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Salem is the false but public name of a young jackal-coy born in Massachusetts who fled to Nova Scotia in early 2020. Her true name is presently unknown. The reasons for her mysterious nature is well-kept but emerging secret; only in early 2021 did she begin to reveal past and violent connection to "crazy, religious folk" far to the south, from whom she fled and took on a new identity.

Private, deeply anxious and emotionally empathic, Salem is a diviner by trade. A fantastic actress, she was taken to serve as the Fortune Teller for The Troupe, and has collaborated with them in the preparation and establishment of La Estrella Roja, where she lives and works. Somewhat waifish, Salem is always seen with her hair fully contained in a headscarf and with facial features heavily painted. She dabbles in various domestic crafts such as dye- and candle-making, skinning, and sewing, and avoids situations that may put her in physical danger.





Player Info

  • Date of Birth: April 13th, 2017
  • Gender: Female
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Species: 50% Golden Jackal, 50% Coyote
  • Family: ???
  • Birthplace: Massachusetts
  • Name Meaning: peace (Hebrew)
  • Epithet: Mirage

Loner Band Information

OOC Assumptions

Plot Opportunities

  • Loner Band: The Troupe
  • Title: Fortune Teller
  • Residence:
    • Warmer months: Outside La Estrella Roja, in a small tent with firepit
    • Winter: Inside the Divination Room of La Estrella Roja

Troupe members may assume and reference the following without discussion/asking:

  • That Salem has said something to your character that feels both personal and yet vague enough to be coincidence
  • Seeing her reading, skinning furs, sewing, rug-making, or meditating, particularly by her tent
  • Seeing her taking clients in the Divination Room
  • Seeing her doing menial tasks around La Estrella Roja during downtime/slow nights
  • Seeing her awake at odd hours and times of night
  • Need your character given a gentle push in a specific direction? One of Salem's vague fortunes could get them thinking!

1.  Personality

1.1  Summary

Airy, private, mysterious, friendly. A smooth-talker and quick-thinker. Highly observant and analytical. A social chameleon who is well-spoken and intelligent. Generally friendly and helpful unless her safety is put into question. Not emotive except in comfortable company. Unlikely to divulge personal information. Peaceful, clean, and well-kept. Keeping secrets, leading to a lot of pent-up anxieties beneath the surface. Painfully pragmatic and often the straight man amongst a pile of goons. Saves face well and keeps a clear head in public, but less so in private. Not as well-put-together as she comes off. Intense when divining or analyzing. Doesn't particularly like to be touched or cornered and will retaliate accordingly. Intentionally manipulative when necessary to ensure her own safety. Full of regrets.

1.2  Traits

  • Demeanor: private, pragmatic, even-tempered, "looking through you"
  • Speech: medium-deep feminine; soft-spoken, easy on the ears
    • Languages: English, Turkish
  • Scent: incense, ash, lavender
  • Sexuality: bisexual
  • Alignment: True Neutral
Will only act maliciously against those who have tried to injure them.
Does not wish ill on strangers, but also does not care when they hear of evil befalling them.
Concerned with their own well-being and that of the group or organization which aids them.

1.3  Detail




socializing, meditation, dusk and dawn, self-preservation, prosperous living, quiet activities, dye-making, crafting by hand, music, water, wine, children


hostility and combat, raised voices, heavy labor, disrespect, high energy, fast-talkers, gloryhounds


loss of personal safety, her fake identity being found out, loss of her real identity (as it is always stifled and hidden), most combat situations, wildfires, religious zealots and extremists

Bisexual and appreciates everything and everyone. She likes all the good-lookin' folk mmMMMM. That said, Salem is extremely unlikely to have flings or quick romantic encounters; not only is she rather emotionally closed-off, her need to keep herself physically safe means avoiding vulnerable positions, such as any sexual opportunities. Deeply anxious and well aware of it, she wishes it didn't have to be this way—so who knows what could happen? :^)


All things exist to serve a purpose. Believes in the rare possibility of spirits and ghosts, but is generally a skeptic of anything and everything intangible, including magic and witchcraft. Painfully critical of "fellow" diviners, thinking them all fakes like herself. Does not adhere to a theism.

A sweet-talker and manipulator herself by trade, Salem has a killer radar for manipulation directed at her. Given that this is another way she protects herself, she prides herself on it. As such, and somewhat ironically, Salem tends to drift towards sincere and sensitive folks whom she knows she is safe around (with no intention of harming them). Should she be swayed maliciously and expose herself as not as safe as she thought she was, she would most certainly not respond well to it.

Similarly, Salem tends not to trust witches or other diviners, and automatically assumes they are all fakes like she is with generally the same intentions, good or bad. She outright doubts and scoffs at fortunes relayed to her from other diviners, though she is well-aware her own divination is not any more legitimate.

2.  Appearance

2.1  Basics


Feminine and somewhat waifish. Face is always heavily painted to shroud out all features, and hair is hidden entirely in a turban. Physically neither threatening nor homely. Friendly enough in carriage and dialogue, but cannot be physically described as especially warm or inviting. Maintains some level of visible stiffness and tension around strangers. Generally remains two-legged and dressed in light, loose, and feminine clothing. Highly decorates in gold jewelry and bangles.


  • Species: 50% Golden Jackal, 50% Coyote
  • Fur: Tawny, wiry, short
    • Optime Hair: Completely covered by headscarf at all times. On the off-chance her hair is visible, it is of her lighter pelt colors and made of tight, voluminous, and barely shoulder-length curls.
  • Facial Features: Pointed and jackal-like. Heavily painted mask over eyes.
  • Build and Size: Waifish and thin, short- to medium-height. Big ears.
  • Humanization: Heavy. Gold jewelry and bangles, peacock earring. Does not shift from Optime.
    • Optime: 134lbs (61kg) ↔ 5'9" (175.25cm)


Painted Mask Reference

Coloration and Palette

General Colors
 Old Copper (#804d32)
 Paarl (#9c582c)
 Old Rose (#bd8f74)
 Dust Storm (#e0c8c0)
 Dawn Pink (#efe5de)
Eye Color
 Nepal (#84a4bb)

2.2  Gallery

Hover over images for artist credit or see Imgur Gallery!

by Sanby Sanby San We accidentally made Ouran characters please help, also San made this Cal dreamin of Sal by San by San Cal gettin DENIED by San Gift from San ;_; <3 Gift from San ;_; <3 By San By Lin by Marie

3.  Relationships

3.1  Family

  • Mother: Ayşe
  • Father: an unknown ex-Infernian, likely a Lykoi or de le Poer
  • Littermates: —
  • Extended: Knows she had family in the now-defunct Inferni, but doesn't have any details. Her maternal family is still in Turkey. Not interested in finding or developing relationships with any family members.
  • Ayşe: Salem's relationship with her mother is based more around respect than love; their relationship was well but not tightly-knit. Her mother worked often and lived something of a loose lifestyle, during which the well-behaved Salem entertained herself. When her mother became involved with a bad crowd in late 2019, Salem took matters into her own hands at the cost of their relationship among other things, and further severed communication by fleeing north and taking on a new identity. She does not know the status of her mother, just as she has never known who or what became of her father, and looks upon that former life as a closed chapter, not to be returned.

3.2  General Relations

The Troupe Relations

  • Calrian: The young, charismatic whirlwind that invited Salem into The Troupe and went out of his way to help her belong. Salem knows her stringent privacy about her former life perplexes him, and considering how much his reckless and too-friendly nature perplexes her, she considers she and Cal even. Regardless, after some time to acclimate, she has come to enjoy his company.
  • Sawyer Cook: Salem can see through some of his woe-is-me-I'm-old shenanigans, but given her own way of doing things, has come to respect Cookie more for it than resent him. His company is simple and easygoing, and she finds their conversations refreshing.
  • Adrianna Julia: Along with Vivan, Adrianna is a woman of startling and admirable confidence, and Salem struggles to maintain normal composure in her presence. Given her childhood spent in and out of taverns, Salem has no moral qualms whatsoever of Adrianna's occupation, and quietly wishes she herself could drop all necessary defenses for a moment's indulgence with Adri, too.
  • O'Brien: Seems to avoid Salem at most opportunities, and Salem is both keenly aware of it and torn on whether to do anything about it. According to some witch somewhere, Obi seems to think he's bad luck, which Salem finds a load of malarkey.
  • Jethro Lykoi: Tough face, nice heart—unlike Marlowe, whom Salem intuitively does not like. As such, she maintains some distance from Jethro as a precaution.
  • Adina Inferni: Stiff as a board. Doesn't seem to be malicious, but seems to fit in even less than Salem did at first.
  • Malik Amaranthe: Deep thinker. Sincere and kind. Seems to prefer to stay in his brother's shadow. Like night and day together with Calrian, and this very much perplexes Salem.
  • Mateo Salcedo: "Literally another Calrian, as if one annoyance wasn't good enough"

Notable Past Relations

  • Indis: Something's just not right about this one, and Salem suspects Indis knows this just as much about herself, too. With Indis at the center of the Troupe's tension during the 2020 spring, Salem had been on edge around her. Indis left the Troupe at the end of May 2020, not terribly long after receiving a less-than-positive fake fortune from Salem, and the diviner feels very complicated about everything regarding the matter.
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4.  History

4.1  Backstory

Salem was born in Massachusetts and raised as a single-child litter by her jackal-mother Ayşe, a refugee of dire circumstances in Turkey. Reasonably cultured and no good among the foreign American wilds, Ayşe and her daughter traveled between Massachusetts and Maine looking for work, food, and shelter. As such, Salem grew up in and out of taverns, caravans, and markets and was thus widely socialized in her youth. Her father was said to be an ex-Infernian from one of the clan's more prominent families; their fling in Portland was so brief, however, that Ayşe utterly forgot his name, and claimed to have no particular reason to seek him out. Salem was neither unwanted nor unloved, and grew up happy if not somewhat detached from her busybody mother.

Salem admits to the fact that she does not go by her birth name, and that the city of Salem, Massachusetts has a strong significance to her. Her childhood is assumed otherwise unceremonious, with the events within Salem—which she refuses to detail—otherwise shaking her from what was a placid and content life into her current identity and trade. In early 2020, she traveled alone from a temporary residence in Portland to Nova Scotia in search of learning more about herself and her paternal side at Inferni. When she arrived at The Waste she discovered the fire-clan had long-since both moved and disbanded. Instead she there found members of The Troupe, and she rapidly became one of their own.

4.2  Thread Archive



With La Roja Estrella busy, Salem remains deeply involved in her work as a Fortune Teller. Having moved from the tent outside to sleep in the Divination Room during the winter, if only by sheer proximity she gets a little closer with several of her fellow Troupers.


  1. raleigh scattering
    With Sawyer Cook.
  2. stone blind until the steeple bell begins to chime
    With Calrian.
  3. out of the woods
    With Indis & Vodeva.
  4. come be my blood, be my brother
    With Adrianna Julia.



Salem arrives by herself in Nova Scotia, looking for Inferni in its old homelands to find it has long since left (and gone defunct). Directionless, she meets Calrian and joins up with The Troupe, spending the early spring getting acclimated to the group and their present settlement.


  1. at a certain level, you have to trust your gut
    With Calrian, Sawyer Cook. Salem passes out while meeting new friends. Good impressions all around.
  2. out of bed and into the noise
    With Calrian, Malik Amaranthe. Salem gets to know the Amaranthe brothers while hanging out at a hot spring.
  3. linen and smoke
    With Calrian. Salem reads Cal's fortune and insists she's not a fraud.
  4. steal what you can and keep what you got
    With Jethro Lykoi.
  5. drop it like it's hot
    With Troupe members. Adrianna Julia returns.
  6. margaritaville [M]
    With Troupe members. The Troupe celebrates Adrianna's return.
  7. some people claim there's a woman to blame
    With Calrian, during the celebration for Adrianna's return.
  8. shine on in the hearts of men
    With Troupe members. Plans for La Estrella Roja are set into motion.


With the Troupe deciding to settle down in The Waste, preparations for the establishment of La Estrella Roja begin. Salem develops the space given for her trade and continues acclimating herself to the other Troupers. The Troupe is remarkably tense after a serious incident, and though Salem is irrelevant to what happened, she is exhausted by the tension.


  1. would it come to tightrope-walking
    Salem and Adrianna Julia discuss the necessities for the foundation of La Estrella Roja.
  2. ghosts in the garden, scaring the crows
    O'Brien acts peculiarly around Salem and ravens both.
  3. the impossible dream
    Indis seeks a fortune from Salem, but it brings no peace of mind.
  4. float along through the chemicals
    Salem is attacked by a "ghost" guarding a series of unusually large flowers along the coastline.
  5. the notions of you, the notions of me
    Cook and Salem escape from the Troupe's tense air to share a cup of tea.


The tension from the April incident continues into and through May. At the center of the incident is Indis, who leaves the Troupe at the end of the month. Salem, having given her a less-than-positive fortune reading not long before, is heavily troubled by guilt. Additionally, Mateo Salcedo returns to the Troupe, bringing along an orphaned child whom the Troupers take in.


  1. engines won't turn and the train won't leave
    With Salka Huxley.
  2. given shape to the struggle
    Calrian and Salem almost lose their lives during an earthquake.
  3. song for the seeker
    Mateo Salcedo and Orphan get to know Salem while she airs out one of her rugs.


Salem takes June hard after Indis's departure at the tail-end of May. Weary of the disconnect made by her need to keep up a guise, she struggles with insomnia and spends a good portion of the month somewhat distant from the rest before bouncing back.


  1. everything you have ever seen was just a mirror
    Salem receives news of Indis's departure from Calrian.
  2. live the dream with a time machine
    With Galilee Haskel as they investigate the uncanny number of dead seals washed up on the shore.
  3. underneath what's detectable with eyes
    Salem reads a haunting fortune for Marlowe de le Poer.
  4. how does this close feel so far away
    With Calrian, who interrupts Salem while drunk, makes a fool of himself and gets an earful.
  5. the dancefloor is overrunning with frat boys
    With Malik.
  6. deeper constellations into wider outer space
    Adina Inferni and lends a hand with some nasty neck pain, with no help from Leander Sadira.


Salem focuses mainly on refurbishing La Estrella Roja and her own mental health.


  1. as the world caves in
    Salem and Calrian finally and awkwardly make up after the nasty spat in June.


La Estrella Roja, the product of months' collaboration between The Troupe, finally opens midway through the month. Salem spends most of August both preparing for opening, and dealing with an onslaught of clientele as the resident Fortune Teller.


  1. the night is still young, and so are we
    Members of The Troupe celebrate together shortly before La Roja's opening.
  2. the lonely moments just get lonelier
    Eden de le Ulrich requests a seance through Salem to channel his mother Faith.


With La Estrella Roja in full swing, Salem mostly keeps busy with work!


  1. good energy
    With Marlowe de le Poer.
  2. a hard night
    With Azade Feriqi.
  3. shadow walking
    With Solomon and Lomasi Redfeather.
  4. good energy
    With Marlowe de le Poer.
  5. to all those who have lived and died alone
    With Calrian. Salem agrees to sleep within La Roja during the winter, and begins to open up about her past.
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