stout table in the center of the room, which is covered in a violet linen decorated with gold thread, and drowned on the floor by a series of battered cushions to sit upon.

Troupe Quarters

The Troupe quarters are exactly that — the communal resting space for members of the Troupe, the individuals behind the nightly success of La Estrella Roja. Located at the third door on the left, the Troupe’s quarters are under surveillance by Guards during business hours and somewhat impossible to break into, given the traffic of the establishment. Troupers can be seen coming and going from the quarters when taking short breaks or turning in early for the night. The inner walls are covered in furs and linens, muffling sound both inside and outside, and the floors are covered in cots, furs, and other sleeping materials of all kinds, often in skewed layers upon one another and in every direction, and personal belongings are also kept here, hidden in safe spaces under the floorboards when possible. Guests are only allowed in if accompanied by a member of the Troupe.

The Showroom is the largest space in La Estrella Roja, located at the end of the hall and greeting every patron as they enter the establishment. Featuring a large, curtained stage and tables for patrons to drink at and enjoy, the showroom features nightly live shows by the residents Bard and Minstrel, and is the best place in the joint to relax, schmooze, and have some fun. Patrons need only visit the Cantina at the far right end of the room for something to wet their throat, or ask the right person to get a set of cards to play with while they listen.

At the third door on the right are the comfort quarters, a space so perfectly cozy that one might feel drawn to “share” it with someone else. Escorts stand by at La Estrella Roja happy to be hired for a variety of services, some of which take place within the private sanctuary of the Comfort Quarters. The room has multiple beds, each fluffed and stuffed to be as comfortable as the last. The windows are boarded beneath the curtains and there is a lock on the inside of the door. Rest assured, if you pay for your privacy, you will have it.

Gambling Parlours


Fortune Favors the Bold!

Here at La Estrella Roja, patrons can win big as long as Lady Luck is on their side. And pray that she is, as it is an unspoken understanding that the games favor the house. House games are provided nightly, although availability depends on how busy the rooms get. On slow evenings, there may only be one game running. The Dealers often rotate and never seem to stick to a set schedule; it's advised that any regulars ask their favorite Dealer when they're playing next. The game rules are explained only when a newcomer decides to play, but generally it's encouraged for novices to watch the players for a round or two before hopping in.

There are three types of house games one can play. Guests are also welcome to claim a table and play their own private games and set their own bets in the other gambling room. If playing a house game, players will need to show proof to the Dealer to ensure that they actually have something to wager. The value of each good falls into three standards, outlined in the section below.

Gambling Rules

While La Estrella Roja is by no means a lawful establishment, there are some rules that are for the most part implicitly understood. Newcomers may have to find out the hard way, as the rules are not posted anywhere.

  1. No kids! Trenchcoats will be checked.
  2. No cheating (for most, this means don't get caught). You can be banned from the gambling rooms if discovered, although you will still be permitted to the other parts of the establishment.
  3. Don't bet what you don't have. Players who go against their word won't be welcomed back.
  4. Feel free to get rowdy! The stakes are high at La Estrella Roja and so are emotions. Just be aware that anything you break you buy, and if you start ruckus then you’ll be sure to meet some ruckus.


Green Standard — Common

Items that are easily harvested or made are considered “Green” items.
Examples: food, pelts, herbs, bones, baskets, clay bowls/cups, twine, wire, seeds, firewood, honey, sap, feathers, damaged fabrics or items, charcoal

Blue Standard — Uncommon

Items that take significant time to make or are harder to find fully intact are considered “Blue” items.
Examples: art, alcohol, potions, jewelry, leather, rope, teas, scrolls, ink & paper, candles, relatively undamaged fabrics, prepared foods (e.g. salted fish, jerky), simple weapons (e.g. slings), broken instruments, primitive tools

Red Standard — Rare

Items that are typically rare to find or require a dedicated amount of time and skill to make are considered “Red” items, or the luckiest items.
Examples: unbroken glass, minerals (e.g. flint, obsidian), elements (e.g. steel, copper), well-crafted weapons, well-crafted tools, working instruments, salt, spices, buckles, good fabrics with minimal damage, books, items with valuable information (e.g. detailed field notes for medicinal herbs), or a large quantity of something of middling value (e.g. crate full of candles)

House Games

  Star and Anchor


The easiest of the games at La Estrella Roja, Star and Anchor is the luperci equivalent of a slot machine! There is virtually no skill involved - your fate is the hands of Lady Luck.


The game is played on a table painted with 6 symbols: Star, Sun, Crown, Anchor, Heart, and Clover.

A clay chip is dealt to all the players and collected after each game. This is their betting chip, and it is used to participate in the game. These chips do not have any value outside the game or the establishment.


Players place their betting chip on the symbol that they believe is luckiest, and the Dealer will roll 3 6-sided wooden dice carved with the same 6 symbols.

◊ If one die matches, the player breaks even.
◊ If two dice match, the player wins double.
◊ If three dice match, the player wins triple.
◊ If none of the dice match, the player loses their bet to the house.



Pharaoh is a fast-paced card game similar to BlackJack. It is not a game for beginners, and many of the regular gamblers might shoo away newcomers. The object of Pharaoh is to bet on the card that will match the Winning card.


The game is played on an oval shaped table and uses the standard 52 card deck. 13 cards (typically spades) are arranged in a horseshoe shape in numerical order, with the Ace of spades beginning the count and the King of spades ending it.

A clay chip is dealt to all the players and collected after each game. This is their betting chip, and it is used to participate in the game. These chips do not have any value outside the game or the establishment.


Players place their betting chip on one or multiple cards. Once the bets are made, the Dealer discards the first card (called “burning the soda card” and this is only done once at the beginning of the deck) before exposing the next two cards face up.

♠ The first revealed card is known as the Dealer’s card. Any player whose bet matches the number of the card (the suit doesn’t matter) are claimed by the house.♠ The second revealed card is known as the Winning card, and any player whose bet matches the number of the card is paid out even.♠ If the player bet on a number that wasn’t affected by the draw, then players can elect to let their bet ride or remove their chips from the table entirely.
ex: If you bet on 7 and the Dealer’s card was a 7, your chip would be claimed by the Dealer.ex: You bet a blue chip on 7 and the Winning card was a 7, you would get your blue chip back plus another blue chip. 


♠ If a player wants to raise the stakes, they can place a chip in the “High Card” area to wager that the Winning card ranks higher than the Dealer’s card on the next draw. If they are successful, their earnings double. If they are unsuccessful, they lose their whole bet to the house.

♠ A player can also flip their chip to reverse the wager - meaning that if they match the Dealer’s card, they win, and if they match the Winning Card, they lose.

♠ If the Dealer draws two cards of the same number (called a Doublet), the Dealer wins half the stakes.

  Three Card Poker


Three Card Poker may draw quieter crowds than Pharaoh and Star and Anchor, but it is a parlour favorite to be sure. The object of the card game is to get a hand better than the Dealer.


Three Card Poker doesn't require a particular table setup, but it is typically played on a round table. In this type of poker, the player is only playing against the Dealer and not the other players at the table.


To begin, the player places their bets by placing their goods in the center of the table (this is called placing the “ante wager”). The Dealer then deals out 3 cards face down to each player at the table, including themselves.

The players will then review their cards and see if they want to place a play wager (must be equal to their ante wager) or fold (their ante wager is claimed by the house).

Game Rules

♣ If the player chooses to place a play wager, the cards will be flipped to determine the winner.

♥ If the Dealer has a hand of Jack-high or worse, the play wager is returned to the player.

♦ If the Dealer has a hand of Queen-high or better and the player’s hand is better, then both the play and ante wager are paid out to the player at 1:1.

♠ If the Dealer’s hand is superior to the player’s hand, both the ante and play wagers are collected by the house.

Poker Hand Rankings

The Salad Bar


Feeling lit, feeling right

Tired of taking a hit at the gambling parlour? A good hit lies just across the hall! Known as the Salad Bar, it's here that patrons can get their hands on some homegrown smokes, rolled and ready for their convenience. Patrons are welcome to hang out and bask in the chill atmosphere (maybe bum a hit), chat up the old friendly Dealer, or return to their evening festivities with heightened appreciation. The Salad Bar goods can come wrapped in bundles, so patrons can always take their salads to go!

Salad Bar Menu

Rolled and ready to go, these “salads” are discreetly handled in pre-packaged bundles for ease of delivery.

  • The Side Salad — 1 Joint / a sampling of the wares
  • Macaroni Salad — 3 Joints
  • The Louie — 6 joints
  • The Cobb — 9 joints



Concentrate and Ask Again

When the candle on the table outside the door is snuffed and the black curtains are open, the Divination Room is open for business—although, seeing the Fortune Teller herself milling about outside the room waiting for business might also make this obvious. The Divination Room has a variety of services for trade.

Divination and Fortune Telling

The future doesn't have to be a mystery! The Fortune Teller can see to it all your questions are answered. The detail and length of fortune is negotiated according to any number of Green Standard goods and above in trade. Useful for seeking out answers about oneself, one’s future and love life, even what numbers to gamble in the den up the hall! Let the spirits bring you peace of mind by answering your every question!

Medium Services

For the bereaved, Medium services are offered. The Fortune Teller will commune with the dead with the duration of session negotiated according to the number of Blue and Red Standard goods in trade. In this session, the Fortune Teller “channels” the requested dead to the room and serves as “speaking mediator” between living and dead. A small interview about the deceased and their relationship with the living client is held prior to the session.

Powerplay References

Players are allowed to reference receiving a fortune from the Fortune Teller without a thread after discussing with the Fortune Teller’s player the items traded off-screen as well as details about the exchange the fortune received.

Fortune Telling Rules

  1. Goods for trade must be presented upfront. Divination length and details are based on value of traded goods and is agreed upon by both parties and thereafter non-negotiable (ex: trading a medium-quality knife would make for a 3-card fortune). If you don’t have something to trade but you’re desperate for a fortune... maybe you can strike up a deal!
  2. Generally speaking, all sessions are performed seated in the Divination Room with no more than three clients and the Fortune Teller.
  3. During a session, clients must follow the Fortune Teller’s directions to ensure an “accurate” experience.
  4. Touching or interrupting the Fortune Teller is strictly prohibited.
  5. Based on client actions, the Fortune Teller may choose to end a session prematurely with or without refund of goods.
  6. The divination room is open for business whenever the curtains over the entryway is open and the candle beside the door is not lit.

Comfort Quarters


Voulez-vous Coucher avec Moi?

One of the biggest attractions at La Estrella Roja are the Ladies of the Night. Not to be confused with regular bachelors or bachelorettes on the prowl, these enchanting escorts are distinguished by their finery and salaciousness, and are sometimes fondly referred to as Red Stars for their captivating energy. Much in the way of the Red Star, they have been taught to break down barriers and unearth the raw, primal desires of their nightly consorts. While they may work with relative autonomy, they are overseen by a Madam, who coordinates their evening activities or negotiate the terms of their arrangements with notable guests.

  • You may freely vaguely reference Vivian or Adrianna attempting to lure a character into an exchange, flirting, or passing around drinks. You may also assume they were conversing with characters freely. For specific conversations, you must consult Gen directly.
  • You may purchase or assume purchase of services OOC from Vivian provided you add the transaction to her wiki page.
  • You may not purchase or assume purchase of services OOC from Adrianna without consulting Gen directly.

Services and Prices

Because their work tends to be of a highly specialized nature, Ladies of the Night will accept Blue and Red Standard items.


Simple and sweet. Spend the best hour of your life with the lady of your choosing. Your privacy isn't necessarily guaranteed if both ladies are working, but you can always upgrade your dessert. One Blue Item.


You're a person of refined tastes. You know what you like and you want it all to yourself. Reserve a lady of your choosing for a few hours with total privacy and (almost) full creative freedom. Two Blue or One Red Items.


For those in dire need of companionship, Ladies of the Night may offer their whole night. They'll cheer you on in the Gambling Parlour, dance with you in the Showroom, knock back drinks with you at the bar, and even hold your hand while you get your fortune told. There's no happy ending to this one, however. It's hard work to be a friend after all. Five Blue or 2 Red Items.

Escort Rules

  1. Goods for trade must be presented upfront. No refunds.
  2. What you're trading for is the Lady's time, not ownership of her. Anyone who doesn't take 'no' for an answer will be banned from La Estrella Roja entirely and subject to the judgment of The Guards, Jethro Lykoi and Galilee Haskel. This goes for any non-consensual attention in and out of the quarters (looking at you, stalkers).
  3. Ladies are not liable for any injuries or illnesses.
  4. BYOT (bring your own toys)
  5. Non-affiliated escorts may not do business in La Estrella Roja. Unless they first contract with the Madam, this is designated as The Troupe's turf.



We're up all night to get Lucky!

At the end of the hall is the largest, grandest room of all: The Showroom. As guests enter, they are greeted by the lilting melodies of the resident Bard, whose songs are as mesmerizing as the siren song of lore. A guest can opt to listen from one of the tables arranged around the room or join the ranks of dancers in the open space in front of the stage. If you're lucky, you might meet a Lady of the Night here.

In the right corner of the room, guests will find a Cantina serving alcohol.


Typically, The Bard will play music throughout the night with periods of rest between sets. Music themes are broadly varied, usually tailored to the tastes of whatever clientele are in-house (well-intentioned requests are often taken); traditional folk songs, bawdy sailor shanties and lovelorn, tragic ballads seem most popular. During rest periods, the Minstrel will recite his latest poetry. On occasion, other performances will be permitted.

Open Stage Night

Every new moon there is an open stage night. This is the time for those of you who've been practicing your poetry, your acapella, your cool knife-throwing demonstrations, whatever you like! Those who want to try their luck at the stage are encouraged to bring their best game - on open stage nights, the "no booing" rule is lifted, and one might get some feedback they don't enjoy.

Showroom Rules

  1. Go crazy! Dance your heart out! Drink two ales at the same time! Holler, cheer, howl; this is a party that happens every night with all the spirit of a last night.
  2. Have a particular cause for celebration? A birthday, a wedding etc? Let the bard know - He will sing according to theme!
  3. No booing or throwing gross things at the performers.
  4. On the other hand, it is encouraged for you to throw valuable things onto the stage.
  5. No destruction of property — you break, you buy.
  6. If you got a cool one of a kind act you'd like to perform, word is you can chat up the Broker to make arrangements.


Toss a coin to your Minstrel!

Although a wide variety of songs are sung at La Estrella Roja each night, some of them in particular have important cultural reference. The purpose of the songs listed here are to commemorate in-game content, and to give a way for members of the audience to learn about events, people, places or packs that they might not have heard of otherwise. This gives your character/s the opportunity to learn about the subject matter of these songs, realistically and in-character!

In addition to this, with payment of a Red Standard fair, a patron can ‘commission’ the bard and/or the minstrel to write a song - just for them! It can be to increase their own personal infamy, or to woo a lover, or to throw shade at a foe; The use of information coded into songs is a great way to spread the word about someone, or something, of your choosing. That’s right, folks: Think of it as the ‘Souls version of “Toss a coin to your Witcher!” ;)

Song Submission

To submit a song, please fill out the following form and PM it to either San or Alaine.

[*] [b]Song Title:[/b]
[*] [b]Lyrics:[/b] 2-4 lines of example lyrics. Does not need to rhyme!
[*] [b]Description:[/b] Short, one line description of what the song is about.
[*] [b]Trade:[/b] What item will be traded for the song.

Songs about Events

STARFALL (aka Rapture in Rouge)

"And oh, my darling, the night was bright as day; The sky and her tresses were all caught aflame..."
  • A bittersweet romantic song describing the experience of a lonesome fisherman who witnessed the fall of the red star.


“From the hearth and blood of honored kin that spark is still rising, that valiant ember still burning bright...”
  • This emotional song describes the Inferni/Salsolan war, and the eventual fall of Inferni - Starts sad, but ends on a resilient/enduring note.

EAST END (aka Little People throw Big Punches)

“Hey! Ho! And away he goes; Brigade-man crumples, a fist to the nose! Hey! Ho! And away we go; Flee the big-man ‘fore he wakes from his woes!”
  • A shouty rousing tune about the Troupe saving Cook back in Portland, and fleeing together. Often involves loud audience participation, once they understand the repetitive hook.


“In days of olde wolf’s march did make for fear along the coast; From north to south and east to west such battles they did boast...”
  • A verbose ballad loosely inspired by the first and second Boreas wars. Long-winded, exaggerated in scale and not entirely historically accurate.


“With mighty steel, she came ashore; O Mercy they did cry; to the heart she brought the war; and ‘round their blood did pour!”
  • A cheery melodic ballad about the adventures of an axe-wielding shield-maiden on foreign shores.


“Nary a tale so gruesome told; of a scent that broke the bonds of men; and fields of bodies stiff and cold; the spring of bloody eden...”
  • A horrific, spooky song about the alien flowers that grew along the coasts and drove people to madness!

Songs about Peoples/Places/Packs

LA ROJA, A THEME (aka May Lady Luck be Sweet Tonight)

“Oh lonely traveller, spy over yonder that red lady fair; So cold the night, so warm the glow of her sweet fortune bare!”
  • A cheerful, coy anthem played at the start of each show. The song is a double-entendre, referencing both the sweetness of fortune won and showcasing the charms of the nightgirls in attendance.

SAN OÍCHE A THAGANN AN RÍ (aka At Night the King Comes)

“I log, i vale, is réaltaí iad na bláthanna / In hollow, in vale, the flowers are stars / Ach san oíche, a pháiste, san oíche a thagann an rí / But at night, my child, at night the king comes.”
  • An old-world verse from the far lands of Airgid Gleann, about the preciousness of life and the inevietability of death. Hauntingly beautiful in tune.


“Have you heard the whistle of a trap before it bites? West lies the loom of witches, kin - beware their sparkling lights; For pretty as a serpent coils ‘pon the fertile loam, a missing-man was someone’s son - now never coming home.”
  • This melody serves as a warning to avoid the land-claim of the infamous pack Salsola, situated to the west of La Roja. It is a vessel of anti-Salsolan propaganda, one of many the Troupe utilize in their Shows.

FLEA’S SONG (aka the Showtime Drinking Game)

Bard: Flea! (Loud lute strum)
Audience: Meow! (drink)
Bard: Flea! (Loud lute strum)
Audience: Meow! (drink)
  • This one is pretty self-explanatory, and an excellent way to get quickly drunk. We love you, Flea.


“Twilight calls to the coming sleep; a sigh of blue and gold; reeds will whisper gently; come home, my child, come home...”
  • A melancholic harmony about the end of the day by the riverside and a metaphor for eternal sleep! From Krokar, maybe?


“Though one, forestgrave, and the other, seablue; For you, mi amore, a new world for you; A penance, a penance to keep them apart; For you, mi amore, for you my whole heart…”
  • This short and poignant melody is a fictionalized recount of the tragic high-romance courtship of the Amaranthe brothers’ parents.


“She was a phantom of delight; when first she gleamed upon my sight; a lovely apparition, sent; to be a moment’s ornament; her eyes as stars of twilight fair; like twilight, too, her fiery hair...”
  • A slightly haunting melody written for a certain benefactor, though no names are ever used.
Adapted from its original poem by William Wordsworth


“A dead past, a dead home, a life so filled with gray, like the headstone of a grave; Wind echoes and howls, but no one seems to hear; They gather at that place, a place that is now called home, and together they lay white flowers; A gentle breeze circles around, and the warmth so long lost returns again.”
  • A bittersweet song that talks about the love and loss of Eden de le Ulrich's family, mostly his father, lost to time. But even in the darkest places, there are little things to brighten the future ahead.
Commissioned by Eden de le Ulrich in Aug 2020


So, a luperci walks into a bar...

In the right corner of the Showroom is a small bar serving alcohol to patrons who need a little liquid courage for the night. The entry fee covers one complimentary drink, but after this guests will be charged a Blue Standard item for additional beverages. La Estrella Roja's supplies may fluctuate based on what's traded and the availability of their suppliers and the season, although they semi-regularly have wine and moonshine in stock. Guests are encouraged to bring their own alcohol if they want a guaranteed type or quality. Occasionally, patrons may find the bar is out of stock — check out the Thread Prompts to see what's going on!

Cantina Rules

  1. The Cantina stock fluctuates and may often run out.
  2. Guests can open a tab by trading a Red standard item.
  3. Bartenders tend to change shifts and may not be monitoring guest consumption. Guests who can't conduct themselves decently will be kicked out. No refunds!


Thread Prompts


  • The Cantina is out of stock! How will you enjoy the evening festivities now?
  • It is a slow night at La Roja — maybe get to know some of the workers one on one?
  • You bet everything and you lost it all! Alternatively, you won big! What are you going to do now?
  • You got the worst fortune and you're about to let it ruin/not ruin your night. Help!
  • Oh no! You broke something and now you've got to pay up. Sorry, it's the rules!


  • La Roja has just opened! The establishment will get busier as the word spreads. Connect with others and participate in the opening OOC game!

Plot Opportunities

  • Got complaints, comments, kudos? A good business opportunity? Looking to invest? Everyone knows the Broker has the answer — just look for the man wearing gold coin cloak pins!
  • For patrons in the red who still want to play, the Shark can cover you. Just be careful, these loans have teeth, especially if they aren't paid back in time.

Thread Archive

As a courtesy, please add your Roja threads here! If you're not comfortable editing the wiki, San is happy to add it for you!


  1. Dance with dragons (Aug 2020)
    With Kronin Massacre, Percival Parhelion.
  2. Honey drop (Aug 2020)
    With Wither Rose Soul, Percival Parhelion.
  3. [M] Out among the roses and the weeds (Dec 2020)
    With Percival Parhelion, Adrianna Julia.
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    With Leander Sadira, Rahab de le Poer.
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